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Tina Arena: ‘There’s something very, very wrong in this country’ (141)

Australian music legend Tina Arena slammed Australia’s ongoing lockdowns and encouraged her followers to vote out Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, in a candid Instagram Live video posted hours after her headline-making Studio 10 interview on Friday.

Tina Arena slammed lockdowns and urged her followers to vote out Dan Andrews in a candid Instagram video.

What would she know. Unbelievable

Well said, Tina. At the moment we're living in some sort of dictatorship, where we are very limited in what we can do. It was the failure of this government to control the virus which got us into this mess.

And who cares what she thinks?

Tiny Tina never grew up


No decision yet on whether PM will go to climate conference in Glasgow (71)

Scott Morrison is yet to make a decision on whether he will fly to Glasgow later this year to attend major climate change talks.

No decision yet on whether PM will go to climate conference in Glasgow

If there is a photo op, he's in

If he travels , everyone should be allowed to travel!

Will he please get that Australian flag face mask off!? Hasn’t he noticed yet the trumpism is over? So embarrassing.

Marice Payne would be The Perfect Diplomatic to Attend.



Parliament does not reflect culturally diverse Australia, says former Fowler hopeful (37)

A young Vietnamese-Australian lawyer who was overlooked by Labor to run in the federal election says political parties must do more to increase cultural diversity in federal parliament.

Parliament does not reflect culturally diverse Australia, says former Fowler hopeful

Is any of the major political parties notably Liberals and Nationals diverse at all? It's like a guard tower for old rich white men.

Put someone there just to keep them in parliament and who wouldnt know about what the actual voters want is bull for any party.

Multiculturalism and tokenism are a way of perpetuating the dominance of the majority group. The phrase “multicultural community” is a euphemism for “non-white”, while “Aussie” means “white”. That’s what really needs to change.

There has to be a balance between representation and winning. Labor seems to generally err too much on the side of representation, and not enough on winning. Keneally could well be off-putting for some voters but she is also a tenacious and combative politician.

The people elect who they want to elect. End of story.


Scott Morrison still isn't sure if he'll go to COP26 climate talks in Glasgow (35)

The COP26 summit is considered the most significant meeting on climate change since the signing of the Paris Agreement.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has signalled he could miss crucial international climate talks being held in Glasgow later this year.

Send Dutton instead! At least he'll make some jokes about Kiribati & I'm sure everyone will think he's as funny as, um... Oh, what's the word? 🤮

Morrison will be remembered as one of the most inefficient/sleepy/uncaring/miscalculating PM in Australian history he is amazingly good at not grasping the issues be it AusFires/Covid/Vaccination/AussieStuckAbroad/ClimateChange/China , he messed them up superbly.hopeHeGoneSoon!

“But I don’t wanna go! Nobody likes me and they say mean things to me…”

The ultimate shirker. I don’t hold a hose mate. I go to Hawaii while my country burns. I hide inside while my incompetence is laid bare. I fiddle while the world burns. I’m only interested in me.

SBS Bible verse John 3:16,17


Should we be allowed to peek behind National Cabinet's curtain? A new bill will make sure it remains secret (35)

National Cabinet was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic but it's only now that debate has begun on whether its deliberations should be kept secret.

Should we be allowed to peek behind National Cabinet's curtain? A new bill will make sure it remains secret

Short answer....yes! Fed ICAC now!!!!!!

Aren't they supposed to be accountable?

A govt that insists on secrecy is a govt that needs to go, and THIS one in particular has shown that it is DEFINITELY not to be trusted.

A vote for the Morrison-Joyce government is a vote for zero transparency and zero accountability.

Absolutely we should. The question that should be asked, why is ScottMorrisonMP and GladysB so desperate to keep them secret?


Australians could soon test for COVID-19 at home (33)

Australians could test themselves for COVID-19 from the comfort of their own homes once the medical regulator approves the testing measure.

Australians could test themselves for COVID19 from the comfort of their own homes by Christmas once the TGA approves the testing measure. Rapid antigen tests only take 10-15 minutes and are already being used in a number of settings. MORE: 9News

We’ve been doing this in the UK for close to 12 months Yet another failure by the Australian governments who continued to believe the fight against Covid wasn’t a race.

But a ÷ve test is worthless. Will everybody admit a +ve test?

Rapid antigen tests have been found to yield up to 50% false negatives. People circulating in the belief they’re negative when they are actually positive is incredibly dangerous. These tests weren’t designed for this purpose.

We are using these now at our company and tried a few at home / easy to use and effective rapidtests COVID19Aus

I been doing that for over a year🤦‍♀️ Australia get a grip


Nationals MP says concerns about 'extreme right-wing' push within party going unheard (32)

Darren Chester says part of his decision to take a break from the party is because of the 'very hard right-wing agenda' he believes other members are pushing.

Nationals MP says concerns about 'extreme right-wing' push within party going unheard

He has too much intelligence and integrity to be a National

Oh please now that bunch of bogans are ‘concerned’ about alt right white supremacy.

This is great stuff. Yet we have public interest advocates doing the same re the ATO, DFAT & Defence & they are relegated as whistleblowers, taken to secret courts & we, the public paying for all of it, are not permitted to know about it! F that MurdochCadell & Richard_D_Boyle

Common sense has now become right wing. Standing up for Australian workers and questioning why China is allowed to destroy our planet with their growth in emissions. They are building Coal fired power stations but we have to shut ours down. How dumb is this world ?


Unvaccinated residents in regional NSW will ‘lose freedoms’ at 70 per cent double-dose (20)

Unvaccinated residents in regional New South Wales enjoying fewer restrictions will be forced back into lockdown when the state reaches 70 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage, the NSW Deputy Premier has revealed.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro has confirmed unvaccinated residents not in lockdown across New South Wales will 'lose freedoms' when the state reaches its 70 per cent target.

need me eyes checked friendlyjordies ...thought bruz tool was standing in front of a wall of ANZAC Poppy's

Ask him how much he's profiting.

Except you don't have to tell anyone your health information. Ever. What a ridiculous fail from ridiculous politicians.


Berejiklian’s road map is safe and sensible (19)

Staging opening up allows us to manage risk as we test to see how our infection control measures stand up.

Opinion: Staging opening up, and beginning with fully vaccinated adults, allows us to manage risk as we test to see how our infection control measures stand up under gradually eased settings, writes epidemiologist Catherine Bennett

MarylouiseMcla1 Is the epidemiologist l would listen to . COVID19 auspol

NSW thanks to GladysB continues to be the more progressive state and territory in Australia. Great leadership!

Looking forward to a time when these epidemiologists crawl back to their labs and leave us alone

One of the few sensible Premiers who has put things in perspective instead of a parochial selfish attitude of some others north

Another about turn.… I E. No vaccinations… No go.… 10% .. that’s okay.?


Centralisation is hampering Victoria’s pandemic response (18)

Bringing people on board and giving them a seat at the table is essential for the Andrews government to build broad public confidence in its pandemic strategy.

Centralisation is hampering Victoria’s pandemic response. If you don’t give people a stake in your decision-making, they are more likely to drive a stake through your decisions | OPINION auspol covid melbournelockdown roadmap

JohnPesutto what a load of BS, you keep trying but it’s not working.

But THIS 👇 is OK?

JohnPesutto Driving LiberalVictoria’s credibility even further down the gurgler than anyone thought possible. What a beat up lol

Centralisation is “Socialism”. Wake up people.



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