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Boosie Goes On Wild Homophobic Rant Against Lil Nas X After Song Claim (83)

Lil Nas X was told to kill himself by Boosie Badazz.

Lil Nas X was told to kill himself by Boosie Badazz.

Lil nasty X should stop pickn wit him when he know that he dnt like him. U can dish it out g9ta b able to take it 🤷🏾‍♀️

Lil boosie watching lil Nas X breathing and existing in the same universe

Imagine being so bad at music you gotta troll for clout. Oh shot lil nas x is the gay version of 6ix9ine 😂🤣

Boosie is the shit for this. Doing God's work

Boosie could have kept it so simple but he is so homophobic that he went on a disrespectful rant.. Smh He Could Of Just Been Like 'Nah He wish' or 'In His Dreams' But He Gave The Exact Reaction Lil Nas X was Probably Going for.. selfcontrol BOOSIEOFFICIAL Do Better!


Opinion | The class divide at the heart of the British pummeling of Meghan Markle (59)

Meghan Markle letter to Pelosi and Schumer backing paid leave exposes a class divide

Meghan Markle is once again in hot water with the British tabloid press for daring to — shock, horror — take a stand for paid parental leave in the United States.

No one cares about their outrage. Thanks but no thanks—next.

I can't stand her.


She is in hot water because she used her royal title to do it. Which is a major don’t. British royals are not supposed to get involved in politics. She could have just signed it as Meghan Markle. Best thing for her would be to give up her title, and make a clean break.

his extremist, racist British tabloids will always be mean to Meghan. if it was kate who had this idea of ​​defending maternity leave. his white supremacist British tabloids will find the idea brilliant. his British tabloids is a big journalism shit.


Dems weigh ditching Medicare expansion and paid leave in eleventh hour of social spending talks (59)

Axing either of the two provisions would infuriate progressives and alienate valuable voting blocs. Yet the party might just have to.

A plan to expand Medicare with dental, vision and hearing benefits for tens of millions of seniors — and a pitch to guarantee paid family and medical leave to all U.S. workers — is now in danger of getting cut from Biden's social spending package entirely

Manchin and Sinema are two privileged, rich, white people blocking legislation that will support 330 million Americans. They think their money and power deserves more voice than all the other Democratic Lawmakers and The American Public that voted for them.

What is Mr Manchin FOR? He seems to be AGAINST anything that helps the American people.

Then what? What’s going to be left to benefit the American people?! Deals made to continue to fill the pockets of those who care about no one else. Sickening!

US owes $29T Fed Tax Rev UP 18% y/y to $4T COVID Bills last y cost $6T New Dem spending this year-$1.9T of waste Now they want $5.5T - 85K IRS A money for 1.7m illegals this year Any money for making drugs here & not in China? Probably Not - Don't know Bill is published.

Atta boy Manchin. Strip medicare away. That is why more and more of us are moving to 'self employed' so we can avoid paying for medicare. I am 41 and will never see it anyways. So fuck it.


U.S. Legislators Demand Fauci Answer for Beagle Puppy Research Funding (58)

24 members of Congress are asking for a sit-down with Fauci over this.

24 members of Congress are asking for a sit-down with Fauci over this.

They should pay with the same treatment

Lock him up already

Their plan- Everybody see this - And

Lol do any of the shrieking banshees commenting here know how absolutely normal this is? This kind of thing happens every day in biomed. Every single day.

This is HORRIBLE. almost as bad as forcing mRNA vaccines on US citizens. Inhumanity!!


Yuge Flop: Michael Flynn Headlines Sparsely Attended Pro-Trump, Anti-Vaxx Event (48)

Organizers of the WeCANAct Liberty Conference told local media they were hoping for 10,000 attendees, but on the first day only around 1,000 showed up

Yuge Flop: Michael Flynn Headlines Sparsely Attended Pro-Trump, Anti-Vaxx Event

So sad

SethAbramson Perhaps traitorous insanity will become passe.

SethAbramson good

SethAbramson And they had GOP governing talking points: 'religious, pro-Trump, anti-vaxx'. Besides voting out GQP *at all levels* for as long as necessary, this is the way the movement ends, not with a bang but a whimper. 🤣

Don't know why people still back and support Trump, never kept a promise in his life and wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (46)

Threatening letters. Nazi salutes. People following them to their cars. School board members across the country are facing threats they never bargained for. They fear for their — and their childrens' — safety.

Dishonest reporting ShameOnYou

Hold meetings & monitored dialogue online for public safety, protection of school board members & to accomplish school business on students' behalf. For public education & well-being, chaos-making, disruption & threats should have zero tolerance.

Haha It’s called parenting and protecting their children from crazies.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (45)

An assistant director unwittingly handed Alec Baldwin a loaded weapon and told him it was safe to use, in the moments before the actor fatally shot a cinematographer, according to unsealed court documents.

My question is why was an Assistant Director doing someone else’s job?!


My question is if he is so anti-gun why would he promote gun use by playing a role in a movie that has guns… At the end of the day Baldwin should of practiced simple gun safety and made sure it was unloaded. 100% preventable

The entire story heart wrenching

Everyone is to blame that handled that gun, including Baldwin. Typical Hollywood elite. Anti gun and knows nothing about them. Not even basic safety.


Why You Should Delete Your Facebook App (43)

New warning as Facebook app is suddenly caught secretly 'spying' on millions of iPhone users…

Why You Should Delete Your Facebook App

Annette Houlihan is a British family of crooks who robbed US$2.24 million from a group of investors in Hong Kong !!! HOULIHAN CRIMINAL CROOK IS NOW A BNI MEMBER !!! British family of crooks, daughter Hannah Critchley, ex husband Chris Marshall and crook friend Mark Evans !!!

There are some Facebook Apps that cannot be deleted. QQ


I'd argue that Wechat and Tiktok access your sensitive data also. They are not safe rather than the article said.



NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (40)

The vast majority of Americans have complied with vaccine mandates. For the vaccine holdouts, walking away from a job comes at a cost, one that's bigger for some than others.

Millions of workers would rather get vaccinated.

How about fill all those positions with BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Disabled folks who have been left out of jobs in the past to create a more diverse workforce 💪🏼

The virus is obviously extremely deadly and kills young and old, healthy and unhealthy, equally. The vaccines have proven to be extremely effective at stopping the spread of covid and its variants A few more boosters over the next couple of years and we should be completely fine

I fully support their choice but don't expect many good opportunities going forward nor any unemployment.

The employers of unvaccinated people are accepting significant liability if their employees infect their customers.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (33)

As Congress haggles over the size and scope of Biden's proposals to transform the social safety net, advocates for equity are worried that the final product may leave out too many who need help.

Welfare nation

Consequences of electing centrists are very predictable results. It’s well past the time to worry and now time to plan for building on progressive representation

That’s not a bug that’s a feature. It’s what Manchin and Sinema were paid to do by their corporate masters. it’s what Republicans got Democrats to do in the post 2008 economic crash, made the recovery longer & slower. Now they bought two Dem senators so they can do it again.

Democrats will always help people. But they will never help enough. They will always sacrifice.

So, u must have chosen this pic to create a lot of clicks…I expect more of u, npr. Pls put this pic in its content or others will for u…u r consciously creating conflict.


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