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Analysis | Trump is struggling to connect with young voters. Here’s why. (106)

He's not talking about issues they care about, experts say.

Analysis: Trump is struggling to connect to young voters. Here’s why.

Not true I see lots of kids wearing MAGA hats

history bias...!

Because he is an old man who doesn’t care about young ppl and they understand that. WakeUpPeopleBeforeItIsTooLate

Trump is struggling to connect to reality!

Racism Misogyny Climate denial Anti gay Anti science Why on earth would anyone find trump abhorrent?


The Secret of Bernie’s Millions (91)

How did he amass three houses and a net worth of more than $1 million? The surprisingly conventional middle-class climbing of a radical-sounding socialist.

The secret of Bernie’s millions

That ain’t shit if you look at the elites

Nope. You guys are still 🗑

Who says 2 mil is rich?

Although a net worth of $2M isn’t really rich by today’s standards.


A 16-year-old's MAGA hat was blurred out of his high school yearbook (85)

Jeremy Gebhart says the move violates his First Amendment rights.

A high school student wanted to show his support for President Trump so he and a friend wore red hats with the words: 'Trump: Make America Great Again.' The caps were blurred out in a yearbook photo.

These kids don’t have a clue! a sub teacher...Since Trump’s election over 100 classrooms, 10 school districts, about 20 buildings ...ZERO pictures of our President..Obama was everywhere (respect for office)... Folks this is probably happening at your schools...CHALLENGE IT!!!

They will be grateful when they are wiser.

Wasn’t it Pelosi’s idea to make legal voter age 16. To capture them when they are young. I guess not for these kids.

Oh but if they would of dressed up like the kkk it would of been all right if they were Democrats


NOT REAL NEWS: Altered video makes Pelosi seem to slur words (70)

Video footage that was slowed down to give the false impression that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was slurring her words is circulating widely across social media platforms. The distorted...

An APFactCheck finds that video footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking was slowed down to make it seem like she was slurring her words.

The AP lies.

I call Bullshit!

Expect more of this as video editing becomes easier

Can’t trust anything these days, they slow it down you speed it up. No idea the truth! She and all other politicians usually sound whack.

Figures . But I’m sure they don’t believe you. You know how it is.


The Latest: Judge halts plan to build parts of border wall (70)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Latest on U.S. judge blocking President Donald Trump from building sections of a border wall with money secured under his declaration of a national emergency (all times...

BREAKING: Federal judge in California blocks President Trump from building sections of border wall with money secured under his national emergency declaration.

Good it just saves some future president from ordering the stupid wall town down.

Well then this judge is also a Traitor to America so he also needs to lose his citizenship and get out of America never return. Unless this is done we will still have to risk losing everything and we will be forced to be a Socialist Country and forget living any good life.

Ignore the liberal anti-Trumper judge who supports the illegal welfare seekers over the safety of American citizens. Build it now!

Cali should take down the walls the already have too, then we can build the rest and leave Cali open. Morons. The funny/sad part is, they actually think this is good when it’s hurting them.


Trump and allies turn to discrediting Pelosi by questioning her mental state (65)

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President Trump and his allies are attempting to discredit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- questioning her mental capabilities by sharing videos, including one that was doctored, of her appearing to slur her speech and stammer at recent public events

A Crying Donald Trump Was Escorted Off Mar-A-Lago Golf Course After Accidentally Pooping His Pants

Nancy Pelosi definitely has some problems.

She doesn’t need anyone’s help. She discredits herself daily.

Sure, everybody believes Trump. 🤡😇😊😂😎

She is either insane or evil


Analysis | Trump figures that, except for the media, he’d be as popular as FDR during World War II (58)

He would not be.

Analysis: Trump figures that, except for the media, he’d be as popular as FDR post-World War II


Well after all the media has been so generous to Trump. At least 75% of the reports are positive. Just look at all the pro Trump tweets from WAPO today. Exactly 0 out of 100. And then there’s all the media coverage of our booming economy. Does WAPO even know there’s an economy?

He’s probably right

Very stable genius the stablest ever



Chris Hayes shows how to spot deceptively edited Trump videos (50)

Sometimes it's hard to tell what's real and what's been doctored online.

How do you spot a deceptively edited video? Hint: The one with the [:||||||||||||:] is definitely doctored

U couldn't alter it too much, because she speaks like a senile drunk.

Edited or not, how can people jump on this when the speech patterns of others can be called out if we are going to go there?

Stop making excuses she's always Tipsy ! Probably too much botox injections and need a new makeup artist!

SpeakerPelosi looks and acts like a client of VISITING ANGELS!!!!!!!!


Trump defends personal attacks on Pelosi: 'Did you hear what she said about me?' (50)

President Trump continued his showdown with Speaker Pelos regarding oversight of the Mueller investigation and potential impeachment, declaring: “It's over.'

Pres. Trump defends personal attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'Did you hear what she said about me?'

Excuse me, but so sick of your lies. Nancy started this fight. She attacked a Potus. Whether you like him or not, he is the POTUS.

What are you, 12?

All true about you dUMP.

Impeach’m! What’s the worst that can happen? 4 more years of “Let’s Make A Deal”. “’m what’s in the 📦” “It’s a new sewing machine”. “With trade wars is their 5th year, not so hot sweat shops are all the rage in San Francisco”💋💋


Opinion | If Republicans hate governing so much, they should leave (45)

Republicans' attitude toward government reaches new lows.

Opinion: If Republicans hate government so much they should leave

They should leave the country too since they hate what America stands for.

Would you go to a dentist who hated dentistry? Or a mechanic who hated cars? People who hate government should not be in government.

Aren’t you happy now when everything is gonna be declassified? 🤗

Is this a serious article, or an SNL script idea? 🤔

We hate your feckless behavior, get it right.


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