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New church limit does little to help worshippers (160)

A crowd of 40,000 people is expected to gather at ANZ Stadium for the NRL grand final on Sunday evening. But a church service that morning will be limited to only 300.

Comment: New church limit does little to help worshippers, writes Brian Houston, senior pastor at Hillsong Church

What? Jesus this paper is shithouse! Fancy giving column space to this character.

Start paying tax. Your running a business.

Pay taxes and you might have a say

Wedding parties are not allowed to dance only the bride and groom. Guests remain seated in NSW. The halls of large churches could safely fit more than 300 per meeting with distancing of 2 or 4 Sqm and no singing perhaps? 🤷‍♀️

Jesus would be repulsed - as he was by the ostentatious hypocrisy of the Pharisees


'Avalanche of hate' was directed at Magda Szubanski by right wing extremists, says eSafety Commissioner (124)

The eSafety commissioner says extremists and conspiracy theorists launched a coordinated attack with the aim of sending an 'avalanche of hate' at Kath and Kim star Magda Szubanski.

Magda Szubanski trolled for Sharon Strzelecki coronavirus ad by right wing extremists

So, not the Left? I knew they were more enlightened and above petty behaviour.

I may have commented to the effect that the ad did not tell the real story ... People like Sharon are more at risk if contracting Covid

We have paid thousands of dollors... please don not play with our future. Let us come back to Aus.we are ready to be in quarantine and will pay fees too. bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus bringusbacktoaus Victorians who have had enough!!!!!


Australia Post spent $12,000 on Cartier watches for employees (86)

Australia Post boss Christine Holgate defended the purchase saying the employees were being rewarded for brokering a deal with Australian banks.

Australia Post purchased Cartier watches worth $3000 each for four of its senior employees as a reward for brokering an agreement with Australian banks | LisaVisentin

LisaVisentin lockthemup federal ICAC

LisaVisentin An absolute joke

LisaVisentin What gets me is that this person is the CEO, yet doesn't know that AusPost is a 'government business enterprise'. Who the hell appointed her to this extremely cushy job? niceworkifyoucangetit.

LisaVisentin You would think with all these high quality watches that Australia Post would be more on time ..

LisaVisentin Must of been a profitable agreement to get a Bonus like this ,good luck to them and


Magda Szubanski trolled by right-wing extremists (73)

Beloved Aussie actor Magda Szubanski was hit with “volumetric attacks” after she appeared in a COVID safety ad, the eSafety commissioner has told Senate estimates.

The much-loved Aussie actor was targeted by right-wing extremists after starring in a coronavirus safety ad.

Like her as an actress but maybe she shouldn't have signed up to be Dan's lackey.

My advice to - stop letting the work experience kid post on your Twitteraccount

Anyone who dares speak against the rabid left is branded a right-wing extremist these days.

Why didn’t the toxic left cancel her over her black face past DoubleStandards

Look on the bright side.Lucky it wasn't Left Wing Extremist otherwise they would be protesting at her door doing there cancel culture shit and probably burning her house down.


Drones to spy on Melburnians illegally celebrating the AFL grand final | Sky News Australia (69)

Victoria Police will be using drones and helicopters to spy on footy-mad Melburnians illegally celebrating Saturday’s AFL grand final. \n\nThe air wing and drone unit will be monitoring crowds at parks, beaches and other hot spots in Melbourne due to concerns footy fans will defy lockdown restrictions.\n\nThe metropolitan 'ring of steel' will also be bolstered and expanded to back roads.\n

Victoria Police will be using drones and helicopters to spy on footy-mad Melburnians illegally celebrating Saturday’s AFL grand final.

What a bunch of grubs.Take away grand final, keep us locked down, tell us lies, move the goal posts, allow a race crowd to proceed. Then now, they are spying to catch us out, from doing anything remotely fun!? They are really trying our patience & pushing people to their limits.

We do realise this is what a police state looks like right - flu season is over - Covid strain is done for the year

It just keeps getting funnier ... The Socialist Republic of Danganistan is beyond parody ... some of this stuff would even make the Dear Leader in Korea blush ...

Police state bullshit . DictatorDan will be getting excited over this


Lindsay Fox has no truck with Premier's corporate critics (66)

Daniel Andrews joined some powerful guests at Fox's virtual party in April. Business leaders have had some harsh words for the Premier since then, but the trucking magnate says respect is due.

Trucking magnate Lindsay Fox says Premier Dan Andrews deserves respect for 'at least, showing leadership'. covid19 coronavirus springst lockdown

Respect for signing MELBOURNE up to the smart city program? Covid is a falsified pandemic which is being used to put in place permanent control of us all - this is the agenda. He will keep blackmailing us to full freedom until a vaccine is available which will be mandatory

Agree with him!Our Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is a very hard working & very caring Premier!God Bless you Premier!

What a very generous statement. Would he say that if all his Linfox trucks and DC's were stopped!. Unfortunately he probably would.🤨

What leadership when he cant answer these questions in relation to hotel security. Did you make the decision. Were you informed on who made the decision. Did you make inquiries on who made the decision. Any leader would know these answers

When the unions hold and are about to squeeze your balls if the government says so


CIA agents suspect being attacked with microwave weapon while in Australia (56)

The two agents, one of whom is believed to be a top-ranking CIA official, felt sick and dizzy after the suspected attack that an expert says would signal 'Cold War-style conflict' reaching new highs.

CIA agents suspect being attacked with microwave weapon while in Australia

Whatever happens to foreign spies in our country is none of our business

They can't be very good agents then can they.

Kick them out, CIA bunch if crims with a badge. Foreign operatives operating on our soil

What rubbish.... so the Russians knew which room they were in... and just so had van and clear sight

Much the same as the left press(ABC included)


Dan Andrews has a 'pretty short-lived career to go': Richo | Sky News Australia (47)

Daniel Andrews, instead of having a career which was 'basically unlimited', now has a pretty short-lived one to go, according to Sky News contributor Graham Richardson. \n\nHis comment comes regarding the Andrews government’s botched hotel quarantine program and the subsequent hotel quarantine inquiry wherein Victorian officials have each maintained they were not responsible for hiring private security guards. \n\n“I think this bloke’s got a problem and I think people in Victoria realise it,' he said.\n\n“It must be the beginning of the end.”\n

.DanielAndrewsMP, instead of having a career which was 'basically unlimited', now has a pretty short-lived one to go, according to Sky News contributor SkyNewsRicho.

DanielAndrewsMP SkyNewsRicho Federal ALPs poster child. Says a lot about FedALP

DanielAndrewsMP SkyNewsRicho 😂😂😂

DanielAndrewsMP SkyNewsRicho Richardson? Ha! Just another hack who's for sale to the highest bidder which is demonstrated by the fact he works for Murdoch. auspol 'The Murdoch press runs now as a political operation. It's effectively a political party. It is ruthlessly partisan.'- Turnbull

DanielAndrewsMP SkyNewsRicho Richo, is on MurdochRoyalCommission Ruperts payroll. I could go on but I’ve wasted enough time on him already

DanielAndrewsMP SkyNewsRicho Not even a host


'Just don't do it, guys': Farr-Jones's warning for Wallabies (44)

The man who led the Wallabies to the 1991 World Cup has warned the current crop against taking a knee, arguing Australia does not have 'major' issues around race.

World Cup-winning Wallabies captain Nick Farr-Jones says it would be “too risky” for the national team to take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement because viewers would switch off | tomdecent

tomdecent Got to keep the racists happy.

tomdecent I seriously don’t know anyone who would ‘switch off’. He is out of touch...

tomdecent As cop-outs go, that's a beauty.

tomdecent what nonsense. A few mins of protest isn't hurting anyone.

tomdecent ' would be “too risky” for the national team to take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement because viewers...' are ignorant racists.


Australia Post CEO asked to stand aside pending investigation into $12,000 Cartier watch spend (44)

The CEO of Australia Post is being grilled at a Senate estimates hearing over company expenditure.

'If she doesn't wish to stand aside, she can go.' The Prime Minister has delivered a strong message to the Australia Post CEO, after it was revealed the organisation spent $12,000 rewarding executives with luxury watches. AusPol 9News

Good on you Mr Morrison, she can go



Wish politicians were held to the same standard!


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