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Scheer brings back Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits axed by Trudeau (129)

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is resurrecting two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits that were later axed by the Trudeau Liberals.

Scheer vows to bring back Harper-era child fitness and arts tax credits cdnpoli elxn43

Framing it this way for a bias reason?

Hooray. More of the government helping those who help themselves. Death to no-strings attached handouts by the Liberals!!!

Ah, the pay-rolled makes an attempt to try and make this look like a bad thing. That’s beautiful the way you guys expose your nonpartisanship. So do you hand over press passes for liberal membership cards now?

I’m far from the rich class, the tax credit helps a lot!

Meanwhile Trudeau announces same lame old Liberal promises that have never been kept after 25 years and never will be. Whoops media missed that one.


YouTube (69)

Can the Leafs win a Stanley Cup with 3 players making over $10M? We discussed:

Reading this thread will only show you one thing..........ready for it? There are only two types of hockey fans.............people who love the Leafs, and people who hate the Leafs. is 100% True!

Let’s see if they can win a playoff round first

They can...and they will

There's a possibility that this will be the norm now. At one point, there was a first team to have 3 players making $1 million and then a team with 3 players making over $5 million. We should just be happy we have 3 players that are this valuable to the team.


Liberals pledge $535 million per year to support child care outside school hours (40)

A Liberal government would create up to 250,000 more spaces for children in before and after school child care programs, Justin Trudeau promised Monday on the campaign trail in southwestern Ontario

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says 'better access to quality, affordable childcare' will help get more parents back to work. Read more about the funding pledge here: cdnpoli elxn43

If you believe this corrupt liar again then I feel very sorry for you people the only one that will help you is andrew scheer trudeau will tell you anything for a vote he broke every promise he made in 2015 except pot he is a corrupt liar

Hey - that’s where JustinTrudeau will be working after the election!!

It would be nice for everyone to access to quality affordable healthcare first.

I’d rather see an economy where one parent could work and provide for their family and the other could choose to stay home and raise their children vs shipping them off to daycare. 🤷‍♀️

Less Liberalism politics will help lmao


Scheer would restore Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits Liberals axed (30)

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants to revive two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits axed by the Trudeau Liberals.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his government would introduce tax credits to help parents pay for their children who play sports or enroll in dance, drawing and other learning programs. Read more here: cdnpoli elxn43

That will Improve the quality of life for Canadians, that is what government is for, for the people, not for protecting corrupt SNC Lavallin, raising taxes, and ignoring veterans, Low income and First Nations.TrudeauMustGo

Most people got less money under that plan then the current one in place.

Try following the Canadian Constitution && U will not need to give back stolen moneys, then put Sun-set clauses on ALL taxes ‼️🖖‼️🇨🇦


Boutique tax crap cluttering up the tax system. Benefits to the rich.


Maxime Bernier invited to take part in federal election leaders’ debates (26)

Bernier has argued that not inviting him to take part in the debates was the commission's way of excluding the only party who had anything different to say.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, has been invited to take part in next month’s federal leaders’ debates after previously being shut out. cdnpoli elxn43 READ MORE:

GlobalRegina Just another vote splitter like happy hour May’s Greens and the irrelevant NDP, enjoy another 4 years of Castro junior Canada

GlobalNational Don’t worry folks, the MSM will do everything they can to make sure his message doesn’t get out to the public, most Canadians are too fekin lazy to read their platform . Global just spent 15 minutes revealing lib/con green and ndp plans, not one word about PPC platform. Rigged..?

globalwinnipeg Seems to me the PPC is a bit on the racist side.

Perfect! At least all of Canada will now get a chance to see how ridiculously stupid MaximeBernier and his party peoplespca really are.


Gas prices in Canada will feel slight impact from Saudi attack, for now: analysts (23)

Saudi Arabia is racing to restore production, but analysts say global impacts could broaden as more time passes.

Drivers “pretty much coast to coast” can expect a five-cent increase on gasoline per litre come Wednesday, analysts say.

This is good news for the Canadian Tax Collection Service.

charlesadler Alberta should be happy, oil prices will probably rise for awhile. A good war in the Middle East is probably something they will cheer for.

KSA oil enslaved you?

Too bad Canada closed most of its refineries. We're stuck using world prices for our fuel unlike most exporting countries

I just filled my tank at $1.104 for a total of almost $45. The Mercedes that pulled up beside me, pumped $10.23!


Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority government (21)

The Green Party of Canada says every policy in its platform -- from the economy to health, foreign affairs, immigration and transportation -- is viewed through the lens of the climate crisis.

Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority government

Let's hope not! Weve seen what a disaster that mix has brought the Country in BC ... 2 radical Greens influencing safe pipeline choice in a Province where the population is in favour on them. Scandalous politics

Elizabeth May and the Green Party to hold balance of power in a Minority Government ? 👇

The fact that Greens can vote however they want makes them effectively independents with environmental concerns. There were more indie MPs than Green and PPC ones when writ dropped too. Really not a credible party structure. Progressives better to back NDP to ensure minority gov.

Maybe we could have the election first😆

Really with all that one seat? Ya think...


NDP promises to build 500,000 new affordable homes in 10 years (21)

The NDP is promising to build 500,000 new affordable homes across the country in 10 years, if elected.

Jagmeet Singh says NDP will build 500,000 affordable housing units in 10 years, if elected

How NDP pays for its platform: ✅Wealth Tax on richest 0.1% of Cdns ✅Increase corporate tax rate to 18% ✅Increase inclusion rate on capital gains to 75% ✅Federal foreign buyer's tax on real estate ✅Ending fossil fuel subsidies ✅Tax reform to close TaxGap

as I see on youtube, there are THOUSANDS of Abandoned homes in every City on Earth just sitting there decaying, some Genius in each Town could sell them for 10 cents on the $,and still profit!!

“Singh wouldn't say if he planned to balance the federal budget when was asked if he had a timeline for doing so” how could he if he is planning to spend and spend.


Toronto homeowner who has child with nut allergy loses fight to remove walnut tree from backyard (19)

A homeowner who has an adult child with a nut allergy has had an application to remove a large walnut tree from the property’s backyard denied by the City of Toronto.

UPDATE: Toronto homeowner, who has child with nut allergy, loses fight to remove walnut tree from yard

Property owners don’t have the right to decide what kind of tree they have in their own property?

Just kill the tree. Once it’s dead they’ll have to cut it done. A little spray here. A little spray there and it will kill the tree.

Stick steel rods by it then mother nture will zap them down for free

How about fixing the tweet? We are NOT talking about a CHILD, and I agree with the city. Don't remove the tree.

Hey neighbor need some help with that tree....


Trend Line: Race for the top 'can't get much closer than this' (17)

The Conservatives and Liberals are in a statistical tie for the lead in the latest daily tracking numbers released by Nanos Research.

The race for the top 'can't get much closer than this,' niknanos said on a new episode of the Trend Line podcast. New episodes out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. elxn43

Funny how greens and NDP , and liberals know they don’t have support in Alberta or Saskatchewan or Manitoba , that’s why greens and NDP haven’t been in those areas and our pm only went too Edmonton and then went straight too precious corrupt Quebec

Hey, you guys! Did you get your poutine?

We need the PPC to steal the liberals, NDP and Green supporters! Then Canada will move forward with honesty and integrity, socialism will never rule in Canada.

Yes, + Scheer’s rating as PM went up; JT’s decreased. Overnight.



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