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Opinion | Trump’s America Is a ‘White Man’s Country’ (685)

His racist idea of citizenship is an old one, brought back from the margins of American politics.

In Opinion jbouie writes, 'Donald Trump wants to make the United States a white country, where the possibility of full citizenship is tied to race. Most Republicans are either silent or supportive.'

jbouie Not true

jbouie This jack ass says he’s not a racist. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body😆😆😆😆😆

jbouie awful

jbouie yep lol

jbouie If this was true he would of tweeted it. He wears his tweets on his sleeve.


Harry Styles, BTS' Jimin, Swae Lee & More: Who Should Play Prince Eric in Live-Action 'Little Mermaid'? Vote! (563)

Harry Styles may have lost the Elvis Presley part to Austin Butler, but it was just announced Tuesday (July 16) that he's in talks for another iconic role: Prince Eric in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

.Harry_Styles, BTS_twt' Jimin, goSwaeLee & More: Who should play Prince Eric in live-action LittleMermaid? Vote now!

Harry_Styles BTS_twt goSwaeLee Oh but thanks for sharing the link so I can vote for the PRINCE himself.. Park Jimin 👑

Harry_Styles BTS_twt goSwaeLee hendery periodt

YoonminSam Harry_Styles BTS_twt goSwaeLee BTS_twt

Harry_Styles BTS_twt goSwaeLee j i m i n

Harry_Styles BTS_twt goSwaeLee JIMIN 💕💕💕💕💕


Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets: Reuters/Ipsos poll (437)

Support for U.S. President Donald Trump increased slightly among Republicans aft...

JUST IN: Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The 'squad' was ELECTED to represent their districts. They are speaking for their constituents. Rep. Omar was simply REPEATING Trump's words. This is nothing more than a political effort by Trump to gain more bigoted support.

Of course it does!

Racists love a racist president. Makes sense.

Correction: POTUS tweets in defense of America and her citizen's from Anti-American, Anti-Isreal and anti-Semitic Squad of 4

Just In: Smart Republicans never believe the fake news media attacks... and every time they attack President Trump with fake charges- they are ensuring Trump’s re-election !!! kag Trump2020


Trump refuses to walk back attacks on freshmen Dems as calls for impeachment grow (396)

Trump refuses to walk back attacks on freshmen Dems as calls for impeachment grow. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Al Green call for the impeachment of Trump Monday evening.

NEW: Asked if Pres. Trump's tweets telling congresswomen of color to 'go back' to where they came from were racist, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy answers, 'No.' 'This is about ideology. This is about socialism versus freedom.'

KellyannePolls Can we please send FLOTUS back where she came from? RacistPresident RacistTrump

Cant listen to her anymore Geneva convention

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Holy moly the chest sweat 💦 She’s not doing so well. shitshow



Fact check: Trump falsely accuses Ilhan Omar of praising al Qaeda (331)

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Omar has not praised al Qaeda or said she can hold her 'chest out' when thinking of al Qaeda. Trump was inaccurately describing remarks she made in 2013 about how one of her college professors acted when he discussed al Qaeda.

She did praise them. She loves them. She certainly has never condemned them!

is brazenly lying on fact checks.

cnn is lying again.

He got it right. THE video is still out there and she laughed and smiled in describing Americans reaction to muslim killers.

Of course he’s lying that all he knows to do!


House Condemns Trump’s Attack on Four Congresswomen as Racist (229)

The House voted largely along party lines to formally condemn President Trump’s comments on four minority congresswomen as racist, after an hourslong brawl.

Breaking News: The House voted to condemn as racist President Trump’s comments attacking 4 congresswomen of color, following a bitter partisan brawl

But he's good for 'Corporate America' and the 'establishment' does not count for anything?

...and in another news racist, sexist Russian 2 president Trump is trying to remove himself from the news of child molester Jeffrey Epstein. There may be a tape. News at 11. Breaking News: Trump and staff lie daily, and kids are still in cages.

Why don’t you condemn all the actions of liberal left. My God they say the most prejudice comments and nothing is said about them. That makes you the same as them. One sided bigotry

What a shit show

Why not condem the hit squad. They are the most hateful racist in congress.


House thrown into chaos after Pelosi decries Trump's 'racist' tweets on floor (216)

The hour-plus long drama over Pelosi's comments showed just how tense the mood is in the House.

Pelosi's words were ruled out of order under House rules because a president may not be called racist. But Democrats prepared to use their majority status to override GOP objections to change the rules.

Just like McConnell does every other day in the Senate

I don’t know how a single House Democrat gets re-elected after watching them over the last year. It seems to me there will be a massive red wave in 2020.

if a president can't be called racist, then a racist can't be president. impeach!

We’ve never had one that was openly racist before

lets clean out the house for 2020


House to vote on resolution to condemn Trump's racist comments (210)

The House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday on a resolution denouncing the President for 'racist comments' targeting four Democratic congresswomen of color.

'The President's not a racist.' Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declines to criticize President Trump's racist tweets, but adds 'everybody ought to tone down their rhetoric.'

McConnell is part of the problem

Right Mitch. And you aren't blind to anything but money.

Criticise the Dem anti Semitic loons.

McConnell is a racist too. Any GOP who refuses to rebuke Trump's racist behavior must they themselves agree and be racist too. They are disgusting and an embarrassment to our country. I will never give my support or vote to a republican. They have lost that opportunity from me.


HuffPost is now a part of Oath (189)

Mitch McConnell responded to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s onslaught of racist tweets by saying 'all of us' need to cool it.

OMG. To see Mitch try to use hip language is hilarious! Cool it 😂😂😂

yeah, what he means is, bury it in the forgotten news cycle

What if he told his wife she needed to go back. This weakling ugh

Your man’s tweets start the BS, Mitch! Deal with him and his BS and all of us will cool it!

This man is a cancer.


Harry Styles in Talks to Play Prince Eric in Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ (188)

Harry Styles is in early negotiations to play Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Little Mermaid” starring Halle Bailey. He also joins Melissa McCarthy who will pla…

Harry Styles in talks to play Prince Eric in Disney's TheLittleMermaid

I'm dying to see him in this role 😭😭

omg yes. an interracial couple. harry styles is the loml bitch yes

He's a Israel supporter... They can keep it. We deserve a better Eric

Ber_Girl Now that would be amazing! 😍

I don't know why some ppl fight against him, if you don't like Harry Styles, please leave him alone. He has tried his best in Dunkirk. I think he deserves more in that role as Prince Eric. No Hate.


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