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Cash-strapped state bus company Autopax only able to pay staff half of their salaries (39)

Cash-strapped state-owned bus company Autopax will not be able to pay full salaries to its 1,071 staff on Monday, acting CEO Tiro Holele announced on Saturday.

“On Monday we will unfortunately not be able to meet the full salary obligations for the month of January and have managed through the operation to collect some funds from fare revenue to pay you 50% of what is due.”

Mxm! Not surprising, worse customer service ever. They never answer calls or respond to emails.

Why are they not selling shares and we can buy and invest, but they must run this companies like DStv, Phuthuma nathi. Obviously they must bring the taxi industry on board.


Looting has infiltrated all facets of human existence in South Africa

Hey, but lets vote MYANC again! 😠


Sisulu sticks to her guns on hiring Shaik, Simelane as advisers | IOL News (17)

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has defended her decision to hire ex-spy boss Mo Shaik and former head of the prosecuting ...

Sisulu sticks to her guns on hiring Shaik, Simelane as advisers

She has guns

She is insulting all South Africans! fireher How dare she!


I dont like this lady anymore.

I would like to see the day where they follow these procedures, local gov advise Provincial gov & prov gov advises National gov minister all in same portfolios, to create a from grassroots level to understand and execute level. Why pay special advisors? Waste of Tax Money.


R77m school construction project stalled since 2018 (16)

A R77m project to rebuild a Uitenhage school has been stalled since 2018, apparently because the Eastern Cape department of education is not paying the bills.

A tender of R77m was awarded to a private contractor; construction started in 2014 and the project was to be completed in October 2016.


Where is Panyaza Hendrik Lesufi? Chasing political agendas What about the children

ANC buddies again

Is this quote with pit toilets and running water but without fittings and fixtures ?

Wait until the coffers are empty and the social grants cannot be disbursed, all of them would escaped to other functioning western countries


'Come forward or expect visit from us,' authorities tells motorist who clocked 308km/h (15)

Authorities say they have identified the motorist who clocked more than 300km/h on a highway in Gauteng.

“The speeding motorist has been identified by our traffic authorities.”

Really this is showing the South African police modus operandi.... I mean it is going to be so embarrassing if it the continue to sing the same come before we fetch statements like how the Senzo's case was handled. All the witness and evidence is there but who is arrested. Lol

Heyyy! Arize2hopeCharity Facebook Instagram LivesOverKnives EnoughIzEnough Bristol UK JoinUs LetsMakeAchange

This car is a donkey, it cant even reach 400km/h

Has been identified but must still come forward really? What a lousy joke? If identified warrant must be issued

Such dangerous and reckless use of public roads must be highly discouraged


Parktown Boys' tragedy: Criminal charges could be laid against those involved (14)

MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, says they are not discounting the possibility of laying criminal charges against those found guilty in playing a part in Parktown Boys' High School tragedy.

Parktown Boys' tragedy: Criminal charges could be laid against those involved

But surely THE Minister is also accountable? You set policy you engage with dept of education... Accountability stops with You Sir

First criminals are members of sadtunational who were playing cards, instead of supervising kids, worse teachers ever

And those who run initiation schools / camps where how many die a year.... they in jail yet?!

Actually it is true justice to lay criminal charges to both the school and the camp...

Why are we still saying 'could'? It must be done. A young black childs life has been taken and we demand action.


Emtee: They will school you about everything but financial literacy (11)

The rapper believes schools should place a stronger focus on teaching children how to spend money wisely.

“They will school you about everything; just not about financial literacy and wellbeing.”

Didn't you bank your money, banks do give free financial literacy? Hope to see you soon at top where you belong filled with financial literacy.

Two things I’m seeing here: 1. Life will humble you, 2. People must understand. You need to educate yourself. School will not give you everything u need to know. I learned at University but I still had to do a lot of learning outside of the classroom, n still do. Educate yourself

This is what you must do for yourself Baba.

Emtee is right. We need to look at this part of our education system.

Financial literacy is a life skill which should be taught at every level.


Amaberete to be deployed in Diepsloot (11)

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants the Diepsloot community to help him find undocumented foreign nationals.

[TRENDING] Amaberete to be deployed in Diepsloot

To deal with which group ?

To do what? To threaten citizens now that they're going to deal with these criminals ?

Give the Diepsloot residents your monthly salary. It seems you don’t know or you are a loafer in your paid job.

Let's see, as far as I'm concerned 😁

How will this help ? SAP is not competent....we all know that We need to stop dreaming and see what is really going in SA. SAP is bloody useless. We need to do something else. Pretty soon we will have kangaroo court's and vigilante mobs because we don't have competent police


King Zwelithini criticises introduction of sex education in schools - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader. (10)

King Goodwill Zwelithini has criticised the introduction of sex education in schools.

King Zwelithini criticises introduction of sex education in schools via SABCNewsOnline

I criticise King Zwelithini's elitist tendencies.

It is the new form of presentation that is not right. Children do already have sex education in school.

A pedophile lecturing us about sex education 🤔

If 12-year-olds are becoming pregnant; fathers and uncles are raping their daughters/nieces; young girls are infected with HIV by older men regularly, the importance of sex education cannot be emphasised enough. Moreover, kids already know more than we think. They must be guided.

I feel like it takes away my rights as a parent.


Diepsloot protest targets foreign nationals (10)

Protests targeting foreign nationals have erupted in Diepsloot in Johannesburg.

[TRENDING] Diepsloot protest targets foreign nationals

It explains a lot about South Africa as a country: No direction. No discipline. Incompetence! Scandalous and utterly disgraceful! And we must rely on such a government?

Instead of the useless politicians they keep voting for!! 🙄🤷‍♂️

These are criminals on the streets AGAIN

It's hard time our soo called Government listen to our people. When they complain about Crime ba Nagana gore re ya hlanya...

Why do some foreigner get the benefit of residing in SA without a proper procedure? Is the racism, myAssNC ?


Maimane and Mashaba agree to go separate ways (9)

Former DA heavyweights Herman Mashaba and Mmusi Maimane have confirmed that they are going their separate ways.

Former DA heavyweights Herman Mashaba and Mmusi Maimane have confirmed that they are going their separate ways. kgmadisa

kgmadisa Separate from DA or ?

kgmadisa The problem is they both want to lead_ I wanted Mmusi Mashaba and Trollip to form one party but now ANC will rule again because black voters will be splited

kgmadisa Does the law also have favor for the executive chair's to no have cognisance over payment not done, to leave us not registered, to leave us in debt, hell no it been five year of miseries, to make matters worse the person who signed that document didn't even care about it

kgmadisa true lies. The truth will lie in due course...

kgmadisa The splinter splitting


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