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High school students gift new clothes to bullied classmate in video (547)

High school students gift new clothes to bullied classmate in video in Memphis, Tennessee.

A high school student who was bullied for wearing the same thing day after day has a new set of clothes and sneakers thanks to the generosity of two of his classmates.

Maybe tge bullies and bulliets have too many clothes and they could share too. Better change the bullies that is a bigger problems than wearing the same clothes more than once.

The school allow the kids to wear their pants ...jeans down like that? I mean .. ummm.. uhhhhh... how do I say this without sounding errrrrrr...

Keep doing love!


And a child shall lead them....


2 people were injured when a fight between parents led to a shooting at a youth football game in Texas (340)

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A woman and a girl were injured in a shooting after a group of parents got into an argument at a youth football game in Fort Worth, Texas, police say

Would you kindly infinite_scream

Ok what’s the truth seeing as how you cnn have been known not to print the truth

PattyArquette If only all those young football players and the parents had guns...

Maybe—and I’m just spitballing here—instead of a football, the kids could just use a big grenade?

Do not go to Texas. Do not drive through it, fly through it, set one foot in such a den of inequity, mass murder and corruption. Stay away.


'Bad idea' to pursue progressive ideas like 'Medicare for All': Sen. Amy Klobuchar (208)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, sat down for a one-on-one interview on ABC's 'This Week' with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Justice Brett Kavanaugh: 'I strongly opposed him, based on his views on executive power, which will continue to haunt our country, as well as how he behaved, including the allegations that we are hearing more about today.'

No SenTedCruz maybe it’s because it may be true. Hell, the GOP in Alabama was trying to elect a mall child predator. Also, how many women has accused self proclaimed “pussy grabber” & Tic Tac popper realDonaldTrump of alleged sexual abuse & rape. Just saying.

From NBC: “NBC News has not verified the reporting released Saturday”. More BS reporting by the MSM. The Democrat Party should rename themselves the Harrassment Party. NYT’s book, uses “unnamed sources”, more BS. When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the losers.

What about the GOP disrespect and disregard for our Constitutional Rights. They have block in 4 states so far Americans Right to choose who their Republican Presidential Nominee, is by not allowing anyone but Trump on the Republican Presidential Ballot. Vote Them Out

This from a man who let 45 call his wife ugly!


Two Major Saudi Oil Installations Hit by Drone Strike (206)

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility. It was not clear how badly damaged the facilities were, but the attacks could disrupt world oil supplies.

Breaking News: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for drone strikes on Saudi Arabia, calling them “an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply.”

Saudi should buy iron dome build by Israel to protect its oil infrastructure.

Pompeo is just flapping his gums like Trump. No proof to back up anything.

Saudis are capable of handling their own problems!US should stop playing the role of godfather and let everyone live in peace

Everything that happens in the Middle East is the fault of Iran according to SecPompeo and realDonaldTrump

Another made up pretext for war by Israel, CIA, military industrial complex for the purpose of war-profiteering and control in the region.. just like 'WMDs' in Iraq.


HuffPost is now a part of Oath (171)

While investigating Brett Kavanaugh for a book, two New York Times reporters say they discovered another claim of serious sexual misconduct.

When it rains, it pours. 'Boof' up brett.

ApiFeelGood Another claim of “serious sexual misconduct” against Kavanaugh - if the other claims were so serious how come a criminal investigation was never started on any of them? Because it’s all fake.

The nytimes has ZERO credibility!

They can find this crap out, yet no one can find out anything about Obama’s college years. 😳

Not surprised.


Trump defends Kavanaugh after sexual misconduct allegations resurface (159)

A new book by two New York Times reporters says there was more to an allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh than the Senate hearing uncovered.

President Trump defends Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after sexual misconduct allegations resurface.

One predator to another

No surprise he loves the perverts!

Peas in a pod.

Because they are lies. I stand in solidarity with POTUS in support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 🇺🇸

Watch Trump run away soon!


NPR Choice page (148)

Opinion: President Trump continues to say he rushed to Ground Zero after the Sept. 11 attacks to help. nprscottsimon says there's a phrase for the offense committed by impostors who wear phony medals: stolen valor.

MollyMcKew nprscottsimon He was not. He’s full of shit as usual. His famous and false proclamation of “now my tower is the biggest” was made far from ground zero. He is a liar and the claim is disrespectful to the countless first responders who were there. Tragically his ignorant cult believes him.

nprscottsimon trump is a liar, but this is unbelievable.

nprscottsimon You could find him easy that day...just follow the line of pee going in the opposite direction.

nprscottsimon Liars is another term.

nprscottsimon POTUS is a certified LIAR!


Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong seeks U.S. support for protests (141)

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said on Saturday he was seeking the...

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong seeks U.S. support for protests

Funny how the blinded eye icon become so popular... Deserved it

Ask U.S. to help to build a wall between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, or to take it over as another State🙄 Be an adult to provide constructive, meaningful suggestions for a even better HK!

Hate this face so much!

The call for help from the clutches of Socialism

Sorry dude, Our president probably supports China on this issue unfortunately.


Ben Carson to visit California next week to address homelessness (128)

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is planning a trip to California next week as the Trump administration tries to come up with solutions to the state's homelessness problem, a source with knowledge of the trip confirms to CNN.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is planning a trip to California next week as the Trump administration tries to come up with solutions to the state's homelessness problem, a source with knowledge of the trip confirmed

Lower the fucking rents, greedy San Francisco landlords! That’ll help!

So Feds will to try to fix a problem encouraged then exacerbated by the state of California.

This is another Trump scheme to funnel taxpayer money to another PRIVATE(who owns them) vendor. Remember Trump's migrate concentration camps private owners are getting $700 A DAY PER PERSON. They don't get $7 a day of true costs.

As if! This hypocrite doesn't have a clue of homelessness. He is just a swamp thing that kissed up to DerangedDonald and was appointed. Just like all seats in government!

Shopping for furniture, BEN? Follow his spending!!! I wouldn’t let this guy cut my toenails .


HuffPost is now a part of Oath (115)

The South Carolina senator suggested 'consequences' for Iran after drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, such as bombing its oil refineries.

This is exactly what they've been waiting for. A reason to suck us into another war

Herod Alliance with it's ominous bandit skunk works will play that King of the Hill board like clockwork ,Arabs or Jews

Hey Lindsey, people who advocate war should be the FIRST ones to arrive in the Combat Zone, how about it Tuff guy or do you have Bone Spurs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

What could possibly make this feeble attempt of a 'man' make him think he's so tough?

LindseyGrahamSC You lead the charge, and I'm sure MoscowMitch ImpeachTrump and AGBarr will follow willingly. Continue with your patriotic duty.😉


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