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Kent Police asked to investigate Farage pub trip (443)

The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats asks whether Nigel Farage has broken quarantine rules.

Nigel Farage pub trip raised with Kent Police

FakeNewsMedia fakenews FakeNewsMediaClowns

He’s an untouchable

Violent thugs gathered in thousands to vandalise statues and piss on memorials. Government didn’t even bother breaking them up. So who can seriously expect people to take any rules seriously?

Pathetic news........

Just another example of someone who thinks they are above everyone else and can just do as they please.


Kanye West declares he will run for US president in 2020 (262)

Rapper uses Independence Day to make announcement, but it’s not clear if he has filed any official paperwork to appear on ballots

Kanye West declares he will run for US president in 2020

Of course he is.

What a fool! Seems Kanye always craves the spotlight. Just another narcissist!

“Slavery was a choice” Kanye West


Hm. Megalomaniac narcissist with a tenuous grip on reality? I guess it's never been tried before. Might just work.


Pubs are overrated, boring and revolve around men. I’ve been secretly dreading this day for weeks (108)

You've probably heard by now that, as of 6am today, pubs are open again in England. In fact, maybe you're reading this in the pub (or in the socially distanced queue for a pint?) It's not just pubs

Pubs are overrated, boring and revolve around men. I’ve been secretly dreading this day for weeks

Great place to get away from all the woke middle class wankers who now make up Labour and the left though. No doubt including yourself. No wonder they'll be packed.🤣

Great article. I gave up drinking on 28 October 2017, don't miss it, but you're right about the pressure to drink. People look down at me when I tell them, it's as if I've become a second class citizen. Quite amazing. alcoholfree

I’ll save you the bother of reading. It’s Some boring ,man hating bird moaning about pubs and the people that frequent them. She’s been dreading this day for weeks apparently, the thought of men being happy really does seem to bother her.

The state of you 😂

Sneering upper class journalism strikes again. The majority of people aren’t with you, “1 in 5 feel left out”, well 4 out of 5 disagree with you.


Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't speak about Prince Andrew' (101)

Ghislaine Maxwell will not speak about Prince Andrew as part of a potential plea deal, according to a friend.

Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't speak about Prince Andrew' says friend

Her fate is sealed, to take the rap for Epstein. She may as well stick with her 5th amendment rights.

She will have to on the stand she will be under oath

Anecdotal shit !! What authority has friend to speak for her and for the BBC to relate Twatter IS THIS WHY WE PAY A LICENCE FEE ?

The FBI want her to cooperate to spend less time in jail if she don’t she will go to jail for longer she is in jail now it said on news last night she is willing to cooperate who really cares

They've gagged her. She can't taking a moral standpoint, she doesnt have any.


We can't talk about racism without understanding whiteness | Priyamvada Gopal (100)

To dismantle racial hierarchy, we need to start by discussing the power it grants those on top, says the academic Priyamvada Gopal

We can't talk about racism without understanding whiteness | Priyamvada Gopal

We get it.. You think white people as an ethnic group with their white ideas and their white cultures have a negative impact on western society, and need to be changed. Please tell us more about fighting racism..


One also needs to understand all the other “ness” To talk as if only whites are racist is preposterous Ask South Asians who gives them the most abuse Survey petrol station staff, many SriLankans Ask East Asians. Ask older Afro-Caribbeans who You might not like the answer.

You can’t. Stop projecting your inner brokenness upon other.

All whites should resign from The Guardian and give them to oppressed Black...I'm waiting


People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub (98)

Nigel Farage is being accused of breaking a mandatory 14 day coronavirus quarantine after his recent trip to the US... to go to the pub. On 20 June, the Brexit Party leader posted a photo of himself

People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub

Nigel_Farage why are you even in the pub anyway when you could be on the South Coast moaning about boats full of immigrants

Illegal migrant.

People are devastated there hasn't been chaos from the pubs open and this is all they have to complain about 😂😂

It's what he would have wanted: British people being held accountable to British laws.

Oh goodie. Bang him up


Ghislaine Maxwell is no victim. But did she fear Epstein's rejection? | Barbara Ellen (84)

Her accusers paint a picture of a woman who would do anything to please

Ghislaine Maxwell wasn’t a victim of Epstein, but she clearly feared his rejection | Barbara Ellen

What a ridiculous headline and article. That horror is as guilty as Epstein, and to mention her as a victim is an insult to the real victims and their families.

Let’s focus on what she did first of all. I’m not really interested in why at this stage. Plenty of time for analysis once she’s convicted. It’s not about burning the witch. It’s about justice for all those abused by this creepy predator.

child predator. full stop.

How many pro-pedophilia articles does Barbara Ellen have to write in order to meet her quota?

Cut the crap. The only way she gets off is by giving up high profile perverts. Correction, she also gets off by procuring innocent victims.


PM to join nationwide clapping for NHS anniversary (61)

People across the UK will applaud later to celebrate 72 years since the founding of the health service.

NHS anniversary: PM to lead nationwide clap to celebrate health service

It's more like clap for the immigrants.

Meanwhile RishiSunak and Johnson refuse to give the NHS the funds it needs to prepare for winter and catch-up cancer services and operations. Don’t clap with Johnson.

Our PM is just such a lovely guy isn't he. Not the sort of guy who Lies to the monarch Gives taxpayer money to a lover Supports a political advisor carrying Covid the length of UK Is multiply unfaithful Conspires to assault a journalist Gets sacked from the Times for lying

Needs to give front line NHS Staff a one off bonus payment for Wave 1 action.Clapping all good but need £ award. Idiots in pubs going to bring Wave 2 so if case another one of bonus again after Wave2.NHS folks risk lives whilst young UK morons act like twats increasing risk again

No, please stop this virtue signalling nonsense. It is so tiresome.


Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visit (58)

Brexit party leader visited pub less than two weeks after attending a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa

Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visit

Are the lib dums wasting police time 😁

What a dismal rag for dismal woke witch hunters this has become.



'Crystal clear' drunk people will not keep distance (58)

As people in England enjoy their first night out in months, police voice fears about social distancing.

Coronavirus: 'Crystal clear' drunk people will not socially distance

Where were the all this when BLM were rioting/protesting and committing criminal damage. Makes you think that this is nothing but fear mongering

If you look at the reports coming from Leicester a high % of the new virus cases are in the age group 19 - 40 years olds. It could be that this age group do not get the virus to badly, but, what a risk greedy Chancellor has taken in opening the pubs

Not just drunk people

No shit Sherlock!

People are using their judgement: we’ve had Durdle Door, VE Day, BLM protests and Bournemouth beach crowds with no rises in cases... I’m not saying this is right but can see why this is happening... 🤔


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