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AFP was not attempting to intimidate journalists, Commissioner says (61)

The outgoing AFP boss rejects the claim his officers were attempting to intimidate journalists when they carried out two raids — one on the headquarters of the ABC and the other on the home of a News Corp reporter.

AFP was not attempting to intimidate journalists, Commissioner says

But we succeeded in what we were not attempting to do

Afp another department of the lieberal party

I love seeing these self righteous journalist activists getting all hot and bothered with the indignation of being held to account finally.

Well if that is the case they FAILED!

?..and you expect the public to believe that? Too much evidence to the contrary I’m afraid! Personally I. elieve there is more to the Commissioner bowing out, than is offered. Too many questions about complicity with Govt for a start.


'I don't have a racist bone in my body': Trump faces House condemnation vote over tweets (28)

US President Donald Trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he urged fellow Republicans not to condemn his controversial tweets.

US President Donald Trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he urged fellow Republicans not to condemn his controversial tweets

Just racist blood flowing thru his veins!! His Daddy Drumpf was a racist piece of work too.

Race is again being used by the lefts to their advantage, people with common sense think that it's not an issue to have a political gain.

Well, the man does lie for a living...


In that case he's a jellyfish or a shark.


'It's outrageous': Dick Smith received $500,000 of franking credit refunds in one year (24)

The entrepreneur says Labor should have capped the proposal so that only wealthy Australians would lose their benefits.

Exclusive: Dick Smith received $500,000 of franking credit refunds in one year, in what he calls an 'outrageous' use of taxpayers' money that should be subject to a means test | michaelkoziol

michaelkoziol Wealthy can now respond with philanthropy, more local jobs and innovation. A win win scenario vs free stuff from high taxing socialism. Jobs, economy, booming in Trumps America.

michaelkoziol How many politicians are on the receiving end of large franking credit refunds. A lot I bet. Politicians are amongst the most dishonest unscrupulous people in our society and they control us.

michaelkoziol And that is what Australia voted for. To give free money to well off people.

michaelkoziol So sad to read the vindictive commentary about Dick here. He is one of the great quiet philanthropists of the nation but those that offer these nasty comments should perhaps examine their own hearts to see just where these feelings spring from....

michaelkoziol ? Now that's a stupid and 'outrageous' view!!....? So 1: if the taxed money is refunded and he doesn't want it give it away!! It's you're choice. 2: don't dictate to others how to spend their tax refund.


Donald Trump’s handwritten notes on Ilhan Omar (21)

Donald Trump accidentally revealed handwritten additional notes made for a speech he gave on manufacturing today, including a spelling mistake that’s gone viral.

.realDonaldTrump accidentally revealed a handwritten note made during his press conference today — with a very unfortunate spelling mistake.

realDonaldTrump Hahaha

realDonaldTrump It was written that way to get the right pronunciation of it. So what many people do that

realDonaldTrump Wow what a scoop!!

realDonaldTrump It’s phonetic.

realDonaldTrump Is that the best you can come up with? Someone needs to find a new career


‘I have nothing’: Waleed Aly lost for words (19)

The Project’s panel has been left lost for words after interviewing a man just hours after he discovered his wife had been arrested overseas.

The Project host appeared visibly stunned as he admitted he had no idea what to say after the show aired a distressing segment.

How many Muslim countries supported China's actions?

Of course he only cares if it affects Muslims, didn't give 2 shits when Muslim terrorists killed 500 Christians in Sri Lanka.

Distressing segment

So he only cares about muslims. What about all the Christians deash murdered in Syriaand Iraq? Or muslims killing Christians in Pakistan?

Thank god.


Much that happens in govt ‘is driven by officials’ | Sky News Australia (13)

Sky News host Peta Credlin says much that happens in government is ‘driven by officials’, pointing to the recent calls for an enshrined Indigenous voice in the Constitution.\n\nMs Credlin notes it seems that what governments campaign on in an election is ‘almost entirely different’ from the issues that consume them in office, that ‘no one ever voted for’. \n\nShe believes the Morrison government needs to be ‘very careful’ with the idea of a legislated voice, as the issue is ‘getting away from them’ and ‘dividing us by the colour of our skin’. \n\nImage: Kym Smith \u002F News Corp Australia\n\n

.rowandean on calls for an Indigenous voice to parliament: The Australian taxpayer has to ask themselves, ‘What is really behind this?’ MORE: credlin

rowandean The scam continues !

rowandean Yes, it is about land and money. The fear of those that currently control most of the land and make most of the money (those that pay rowandean's wage) actually losing some of that land and money to the rightful owners and beneficiaries. As you admit, 'the fix is in'.

rowandean I think it’s about governments bending at the knees to appease the LEFT but have an each way bet. It gives the LEFT something to focus rage on. So if for nothing else it gives students, the unemployed, misfits, and activists something to do.

rowandean Well we know what's dictates lnp thus sky agenda.the bullshit shit tank IPA. show some respect.

rowandean Omg RWNJs Credlin an ex govt spin doctor And whoever that other idiot is who cares ! Both dont represent the average Aussie.


Refugees to receive Aboriginal 'passports' as activists sail for Manus Island (13)

Letters of solidarity and more than 400 Aboriginal 'passports' will be delivered to Manus Island refugees as a group of boats set sail for Papua New Guinea.

Refugees to receive Aboriginal 'passports' as activists sail for Manus Island

Oh wow fake passports now. That's not asking for trouble

Well this has sent the shitlords into a frenzy!

What a cruel and fraudulent act of virtue signalling.

I wonder if the sovereign Aboriginal State issuing the passports can also provide the social services, infrastructure, etc 🤡🌏

And this demonstrates why the idea of recognising Aboriginal sovereignty as something distinct from the general Australian sovereignty is a national security threat.


Charging electric cars in Queensland will be 'half the cost of petrol' (12)

Within weeks, drivers will be charged a fee to use Queensland's electric super highway.

Until now, the electric car charging stations have been free. But drivers will be charged within weeks

So, the price will go up/down just like petrol? Will there be an off peak rate?

I recall a similar things happening with LPG an tolls only going to be collected until paid off.

Remember when diesel fuel was half the price of petrol ? How quickly that changed when diesel vehicles became popular .. Just watch the cost of recharging EV’s sky-rocket if/when it becomes the big thing they say it will be. I’m happy with my petrol/LPG vehicle thanks.

eastTMoore Who will win the race?

If you are fortunate enough to afford an EV’ve had a good free run.


Australian govt under pressure to bring home ISIS families (8)

Kurdish authorities are calling on the Australian government to do more to bring home Australian women and children stranded in a refugee camp for the families of the Islamic State group.

AUDIO: Australian govt under pressure to bring home ISIS families


Where have all the sparrows gone? (8)

The dwindling number of sparrows around the world is considered by some to be one of the great natural mysteries of recent times.

Where have all the sparrows gone?


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