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Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic (155)

U.S. President Donald Trump wore a mask during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday, the first time the president has been seen in public with the type of facial covering recommended by health officials as a precaution against spreading or becoming infected by the novel coronavirus.

U.S. President Donald Trump wore a face mask in public for the first time on Saturday.

CTV, we have a PM under investigation for the third time and this is what you report on ? Come on man , Canadians deserve real investigative news , you know , like the good old days. Trudeau needs to be exposed, get on it !!!

Big deal, should have been wearing one all the time. Well I guess his approval rating just increased, sadly.

That’s a step in the right direction,he has a long way to go though.

This picture must be Fake News or photo shopped. Trump is not smart enough to wear a mask in public. TrumpIsNotWell Trump

Wore a face mask on Saturday? That’s silly, he said the birus would be Gina by last Easter.


Trump defends frequent golfing, saying 'my exercise is playing' (152)

U.S. President Donald Trump defended what he described as his exercise regimen, tweeting a justification for his frequent golf outings and claiming them as sufficient physical activity.

Trump defends frequent golfing, saying 'my exercise is playing'

Golf is an excellent way to exercise.. It also clears and keeps your mind sharp.. Like I say.. whatever works..

It’s actually one of the few sports where you can honestly follow the distancing rule.

It's not working

I don't see what's unreasonable about a 74 year old playing golf for exercise. Surely there are far greater criticisms to sling at Trump.

Your all aware that Trudeau is an inept, corrupt, non disclosure signing imbecile, right?


Three teachers who shared a classroom got coronavirus, and one of them died (90)

Three teachers who shared a summer classroom at a school in Arizona all contracted coronavirus last month, leaving one of them dead.

Teachers who shared classroom in Arizona used hand sanitizer, masks and gloves, and distanced, but all got coronavirus -- and one of them died

Sinus infections, asthma, diabetes, lupus, antibiotics, steroids, not allowed to have her husband with her, put on a ventilator. But it was 'the virus' that's never been isolated from a patient sample, ever, that killed her. Hmm. Health Canada FOI reply:

This is being broadcast in Canada 🇨🇦. Why isn’t it on the news here!!! 🤓🤬

So lets rush to re open schools. Hey if its not school shootings, its covid. And dead is dead, right? Good thing our kids wont be exposed to either danger.... oh wait... opps!

Horrible 💔

Wore gloves, masked and practiced social distancing...still got Covid😧 If Covid is gonna get you, it’s gonna get you🤷🏽‍♂️


A mother with COVID-19 gave birth to a baby girl who also tested positive (64)

A baby girl in Texas tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after her birth, offering what researchers call the strongest evidence yet that the disease can be transmitted from mothers to children in the womb.

Researchers report first documented case of COVID-19 transmission in the womb



Oh yay let's just freak out all the pregnant women. To hell with research I wanna see the facts....MSM = PATHETIC

You should be ashamed for reporting this twaddle. You must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel for your fear mongering today. What unresearched garbage. MSM hacks.



Canada's largest Indigenous police force has never shot anyone dead (57)

In its 26 years of existence, officers with Canada's largest Indigenous police force have never shot and killed anyone and no officer has died in the line of duty, despite a grinding lack of resources and an absence of normal accountability mechanisms.

The largest Indigenous police force in Canada has never shot anybody dead and never had an officer die in the line of duty

perrybellegarde Truth hurts.

perrybellegarde Facts Matter. Tell the whole truth Nishnawbe Aski popultion = approximately 45,000 Nishnawbe Aski Police Service = 150 officers There are literally hundreds of small communities like NAP in Canada that have never had a police shooting. It's the norm

Who'd a thought that police forces could actually be additions to their communities and be respected by all?

I mean... they also dont do much of anything. All the burning or scraped stolen vehicles on the Res, the illegal smoke sales, the missing women, the rampant drug abuse and trafficking.

Well, they're not violent Europeans. They have a history of pretending to be on your side. Then shoot you in the back. Prove me wrong.


Disney World reopens as coronavirus cases surge in Florida (52)

Disney World has reopened after nearly four months with new rules in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Disney World reopens as coronavirus cases surge in Florida


America clearly knows what the priorities are!

May the Lord be with them all at their times of death. Idiots !

It's a good time.


China’s CanSino in talks for large-scale trial of potential coronavirus vaccine overseas (50)

There are no approved vaccines yet for COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, which has killed more than half a million people globally.

Phase III of the vaccine trial is likely to start “pretty soon,” and the company plans to recruit 40,000 participants for the test.

Not liable if any one of these 40,000 guinea pigs die or become injured in any way I guess? Pharma immunity?

You forgot to mention 1 and 2 didn't do to well, and long term effects are unknown. But seriously who would take a live vaccine from the enemy who has caused the death of 560,000 worldwide?

Trudeau is just salivating at the idea of forced vaccinations... He's already purchased the syringes for all of us...

There are a lot of people in China for testers.

Guaranteed they aren’t “volunteers “ more like expendable guinea pigs.


Mother to be charged after allegedly stabbing her two young children in Toronto (31)

A mother is in custody and will be charged with attempted murder after her two young children were found with stab wounds inside a Toronto apartment.

BREAKING: Mother to be charged after allegedly stabbing her two young children in Toronto undefined

This woman is most likely crying her eyes out about what she did and you people are acting like the lynch mob from the medieval times.

Stressed out low income single mother snapped. Poverty can be very stressful.

What a winner she must be

Thats really going to mess up those kids psychologically... I wonder what happens in a situation like this. The kids will end up paying the price for the mothers actions.

I remember seeing this article earlier and they wouldn’t release who did it, instantly I was like “it was the mom” and sure as shit... jfc.


COMMENTARY: Colin Kaepernick’s deal with Disney is a huge step forward (30)

Colin Kaepernick's partnership with Disney is a 'monumental' example of how racial activism has moved from the margins to the mainstream, Meera Estrada says.

COMMENTARY: Brands can no longer stand on the sidelines, they must choose what side of history they want to fall on, says MeeraEstrada.

MeeraEstrada Not his! He is such a hypocrite.

MeeraEstrada No it really isn’t.

MeeraEstrada What a tool

MeeraEstrada Disney plus got cancelled last week.

GlobalBC MeeraEstrada is a brand that has clearly chosen what side its on. Large corporations taking sides while using sweatshops in other countries should be enough to show how hypocritical woke capitalism really is.


LeBron won't wear social justice message on jersey (29)

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James won't wear one of the NBA-approved social justice messages on the back of his jersey when the NBA resumes competition later this month.

LeBron won't wear social justice message on jersey


China told him not too!



Uh oh he kankled 😝


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