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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Hold Hands in Two Never-Before-Seen Portraits (353)

The images by photographer Misan Harriman were taken during the couple’s recent trip to the United Kingdom.

Here's your first look at a new, never-before-seen portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The look of a pair of liars

They're not Duke and Duchess anymore for god sake😂

Here, this is for you. Just replace the words on the right place.

nanow60 Excellent picture of iconic couple

'Portrait'? scobie They are NOT ROYALS and the USA doesn't have a royal family, please tell me WHY they are issuing 'portraits'? This is pretty pathetic Omid. Please pass this along


Violating the Laws of Economics for Fun and Profit (194)

AMC Entertainment has given the market an almost sure-fire investing opportunity while insulting its shareholders’ intelligence.

AMC issues stock under the ticker symbol APE and as Spencerjakab explains, while not illegal, it violates the economic law of one price. WSJWhatsNow

Spencerjakab Hnng waaah uggh short selling ooga booga

Spencerjakab What a clown

Spencerjakab Funny considering YOU represent the corrupt and the vile. YOU assist their criminal behavior by reporting their lies. YOU give them your platform and your voice in which to defend their thievery. YOU are in bed with the Devil.

Spencerjakab It’s not illegal, but do you know what is? Naked short selling, spoofing, wash sales. Short and distort campaigns. You should be calling these criminals out, not protecting them

Spencerjakab The Law of One Price (sometimes referred to as LOOP) is an economic theory that states that the price of identical goods in different markets must be the same after taking the currency exchange into consideration The law principally applies to assets traded in financial markets.


Biden tells Al Sharpton he will run for president again in 2024 (191)

While Biden allies have said he will seek a second term, the president has shied away from making a declaration.

President Joe Biden told Rev. Al Sharpton that he will seek a second term in a private conversation at the White House last month.

rhowardbrowne Run? He can hardly walk and think with his demonic ideologies!


Trump defamation suit accuses CNN of escalating slander against him over 'fears' he will run in 2024 (152)

The former president accused CNN of maliciously making false and defamatory statements about him. He is seeking $475 million in punitive damages.

Former President Trump sues CNN for defamation, accusing the cable news network of taking persistent actions aimed at 'defeating him politically.'

“I am SUING the Corrupt News Network (CNN) for DEFAMING and SLANDERING my name,” Trump said via fund raising email Tuesday that encouraged supporters to contribute $5 or more. “Remember, when they come after ME, they are really coming after YOU.' Trump scams the stupid for money.

Say you’re broke without saying you’re broke:

Lol, what a loser

It's not slander if it's the TRUTH.....!!


Kanye West Dons ‘White Lives Matter’ T-Shirt at Paris Fashion Week (133)

Conservative pundit Candace Owens was also present—and also wearing one of the racist shirts—at the YZY showcase.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens was also present—and also wearing one of the racist shirts—at the YZY showcase.

They aren't racist shirts. Just shirts with a perfectly valid statement.

You’re kidding right ? You call a White Lives Matter shirt “racist” but have no problem with a Black Lives Matter shirt ? As a Latina, I think you’re a bunch of white liberal hypocrites.

Specifically, HOW were the shirts racist?

What's racist about Black people recognizing the lives of Caucasians also matter?

White Lives Matter is racist Do we have to buy mansions with stolen money for it not to be?


Elon Musk tweets ‘peace plan’ for Ukraine. Chaos ensues. (122)

Musk’s proposal set off a firestorm online, drawing in Ukrainian diplomats, Russian officials, fans of the billionaire entrepreneur and even a couple of presidents.

Elon Musk tweeted a “peace plan” for Ukraine. The internet was not impressed.

I was one of those who aren't happy because what if Putin wanted Tesla how would he feel

Musk is the 2022 version of Neville Chamberlain.

Trying to divert attention from his impending trial.

Quite perplexing! Why would anyone give a rat’s ass about Elon Musk’s “peace plan”?


Opinion | Sorry, Elon Musk. You don’t have the formula to end the Ukraine war. (117)

A billionaire’s half-baked tweet shows the insidious influence of Russian propaganda.

Opinion by Max Boot: Sorry, Elon Musk. You don’t have the formula to end the Ukraine war.

Neither does slow Joe.

Ha ha ha. Max Boot vs Elon Musk is like a snail vs Einstein. Please.

This is Realpolitik where Musk understands that The Kremlin (it's not just Putin) will NOT let go of Crimea. Musk wants to save lives which will assuredly be lost because there is no end in sight. Musk knows that Russia will fully mobilize if necessary - that's scary!

So nobody can 'win' the argument that Max Boot (and numerous others) is right and Musk is wrong. One can even go back Prince Vladimir (the leader of the Rus / Russian people) who was the Grand Prince of Kiev. It's all back and forth nonsense.

Elon Musk is a pragmatic survivor - that's one reason why he's the richest person in the world - figuring out ways to save failing businesses before they die so they wind up flourishing. He's also brilliant in more ways than one.


National Archives alerted lawyers for Trump about missing letters with North Korean leader in May 2021, records show | CNN Politics (113)

The National Archives alerted lawyers for former President Donald Trump in May 2021 that Trump's letters with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un -- and two dozen boxes of records -- were missing, according to new correspondence the Archives released on Monday.

The National Archives told Trump lawyers in May 2021 that letters with North Korea's Kim Jong Un were missing, records show

...two little mob bosses

Why are missing Kim Jong Un letters causing such a stir? Even though I don't like Trump, that is just overstating a meaningless issue.

Trump needs to be prosecuted , in this country no one is above the law despite what he thinks !


Moon Dead At 29 (98)

SPACE—Earth’s moon, the planet’s only natural satellite and the fifth-largest moon in the solar system, reportedly died Monday at the age of 29. Born Jefferson Gene Leach in 1993, the planetary-mass object was raised in poverty on the streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn, dropping out of school to work several part-time…

Moon Dead At 29

at last all the people who had the werewolf curse are free at last.

Gone too soon

Why does suck now?

Moon shot dead in houston



Trump files $475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN (96)

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump on Monday sued CNN, seeking $475 million in damages, saying the network had defamed him in an effort to short-circuit any future political campaign.

Donald Trump has filed a $475 million defamation suit against CNN, claiming the network is trying to short-circuit any future political campaign by the former president. There was no immediate comment from the network.

Cry me a river donnie you done.

Right-wing pal/new owner of CNN has probably already arranged with Trump to settle this in a way that legitimizes Trump and advances CNN as the new right wing go-to network.


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