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US official: Pensacola shooting suspect was Saudi student (582)

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official says the Florida Naval station shooting suspect was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia and authorities are investigating if the shooting was...

BREAKING: A U.S. official says the suspect in the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia. Authorities are investigating if the shooting was terrorism-related.

Reba W Harper Sez Ujean McKingho deserves food stamps and a con tract farmbe

As long as they came here legally

cooperchip1 Seriously? An aviation student from Saudi Arabia? Did we not learn our lesson?

After 9/11, tell me why the US is training MORE Saudi Arabians at our aviation schoolss...

Trump’s America does not feel safe at all.

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Snooki Announces She's Retiring from Jersey Shore: 'I Just Hate Being Away from the Kids'

Who gives a flip?

I honestly thought that show was discontinued years ago with the osbournes & flavor of love. I'm actually proud of that.

Shouldn’t this have happened 10 years ago

Oh god this is what this world is focused on. Snooki? Give me a break. There are far more important things to worry about then jersey shore. KUWTK should be canceled too. Dk how people look up to these people. Just my opinion


Accused of Killing a Gambino Mob Boss, He’s Presenting a Novel Defense (368)

Anthony Comello is obsessed with conspiracy theories. His paranoia is being litigated in a Staten Island court.

A follower of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory killed a Gambino mob boss in Staten Island because he thought the man was part of 'the deep state' scheming against President Trump. His defense lawyers say that makes him legally insane.

Yea, nice try. Q sent us. WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

nadabakos N O P E just makes him an assassin aka murder with intent to kill

Q sent me

Q+++ will save the world. New York Times resorts to calling QAnon baseless. Is this because they are scared of their own complicitness in corruption? Has NYT committed treason along with Schiff and Clintons? We WILL learn the truth! Q sent us.

Was that the same family NancyPelosiHates Father worked with?


Does Belief in QAnon Make You Legally Insane? Mob Hit Trial May Tell (316)

NEW YORK -- Four days after pulling off the most high-profile mob killing in decades, Anthony Comello sat down with New York Police Department detectives and told them that the CIA had infiltrated the Mafia. And, he added, the government was spying on him.He had put his phone in a copper bag to protect

Does belief in QAnon make you legally insane? Mob hit trial may tell

Same Fake News on all media... Controlled media. Q sent me. wwg1wga 🇸🇪

All this panic over a LARP?

OK Yahoo News - you just exposed yourself as a deep state seditious traitor. But, congrats, you made the list of Dumb people. TuckerCarlson are they a viable news source? - Tucker Erupts into laughter!!!!!! Love it! WWG1WGA Qanon InsanityIsSedition InsanityIsTreason

Panic in DC.


Harvey Weinstein Can Barely Walk Out of Court Due To Back Pain (250)

Harvey Weinstein was spotted limping out of court Friday due to back pain.

Harvey Weinstein Can Barely Walk Out of Court Due To Back Pain

Trying to get sympathy just like Bill Cosby acting like he was going blind

All of those years being a “bottom” have finally caught up to him.

All fake . Zero sympathy


White House Signals Trump Won’t Mount House Impeachment Defense (247)

In a sharply worded letter, the White House counsel denounced the impeachment inquiry and called on Democrats to end it, or get it over with quickly so it could proceed to a Senate trial.

Breaking News: The White House signaled that it does not intend to mount a defense of President Trump or otherwise participate in the House impeachment proceedings, in a sharply worded letter denouncing the process.

TrumpWarRoom losers.

His defense will be fighting all the way too, and past the Supreme Court to prevent his staff and other WhiteHouse employees from testifying.

Why? As an Independent I want to hear the rebuttal..... not the fake news bs but real information. Come on America, step up and really listen!

President bone spurs running from yet another fight

He’s already presented his “defense” to his base through tweets since he was caught. He was never going to participate in the formal process. This is not news!

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Aladdin spin-off starring Billy Magnussen in development at Disney+

Literally why

And he is

I would rather see a jaafar spinoff. Hes one of the most intresting Disney villains but surprisingly doesn't have much backstory besides the basic badguy stuff


Thunberg says 'our voices' being heard but not translating into action (193)

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Friday the voices of climate str...

Thunberg says 'our voices' being heard but not translating into action

GretaThunberg This is truly sickening.


GretaThunberg Poor little sick puppy being used to push Agenda21

GretaThunberg Go to school Greta

GretaThunberg Lefties are so vacant of good ideas that they have to front a 16-year-old as thought-leader and lead policymaker. What better way to announce your incompetence?


Trump complains low-flow toilets are flush with problems (187)

When it comes to toilets, President Donald Trump just wants to let it flow

Pres. Trump says people are flushing “10 times, 15 times” and end up using more water than they would have if they only had to flush once with a high-flow toilet.

Presidency Circling Bowl Better headline.

He's worried about flushing his Doturds! 🤣💩Dotard

Guy who sits upon a golden shitter is clueless on shitters? You don’t say.

Trump & his constituents have overwhelmed their toilets with the volume of their fecal matter. He’s admitting it publicly.

I'm in the plumbing heating field over 35 years. He is 1 million percent right. But you shitbags at ABC (pun of course always intended). Are not only to ignorant & arrogant. But are too busy trying to sell the gloom-and-doom ecological narrative ! To understand or accept this !


4 dead in shooting incident at Pensacola naval base; suspect was Saudi national, officials say (185)

Investigators trying to determine whether shooting was terror-related or not, officials told ABC News.

BREAKING: Pensacola shooting suspect was a Saudi national in the U.S. for flight training, two law enforcement officials tell ABC News.


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