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The Insults Trump Has Hurled at 2020 Democrats (117)

Joseph R. Biden Jr. is “sleepy,” Bernie Sanders is “crazy” and Elizabeth Warren is “angry.” We’re tracking President Trump’s attacks on the Democrats who are competing for his job.

Joe Biden is “sleepy,” Bernie Sanders is “crazy” and Elizabeth Warren is “angry.” Since January, Trump has attacked several of the Democrats competing for his job. Here are the candidates the president has insulted so far.

And is now blocked.

WHO THE FORK CARES? why is the NYT so irredeemably stupid all the time now?


Note to management.... It would be cheaper just to hire a few stenographers

Delete this


Trump awards massive President's Cup trophy to sumo wrestling champion (97)

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Pres. Trump bestows the massive 4 1/2 foot, 70-pound President's Cup to the champion of Tokyo’s top sumo tournament, Asanoyama Hideki, during his state visit to Japan.

kasumihrkw of course he does, Smh

Cool Big Dudes BIG TROPHY🤣

At the pavilion, later that evening...

Donald Duckwaddle


Top Republican On Origins Of FBI's Russia Investigation: 'Could Well Be Treason' (78)

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, echoing Trump, claimed the probe's genesis 'sounds an awful lot like a coup.'

Rep. Liz Cheney dangerously claimed FBI officials who launched the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election could be guilty of committing treason.

FakeNewsMedia at it again “dangerously” exposing lies. Will you report the truth when people are arrested?


How screwed is the Republican Party to think they’d be more popular with voters with Cheney as House GOP conference chair? Just what this country needs, a female Steve Bannon with the Cheney pedigree.

The entire media complex that accused Trump of Treason for 3 years with zero evidence is now having a fit when a rational person observes an obvious fact

And your father lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and lead us into a war we didn’t need. Maybe he should be charged with Treason too!


Trump and Kim Jong Un ‘agree in their assessment’ of Biden, Sarah Sanders says (64)

The White House press secretary on Sunday defended Trump’s tweet that he “smiled” when the North Korean leader “called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse.”

Trump and Kim Jong Un 'agree in their assessment' of Biden, Sarah Sanders says

The Word of God now brighter,no longer. any gray area that people looking can clearly see it's clear as black & white, wrong & right, each freely given their choice to choose on what side they'll stand on, proving its God Jehovah they truly love. Actions showing more then words

Good to see that Fox News and GOP have a special affection for North Korea now.


Why haven't we 'taken care of' Kim? I guess it's like the Hydra, cut off the head, more grow back more terrifying than before.

Shame on Trump


Sanders: Trump agrees with Kim Jong Un about Biden (56)

North Korea had mocked Biden as stupid last week.

Trump isn’t necessarily “siding with” North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but the two are in agreement on former Vice President Joe Biden, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

who is she kidding? trump would be for hitler if the stiff flattered him.

Someone please post the Princess Bride gif...

I do t see how it’s even relevant.

Totally disagree with Trump's position on this matter.

Sarah will say anything for that six figure salary...🤑🤮👹


Pope likens abortion to 'hiring a hitman' at anti-abortion conference (49)

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Pope Francis, speaking at an anti-abortion conference in Rome, likened having an abortion to hiring a 'hitman'

Well the leader of many sick priests who like to touch little boys! Has got something to say about what goes on in America! He should ne more worried about his perverted Priests then a women’s rights to her own body!

But raping kids and nuns is ok..m

We that church can be a mafeia church at times so it takes one to know one

What an idiotic thing to say.

BeCause a group of Pedophile preists know about morality


A Utah judge was suspended for six months after he criticized Trump in court and on Facebook (44)

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A judge in Utah has been suspended without pay for six months after he made critical comments about President Trump in court and on his Facebook page.

Old news


As long as we have a president who oversteps the boundaries, others will too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

six months not enough !



Republican lawmaker criticizes Trump for sharing heavily edited video of Pelosi (39)

“You shouldn’t disseminate information that you know is ultimately doctored,” Texas congressman Will Hurd said Sunday.

Republican lawmaker criticizes Trump for sharing heavily edited video of Pelosi

ONE Republican lawmaker? ONE!!!

If Pelosi can go on national TV and ask his family for an intervention, then Trump has the same right to come back and question her behavior as well, matter of fact millions have questioned her slur words, her forgetfulness, and odd behavior many times.

“Heavily edited” my ass. It was a damn highlight real of the many times Nancy has had some issues speaking.

“Heavily edited” 😂

I will bet Lindsey did not say anything!


King Of Irony Donald Trump Tweets About 'Low IQ' Joe 'Bidan,' Twitter Wits Can't Even (36)

'Joe Bidan for presidant! Tramp is terrafied he'll win the 2020 elaction,' notes one response.

The president enjoyed what he characterized as North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s dig at “low IQ” Joe Biden, Trump tweeted. Except Trump spelled the former vice president’s name “Joe Bidan.”

The best leadership can fail, but when you have a president like Trump who is dumb as a rock, Americans are profoundly hurt by his sheer ignorance -- farmers, technology, competition, and smartphone consumers of the future. We are heading for ruin.

He continues to prove over and over how ignorant and unbalanced he is!

He say’s anything to stay away from discussing policies. America is tried of hearing the name insults, and not being able to pronounce words correctly. Tried, tried, tried, tried of insults. Speak about some substance!

Why is no one else appalled by his awful behavior


'We already know there was an outrageous amount of corruption' at FBI, says Sarah Huckabee Sanders (35)

The press secretary would not say if President Trump would accept an investigation that results in the FBI being exonerated.

'We already know there was an outrageous amount of corruption' at FBI, says Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The only good thing that’s happen in the last six months is, we haven’t seen your lying ass in the press room!

Outrageous? Get out the fans. The heat in the room has risen.

PressSec makes stuff up. Most of us aren’t that gullible TrumpCoverUp

Shes the spitting image of Mary from Coronation Street


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