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Mohale: ANC govt 'killed' more black business, black professionals than National Party (32)

The ANC government has 'killed' more black businesses and black professionals than the National Party did, Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership SA tells Eusebius McKaiser on Radio 702.

Mohale: ANC govt killed more black business, black professionals than National Party

If it was helenzille who made that statement this time people would have called MmusiMaimane to fire Zille

Well if you he is putting it that way, than yes it is but it's a stupid statement. Many Black people weren't allowed to part take in certain professions nor business. Ignorance is bliss. I'm not saying that this government didn't nor doesn't have challenges that it's failing at

_crownedrebel 😂 😂 😂 There was nothing to kill. Black was nothing. I don't vote ANC but brother please don't whitewash apartheid.

Kgalema Motlanthe, Cyril Ramaphosa and now Mohlale am just happy that most of these askaris or coons are not Zulu, history is repeating itself and i can safely say i know how this is gonna end.

Delusional this Mohale chap.


Zambia bans energy drink with male sex booster Viagra (12)

The prohibition followed a complaint from Zambia's medicine regulator in December suggesting that the energy drink had been spiked with Viagra.

Zambia bans energy drink with male sex booster Viagra

Noodles are exposed

Good, less rapists

Brings the energy drinks here in south Africa!

Why ban it? If helps

This not far. What's the name of the drink I need it my girlfriend says I'm weak.


Stage 4 load-shedding continues (12)

Consumers are urged to check their load-shedding schedules on the municipal or Eskom websites.

Stage 4 load-shedding continues

Stage 10 is coming soon..they'll be switching off our candles too..

The problem started right from Mandela, it got worse when Sphithiphithi came in...that's exactly where we are now... ( SA was handed over to Guptas and BOSASA )

Let's just mention here that it's the ANC's fault for defending Zuma and letting him facilitate state capture by selling tenders contracts to the most ambitious scoundrels in the world. All of this while our current nr1 idly stood by watching.

Welcome to Africa’s Disneyworld .

A huge big yeah for our country...


Die Stem sung at music festival in Europe (11)

The old South African anthem has been sung at a singing festival reportedly attended by right-wing nationalist groups in Belgium.

Die Stem sung at music festival in Europe

Great they should all go and stay there one time

Gorgeous flag!! Thanks for sharing News 24

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo!!! NoWhiteGuilt KeepSinging

It was beautiful ❤️

So proud


SA doesn't make it onto the list of world's top 100 happy countries (10)

SA has fallen short of being among the top 100 happiest countries in the world.

SA has fallen short of being among the top 100 happiest countries in the world.

Having looked at the so called top 10, its dominantly good for nothing countries 1 asia manufactures lots of products for the world & its not in the top 10 2 so are Germans 3 so is the USA 4 OF course our Africa due to the abundance of minerals. So its not worthy to be top 10

We all know who is pulling us down, and it's not Eskom_SA

How did y'all come up to this conclusion

How do they measure happiness?🤔

How can we be happy if we are governed by fools


Another substation on fire ... this time in Midrand - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader. (7)

A substation is on fire at Allandale in Midrand. Eskom says technicians have been dispatched to the scene.

[FULL STORY] Another substation on fire … this time in Midrand

*bum bum bum* another one bites the dust *bum bum bum* another one bites the dust ahhhh 🕺🎤🎵🎶

Isn't this the old one

State of emergency. CyrilRamaphosa amasosha aweze azolekelela kubi. Amasela ahlesele. Cant SANDF help out. There will be no elections it seems, substations will be on fire.

Results of ON and OFF



BRICS bank to lend Eskom billions to alleviate pressure on SA grid (6)

The New Development Bank plans to lend as much as R11.2bn ($780 million) at current exchange rates to Eskom for infrastructure projects this year as the ailing South African power utility battles to keep power supply steady.

BRICS bank to lend Eskom billions to alleviate pressure on SA grid | Fin24

Fin24 C definitely know how to build power stations.

Fin24 The looting continues

Fin24 Every state entity needs to get their house in order, get rid of the thieves. There is never money, they run at a loss every year and they need to be bailed out every year. But CEO's get fat bonuses all the time. Millions of Rands. 😠😠😠😠

Fin24 And most of it will line the ANC's pockets, only one project will be done. Because they will blame processing escalation and lack of funds. Then SA won't be able to pay it back, and Eskom, Transnet and SAA will be owned by BRICS Bank. Whose the founder of BRICS Bank?

Fin24 Let the Chinese run Eskom, they would fix it in two weeks & remove 30,000 idiots who just sit around all day.


Ramaphosa expected to lead Human Rights Day programme in Sharpeville (5)

Government has called on all citizens to use their indigenous languages to promote a human rights culture in honour of those who marched and died on the day.

Ramaphosa expected to lead Human Rights Day programme in Sharpeville

Hope his not catching the train

The ANC has stolen their followers and South Africans, human rights, they gave them no land, no jobs, no electricity, no water and stole the economy into near junk status and now they want to honour those same rights they stole.. F&% off ANC

He’ll rather go to Eskom Head Office to sort out the load shedding nonsense 🤬 People didn’t die for this nonsense going in this country.

Eskom_SA KhuluPhasiwe Can you please make sure there’s LoadShedding in Sharpeville the whole day?

CyrilRamaphosa we have the right to basic utilities you $%€*€ LoadShedding VFPlus


Petition to bring Malefu back to 'The River' gains traction (4)

Viewers are coming to terms with her absence

TheRiver1Magic 'None of us are interested in behind-the-scenes politics. Moshidi is a great actress and her character Malefu was too central to be written out for no reason.'

I can understand the plight but I have a problem with a person may think he/she is bigger than the production. Nobody is indispensable. I believe that the production team made an effort to resolve the issues and I'm sure they were forced to go this route.

And they still keep poor actors like Lindani

Yes. Internal politics not withstanding the head honchos need to do a serious soul searching. Shona Ferguson's character Jerry Maake was killed off and resurrected twice now in TheQueenMzanzi, what stops the executives from resurrecting Malefu?

TshisaLIVE well that show business for you



Seven nabbed for braai party with stolen spoils in Free State (4)

Seven suspects are on Friday expected to file a bail application after being caught red-handed enjoying allegedly stolen 'expensive alcohol' and braai meat in Hoopstad, Bloemfontein.

'Apparently, they drank liquor and braaied the meat stolen from the pub and grill. The suspects were all drunk when they were arrested.'



costly braai

I'm a fan


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