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Greens MP admits to drug use in a bid to bring 'honesty' to pill testing debate (7)

People from all walks of life including 'journalists, tradies, lawyers, public servants, doctors, police and yes, politicians' use drugs, Greens MP Cate Faehrmann says.

Greens MP Cate Faehrmann has admitted that she has 'taken MDMA in my 20s and occasionally through my 30s and 40s' in what she says is a bid to bring 'honesty' to the pill testing debate | sallyrawsthorne

sallyrawsthorne Hands up everyone who, even once, smoked/ate weed, tried ecstasy, or popped something at a party.....I would guess there’s a lot of us out there.

greensjeremy sallyrawsthorne Cate is just one of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who live very productive and normal lives despite their drug of choice not being government approved. Prohibition is an expensive and counter-productive failure.

sallyrawsthorne I don’t think I’ll vote for her.

sallyrawsthorne They make better legislation on MDMA than boozed up IMHO

sallyrawsthorne I’d venture to say quite a % of pollies have used illegal drugs. Most don’t have to guts to be honest and maybe our idiotic population needs to be lied to? No worries about pollies turning up to work after a long lunch and making decisions that effect us though? Booze is ok? 🙄


Labor vows to fight for small business | Sky News Australia (7)

Labor has vowed to give small businesses a seat at the cabinet table if it wins the upcoming federal election. \n\nThe Opposition has pledged to match the government’s company tax cuts and continue the $20,000 small business asset write-off. \n\nLiberal Senator Michaelia Cash has rubbished the promises, saying it's not in Labor's DNA to fight for small business. \n\n\n

Labor has vowed to give small businesses a seat at the cabinet table if it wins the upcoming federal election. Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash has rubbished the promise, saying it's not in Labor's DNA to fight for small business.

What? Plumbers, builders, sparkies?

Fighting to destroy not only small business but all Australians. Who will survive all their proposed tax increase? Retirees screwed every which way with changes to Franking credits. Then there’s negative gearing, Inheritance tax ......

Yeah... maybe a back seat. 555

Well said Ms Cash. The only organisations round billshortenmp’s table are thugs.

Cash is priceless a total human (and l am presuming she is human... some have questioned this as she speaks as if she is from another planet) devoid of honesty or integrity!


Trump will have to end the shutdown eventually but will not give up on the border wall (5)

To mark his second year in office Donald Trump reveals his 2020 campaign slogan 'Promises made, promises kept', which says a lot about the President and his determination about the border wall.

Trump will have to end the shutdown eventually but will not give up on the border wall (Pic:AP)

If the democrats don't get a shit load for the wall in return they don't deserve to lead. I say get daca get the other funding permanently then give him the wall knowing you can roll it back or divert the funding after 2020

He is defeated from the left right and centre the worst president ever no heart no soul just an iceberg


Since Trump built his wall around his position on walls, but through vanity and ignorance he didn't make a door. He now brings out the former Ky. senator who now is the Washington power broker to help remodel his wall adding a door. Mitch will come out swinging from the backroom

and why should he give up on the border wall? It was one of his key election promises. Just because the Left don't want him to build it (or to succeed), doesn't mean he should give up on it.


To learn your country, start by learning its Aboriginal names (3)

Learning the Aboriginal meaning of place names will deepen our connection to the land we all live on, say Indigenous historians.

To learn your country, start by learning its Aboriginal names

no thanks

Abc news needs to move away from social commentary and report the news as it happens without bias, comment or slant. Let the reader/ listener form their own opinion.

So have the residents of Lakemba had their history lessons? How about Kuraby in Brisbane, or the Shire of Logan? I suppose it’s ok for them to build on sacred land? aupol just not whities

Unless the words are shorter than ones like Oz, Brissy and the Goldy, not gonna happen

Nah- don't think so.


MPs join crowds in Sydney pill testing rally | Sky News Australia (3)

Large crowds have taken to the streets of Sydney calling for New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian to introduce pill testing at festivals following a number of suspected drug overdoses.\n\nGreens leader Richard Di Natale addressed the crowds along with independent MP Kerryn Phelps and Greens MP David Shoebridge, urging the Premier to 'get out of the way' on pill testing.\n\nThe rally comes amid the state's government introduces tough new music festival regulations, which will require events to meet minimum safety standards from March 1.\n\nMs Berejiklian has dismissed public outcry, insisting pill tesing would only encourage drug use.\n\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n\n\n\n\n\n

Dr John Lewis on pill testing: It’s not possible to look at all the drugs which can kill people by doing a scraping of a tablet … We have no idea how well the pills are mixed. Taking a scraping isn’t going to tell you what’s underneath MORE: weekendlive

Greens RichardDiNatale drkerrynphelps ShoebridgeMLC Of course the Green numpties would be there. Pill testing should include flushing the shit down the toilet. Why are there pickles happy for people to take drugs? dills take drugs!

Greens RichardDiNatale drkerrynphelps ShoebridgeMLC That gathering in the picture is the sole reason we have a greenhouse issue ...... more methane coming out of that pile than out of Werribee

Greens RichardDiNatale drkerrynphelps ShoebridgeMLC The greens can pay for the lawsuits to follow as well. Stupid breeds stupid. Seriously. This is the only problem with democracy .......

Greens RichardDiNatale drkerrynphelps ShoebridgeMLC too bad they couldn't have protested the lenient sentences handed out to shits who deal in this stuff..

Greens RichardDiNatale drkerrynphelps ShoebridgeMLC Idiots. Condoning the use of dangerous illegal drugs is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous!! The greens are an absolute embarrassment to Oz politics.


Major parties unveil big promises in countdown to election (2)

Turmoil facing Morrison government in Victoria as both sides woo voters with promises

How Kelly O'Dwyer's shock resignation could cost the Morrison government auspol

$6000 toaster

Except the LNP was going down since 2015 when Turnbull overthrew Abbot and gave the finger to the lessons of the Rudd/Gillard years. O'Dwyer's resignation happened long after the rot set in.

If you think one MP will make a difference, think again.

What do you mean 'could'? Sportsbet have Labor at $1.14 and the LNP at $5.00. Their long term incompetence and inaction is etched in the public's mind.

Kelly who who d hell is she? big fuss


I'm 'coming out' about drugs: it's time get real about pill testing (2)

As a politician I’ve made the difficult decision to ''come out'' about drugs because the government’s zero-tolerance approach been a catastrophic failure.

I'm 'coming out' about drugs: NSW MP admits to drug use to bring 'honesty' to politics

Also, if you think you will never be secretly filmed by someone when having your pills tested you are naive. You can be blackmailed for the illegal activity of possession of narcotics, even charged with a crime in the future, for example when you run for political office.

Drugs destroy your health. Fact. Perhaps they should be legal and regulated, sold with a warning, but untill they are pill testing would be an endorsement of contraband and normalisation of illegal activity. So make up your mind about legality.



How top-notch policing nabbed suspect in Aiia Maasarwe death (2)

A political delay could have jeopardised the homicide investigation, but local police stepped up.

The 'outstanding' work of a local police officer who recognised a cap and T-shirt from the scene of Aiia Maasarwe's death led to an early arrest

jurylady5 The police were too busy oppressing us to actually protect us. This is what an ALP government does to us in Victoria:

KerryAnnSmith1 Hope HumanHeadline gets charged for being so public and stupid

SerkanTheWriter Well done, that officer.

HumanHeadline “Meanwhile, police say they are disgusted that certain details of the victim’s injuries have been aired on social media despite her family’s request for privacy.... ‘It has created additional trauma to some lovely people who are suffering terribly,” one detective said” That’s YOU

Interesting how quickly they find killers of international visitors and decades for locals. Pressure I suppose!


Labor calls on Coalition to do more to support women | Sky News Australia (2)

Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek says if the Coalition wants to keep women like Kelly O’Dwyer on its frontbench, it needs to increase the number of women in parliament.\n\nMs O'Dwyer announced to Saturday she would not recontest her seat at the next election, saying she wanted to spend more time with her family and try for a third child.\n\nMs Pliberseck says the Liberal Party needs to reform its culture to keep women in parliament and ensure they feel supported. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n

Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek says if the Coalition wants to keep women like Kelly O’Dwyer on its frontbench, it needs to increase the number of women in parliament.

Agree completely providing they are the best candidates available. No other reason.

Im not sure how you keep a lady in your party that has had a miscarriage and understandably wants to spend more time with the is tiring the spin that both parties use to try to make the other look bad! Get on with improving Aussie lives, not self promotion auspol

Tanya needs to look no further than her own party and stop bullying and sexual issues with their males that have problems keeping their brains in their pants before criticising others

Do you do anything but criticise others? Start looking at the rot in your own political backyard.

If you get a job because of your gender and that’s the main reason. How do you think people perceive your ability to do the job at hand. At least women in the Coalition are given portfolios based on ability not gender, so they are the best for the job.


Man arrested at airport over role in theft of $1m worth of baby formula (2)

A 31-year old man was arrested at Sydney Airport on Saturday after police say they disrupted 'a well-coordinated theft syndicate”.

A 31-year old man was arrested at Sydney Airport on Saturday over his alleged role in the coordinated theft of more than $1 million worth of baby formula

Food rapists...nothing less.

Wondering what authorities are doing about the huge volume of Australian made infant formula that is “legally” finding its way to China? What is the industry’s responsibility in this?

Only a man. He's under a breast, what a tit.


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