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A&E waiting times hit worst-ever level (205)

One in six patients spent longer than four hours in A&E during October.

A&E waiting times in England hit worst-ever level

rachelburden is BorisJohnson going to apologise this morning?

''A&E waiting times in England hit worst-ever level due to pernicious Tory cuts'' There you go, fixed it for you. I am not a journalist, but if I was, I'd use that title.

Amazing to see how many people are blaming this on every reason under the sun except the Tory government.

Doesn’t matter what steps are taken and who is in power. We are living longer, demand will always exceed supply. And I work in the frontline.

£140bn spent and it still it cannot hit targets how much should we spend £200bn with the way it is run it would still have problems


Man jailed for crushing boy to death with car seat (176)

Stephen Waterson will serve more than seven years after he crushed toddler Alfie Lamb.

Stephen Waterson sentenced to seven and a half years after crushing three-year-old Alfie Lamb to death with car seat

With absolute certainty there is not a parent on earth who would agree this is adequate punishment so why is it acceptable for a judge or the law to be so grossly misguided RobertBuckland

Put him in a cell with Bubba. Get his arse crushed.

Not enough, maybe the other inmates will help him along!

carol7wright Should have got more 7.5 yrs for a life, is that's what a life is worth.

A public hanging wouldn’t be enough for this creature


The Lib Dems hate Labour more than they hate Brexit | Owen Jones (114)

Jo Swinson’s aggressive campaign to split the remain vote is a gift to Boris Johnson, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

The Lib Dems hate Labour more than they hate Brexit | Owen Jones

As usual Jones gets it wrong. They hate Corbyn and his hard left friends more than anything along with most sane people.

Basically Owen is desperate to keep himself relevant to an ever decreasing minority who swallow his utter guff. Labour are obviously petrified of becoming exposed as the Brexit party in waiting

Did Owen Jones really write this 😏 what a Prat!!

RemainAlliance going soooo well!

I hear Owen has a new badge he likes to wear


General election: Majority of voters want to keep free movement after Brexit, says poll (107)

A YouGov poll for Sky News reveals 56% of voters would support continuing freedom of movement with the EU.

General election: Majority of voters want to keep free movement after Brexit, says poll

Yep who voted all the people from the EU countrys!!!


You are FakeNews

Based on the selective extrapolation of data, after taking into account the views of the last three people to leave the 'lock-in' at the local pub where the sky news researcher regularly hangs out. All perfectly reasonable and statistically valid. Honest (You)Guv 😂


General election: Labour promises free broadband if party wins election (106)

The party says the plan will be paid for by taxing multinational technology firms such as Amazon, Facebook and Google

BT will be part-nationalised and every household will be offered free broadband if Labour win the election, they have said

How about free water? Electricity?

Presume it will only work four days a week?

More lies

MP’s will set the price & pay in Government bonds. But they promise it won’t affect pension funds or other savings. Isn’t it just borrowing under another name & I’m sure the MP’s will have a different view of share prices to the share holders. More “Pie in the Sky” politics

I’d rather have better NHS service thanks but no thanks


‘Women should be able to see male colleagues’ pay’ (69)

Transparency law would help address unequal pay between men and women, says the Fawcett Society charity.

Women should be able to see male colleagues’ pay, says charity

Or... you can easily look at what the benchmarking is for your role and discuss with your employer your worth.

Have we become a communist state? Even. There some animals are more equal than others.


How does that recognise differences in experience, education, skills knowledge. Only applicable if exact like for like match.

Should men be able to see female colleagues’ pay I want to know?


Hong Kong: protesters lift highway blockade on proviso elections proceed (67)

Demonstrators say local elections must continue, amid fears of postponement to avoid losses for pro-China candidates

Hong Kong: protesters lift highway blockade on proviso elections proceed

thanks for concerning about hk

Any postpone or cancellation of the district election must be the responsibilities of HK Gov't & police & HongKongProtesters understand that they want to do so & then blame them for causing this. StandWithHongKong

While the government and the police took all the credit from the protesters.... Ludicrous!!! StandWithHongKong StandwithHK

A report from HK free Press, who is lying, seems quite obvious.

Thanks HongKongProtesters for clearing up the highway. I know that they have caused inconvenience to others in a bid to voice out opinions, but they are trying to reduce the workload for the janitors. Kindness


Tories pledge help for 'left behind' towns (54)

A reduction in business rates for small firms is among a raft of measures pledged by the Conservatives.

General election 2019: Tories pledge help for 'left behind' towns

There's not much you can do except giving out money. Some towns just stop being viable economically.

Who left them behind?

That have had 8 years to do something

And they were left behind by.... If the Conservatives remain in power after nearly ten years of dragging us all, we deserve the asset stripping, isolationist, little Britain path they will undoubtedly take us down.

Windsor, Eton, Cheltenham & St Albans. They only have ONE Waitrose! 🤣


Concerns about antisemitism mean we cannot vote Labour | Letter (48)

Letter: To endorse Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister would be to surrender in the fight against anti-Jewish prejudice, say 24 signatories including John Le Carré, Fay Weldon, Joanna Lumley and William Boyd

Concerns about antisemitism mean we cannot vote Labour | Letter

It’s not lost on me that while Johnson & Tories smear Corbyn as anti-Semitic the same Tories are toxically racist & wanted to hang Nelson Mandela during their support for apartheid.

So when Brexit Party voters want more AS...

I remember hearing the author Frederick Forsyth, one of the signatories, coming out with some fairly obnoxious views on Radio 4’s Any Question some years ago. In his novel The Fifth Protocol (written in the 1980s) the Labour Party is portrayed as a Russian stooge.

With respect and for balance....

'but for British Jews it contains a particular anguish:' Assumption that ALL jews think the same. Antisemitic Trope. 'Two Jewish MPs have been bullied out of the party.' Outright lie, they moved on for effect, blaming NON Labour members AS hatred on the labour party.


Lib Dems pledge £100bn climate fund (47)

Sir Ed Davey will promise to 'jump-start' efforts to tackle the 'climate emergency' in a speech on Friday.

General election 2019: Lib Dems pledge £100bn climate fund over five years

Tackling the climate emergency is so much more important than Free Broadband.

BBCPolitics It's easy to pledge things when you've no chance of forming a government. Oh right they could prop up the Tories. How'd that go last time?

BBCPolitics Just make it 2 billion no wait let’s make it 10 billion stop the shite sales pitch. All we want first is the withdrawal agreement done. Then we can talk about the other bull shit

Oh go away

No free broadband ?


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