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Sega has announced its first blockchain game | VGC (371)

This will be the first Sega title to use the controversial technology…

Sega has announced its first blockchain game.

Big L 🤦🏻

I cannot take it any more

Bout to bomb. Can't wait. Get that shit out of video games.

Fuckkkkk uuuu


Fracking will only resume with local consent, PM insists (104)

Liz Truss says fracking will need local agreement, but does not explain how consent will be gauged.

Fracking will only resume with local consent, PM insists

The two MIP's (most important people) in the area, will decide the fate!

Sounds like a great idea. Wonder if 'local consent' would EVER be given ANYWHERE for onshore wind farms, fracking sites, fields of solar panels, nuclear power stations, reservoirs, desalinisation plants? Tricky one. Just do it! We must have energy & water independence/reliability

Start in a Tory consistency first see how many votes you get in the next by- election

She's another Boris looking after the rich and doesn't care about the poor she will bring this country even further down right into the gutters

What the lil bomber means, they can say they gave the go ahead for fracking but the locals said least we tried....yea right...its a bloody terrible idea, and won't help us in the short or longer term.


2022 TIME100 Next: Francia Márquez Mina (82)

Find out why Francia Márquez Mina is on this year’s TIME100 Next list

'FranciaMarquezM is a woman of action and a leader that aspires to drive positive change,' writes CarlosAlvQ TIME100Next


Ex-United assistant calls social media 'the gutter of society' amid Maguire criticism (75)

Former Manchester United assistant Rene Meulensteen has called social media ‘the gutter of society’ amid intense criticism of Harry Maguire. The Dutchman is currently an assistant of the Australia …

Harry Maguire criticism comes from 'the gutter of society' in social media, talkSPORT told MUFC

Why can't they just accept Maguire is criticised because of how bad he is? He is abysmal, an absolute shambles of a player. One of the worst to ever play in a Man U shirt.

No the criticism is watching him play if your bothered to do that then your see why he gets it. The problem with some is they look past that all because he English.

No it doesn’t

No it comes from what the people see with their own eyes

The days of criticism are over thanks to social media and giving oxygen to the clowns who couldn't criticise anything. Now we can't give opinion on how crap a player is at penalty taking or playing in a flat back 4. Well done Zuckerberg.


Stadia is closing down in January, hardware and software purchases to be refunded (65)

Google's game streaming platform 'hasn't gained the traction with users that we expected.'

Stadia is shutting down for good in January.

Did anyone even use Stadia?

Investors: Are you shutting down Stadia? Google:

That shutdown was long overdue

At least the controller is pretty good and can be used on PC


King Charles: New coins featuring monarch's portrait unveiled (62)

Centuries of tradition are followed as King Charles faces left - the opposite way to the Queen.

King Charles: New coins featuring monarch's portrait unveiled

I still like the ones with the Queen better, for some reason.


Thank fuck for that. Some good news at last.

I knew I’d seen that head before



Liz Truss wrong to repeatedly say energy bills are capped at £2,500 - Full Fact (56)

This figure is based on the amount a “typical” household with average use will pay—but total bills aren’t capped.

We’ve written to Liz Truss requesting she issue a correction for false claims made about energy bills in local BBC interviews this morning. 🔍 Our fact check 👉 ✍️ Our letter to the Prime Minister 👇

I pointed this out yesterday,initially Truss said I parliament NO ONE would pay above £2,500 for years energy next year,yet on radio stations yesterday the phrase 'on average' was suddenly introduced into the conversation,we are being lied to and duped in a big way,Toriesout

If she can lie about this multiple times, then why should anyone believe anything she says? The MSM should put a warning notice against her pronouncements until they are fact checked.

According to their own website, anyone living in a detached or semi-detached home will pay more than £2,500.

Yes, spotted that right away.

Thanks Bill 🤪🤪🤪


The Witcher 4's protagonist should be Dandelion the bard (55)

I love the mutant monster hunters, but this would be music to my ears.

In The Witcher 4, I want to swap my swords for a lute.


COVID hospital admissions in England highest since August amid new 'autumn wave' (55)

Figures show 7,024 people were in hospital with coronavirus in England as of 8am on 28 September. This is up 37% on the previous week.

COVID hospital admissions in England highest since August amid new 'autumn wave'

perhaps our third world health service could practice infection control

So vaccines failing then It's comical . 2 weeks to flatten the curve get vaccinated protect the NHS protect granny save lives . A petri dish of disease and illness all caused by not covid but by our own government policies

It's almost as if the multiple, unlicensed, experimental, waning, spike protein, immune system damaging, jibbyjabs have had zero effect. Maybe even made things much worse. VAIDS VaccineDamage ImmuneSystemDamage Hospitals with 3yrs warning & BILLIONS of extra funding. Pathetic.


Russia Blows Up Gas Pipelines, Declaring an All-Out Energy War It May Already Have Lost (49)

Russia's likely sabotage of natural gas pipelines spells an escalation of Putin's energy war—and increases chance of him losing it

'There may be no clearer sign of an enemy in retreat than his scuttling his own ships, which is what Putin appears to have done on Monday by blowing up the main pipelines for exporting Russia’s natural gas to Europe,' writes Suriya Jayanti


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