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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (24)

The United States has joined the list of countries where democracy is backsliding, according to a new report by the think tank International IDEA.

And sweatshop nation's are buying high?

You didn’t include a link to the report you quoted from. Please include a link.

Anyone who follows gaslitnation is NOT shocked at this

Anyone in this country with their eyes wide open and blinders off can see that. The problem is Americans REALLY like their blinder, squinting, and believing what they're told by Opinion Stars while calling it being informed.

Can you do a report on think tanks? As far as I can tell, most everything they put out is common sense or 'just so' stories that can't be proven right or wrong. They add nothing to the conversation.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (20)

A new poll finds 52% of young Americans believe the country's democracy is either 'in trouble' or has failed. Only 7% of youth said they thought democracy in the U.S. is 'healthy.'

Not that I disagree but is it newsworthy to point out that the youth vote is dissatisfied with the state of the government? Doesn’t that happen with every generation?

It HAS failed. It’s been completely fucked since the Regan administration.

The kids get it

So, will this age group stay home on voting day?

'But overall, a majority said the pandemic has had a negative impact on their life.' This question belongs in the Duh file, doesn't it? I mean, were they asked; 'Has the pandemic had a 𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 impact on your life?' and if so, what was the result?


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (17)

The author Alice Sebold apologized to the man wrongly convicted of raping her after she identified him as her attacker in 1982. Her publisher said it would halt distribution of her memoir about the attack.

I say let the movie get made and give that man royalties for what is essentially his and her book. He should sue for back-royalties. With the tag that this story resulted in the conviction of the wrong man.

She looks like elonmusk

Bitcoin is something worth talking about, I decided to give it a try when i witnessed how it lifted my friend to his financial hierarchy.I invest $1500 worth of bitcoin and now with the current increase in bitcoin price I got $17,200 just in a week with the helpof ValerieJoines9

Perhaps NPR’s next story could be about the DA and judge who framed the man up and if they had to suffer through making a vapid apology.

Will she pay restitution? 🤔


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (14)

JUST IN: Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely by CNN following new revelations that he advised his brother, former N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during his sexual harassment scandal.

A man pleaded guilty for raping 4 minors and free of jail term and a man suspended indefinitely for advising his blood brother, am confused.

Of course he advised his brother... It's his brother. He's the devil now? Lol


Bitcoin is something worth talking about, I decided to give it a try when i witnessed how it lifted my friend to his financial hierarchy.I invest $1500 worth of bitcoin and now with the current increase in bitcoin price I got $17,200 just in a week with the helpof ValerieJoines9

Yeah just tell your own brother. I am a lawyer but I am not going you to give any advice. What a bul**it is this. Something else is going on.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (14)

The criminal trial of Kim Potter — the former officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man — is expected to begin in early December. Here's what you should know about the case.

pretty cut and dry

Blk ppl should really stop using car air fresheners bc you might die . The gun goes on your right if your right handed,and tasers goes on the left . She’s been on the force for 26 years how this happen

This is the lady that was days from retirement she wanted a death

Will the BLM mob win or will Justice win

HTF, no matter what stress, do you mistake a firearm for a taser. What a crock.


We Asked a NASA Expert: What’s it Like Landing on Mars? (14)

What’s it like landing on Mars? Tough! But every time we land, we learn more. When our Perseverance Mars rover descended toward the Red Planet, it was decked...

What’s it like landing on Mars? Tough! But every time we land, we learn more. When NASAPersevere landed on Mars, its temperature & pressure sensors collected critical data about entry & landing conditions. Engineer Alex Scammell explains:

Persevere What is the price of one meter of Mars?😆

Persevere You are part of the cover-up. This concerns You!

Persevere 💥Experience Something Mind🤯bogglingly Miraculous this ✨Holiday🎄Season: 👻🌍 ⚡️👁️ 👁️⚡️ 🪐👽

Persevere 👍🚀😇🤗

Persevere With enough manpower and technology - it comes down to teamwork. Getting people to land on earth when they are so far gone is complicated. Mathematics and state-of-mind estimation from facial cues, speech, and behavior in addition to gathered information.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (13)

He got 6 stitches and a tetanus shot after cutting his knee. The bill? $6,589.77. Then his wife came down with a terrible fever — but fearing another hefty bill, delayed her diagnosis of a potentially deadly bout of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

How much of that goes to doctor and staff pay? There's no way stitches and a single shot could cost that much. Doctor 6000. Staff 500. 89.77 stitches/shot.

Every day with the same stories... Can't find anything new to report?

Isn't there a name for that? 'American exceptionalism' is the term, I believe...

You’ve tweeted this story six times. Get a new record player.

Dropped a knife and cut my big toe open a few weeks ago. GF offered to take me to the ER. I said nope. Fuck that. Get me more paper towels and bandages. It healed nicely but people will keep making decisions like this and it will hurt people.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (12)

Greece will make unvaccinated people 60 and older pay a fine of roughly $114 for every month they don't get a COVID vaccine. 'It's not a punishment,' the prime minister said. 'It is the price for health.'

that's garbage. I feel for the people of Greece.

WHATTTT?!!!! This CANNOT be allowed!! The world is going insane! Greece must NOT b allowed to do this!!! HumanRightsViolations Can you believe this guys JamesMelville EssexPR marcorobinson7 ?!!!


Well thats extremely fucked up. The more I see about this the more I believe the MIT study that society will collapse by 2040..

Forbidden p.7.3.1



Pro-life and anti-abortion protestors gathered outside the Supreme Court as the justices inside hear arguments regarding Mississippi's abortion ban.

We must remain pro choice regardless. Pro choice encompasses many things in life. This will start stripping them away too. This is America, not a socialist country!

I think we need to quit labeling one of the groups as 'pro-life.' They're not. The other group needs to be labeled 'pro-choice, pro-women's reproductive health & bodily autonomy.'

AmyBarrett lied to the American people and still was appointed to the SCOTUS wasn't she supposed to recuse herself from this Mississippi abortion law. Why is she asking questions? The GOP help appoint a political judge. Plain and simple.

What Constitutional rights protect you from abortion. She responded liberty. He said that if we lower the right to due process. What are we relying on now? She says liberty. Family, marriage, and family. Clarence Thomas questions.

Supreme Court's oral arguments for and against the Mississippi law are going on right now. Here is my question. Why do people think they have a right to tell you about their beliefs, values, and biases and you don't have the right to refuse it.



Marcus Lamb, CEO of the evangelical Christian-based Daystar Television Network who advocated against vaccines, has died following a bout with COVID-19.

God brought him a vaccine and he chose to ignore it. Enjoy Hades.

lol oh well

So sad ! LadyB of Houston n America

Él las defendía Y muchos han muerto inyectados.

I ask for forgiveness every time I read these stories and say to myself “ oh well “ 😐


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