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Should Starbucks baristas be unionized? (118)

Gabriel Santohir explains why he is closely involved in the Starbucks unionization effort. He works at the S. State St. location in Westerville, Ohio.

Should Starbucks baristas be unionized?


Unionize. Everywhere.



Of course. UnionStrong


Elon Musk’s silence on how he’d moderate the Buffalo shooting livestream is deafening (106)

A weekend of tweets with no mention of the mass shooting

On Buffalo, Elon Musk’s silence is deafening

Wait, What?!? Does he have to comment on everything? He is still trying to run 3 MAJOR companies, on top of getting Twitter CEO to do his job and justify the 5%

I would people like Musk not sully the memory of these victims with his comments. Same with the lot of them. Don't want to hear from them.

Why does he need to comment on this?


Prince Harry Is Worried About How Social Media May Impact Archie and Lilibet (100)

'My kids are too young to have experienced the online world yet, and I hope they never have to experience it as it exists now,' he said in a new appearance.

Prince Harry Is Worried About How Social Media May Impact Archie and Lilibet

scobie I am not surprised at all, given how much their parents have lied, mislead people and rubbished their Family on social networks! Seriously get real - people!♥️

Maybe he needs to worry more about the way his narcissit wife will effect the so called kids. And their lack of socialization

He need to starts white himself and his wife.

Harry is becoming so boring?

PrinceHarry and his wife MeghanMarkle have put so much in the internet about their family... Archie and Lilibucks will grow to see this and know that their own parents are the TOXIC ones!!


The Insatiable Hunger of “KinnPorsche” (92)

Series leads Mile and Apo dish on their long-awaited Thai drama.

“If there wasn’t an audience for this, and if there weren’t people who support us, then there wouldn’t be KinnPorsche The Series.” ❤️

Thank you for having Mile and Apo! + Bible 🙏

Kings 😍😍😍😍



Kim Kardashian Wears a Plunging Bikini on the Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's Issue (90)

Kim Kardashian, Ciara, Yumi Nu, and Maye Musk are unveiled as the 2022 Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models, with Kim wearing Skims.

You saw it here first: KimKardashian & ciara on the cover of SI_Swimsuit. 👙💦

KimKardashian ciara SI_Swimsuit They are not athletes

KimKardashian ciara SI_Swimsuit If I wanted/needed to see a Kardashian half naked, I would just go to their Instagram account.

KimKardashian ciara SI_Swimsuit I'm so sick and tired of seeing adverts for Kardashian crew... Your blocked POPSUGAR.

KimKardashian ciara SI_Swimsuit KK may be the best looking SI model ever...

Tymon1965 KimKardashian ciara SI_Swimsuit


Prominent OC doctor killed while trying to stop Laguna Woods church shooting suspect, sheriff says (90)

'Without the actions of Dr. Cheng, it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime,' officials said.

HERO DOCTOR: Dr. John Cheng of Orange County is being hailed a hero for tackling the gunman involved in a church shooting in Laguna Woods. 'Without the actions of Dr. Cheng, it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime.' 🙏🏼

A true hero…that should have never had to be put on such a situation… ❤️🖤

No greater love that a man would lay down his life for a friend. God bless you kind Sir. Rest in peace. My condolences to your family and friends.

He saved a lot of people. Sad that he lost his life in the process. RIP

He was at the church with his mother. She just lost her husband several months ago. When will this country do something about regulating fire arms? Too many innocent people are suffering. GOP GavinNewsom GabbyGiffords AMarch4OurLives

“Colourful Racism and White Supremacy” (C) = English and “Nadie Quiere Ver” (C) In Spanish. Great learning curve for me 87 - just what I have needed at this time in my life + hope to inspire other seniors. Search YouTube by the titles & listen to the songs. Enjoy please share.


Former Fed Chair Bernanke: Bitcoin Is Mainly Used in Underground Economy for Illicit Activities – Featured Bitcoin News (82)

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says the main use of bitcoin is 'mostly for underground economy activities and often things that are illegal or illicit.'

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says bitcoin is mainly used for things that are illegal or illicit. crypto cryptocurrency $BTC



Trump says he's writing 'depressing' book about 'crime of the century' (65)

Winning Team Publishing announced the book, which will address the former president's allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election, on Twitter Monday.

Former President Donald Trump has announced he is writing a book titled The Crime of the Century based on his allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

What a shit show.

Crime of The Century by D. Trump

Copies on shelves in two weeks!

He can’t write a complete sentence.

He’s not writing shit….


Pirates of the Caribbean Producer Addresses Johnny Depp’s Future With the Franchise Amid Trial - E! Online (50)

Could Johnny Depp return to the Pirates of the Caribbean as the popular character Jack Sparrow? Here's how the franchise's producer Jerry Bruckheimer responded.

Pirates of the Caribbean Producer Addresses Johnny Depp's Future With the Franchise Amid Trial

Without Depp. There is no relevance. It’s like taking Marlon Brando out from The Godfather

Will never watch another Pirates of Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Making a big mistake

Hes still reconsidering please! Stop rubbing it in! 😐

I do not agree for that, I support Jonny Deep

And I won’t be rewatching anytime soon


Ukrainian forces say they have fulfilled their 'combat mission' in besieged Mariupol (48)

As fighting continues in the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, Ukrainian forces say they are making headway in the northeastern Kharkiv region. Meanwhile, Sweden and Finland may soon be applying to join NATO. Follow here for live news updates.

Ukrainian forces say they have ended their 'combat mission' in besieged Mariupol, as hundreds are evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant.

Yes they ended in Prison 😂😂😀

In one word (SURROUNDING)😂


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