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Can Prince Andrew be forced to testify? (123)

Clive Coleman looks at whether the Duke of York can be forced to co-operate with a US investigation.

Can Prince Andrew be forced to testify?

He can be forced to attend an interview under police caution.

Megan Markle is Princess Diana Spencer France daughter choice as spouse after surviving Paris car accident. Megan Markle and Chelsea Davy are maid to Prince Harry of Wales. Thomas Markle SOS

Prince Andrew is next in line to British throne. Why black sheep..Hear 3 Royals intermarriage is 3am/108 Salato Fiji. Talk that harry of wales is american raptist.Why Buckingham Palace rewired. They no understand marriage.

Yes. He is a man, not god.

Hey, you got ratioed: 1.24 at the time of this response.


Epstein accusers 'outraged' by Prince Andrew (63)

A US lawyer, who represents some of the late Jeffrey Epstein's accusers, urges the duke to assist the probe.

Jeffrey Epstein accusers outraged by Prince Andrew's 'lack of co-operation'

Why are the Clinton's not being looked into ......... FBI are sure to come up with something then .......

Do a swap! Andrew for sacoolas!

When you are a royal, you are above the law and can get away from any crime! That’s the truth about royal family!

Are they ? Did they really think for one minute he would say - you got me I hold my hands up !

The deal is Prince Andrew for Ann Sacoolis. Simples. Legal cooperation works two ways


Britons in China call for more UK coronavirus help (63)

UK citizens criticise the government response as No 10 says it is 'finalising' plans for their return.

Coronavirus: Britons in China want more support from UK

We must protect our national security. The quarantine is in place for a reason and we must not put GreatBritain at risk,

For God's sake, someone save Louis Theroux.

When people make a conscious decision to move away from Britain, why do they think the British Government should bail them out in times of crisis?

The government must get them out.


Let us remember Kobe Bryant. Let us also remember his accuser | Moira Donegan (60)

Obituaries for the NBA great rolled in the hours after his death, most focusing on the easiest-to-understand parts of the story

Let us remember Kobe Bryant. Let us also remember his accuser | Moira Donegan

You’re sick for even posting this.... you didn’t have the heart to post it while he was here so why now? Click bait mf’s🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

Oh this byline on this topic will be perfectly sane and reasonable. Nothing to see here.

Aside from the writing being inane and rambling drivel—it's also a shameless, transparent attempt to capitalize on the contrarian angle & smear Bryant under the guise of feminism, when really she's just using rape to further her career and get clicks Donegan is lower than scum

Wow ...

Just a chance for some journalists to take cheap shots


Banks asked to explain 40% overdraft rates (40)

The City watchdog says most banks have set 'very similar prices' under the new rules.

Banks asked to explain 40% overdraft rates

The 40% interest rates on agreed overdrafts is extortion. The banks were bailed out by the UK taxpayers money and should not be allowed to impose such penal interest rates just to boost their profits.

Makes you consider how and why you use an overdraft. Can you manage your finances differently and more cost efficiently. Why pay charges if you don't need to ?

Don't like it live within your means. You dont need another twattoo

if u owe a bank money they will transfer funds from your savings or other checking accts to pay themselves but when u have low funds to pay for bills they wont automatically transfer funds from your other checking accounts for payments. they will allow u to incur fees from other

40% is not business. It’s cousin Vinnie on the corner loan rates. Yea, you don’t get kneecapped if you don’t pay on time . At least not physically. But that’s the only difference.


Trump unveils 'realistic two-state solution' for Middle East peace (39)

‘Ultimate deal’ recognises Israeli settlements on West Bank but calls for creation of limited Palestinian state

Trump unveils 'realistic two-state solution' for Middle East peace

The look on Netanyahu’s face tells you this is not a good deal for Palestine


Israel is a Frankenstein's monster. An artificial creation wreaking havoc all around it.

That 'two state solution' - the two states are the USA and Israel.

Trump thinks the “Middle East” means “near Virginia”.


Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound provides anti-anxiety effect that lasts years, study finds (37)

The psychedelic compound reduced anxiety and depression in cancer patients, as well as improved their attitudes toward death.

Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound provides anti-anxiety effect that lasts years, study finds

Great. Now you just have to go out and pick some before the junkies tan them all. 🍄✨

PsychedelicMtns I eat these like skittles 😂


Why would it be only cancer sufferers ?

Yeah whenever I took them I was so anxious and depressed I laughed like a drain for hours at a time


Huawei set for limited role in UK 5G networks (36)

The US failed to convince the prime minister to ban the Chinese firm from any involvement.

'Risk can't be eliminated in telecoms' but government can 'mitigate' risk, says Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab As UK allows Huawei limited involvement in 5G network, Raab says UK strategy will 'improve the security and resistance' of telecoms network

China won’t let in professional medical help to assist with the C Virus then why should we trust them meddling in our telecoms network. Controls & data are now all in the Cloud which will be linked by 5G. If they get control of sensitive stuff then we are stuffed

Why don't we make our own 5G network in the UK instead of getting foreign companies to do it

nascent BorisJohnson TomTugendhat This shocking decision on Huawei is probably going to have far worse ramifications for the UK and the west than the UK giving the Rolls-Royce Nene engine to the soviets. DigitalSovereignty



Indonesia's Aceh unveils new female flogging squad (32)

The masked woman unleashed a flurry of blows after becoming newest member of Indonesia's first female flogging squad.

New recruit in Indonesia's first FEMALE flogging squad punishes her first 'criminal'

So evil.

We have to support women's freedom for this kind of Stone Age ! Because there aren't human rights there ! Women aren't freedom !

It is characteristic of a cult to use violence to enforce obedience among its members. Extreme violence may include stoning women to death, killing gays, cutting off hands. A religion, such as Christianity, leads by the example of Jesus, and supports non-violence.

I love it! Keep it flogging Indonesia 🇮🇩, all the best. Thanks for your support!

Imagine what that country allows people to do to their babies and kids if they do this to adults?!


Doctor Who: Jo Martin becomes first BAME actor to play the Doctor (32)

The surprise introduction of the first Doctor of colour thrills fans – but raises questions about exactly where she fits into the Whoniverse

Doctor Who: Jo Martin becomes first BAME actor to play the Doctor

First BANE actor to be Doctor Who

A truly depressing story. Why are we still talking about skin colour in the 21st century? She's an actor. That's all that should have to be said - sadly British people and others internationally still have some evolving to do.

I think you'll find the first to have been Peter Davison

So everyone says 'stop bringing race in to it' and that exactly what you do.... Who cares what colour she is!? Dr who is a bloody alien.

And she was/is bloody brilliant. Feisty, colourful, mysterious. A powerful woman. Love her


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