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Trump, Biden and a Whistle-Blower Complaint: Here Are the Basics

President Trump is under intense scrutiny over a classified whistle-blower complaint about some of his behavior.


President Trump is under intense scrutiny over a classified whistle-blower complaint about his behavior, which at least partly involves his dealings with Ukraine ’s new president. Here are the basics behind the controversy.

President Trump is under intense scrutiny over a classified whistle-blower complaint about some of his behavior.

Here are some of the basic facts behind the controversy.

about the president’s actions. An inspector general deemed the complaint “credible” and “urgent” and forwarded it to the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, who has refused to share it with Congress. The issue was brought into the open when the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California, sent an

The full extent of the whistle-blower’s complaint, as well as the whistle-blower’s identity, is not publicly known. Reporting by The New York Times and others has established that the complaint involves Mr. Trump’s interactions with Ukraine and a phone call with a foreign leader — possibly, but not necessarily, Mr. Zelensky. It is not clear if it includes other matters.

— to his demands for political investigations, but many Democrats believe that may be the case.

Read more: The New York Times

Same ole stupid suit. Are New Yorkers really this dumb? Must be their public school system lol Someone needs to teach the New York Times the basics behind reporting. My high school paper did a better job than this rag You mean the whistleblower that you made up? You heard it from someone that overheard it from someone else that said it came from another source that said it was not true. Great reporting New York times. Got to have a Pulitzer going your way LOL

Hey, NYT, President Trump has been under intense scrutiny by America haters for more than two years. Your “here are the basics” is laughable. The “basic” is that you and the msm hate America. Another fake news hit job. If you want to see what Trumps accused of , you can look at the video with Joe Biden committing the Obstruction on tape and admitting it in public.

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He's not u see intense scrutiny. YOU ARE God forbid if anyone gets dirt on him. Omg witch-hunt, it’s Hillary’s fault. Boy if it’s his rival investigate them. Fake news.we trust realDonaldTrump

Trump Calls Whistle-Blower ‘Partisan’ and Defends Conduct With Other LeadersPresident Trump dismissed a whistle-blower complaint said to involve him as a “partisan” attack, but acknowledged that he didn't know the identity of the person who lodged it The whistleblower is a true patriot. The worst part of this story is it is breaking on the day we have MILLIONS of people demanding climate action - and the idiot in chief has stolen their thunder.ClimateStrike

Biden threatened to withhold aid if prosecuter investigating his son wasn't fired. The msm is omitting Biden's name. Amazing display. This will blow up in Biden’s face Nothing will happen if you guys like hype it to high heavens. He is at liberty to discuss anything with a foreign leader inasmuch as he doesn’t compromise the security of America.

It’s Biden whose under intense scrutiny. The NYT “Shot Themselves in The Foot “ again. What a “Dishrag”. I can do whatever I like I'm King Trump What you gonna do about it You have no choice, but to vote for me 2024 Fake News New York Times your headline should be Biden’s are under investigation for corruption!

Let Department of Justice investigate Biden and his son. If the Whistleblower has been muzzled and the Inspector General has been muzzled, how are you sure that you are even chasing the right story? What if this story is just less explosive and therefore more palatable than the real story for the constantly scheming Administration?

But what about Biden and his corruption How bout it NYT Why no digging into Hunter and Joe Biden’s payout from the Ukraine energy deal WHY NO REPORTING ON BIDENS

Trump, Biden, Ukraine and a Whistleblower: What You Need to KnowThe whistleblower complaint at the center of a dispute between the White House and Congress concerns an August phone call President Trump had with new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky y, accor… Presidential Privilege What you need to know The U.S. Constitution, Article 2 The Logan Act Article II: The Logan Act: Yo why it look like Donny bout to release the most fire rap album in history? 🪂🪂🦶🪂🪂🪂🤜🤛🇺🇲🗽⚖🪓🪓😎

Why would a Ukrainian energy company want Biden’s son on it’s Board? SenateGOP SenateDems SpeakerPelosi Show us the LAW!!! What you do today will have profound impact to our democracy, our country’s future, please stand up and do what you vowed to do. Lies and more lies Let's not mention anything that has something to do with Biden and his son because it's our job to protect Democrats. We hear you ny times journalists.

Biden got really nervous the other day. Seems like the truth is coming out SleepyJoe Wow, now we find this so called whistle blower never heard nor saw the phone conversation. He or she was reacting to a RUMOR. Wow, NYT has done it again. Fake news. The so-called whistle-blower and related allegations against President Trump are based on “hearsay” accounts. In other words, the so-called whistle-blower is just another Trump-hating corrupt Obama Admin. leftover who is lying in hopes of covering up Obama-Biden-Clinton crimes.

The president position is now a joke like third world countries. Meanwhile, in real news:

Trump Pressed Ukraine’s Leader as Giuliani Pushed for Biden InquiryMr. Trump has been prodding the Ukrainian government to investigate Mr. Biden and his family, but the new whistle-blower complaint has drastically raised the stakes. That seems impeachable. SpeakerPelosi That moment when you realize going forward in US history, no President will ever be impeached again, just remove it from the US Constitution...because it’s meaningless at this point in and how the two party system has been transformed...and nullified... 🤫

New York Times it is not President Trump under intense scrutiny but Joe Biden. President Trump can talk to world leaders at all times if he needs to. NYT have done so many bad things with what you write you also should be under intense scrutiny. Your not even a real newspaper. Move on. Nothing to see here. No one really believes what the NYT has to say about this whistleblower.

oh really Let’s just jump to the end, shall we? Trump is winning again. Biden was the only candidate capable of coming close to beating Trump next year. Biden is going down over this (this is why Obama wouldn’t back him). The media is now forced to pay attention. Check! NotTiredofWinning Here's all you need to know: it's yet another instance of fake news. Now, Joe Biden's obstruction of justice in blocking an investigation of his son's corrupt dealings in Ukraine, that's news you need to know. So, of course, the MSM suppresses the story.

First, a 'lie' is still a 'lie' whether you dress it up as a contemporary. Manufacturing this total fiction as a legitimate congressional matter will cause more destruction to the Democratic party. You will lose the Congress. How about reporting what Joe & Hunter Biden did in the Ukraine? Billions in investments? Soros? State Dept spending billions to over throw elected govt? European Central Bank?

Is this an attempt at an unbiased article? If asking for Biden corruption to be investigated deserves scrutiny, was does Biden’s demand that the corruption not be investigated deserve?

What's going on with Trump and Biden and UkraineAs of Friday, it is not exactly clear what led to a mysterious whistleblower complaint filed against President Donald Trump that has taken Washington by storm, but it is clear that the US President wants to use Ukraine against former Vice President Joe Biden . zbyronwolf Let's look into Trumps children's corrupt activities zbyronwolf I’m sick of old people running our country. zbyronwolf Y SAY I be FOR Don & Joe MEANING OF Y 6:55 FOR Don & Joe ON 197 MARYCYEVE YMY YY DAN CO I be R T

MORE TRUMP abuse, corruption, and coverup. Try reporting what has changed in the electoral college from 2016- now🤔🤔 troops to Saudis who killed a US citizen. Saudis bomb themselves to start a war with Iran (guliani's 9/11 playbook) An extra 140 million🤔 to Ukraine is hush money. War starts when a troop dies🤦

Why are you not calling for Trump’s resignation Democrats weren't interested at all that Biden blackmailed Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating corruption potentially involving Hunter Biden. But they're super pissed off that Trump won't continue to blackmail Ukraine to shield the Bidens from scrutiny. Ok.

Ah NYT...why am I still a subscriber? Out of curiosity how’s this different from the Steel Dossier? I actually know I’m just curious if you do? This story is already falling apart yet you continue to pursue it... ...yea no bias at the NYT... sigh 😔 Look at Biden This 'both Sides'/equalism BS, is a farce. Trump ALONE brought yet ANOTHER foreign entity into our electoral process to run interference. Hunter has been exonerated by Ukrainian prosecutors. Please report the FACTS!

Investigate Biden and his son, there is the real story

Trump doesn't deny asking world leader about BidenThe president's remarks are sure to escalate tensions between the White House and Congress over a whistleblower complaint. trump is a corrupt a$$hole. COLLUSION... is madam speaker drafting correspondence at this hour; a nice letter demanding that trump say wahwy... Can't plead ignorance Trump...I mean he is, he just can't use that as an excuse.

...but OK for Biden the threaten Ukraine to benefit his own son? SpeakerPelosi do something Nothing will happen. Nothing ever does. SORRY THE WHISTLE BLOWER IS ABOUT BIDEN AND ODUMBO USING FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS AS IN BILLIONS TO KEEP BIDENS SON OUT OF PRISON IN THAT COUNTRY AND IS FEDERAL RACKETEERING No one believes anything you write as real journalism NYT!

'intense scrutiny'?hahahahahahahaha- by whom Trump trials and errors are your brothers he should have been under scrutiny before now Traitor trump needs to go! ImpeachTrumpNow

Whistleblower complaint: Why Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's son, Hunter BidenThe Trump administration has been accused of asking the newly elected Ukrainian president to find information on Hunter Biden , Joe Biden 's son. But why was President Donald Trump so interested in Hunter Biden ? Hunter Biden will be indicted soon for his crimes. You can't distract from The BidenScandal. And those Ivanka Chinese Trademarks....🤔🤔🤔

The whistleblower didn't have direct knowledge of the call and is reporting rumors. Nyt will be gone soon. More of s nothing burger Mr Biden, you used your office to keep your son out of prison in the Ukraine. Then you blackmailed Ukraine to give him Millions. You take your son on Air Force 2 to China. He obtains more than $1Billion from the Chinese Govt to invest in his Fund. IT WAS A PAYOFF. CLICK ON IMAGE

I'll bet Biden is under more scrutiny. Scared? Everyone is worried about Trump asking Ukraine to investigate Biden's son's criminality, but no one seems to be worried about the actual criminality. That shows you how screwed up America has become.

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