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Italian driver hijacks and sets alight to school bus full of children 'in retaliation' for migrant drownings (7)

An Italian bus driver of Senegalese descent was arrested on Wednesday after hijacking his own vehicle and setting it on fire, allegedly threatening to kill more than 50 children on board whose hands he had bound.

Italian driver hijacks and sets alight to school bus full of children 'in retaliation' for migrant drownings

“Italian” not.

More benefits of immigrants.

How is this not a Islamist terror attack on Children or are still trying to cover up every attack by Islamists ?

Embrace the diversity

what is wrong with people what is this mental psychosis day after day?


Cruel dad sells baby to couple in China to pay off £6,800 gambling debt (6)

A CRUEL dad has been arrested for selling his baby daughter online for £6,800 to pay off his gambling debts. Named only as Jiang, the heartless father sold the one-year-old to a couple after rackin…

Cruel dad sells daughter, one, to couple in China to pay off £6,800 gambling debt

Cruels a bit of an understatement

Ive a 16 year old wan id happily give away for free this morning 🤣

Thats sick 😡😡😡😡😡

Anybody got this guys phone number. I’ve got an 8yr old boy for sale. He can put me on to his man. Much appreciated My luck they would Feckin send him back he’s a nightmare 😜😜

That's a thing? I need more kids


'Tired' public needs Brexit decision, says PM (6)

The PM appeals to the British people over the delay to Brexit and says it is 'high time' MPs made a choice.

May tells the public 'I'm on your side'

Wow. Even Maybot can tell a joke.

Yes and Amem, not sure if it is doable in all season but for now it is very pleasing and smart

Unfortunately it is impossible to be ‘on the side’ of people in diametrical opposition. May hasn’t united us through her clandestine compromise deal, she’s just driven a wedge in! There was never any open engagement with country through this process and here we are!

17.2 million BREXITERS SPLIT between her deal and crush out. REMAINERS have the MAJORITY. Will Corbyn use a bonus lifeline and lead European left?

Dear Treez......... take a look at the numbers here versus the planks marching for Fromage & tell me who's side......


Why am I paying more tax to the police? (6)

A bigger portion of your council tax will go to police this year. But why? And what is it used for?

Council tax increase: Why am I paying the police so much?

They're expanding their Twitter Hate Crime Unit.

BBCPolitics So that more of them can spy on your twitter posts!

Because the govt cut the councils budgets by 50% since 2010 - duh 🙄

Oh it’s time to have a pop at the police again.... until the next terror attack

Why am I paying the BBC so much?


Opinion: If you are uncomfortable with your child being told about LGBT+ people, then you are homophobic (5)

Not talking about LGBT+ people doesn’t make these people disappear. Erasing our existence from the curriculum will only serve to sigmatise LGBT+ children

Opinion: If you are uncomfortable with your child being told about LGBT+ people, then you are homophobic

Where's the bottom up demand for this to be taught? Where's the data that shows it needs to be taught? There's neither. It's all part of the Agenda.

Protecting children from becoming inappropriately sexualised says you are wrong

Utter bollocks 😂

WRONG! It is not HOMOPHOBIC to state that God finds homosexual behavior to be an ABOMINATION as stated in the Bible and that Christians don't have to CONFORM to the LGBT+ agenda!

Of course you are. Children don’t have any natural prejudice, we are a product of our environment.


Home Office refuses Christian convert asylum by quoting Bible passages that 'prove Christianity is not peaceful' (5)

Campaigners say case demonstrates 'distortion of logic' and 'reckless' approach to asylum seekers' lives

Home Office refuses Christian convert asylum by quoting Bible passages that 'prove Christianity not peaceful'

Christianity as violent as Islam! Finally the Home Office gets some thing right.

So no more asylum for moslems.

Absolutely disgraceful.

annalizabb bloody jonna

It may be usefult to remember who owns the now 🤔


Pregnant Traveller's arrest 'shameful' (4)

Calls are made for a new inquiry into the arrest of a Traveller with known mental health issues.

Cardiff Irish Traveller's arrest shameful, says charity

Maybe she shouldn't have broken the law, crazy right?

Mental health or not, if she had not done a crime then the police wouldn’t be at her home & why come down the stairs with an open dressing gown & nothing else if men are there 🤔 It seems to police are in a hard situation with mental health.

Who cares she be out doing the same stuff within a month

She lives in a house; how is she a traveller? Is it because she lives in Cardiff but is from Ireland? Or does she own a pushbike?

Whom funds these charities that seem to do more harm than good? All they can do is complain about the Police doing their job according to the law. In this charities eyes if the police didn’t detain her and she harmed herself they would say its the fault of the Police.


If Theresa May buckles and delays Brexit, I will do my best to tear her party limb from limb (3)

As the Prime Minister heads to tomorrow’s EU summit in Brussels with little prospect of achieving her desperate attempt to engineer a short-term Article 50 extension, I want to give her something else to think about:

.Nigel_Farage: Any extension of Article 50 will be seen as a betrayal of our nation by millions of angry Conservative voters

Nigel_Farage Great language at a time of crisis

Nigel_Farage Says man who has failed on seven attempts to win a seat in parliament.

Nigel_Farage Well, you are not the only one.

Nigel_Farage Tear away Nigel.

Nigel_Farage She's already doing that for you


NHS 'no chance of training enough staff' (3)

Experts are warning nurses and GP shortages will worsen in England, unless radical action is taken.

NHS 'no chance of training enough staff'

Then it is clearly too big?

Headline should read : NHS England ‘no chance of training enough staff' ThatsDevolved SayEngland

No one realises that a large number of experienced NHS staff are leaving because of the stress and work pressures. It’s unbearable and lack of support & understanding from both Managers & the general public only adds to the stress

Shows how inefficient throwing money at problems can be especially when the money chucked is a realication of old funds, spread over a long period or simply not enough money Look at all the traditional Tory social service targets they all suffered from the same funding shortfalls

BBCPolitics Well we probably shouldn’t have spent the last 20 years plundering foreign healt services for their staff, should we?


'A leader with love on full display' (3)

The NZ prime minister has been held up as an example of good leadership after the Christchurch attack.

Jacinda Ardern: 'A leader with love on full display'

Yes. You can see all the votes in her eyes.

Please can we swap PM's?

Leaders like her don’t want to accept they are part of the problem

Great person. Magnificent leader. Respect for you Madam PM🙏

Wow!! Looks like shes angling for her own statue!! Self righteous bullshit!!😡


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