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B.C. woman calls for Canada to help extract daughter from quarantined Chinese city (143)

An instructor at a Metro Vancouver university says her daughter is stranded in the quarantined Chinese city of Wuhan, and she's asking the Canadian government to join France and the United States in their efforts to evacuate their citizens from the area.

B.C. woman calls for Canada to help extract daughter from quarantined Chinese city

Ppl need to realize coronavirus can live on clothing, counter tops you name it. Hence why it’s such a deadly virus. Smh, just bc you don’t have the symptoms doesn’t mean there isn’t a danger

Why. So she can maybe bring the flu back and make everybody sick

Not till she is clean

Not a chance

Send the bearded Boy Wonder to the Rescue


Health officials announce ‘presumptive’ case of coronavirus in Toronto (63)

The victim is a man in his 50s who recently travelled to Wuhan, China.

BREAKING: Ontario health officials are expected to announce that a “presumptive case” of coronavirus has been confirmed in Toronto.

Use common decency China & stay home!

Shut the borders, stop all flights coming from china, who cares.

When is JustinTrudeau and the liberal_party going to WAKEUP and protect Canada 🇨🇦? Ban ALL PEOPLE FROM TRAVELING IN AND OUT OF CHINA TO CANADA.


This will spread like wildfire


Former cabinet minister Peter MacKay announces Tory leadership bid (55)

MacKay, who served in a number of portfolios under prime minister Stephen Harper, made the announcement at the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, N.S.

BREAKING: Former federal cabinet minister Peter MacKay announced he will run for the Conservative leadership.

GlobalRegina Finally someone that has political experience stepping up for the conservatives comes back to politics because is just disgusted with who's at the helm of this country and how its ran I'm just thinking blue skies might be ahead

He will have to face his pro Omar Khadr stand.

am640 Wonder how his french lessons are coming along?

McKay will only split the Conservative party giving Trudeau a free walk in the next federal election

Well ShiT! Like that wasn't predictable!


Canada's first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus found in Ontario (44)

Ontario's chief medical officer has confirmed Canada’s first 'presumptive positive' case of coronavirus.

Ontario’s chief medical officer has announced the first ‘presumptive positive’ case of the coronavirus in the province. More here: cdnpoli

Off To The Winchester

Can't believe the Corona v. interview i just watched on this station. The 'expert' lied, totally downplayed this. The virus has been linked to the animal markets in China...& this guy in Toronto was definitely sick when he boarded the plane;expert states no fear of spread

Try not to sound so excited CTV.

CTVVancouver Moment there is a case in YVR I’m keeping my kids home from school - indefinitely. As it is kids sneeze and cough 😷all over the place, this viruse can spread like fire 🔥

Why are flights or connecting flight from China not quarantined at arrival to confirm that infection are present. Stop the possible spreading of this virus.


Weeks before lockdown, Wuhan authorities used 'refrigerating strategy’ to downplay coronavirus (44)

New evidence is emerging that officials in Wuhan deliberately downplayed the virus, even after notifying the WHO in late December about ‘a cluster of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause.’

Breaking: New evidence suggests Wuhan authorities deliberately downplayed the coronavirus and banned doctors from speaking publicly about it, nvanderklippe reports

nvanderklippe Ya think, same old games from China!

nvanderklippe fatima99378261

nvanderklippe The Chinese government is hiding something. I am shocked. banhuawei

nvanderklippe Hands up anyone who is even the slightest bit surprised at this.

nvanderklippe I’m sure many more people have it and have died from it then they are saying.


What we learned about Connor McDavid's rehab in 'Whatever It Takes' - (22)

In 'Whatever It Takes' a documentary that follows Connor McDavid from the moment he was injured at the end of last season through his summer rehab, we learned a lot about what he had to do to return in time for opening night puck drop.

Thankfully, cmcdavid97 is back where he should be, healthy and leading the NHL in scoring at the break. But as tonight's 'Whatever It Takes' documentary showed, getting there wasn't easy. Dixononsports breaks down the can’t-miss parts of his journey:

cmcdavid97 Dixononsports Amazing story amazing athlete amazing person.

cmcdavid97 Dixononsports Is there a possibility to watch it somewhere (link) from Europe, please?😊

cmcdavid97 Dixononsports Where can I stream this? Anybody?

cmcdavid97 Dixononsports No one gives a fuck

cmcdavid97 Dixononsports Toronto Maple Leafs: Auston Matthews Best Player in the NHL


‘Get rid of her:’ Trump calls for firing of former Ukraine ambassador in recording (22)

The recording contradicts the president's statements that he did not know the Giuliani associates Lev Parnas or Igor Fruman, key figures in the Ukraine investigation who were indicted last year on campaign finance charges.

'Get her out tomorrow,' Trump reportedly says in the recording. 'I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow.'

That's how reality works lol! The boss can fire your ass. If you work against the company. In this case the POTUS can fire any ambassador that works against the their own country. Hell in Canada or the UK would do the same thing. usa RealityCheck Truth MAGA2020

Donald Trump pretended to be a Adolfo Hitler ? Is that another psychopath and was he wrong in the country? because American won't allow Hitler in USA 🇺🇸.

Another great move by a great POTUS.

All just some bad but non serious talk. She stayed on for 14-15 months after this supposedly happened

Sad State of Affairs which will likely go down in the history books as possibly unprecedented.


Health officials to announce ‘presumptive case’ of coronavirus in Toronto (21)

Officials are expected to speak to the media from Queen's Park at 5:30 p.m.

WATCH LIVE: Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott and Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams are expected to make an urgent announcement.

FFS. Why are they letting in flights from China still?

Just imagine. theJagmeetSingh , fordnation , and MaximeBernier will blame PMJT for CoronaOutbreak, and all the hate groups and Q will be squealing about immigrants killing off the white population.

'Thanks Premier, for working on a crisis, even though it’s Saturday night. I wonder if you could send someone over to Trudeau’s place, give him some strong coffee and get him to come into the office if he’s sober.' p.p. ezralevant



Kaillie Humphries extends points lead with World Cup win in Germany - (17)

Kaillie Humphries moved closer to her fourth overall World Cup championship Saturday, teaming with Sylvia Hoffman for her third victory of the season and extending her series points lead.

Kaillie Humphries moved closer to her fourth overall World Cup championship with a win in Germany.

Listen to the people and stop promoting this classless narcissitic traitor. Start promoting the many real Canadian athletes who are not morally corrupt and can be strong role models for our future athletes.


Why do you report this? She’s an American athlete. You don’t report on every other American (thank God) so please stop celebrating her in Canada.

Please stop! Why keep reporting on her! Her wins are not for Canada

Who is she?


Iranian Foreign Minister says Tehran still willing to negotiate with U.S. (16)

Iran is not ruling out negotiations with the United States even after an American drone strike that killed a top Iranian general, the country's foreign minister said in an interview released Saturday.

Iranian Foreign Minister says Tehran still willing to negotiate with U.S.

Ya can’t negotiate with Iranian weasels who cannot be trusted!!

Drain the swamp.

More fake news just buying time!

esaagar so no WW3? 🤦‍♂️



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