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Biden signs bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday (78)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden signed legislation Thursday establishing a new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery, saying he believes it will go down as one of the greatest honors he has as president.

President Joe Biden has signed legislation establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery. Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers brought the news of freedom to enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas.

They chose Symbolism over Compensation. Reparations CutTheCheck MakeElectionDayAHoliday

I should be off today😔


I used to take Junteenth off when I was working when I fould out what it was about. Now that I am retired.. I can't take that day off but I still honor my ancestors who were enslaved, those who made it to freedom, those who died enslaved!

Let's hope The Master doesn't change his mind and say they are NOT FREE anymore cause if someone had to FREE you that same someone can ENSLAVE you again. JuneTeenth2021 slavery JoeBiden 4thofJuly


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (65)

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed a new bill into law that claims to invalidate all federal gun control laws — and prohibits state and local cooperation with enforcement of those laws. But can a state actually invalidate a federal law? No.

not without leaving the union they cannot. So what are you saying there Missouri?

Every governor in the country should should sign such a bill!

kristiwelshies Missouri politicians seem to prefer anarchy.

Not only are they not going to help the feds enforce the law but there's a 50k fine if they do. So... you know how dangerous killers are arrested and the first charge is illegal possession of a firearm? They get them off the street while they organize the other charges. No more.

But it can refuse to enforce them.


Texas Congressman — Trump's Former Doctor — Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test (54)

Republican Ronny Jackson thinks the president should follow in Trump's footsteps to “document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”

Republican Ronny Jackson thinks Biden should “document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”

Take one yourself. But you won't since you'd fail, maybe?

Funny I thought the same of Ronny

Drunks should not ask for other people to be tested.

He just did. In Europe .


St. Louis gun-waving couple pleads guilty to misdemeanors (52)

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis couple who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators last year pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges and agreed to give up the weapons they used during the confrontation.

BREAKING: A St. Louis couple who pointed guns at social justice protesters last summer plead guilty to misdemeanor charges. Patricia McCloskey and Mark McCloskey were both fined and agreed to forfeit their weapons.


You’re my heroes Mark & Pat. You stood your ground. You saved your home. And thank goodness you are both lawyers, or “the system” would have bankrupted you.

Total BS

Social Justice 😂😂😂😂😂 they were looking for a particular person at their particular house. It was a mob.

What? Racism & stupidity have consequences? lmao!🤣😂🤣 WTFacts? It was most likely the one & only time they got to brandish their assault weapons!


At least one person is dead and a dozen hurt after 8 shootings in West Valley area of metro Phoenix (49)

Four people were shot -- one fatally -- as a gunman went on a shooting spree in the northwest suburbs of Phoenix on Thursday, police said.

Four people were shot — one fatally — as a gunman went on a shooting spree in the northwest suburbs of Phoenix, police said. Several other people were hurt by shrapnel and debris.

Ban guns

I don't remember this many shootings in the 1970's when I grew up yet at that point I believe a higher % of americans owned guns. It's not the guns, its more people who don't GAF.

Im certain it has nothing to do with 1,000,000 unknown persons who crossed into AZ illegally since Joe, nor the 100,000 felons released from prison since Joe, or the millions of laws no longer enforced since Joe

Ironically just legalize all weapons of war. Lapierre is not immune. NRA FoxNews GOP

more thoughts and prayers...


Statements on Pam Melroy’s Confirmation as NASA Deputy Administrator (48)

The following are statements from Pam Melroy and Administrator Bill Nelson on Thursday’s U.S. Senate confirmation of Melroy as deputy administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NEW: Pamela Melroy has been confirmed as the next NASA deputy administrator. Statements from her and Administrator SenBillNelson:

SenBillNelson Brain and beauty, 👍


SenBillNelson Congratulations 💐 Pamela Melroy For The Responsibilities of Deputy Administrator Best Wishes in your Endeavors Through NASA's Expeditions Explorations Lives Beyond this Beautiful Galaxies and this Wonderful Unknown Universe.. de... KKvu2ikk 📡 📡 📡 Ham Radio Station 🇮🇳 India

SenBillNelson The docking of the Chinese space station has been completed and the astronauts have successfully settled in. The whole world is expressing congratulations. Why are you not paying attention? And then privately ask China to share their data?



Analysis: Trump was wrong about the law, Obamacare politics and his judges (44)

Analysis: The former president promised that his Supreme Court picks would overturn the Affordable Care Act. He met the court's ruling with the deafening silence of defeat.

Analysis: Fmr. President Trump was wrong about the law, Obamacare politics and his judges.

How is this news? Tomorrow’s headline, the Sun came up. ☀️

I am begging the media to please STOP giving the Trumps press. Stop feeding their machine, it makes the problem worse. This was part of the problem to begin with. STOP TRUMP PRESS.

stop reporting on him!

———————Trump was wrong————————— ———————. I fixed the tweet.

And just about everything else. Kudos for the vaccine though


'You stabbed me,' boy tells father during unusual moment in Florida courtroom (40)

A man accused of killing his girlfriend and his disabled daughter is representing himself. On Wednesday, he questioned the sole survivor of the attack, his 11-year-old son.

A man accused of killing his girlfriend and his disabled daughter is representing himself. On Wednesday, he questioned the sole survivor of the attack, his 11-year-old son.

The kid will not tell a lie....gotcha,

This courtroom spectacle shouldn't have been allowed to happen in the first place. What a waste of resources. Just find him guilty already!

Thought you guys only ran with gun stories?

did he stick his finger in a light socket one to many times?

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client”


D.L. Hughley Says Passing Juneteenth Holiday Doesn't Level Playing Field (38)

D.L. Hughley says passing Juneteenth as a federal holiday doesn't level the playing field.

D.L. Hughley Says Passing Juneteenth Holiday Doesn't Level Playing Field

Are u kidding me? RealDLHughley Selfish much Greedy!!! Forget about slavery to the blacks. What about the slavery to the native Americans who don't get a national holiday for being pillaged and raped and slaughtered for our land! Stop being so petty and be grateful. Geeze

He needs to do this fight for all the holidays there all lies not pick & choose what he like don’t like truth DONT hurt lies do trash that deadly bible church pastors ministry sanctuary organizations Jesus Christ name 2! all this make u believe deaths u


No one cares what he thinks. Next.

He knows, HE KNOWS, that grey beard looks like, a, grey... beard, so why?


North Korea's Kim vows to be ready for confrontation with US (37)

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his government to be prepared for both dialogue and confrontation with the Biden administration — but more for confrontation, state media reported Friday, days after the United States and others urged the North to abandon its nuclear program and return to talks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his government to be fully prepared for confrontation with the United States. U.S.-led talks aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear program have been stalled for more than two years.

But there were lovely letters

So Captain Wack A Mole saw leaders meeting around the world and needed attention I see.

Joe has officially shown weakness. Remember when all democrats said was “Donald Trump is going to start more wars” well all of that is actually happening under Biden. Trump started no wars. He actually ended a war. Trump2024

Biden needs to go over there and salute their generals. That’ll teach them! 🤣


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