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Here's what Sanford said about voting for Trump against a Democrat for 2020 (284)

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Former congressman Mark Sanford is mulling a long-shot bid for the GOP primary and says the President doesn't deserve to be re-elected. But if it comes to voting for Trump or a Democrat, Sanford says he'd back the President.

The reason Republicans in congress are totally disgusting and an embarrassment to our country

Shut up&sit down!he says TRUMP don't deserve re-election but he does🙄Yet his next breath,he would VOTE for TRUMP again,WTF does that mean?UGH😲Take a hike AnotherLoser

But he offered this caveat— the first primary debate has to be in Buenos Aires.

Cause that makes sense ... not

These republicans are so stupid


Lamar Odom Says He's Given Up Porn (234)

Lamar Odom says he has given up porn.

Lamar Odom Says He's Given Up Porn

Brokeski great news

What a weird New Year’s resolution.

GOOD! It's a blithe on society.

That is a DANGEROUS game friend-o.

I wanna tweet, but I'm watching something on Pornhub. 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎


Trump says he's still interested in buying Greenland. Denmark says it's not for sale. (225)

'I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously,' the Danish prime minister told local media.

Top White House economic adviser says the Trump admin. is still 'looking at' buying Greenland.

He was also hammered while appearing on FoxNews.


Dear WH economic advisor: Please, stop with this nonsense, we have bigger fish to fry. avoidarecession thanks

AmbJohnBolton CordeliaSkyNews BorisJohnson realDonaldTrump It makes good sense! Media are rubbishing President Trump for stating this honest policy, yet nobody's concerned at Communist China exploiting Western assets especially the Minerals!! And don't forget Russia also!!!

The guy doesn’t have the money to rebuild Puerto Rico but has the money to buy Greenland?


One-third of economists predict US recession in 2021 (216)

Up from 25% in February, now 34% of surveyed business economists predict a recession in 2021.

Among 226 economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, 34% said a recession would hit the U.S. in 2021, an increase from 25% who believed so in February.

Whomever takes advise from this lady, needs mental help!

What planet are you on? Most people I know have two and three jobs just to survive...

Please STOP giving this ugly woman; inside and out, any more air-time, and notoriety.

“I’m cornholio I need tipi for my bunghole” is what you’ll imagine with sound off

She lives in an alternate reality


Scaramucci says he's putting together coalition to stop Trump in 2020 (213)

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Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House communications director who has recently withdrawn his support for President Trump, says he is putting together a coalition of former Trump Cabinet officials to denounce the President ahead of the 2020 election.

Give Mcghan a call and tell him to man up and testify.

I don’t believe this, until he starts naming names and I start seeing the group speaking up.

Go Mooch go!

He works on Wall St. You can't believe anything he says!If he is Trumps Friend?He's A Criminal Car Salesman!

KimKimbowman 🍿


In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy (211)

The president has accused his own Federal Reserve chair, other nations and the news media of working against him to derail the economy.

President Trump has insisted that his own handpicked Federal Reserve chair is intentionally acting against him. He has said U.S. allies are working to hurt American economic interests. And he has accused the news media of trying to create a recession.

DeadlineWH maddow stevebenen kylegriffin1 Lawrence allinwithchris HardballChris AriMelber BWilliams CNNPolitics MSNBC 11thHour AliVelshi yasminv MalcolmNance DNC DemocraticSurge FrankFigliuzzi1 glennkirschner2 MaryKeithBare1 JoyceWhiteVance GolfSoBad

Yep, it’s everyone else’s fault!

Those of us who understand narcissistic personality disorder understand that this is Trump at his most dangerous. He will try to create his own reality and he will not think twice about destroying others in order to do so NPD

Trump is insane. Consider executing the 25th amendment, fast! realDonaldTrump

He is setting the basis for his election campaign


Britain's Prince Andrew denies any involvement in Epstein sex scandal (187)

Britain's Prince Andrew rejected any suggestion that he participated in the...

Britain's Prince Andrew denies any involvement in Epstein sex scandal

They do have a kinky side. His brother imagined being a tampon.

Obviously he does. So does Blue Dress Clinton. We arent fooled.

Nothing to see here!!!

It is a pedophile scandal!



Social media rivalry leads to fatal shooting of 9-year-old girl (182)

Brandoniya Bennett had just gotten her nails done and was preparing for the first day of school.

An aspiring rapper opened fire on the wrong Dallas home, killing a 9-year-old girl instead of the rival artist he intended to shoot, police say.

This is so sad and it pisses me off!! Stop with the fucking killing over nonsense!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Where is BlackLivesMatter for this

Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought! JudicialWatch

This is why there should be an immediate Capital Punishment upon having overwhelming evidence of being guilty. No line, waiting for years you get axed within weeks. There's no deterant anymore, jail is a cake walk. Three meals a day with a roof along with other amenities. smh

Perhaps we should talk about the rap/gangsta culture being a problem? Or did the gun decide to go shoot up this house all by its of as well?


White Officers Who Led Black Man on Rope Won’t Face Criminal Charges (174)

A photograph of the man’s arrest in Galveston, Tex., on Aug. 3 evoked images of slavery. The authorities are also investigating whether the officers violated any police department policies.

2 white police officers who led a black man by a rope down a street in Galveston, Texas, this month will not face criminal charges, the authorities said on Sunday

I am surprised the officer didn’t put the rope around his neck. Guess lynching in some parts of the still go on.


However they will be required to take a comprehensive course in American History.

This isn't 1815, right?


Trump has used Israel for political points -- and there may be consequences (172)

By urging Israel to block Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the country, Trump showed just how far he is willing to go to accept foreign help when it comes to his personal political battles, writes Samantha Vinograd

By urging Israel to block Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the country, Trump showed how far he is willing to go to accept foreign help when it comes to his personal political battles, writes Samantha Vinograd for CNNOpinion


Opinion WOW !! We though these 2 were in bed TOGEATHER, who on top dose not matter. We see who make call to do his dirty work

Opinion T R U M P 2 0 2 0 !!!!

Opinion That's totally BS and you know it! We all knew what Israel would do. What else could they do with the racist remarks coming from those two!

Opinion 😂😂😂 seriously Trump didn’t urge anyone to do this. Good lord why can’t you see their racist rhetoric is what got them blocked?


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