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Trump pardons Flynn, taking direct aim at Russia probe (424)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump pardoned former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday, taking direct aim in the final days of his administration at a Russia investigation...

BREAKING: President Donald Trump says he has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Because of this pardon, Flynn’s family thanked Trump “for answering our prayers and the prayers of a nation” by issuing the pardon.

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED*** In Jesus Holy Name , Amen., YIPPY*** YAY*** LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN WILL EXPOSE WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED., He will be in Trumps New 2nd Term Administration,., It has been prophesied,. Hallelujah***

Corrupt corrupt corrupt

Long overdue

The biggest threat to U.S democracy is Trump and his die hard supporters that only see nationalism. Him & they are are the biggest threats to our country.


Republican Devin Nunes compares Democrats to 'weird Star Wars freaks' (342)

'For the last four years it's been 'resistance,'' Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said of Democrats on Tuesday. 'It's like they're some kind of weird Star Wars freaks that had watched too many Star Wars movies.'

Republican Devin Nunes compares Democrats to 'weird Star Wars freaks'

Star Wars where the evil Empire is toppled by the Resistance, it's more of a compliment than anything. Devin really isn't the brightest spark.



and California re-elected him!

FOX and NEWSWEEK in Juxtaposed ? Yes, many similarities as they SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL !


President-Elect Biden Hits 80 Million Votes In Year Of Record Turnout (170)

The 2020 presidential election saw the most votes in U.S. history at 156 million and counting, and the highest participation rate since 1900.

The 2020 presidential election saw the highest turnout rate since 1900. And as of now, President-elect Joe Biden has earned 80 million votes — the most cast for any presidential candidate in U.S. history.

How when he was hiding in basement ?!!!

Even people from the 1800 years voted for joe this election such a big joke

How many of those were legal? 🤔

Fake News. Why aren’t y’all reporting the outcome of the Judge’s decision today in Pennsylvania. Boy these Liberals aren’t going to like hearing President Trump’s SECOND Inauguration speech.. and fair warning to the BLM/ANTIFA crowd, better stand down this time 😉 😉 😉 👁

Damn, that's a lot of fraudulent ballots!


Did Trump draw out a new Latino Republican voter bloc in Florida? (157)

Nearly 50 percent of Latino voters in Florida who are not Cuban or Puerto Rican voted for Trump. Here's what helped the Republicans in 2020.

Nearly 50% of Latino voters in Florida who are not Cuban or Puerto Rican voted for President Trump.


And Arizona and Nevada went to Biden thanks to Latinos there.

NOW you tell the truth... Well, almost. The number is much higher and you know it

Very sad.

Venezuelans and other Latinos moved to FL from leftist regimes and recognize empty Democrat politics for what they are. Also, best unemployment for Hispanics thanks to Trump!


Who Should Perform at the 2021 Grammys? Vote! (135)

The Recording Academy revealed nominations for the 2021 Grammys on Tuesday (Nov. 24), which has Billboard wondering: Who should be tapped to perform at the awards show?

Who should perform at the 2021 GRAMMYs? Vote below!


Dimash Kudaibergen dimash_official GRAMMYs

Dimash Kudaibergen dimash_official GRAMMYs

My nominee for best new artist GRAMMYs 2021 is dimash_official Dimash Kudaibergenov😍🥰😊👍

My nominee for best new artist GRAMMYs 2021 is dimash_official Dimash Kudaibergenov . Unique voice 💗💕💗


Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Land in ATL Together Pre-Thanksgiving (121)

Might this be a match made in heaven right before the holidays???

Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Land in ATL Together Pre-Thanksgiving

I’m glad he’s with a sistah and Lori is beautiful.

Who cares? Let these people live their life....

Oh lord hope she doesn’t mess up his career

That’s Meek girl ha !!!


Barack Obama Signs Off on Drake Playing Him in Future Biopic Movie (116)

Aubrey Graham starring as Barack Obama ... closer than you might think.

Barack Obama Signs Off on Drake Playing Him in Future Biopic Movie

I say we let drake play him... We haven't seen him across since degrassi but im sure he can pull it off cuz he Definetly can't win a versus against breezy.... Let him play the greatest american president to ever grace the white House....

How about the guy that played satan in that religious movie. Looked just like him.

Biggest box office flop



Who Should Win Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at 2021 Grammys? Vote! (115)

So who do you want to see win best pop duo/group performance at next year's Grammys? Vote!

Who should win best pop duo/group performance at 2021 Grammys? Vote!


Exile or rain on me but exile is so good ❤️

BTS should absolutely win for best pop duo / group performance


BTS deserve it


GM turns on Trump, now supports California’s tough emissions rules (113)

GM CEO Mary Barra, once closely aligned with President Donald Trump on this matter, has fled to Biden's camp.

General Motors says it has reversed course and no longer supports President Trump’s plan to prevent California from setting its own automotive emissions standards.

Can we, as a nation, reverse course regarding electing Trump in 2016, or better yet just have a 'do over.' We'll even be okay with calling it a mulligan.

Gm is loving this virus lol

Is anyone really surprised an organization that hasn't introduced anything innovative for forward thinking in DECADES has spent the last four years cow-toeing to a clueless president? Instead of saving that old dinosaur, the feds should have let GM go bankrupt back in 2008.

I never buy gm dumb asses

I don’t buy any of that gmc junk anyway!


Chinese leader Xi Jinping finally congratulates Biden (112)

President-elect Joe Biden forges ahead with transition plans as President Trump refuses to concede and pursues legal challenges to the election results. Follow here for the latest.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden, more than two weeks after US media called the race for the Democratic candidate.

us media “called the race”, lmfaooooooo

Fake media. Nothing to see here.

Congratulating his new puppet!


Xi was hoping Trump could trick like he did in 2016 Russia collusion, Ukraine quid pro quo...etc. and hold on to power to keep COVID19 spreading and keep US in chaos for the next 12 years.


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