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John Mulaney Draws Criticism for Having Dave Chappelle Open, Tell Transphobic Jokes at Ohio Show (169)

During a Friday performance on his “From Scratch” tour, comedian John Mulaney surprised his audience — and drew criticism from some fans — when Dave Chappelle appeared as the opener and…

John Mulaney Draws Criticism for Having Dave Chappelle Open, Tell Transphobic Jokes at Ohio Show

leftist_logical People want to hate when they see tacky leather on stage.

So the people complaining didn't watch his Netflix special? They probably didn't hear the jokes either.

Awesome. After the trans jokes he should tell black jokes, and then white jokes, and then religious jokes, and then abortion jokes. He should tell all the jokes. Variety just puked another gross story here. Please just go away

The protected class need protection for their feelings.

Does his routine poke fun at the inability to understand transgender issues, or transgender people? Depends on your perspective.


Archbishop: Pelosi will be denied communion over abortion (100)

The conservative Catholic archbishop of San Francisco says he will no longer allow U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to receive Communion because of her support for abortion rights

The conservative Catholic archbishop of San Francisco says he will no longer allow U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to receive Communion because of her support for abortion rights


And I thought that Judgement was to left to GOD and Church was never to be political. I have no faith in that kind of political religion.

We’ll, since there is no God, she’ll end up where everyone else does.


Bill Gates: Crypto Has No Valuable Output — It's Not Adding to Society Like Other Investments – Featured Bitcoin News (100)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has explained why he does not own any bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Bill Gates doesn’t believe crypto adds to society like other investments. cryptocurrency bitcoin $BTC

Buat oom Bill, semua ada masanya… gak ada yang abadi… dan saat ini adalah masanya kripto untuk eksis…

Anyone remember Elon and Tesla “selling” it’s bitcoin bullshit?

He's nearly 70. He'll be dead and even less relevant soon.

Does it really matter to Crypto community?

ok thank you. Can ask him about $GME and LRC specifically?


The truth behind the misconceptions holding liquid staking back (93)

If staking is the innovative new way for blockchains to achieve consensus, then liquid staking is what will finally tip adoption across crypto holders.

Many crypto owners don’t want their assets locked up in staking when they could instead be put to use elsewhere. This is why liquid staking provides the best of both worlds argues mohakagr.

mohakagr OMG, how you even call yourself cointelegraph, when you don't have a clue what is going on in the space?! Cardano solved this at July 2020.

mohakagr you much biased? $ada has that like since forever

mohakagr Cardano does this already.


mohakagr A biased news outlet will cost investors to miss out on opportunities. Horrible attitude for the crypto ecosystem.


Donaldson comment to Anderson called 'racist' (90)

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson took offense to being called 'Jackie' by Yankees DH Josh Donaldson, a comment deemed 'racist' by Chicago manager Tony LaRussa.

The Yankees' Josh Donaldson called White Sox player Tim Anderson 'Jackie' after Saturday's game, a comment deemed racist by manager Tony LaRussa.

Jackie Robinson like Tim Anderson are mediocre in terms of stats. 'Jackie' was only inducted in HOF only thanks to blackprivilege What is racist is not inducting the first Dominican(Ozzie Virgil) or the first japanese(Murakami) or Lou Castro, first Latino. MLB turns woke HOF

I remember when I played on a baseball team with a black teammate. I told him I was going to be the next Babe Ruth. The next game I struck out. When I came back to the dugout my black teammate joked, “Nice hit, Babe!”. I should have told on that racist.

i predict white sox will throw at him today and donaldson charges the mound

Donaldson, who is White, said he jokingly called Anderson 'Jackie' in the past following a 2019 Sports Illustrated interview in which Anderson said he felt like 'today's Jackie Robinson.'

Always 2 sides to every story


Editorial: Attack on Nancy Pelosi should be San Francisco archbishop’s final act here - The San Francisco Examiner (89)

Cordileone denies Catholic Pelosi communion due to abortion right support

EDITORIAL: We appeal to Pontifex to send a clear message that he, not Archbishop Cordileone, is the leader of the faith. He can do this by relieving this insubordinate saboteur of his duties in San Francisco and putting an end to his political schemes.

Pontifex I think the Pope would see the Archbishop as adhering to the Christian-based principles establish by the Catholic Church. You and abortion represent none of those! You represent amoral secularism. The United States was established on Judeo-Christian principles. So, T.S.!

Pontifex Pope Francis today: 'Sadly, there has been a change in the common mentality, and we are more led to think that life is a good at our complete disposal, that we can choose to give birth or to take a life as we please, as if it were the exclusive consequence of individual choice.'

Pontifex Who’s paying him

Pontifex Extorting a Member of Congress is a federal crime, isn't it? The Archbishop should get a visit from the FBI.

Pontifex Lmao president Francis?


Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship after posting in career-worst round at the event (79)

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the 2022 PGA Championship after struggling in his third round, carding his career-worst score at the event.

Tiger Woods withdraws from the PGA Championship after shooting his worst-ever score in the tournament

I always felt bad for tiger woods. all anyone ever did was try to hurt him.

Your pushing too hard Tiger, get rested and get better.

?really dude! For what?

Golly it almost looks like Tiger Woods has been beaten, too soon?

😮 😮 😮


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (78)

California, Florida and Washington have responded to the string of mass shootings by young men by raising the minimum age to buy certain kinds of rifles. Gun rights groups have sued, calling this a violation of young adults' Second Amendment rights.

At least 21 with serious background checks for mental illness.

Never would have thought that Florida would have been bundled into Washington and California.

There is nothing wrong with the current age requirement.

24 years old is when your prefrontal cortex is fully developed and you can “better” make more well thought out decisions.

America needs a new gun statistics: How many killed Americans actually able to protect themselves in mass shootings by owning a gun? 0


Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki Thinks Bitcoin Could Bottom Out at $9K — Reveals Why He Remains Bullish – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News (65)

The famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has explained why he is still bullish about bitcoin.

Kiyosaki is waiting for bitcoin to test the new bottom which he indicated could be as low as $9K. crypto cryptocurrency $BTC

So there is no point in holding right now if you believe him.

Most people waiting for the bottom miss out. Nobody knows where the bottom is. DCA is the smartest strategy.


Armed burglar shot dead in Walnut home (57)

A person was shot and killed in a residential neighborhood in Walnut, according to deputies.

Armed burglar shot dead in Walnut home


Nice job homeowner.


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