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Ramaphosa set to bite the Bathabile bullet and dump Dlamini from cabinet (22)

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announces his new cabinet next week expect the unexpected - including the possible omission of deputy president David Mabuza, and women's minister Bathabile Dlamini.

Will Ramaphosa put political strategies aside and get rid of BathabileDlamini?

If Ramaphosa overlooks DD for DP position, all hell will break loose. *in Batha's voice*

Punters punters. Journalists are fucken punters.

Ramaphosa is a coward

Why only Bathabile why not Pravin and Mantashe? This propaganda will make Cyril to fall I’m telling you

Ramaphosa has his 'hands tied.' Led by NEC..top6? He cannot make any decisions without approval of the above?! So it appears.


Zille tweets ‘black privilege’, DA stays mum (17)

Zille tweets ‘black privilege’, DA stays mum

Following outgoing Western Cape Premier Helen Zille’s latest controversial tweet, the official opposition is yet to respond despite an uproar on social media.

Constantly shitting on a race that was oppressed and marginalized by your kind for years, while you and the majority of your kind still enjoy the benefits of that period ( though you are in denial of this glaring reality), what do you call it then?

The absolute state of journalism. You should be embarrassed. This is not news. And every outraged person here has just taken the bait.

amgmahlaba Logogo uguga kabi INkos'impela

....i feel sorry for the blacks who voted for DA...yhoooo

It's not black privilege, but ANC privilege. Corruption doesn't have a color.


Struggling municipality's funds used to renovate Oscar Mabuyane's home (15)

More than R1m was siphoned from a struggling municipality in the Eastern Cape - and part of the money was then used to renovate the home of ANC provincial chair and premier-designate Oscar Mabuyane.

Was money budgeted to help the struggling Eastern Cape's municipality used to renovate OscarMabuyane's home?

I don't even want to comment on this is the corruption ever going to stop

U voted for it

Can't SA rewind this movie to when all monies of government was safe and start over again to correct past mistakes. Please appoint people with knowledge and no bad intentions.

It is not suprising everyone is corrupt in the ANC about 99% of the party are corrupt

Show the house or get lost


VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked at Sandton event (15)

Veteran action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was attending an event in Sandton when he was assaulted on Saturday.

VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked at Sandton event

Proudly South African. This is how we show the world we are a better nation.

Even if Arnold dnt wanna press charges can i please press charges for him or one of those close him can they jst press charges for arnold coz this is unexeptable

Theory: Person was paid. Don't think he knows who Schwarzenegger is. It was to sabotage the even or worst, putting the country in a bad light. PLEASE press charges and jail him. It was utter rural mindless behaviour.

What a cowardly black savage.

He will be back


Support for Robert Marawa following sacking (9)

Robert Marawa has received tremendous support from social media users after news that he was sacked by SuperSport.

Support for Robert Marawa following sacking

EFFSouthAfrica ,Julius_S_Malema ,you said people must cry out loud. Here is the loud cry. He is being fired for protecting his sisters from perverts.

once fired a lady for wearing a doek at work, same whatsapp group

I hope SABC will take him back with a reasonable contract unlike the one he got in Metro FM

People get fired everyday in Satafrika for different reasons the unemployment rate is sitting at almost 28% what's so special about Marawa? At least he is lucky coz he has other jobs. He must chin up & move on like the rest of the unemployment community.

l think that man is in trouble so let us not Judge him at least Support is enough for him


No chance of Ramaphosa being ousted, so his focus should be on not being another failed president (9)

Julius Malema highlighted two talking points that President Cyril Ramaphosa's detractors are hoping to rally around

'The good thing for Ramaphosa is that his detractors have no real ammunition against him. The claim that he will be removed as ANC leader... is a bogeyman, and virtually impossible to pull off,' writes Ranjeni Munusamy.

Ranjeni ramaphoria defence team we see you with karima etc

Shem. The defence force has started

Ranjeni the anc deals with the impossible. Remember during babas term nothing in this world would change their minds when they are set on it.

Why media love ramacoruption so much, more specially white journalists...

RanjeniM You think, there is Marikana and how he acquired his billions not forgetting bosasa. Anyway time will tell asazi 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️


Twenty three year-old Sibongiseni Ngcobo to be sworn in as youngest MP - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader. (8)

Twenty- three year old Sibongiseni Ngcobo will be sworn in as the youngest Member of Parliament next week. He hails from Bulwer in Southern KwaZulu-Natal, where his farmworker parents raised five children.

Twenty three year-old Sibongiseni Ngcobo to be sworn in as youngest MP via SABCNewsOnline

They are old you complain, they are young you don’t believe them,they are white you complain,they are black you don’t congratulate them Africans what do you want let congratulate the young man for his achievements that all

LadyCharlotte01 Well done Our_DA

If he's 23 then I'm 16

And it cannot be ANC MP

The kind of news we like to read!


Ace Magashule reiterates that ANC election win was collective effort (7)

The ANC secretary-general has also cautioned ANC members against singing songs praising leaders who are still alive.

Ace Magashule reiterates that ANC election win was collective effort

Respectfully this should not be news at all, been clear for a while that there are those in the Anc that want to derail President Cyril’s Renewal objective?The law shall catch upto to these bad apples. As 🇿🇦 let’s focus on our economy,unemployment,education.


Oh my... can't believe he said that

I think about Bronville, Welkom FS. A month has passed and still no electricity. Why don't this crook take his 'collective' effort to FS and set things right. Because he is main reason there is no money in FS. No shame or conscience. 😎😎

He's hungry for the spotlight this crook


Mpofu not offended by Malema criticism (7)

EFF Chairperson Dali Mpofu maintains there is no bad blood between the two.

[ICYMI] Mpofu not offended by Malema criticism

Uyaziqinisa bandla

And akere you were going in to split the leadership. Hey msoono yenu yaz

Malema has offended the whole eff leadership ... they suck it up because they know when juju leaves eff is dead....expensive cars houses and liquor will stop flowing

Of course on twitter he will not be offended by what Nalema said but he knows that was not a very nice reflection on him and that he is offended by what was said and how it was told and on which platform

Yho enca has been repeating this for almost a, week now. 🙄🙄


Mampara of the week: Helen Zille (7)

The GodZille of the Cape Republic was at it again on Twitter this week

HelenZille is an uncontested mampara of the week.

Smawumawu of the week

Uncontested? In a week that saw massive looting revelations at Transnet,Ace undermining his boss and then attacking white South Africans Helen Zille gets the award for a tweet. Amazing!

helenZille showed them black sheep in the our_DA flames by rubbishing 1SA4All

Really? Try ANCYL leader saying “To hell with investors””. Sunday Times really sucks. P Bruce has been mampara of the week for months

KaizerChiefs was a very close second place!!!


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