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How the word ‘woke’ was weaponised by the right (746)

The term is meant to denote an attentiveness to important issues. But the likes of Laurence Fox and Toby Young have begun using it in a very different way

How the word ‘woke’ was weaponised by the right

Another awful article on wokeness, the Guardian being the leader in this field. Very earnest and PC .God forbid anybody would stand up to these narrow minded people who believe one has no right to an opinion which differs; I.e, shut down all debate.

Nope. Its about being biased, racist and in such away that using the term means you think you can get away with it .. tell it to this one

'Woke' is a load of BS. End of.

“Go woke, go broke”



People still want plastic bottles, says Coca-Cola (230)

The drinks giant says it will not ditch plastic outright but will try to recycle more.

Coca-Cola will not ditch single-use plastic bottles because consumers still want them, the company says

Simples just stop buying them, haven’t bought one for 18 months now

Just because people buy plastic bottles does not mean they want them, far less that they want single use plastic ones, it’s simple changing would put the cost up and sales would go down and profits would follow, so fuck the planet.

No CocaCola consumers DO NOT want single use plastic bottles... 👿

I took the Pepsi taste challenge back in the 70s and haven't touched coke since. Except for once in 1996😝. And everything tastes better out of glass...

Utter rubbish, do two versions , one plastic and do another in a plant based bottle, make the same profit margin on it and a large about of people will pay more for it


Harry and Meghan issue media warning over photos (192)

The warning about photographers comes after the Queen allowed the couple to step back as full-time royals.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex issue legal warning over photos of Meghan taken by photographers 'hiding in bushes and spying on her'

If you don’t want to be clickbait, don’t make shock announcements on Instagram and piss off queen and country.

And so it begins. They’ve been there 5 minutes and they’re already squabbling with the press. It’s legal to take photos in a public place here. And in Canada?

Christ. Am I ever sick of the amount of time and verbiage wasted on these people.

Not bothered let them have a life

Says the ‘just flown in’ British BBC reporter whilst pouring scorn on the gutter press live from Vancouver island. In other news, the planet is dying due to international air travel amongst other things.


Harry arrives in Canada ahead of new chapter (168)

He lands in Vancouver to be reunited with his wife as they prepare for a life away from royal duties.

Prince Harry arrives in Canada as he prepares for a new life away from royal duties


Not away from ‘duties’ - away from awful press & to save his wife life




Prince Harry arrives on Vancouver Island to begin new life (144)

The Duke of Sussex is spotted in Canada after he and Meghan agreed a deal to step back as senior royals.

The Duke of Sussex was whisked away by a car waiting on the tarmac as he arrived on Vancouver Island, where he will start his new life with Meghan and son Archie. Get the latest on this story:

رائع هاري👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 انطلق لإكمال مسيرة الأميرة ديانا👍🏻 أتمنى لكم حياةً مستقرة ومليئة بالسعادة👨‍👩‍👦

Make it stop. Start reporting real news.

Hopefully he will wake up before it’s too late.

Hang on, what about passport control?! I thought they were ‘normal people’ now... 🤷🏻‍♀️

Give meghan 2 years and she’ll divorce him! Opportunist


Mum brands petrol stations 'sexist' as she can't grip pumps with 'small hands' (105)

A MUM has slammed petrol stations as “sexist” because she says the huge pumps “designed for men” hurt her small hands. Melanie Morgan, from South West London, took to social…

Mum-of-two claims petrol stations are 'sexist' as she can't grip pumps with her 'small hands'



She have two hands?

Stupid 🐮

Well, she will just need to get a big burly garage attendant to pump the fuel for her. Poor thing!


What high fashion is doing about cultural appropriation (103)

Commes Des Garçons became the latest fashion house to cause offence at Paris Fashion Week on Friday.

What high fashion is doing about cultural appropriation

Is it cultural appropiation if you relentlessly copyright claim peoples videos that fall under fair use because Youtube let's you do it ? Or is it just theft ?

London media again. Meanwhile the rest of the country does not give a flying fuck.

BBC is left wing propaganda.

So I there a law that white people cant have dreadlocks?

nobody gives a shit about this cultural Marxists rubish


Single mum with 10 kids insists she doesn't have them for benefits (93)

A SINGLE mum who has ten kids with four different fathers has insisted she doesn’t have children to get benefits. Sonya receives £400 each week in government handouts – living in a four…

Single mum who has ten kids with four different fathers insists she doesn’t have children to get benefits

Yea wright and i dont have a car to take me where i need to be.

I think she thinks having children is a job.

Did she make herself pregnant? Miracle!!!! Where are the irresponsible fathers?

If she can’t use contraception then she should have had her tubes tied! Don’t have children if you can’t afford to. Scrounger!

Good god - she is the walking definition of ‘any port in a storm’ , def a 10 pinter!


I’d never heard of Laurence Fox until he started lecturing us about racism | Suzanne Moore (90)

The actor has joined the ranks of posh white guys who feel they have to champion the so-called common man. Why are these people so easily offended, asks Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

I’d never heard of Laurence Fox until he started lecturing us about racism | Suzanne Moore

Well, i never heard of you until you talked about Lawrence fox. But hey, at least I admit it's a shitty and petty argument.

Literally no idea who he is.

Consider yourself educated!

Why are people so keen to admit that they're so out of touch with popular culture rather than fill the gaps in their knowledge?

as a thinktank he is a good actor


Sperm donations from dead men 'should be allowed' (78)

Research suggests the method could help curb a growing shortage of UK donations.

Sperm donations from dead men should be allowed, study says

What about trans men who are also men btw? This is totally transphobic not centering them in this article. Capitulate now before someone puts you on a list and remembers your face!

Why not focus research money and effort on curing cancer or MS rather than resurrecting the dead. Surely live consenting donors are adequate.

No thank you.


Coming after you've gone 🤔


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