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ANC names Job Mokgoro as NW premier candidate (14)

The decision was made during the ANC's national executive committee meeting in Cape Town.

ANC names Job Mokgoro as NW premier candidate

I prefer old wine beta than Supra

A fossil

Yeah kunzima yazi

old vaseline

Such an old guy


SAA CEO: Law is an obstacle to profitability (5)

SAA CEO Vuyani Jarana has pinpointed public legislation regulating parastatals as an obstacle, halting the competitiveness of the state-owned airline.

SAA CEO Vuyani Jarana says legislation regulating parastatals is halting the competitiveness of the airline: “Equalise the playing field between the SOEs and the private sector so that we can compete on an equal footing, that’s all I am looking for”

Great! No more bail outs!

He is sent to talk nonsense this sellout


Just sell the damn thing

The man has been explaining something that doesn’t ends!


LISTEN: Khanya Mkangisa breaks the silence on recent arrest, 'I'm so humiliated' | IOL Entertainment (2)

In the video that went viral, Mkangisa is seen with her hands behind her back, while she and a female police officer are ...

Actress and TV host Khanya Mkangisa has opened up after a video of her arrest for allegedly driving under the influence was widely circulated on social media.

If this video was not taken this girl was going to tell more lies

Not so long ago, she found her self on the wrong side of the law regarding her driving habits. if she's currently out on bail, it means she might stand a chance to go back to the custody and her bail being revoked

This is no lady, drinking and driving very bad

This drunkard is forever in trouble

But why drink & driver wena Khanya and to make it worse, come on METROFMSA to admit it. Uyazibambisa kengoku


Google, Huawei debacle hits millions of smartphone users (2)

Hundreds of millions of smartphone users will be affected by Google's decision to cut ties with Huawei.

Google, Huawei debacle hits millions of smartphone users

What the US is doing is to literally arm-twist a competitor into shutting business. That's anti-competitive behaviour. What happened to the free market economics?

The problem is that huawei becom more smarter than apple .l will keep my huawei l only need to make calls thus all

White supermacy is Shaken by the Asian.... China, Korea take the world


Millions around the world will be negatively affected because of Trump's ill-conceived trade war with the world. Mxm.


ANC retains Job Mokgoro as North West premier | IOL News (2)

The African National Congress (ANC) on Monday announced its decision to retain Job Mokgoro as North West premier.

ANC retains Job Mokgoro as North West premier

Thank you MYANC for this decision CyrilRamaphosa

Great move


Shaik trial a dry run for successfully prosecuting #JacobZuma, court hears | IOL News (2)

Schabir Shaik was pursued by the NPA in order to test the waters for a case against “the big fish”, meaning Jacob Zuma, the PMB high court has heard.

As expected, the legal team for former president Jacob Zuma on Monday argued that the graft case against its client should be struck off the roll because of political interference and an unreasonable delay in prosecution.

SC Skhakhane made some good points,if a person is guilty of crime they need to be charged,it's not time for law enforcers to seek glory for themselves or be emotionally engaged they should do their work.Cases are spoilt by their stunts brutality,tempering with evidence etc.

This guy must be pardoned by the current president he's old,tired and he's divisive figure within the ANC and country

First you stalled the case now you complain. Special kind of skelm!

If i ever find myself on the wrong side of the law i would insist on a Zuma lawyer these guys are goos keeping a guilty person out of jail ..gotta give credit 😉


Videos of Cape pupils having sex ‘at school’ go viral | Cape Argus (2)

Videos in which Cape Town pupils are having sex at two different schools “have spread like wildfire” on social media.

Videos of Cape pupils having sex ‘at school’ go viral

EducationGP Lesufi zilevandamme afriforum steve_hofmeyr apartheid was and is evil but the sexual assault and rape of our children by our children and educators in our schools is a Human Rights violation TopThokozile205 Zoe99539253 carteblanchetv CyrilRamaphosa

We should be careful at altimes as teachers and parents.


Mkhwebane’s Vrede report ruled ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘invalid’ | News | National | M&G (1)

On Monday, the Pretoria high court declared Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s report on the Vrede dairy project unconstitutional and invalid.

We are disappointed as a nation we were confident that she would continue the good job done by by professor Tulip Madonsela

This one is busy playing politics and she will pay a heavy price for that. She was trying to protect those thugs Ace and Mosebenzi but now it has backfired spectacularly

She should be personally made liable for the costs.


She’s struggling


WATCH | Five public figures who have slammed Helen Zille's 'black privilege' tweet (1)

Media celebs, an author, the former public protector and the finance minister have all taken to Twitter to call out Helen Zille on her 'black privilege' tweet.

Here's what some public figures had to say in response to Helen Zille's blackprivilege privilege comments.

Black privilege is real. Black apartheid is real.

She is very right. Corrupt incompetent politicians and other ANC members have used their position and priviledges to loot and steal to the detriment of the country

I hope the DA president will remember how black he is in that party

Those 'celebs' are part of the Asinavalo crew


IFP joins chorus calling for eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede to resign (1)

The IFP has joined the chorus of those who are calling for embattled eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede to step down pending charges against her relating to the R208m Durban Solid Waste tender scandal that has rocked the city.

IFP joins chorus calling for eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede to resign

Should there be any implications against anybody from ministers, deputies etc even president he or she should be put on the bench

Why is she still on duty anyway?


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