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Tim Allen: ‘I Kind Of Liked’ That Trump Pissed People Off (417)

“Once I realized that the last president pissed people off, I kind of liked that,' the 'Last Man Standing' star revealed in Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast.

The 'Last Man Standing' star revealed his thoughts on Trump in Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast.

Tim Allen, Bill Maher, and Piers Morgan are stranded on a desert island. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Lord_0f_Lords 😅🤣😂Me Too!!!

once on home improvement he made fun los angeles smog. from that day he was dead to me

I remember when he used to be funny...

He likes that I'm pissed off because 1/2 million died from the Tangerine Turd's non-response to a viral outbreak?


Biden calls Texas decision to reopen 'Neanderthal thinking' (280)

Top Biden administration officials say it's important for individuals to keep wearing masks and preventing COVID-19 cases as states like Texas move to reopen.

Pres. Biden calls Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to end his state's mask mandate 'neanderthal thinking.”

Then why not do a national mask mandate?

Name calling. Nice way to unite. Didn't people dislike this from President Trump? I think president Biden should lead as promised and not spend time trashing the previous administration and states' rights.

He touched his face at least 5 times, rendering the mask useless. So inspiring to see the leader of our country talking with a mask on😂😂😂

GovAbbott is doing this to undermine the amazing work you’ve done thus far the trying to sabotage you POTUS but you already know that sad part is they use American lives because they don’t give a shit about them

Can’t the Federal Government mandate masks? If not then why?


This US grocery chain will still require masks despite some states lifting mask mandates (263)

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

The Kroger grocery chain says people will still be required to wear masks in its stores across the US, despite the reversal of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi. Follow live updates on the pandemic.

Are they giving their employees extra pay for working in dangerous conditions?

Smartest decision ever. You want to keep people coming in your store make then wear a mask

I'll shop at HEB thanks.

Boycotting kroger 🖕🏼

How woke and Virtuos kroger The grocery store chain that DOESN'T require Masks will see a large Surge of customers.... cnn Covid covid


Meghan Markle 'Saddened' by Accusations of Bullying Days Ahead of Oprah Winfrey Interview (238)

The wife of Prince Harry was accused on Tuesday bullying royal aides to the points of tears, humiliation and 'shaking' during her time as a working member of the British royal family.

The wife of Prince Harry was accused of bullying royal aides to the points of tears, humiliation and 'shaking' during her time as a working member of the British royal family (via toofab)

TooFab SUCCESS GANG (Chief Keef sister Husband) A Hunned (Music Video)

TooFab no way she is a wonderful person

TooFab if the shoe fits cinderella...

TooFab Pffff all this stuff is more about racism than anything else....Leave her alone smh

TooFab There have been rumors about her awful behavior since Day 1 She is a liar 🤥 who talks about compassion but we have seen how badly she has treated her family and the family “she never had” She is not a nice person, just an insufferable narcissist 🙄🙄


An exhausted Texas ICU nurse says she's scared about an end to the state's mask mandate (196)

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'I'm scared of what this is going to look like.' A Texas ICU nurse said health care workers were seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but that was 'shut down' when Gov. Abbott said he was lifting the state's mask mandate and businesses' capacity limits.

JulianCastro You'll be fine.

CNN again brings in a random nurse...

ChrisCuomo Every person who loses a loved one in the next 2 or 3 weeks in the state of Texas should sue Gov Abbott for murder . 1000s of deaths are unnecessarily going to happen. God save us all .

ChrisCuomo I feel sorry for the healthcare workers and first responders. I will keep you in my prayers!

Smart nurse


Zack Snyder to Receive Honor From Hollywood Critics Association (Exclusive) (159)

The Hollywood Critics Association is set to give Zack Snyder its first-ever Valiant Award at the 4th Annual HCA Film Awards ceremony to stream virtually on Friday.

Zack Snyder to Receive Honor From Hollywood Critics Association (Exclusive)

He's a great dude. Never at one point did he talked back at those hating critics & haters who even trolled his daughter's death. He never exposed WB for the shit they did to him. He has such a loyal fanbase. He truly deserves this. ❤️

ZackSnyder ❤️🙌

Finally. He deserves this wholeheartedly. I absolutely love his films, and am happy for the boss ZackSnyder

Congrats Zack Snyder! Well deserved! Haters can suck it!


‘The Simpsons’ Renewed for Season 33 and 34 at Fox (157)

“The Simpsons” has been renewed for a Season 33 and 34 at Fox. At the conclusion of Season 34, slated for 2023, the iconic animated sitcom will have produced 757 episodes total. The landmark 700th …

‘The Simpsons’ Renewed for Season 33 and 34 at Fox

Cheers from Red Deer 💛♥️💛♥️💛♥️♥️♥️♥️

Most popular show on Disney+…quality is still great imo

Keep going till the wheels fall off. Fox doesnt have any new or good ideas anyway.


TOMORROW X TOGETHER Celebrate 2 Years as a Group (129)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is ringing in two years together as a group on Wednesday (March 3).

TOMORROW X TOGETHER are ringing in two years together as a group

new photo 🤲


TXTfanbaseina thank you for the article, but i know yall really like those photo, so here i bring you some a newer version of those photo for you to use as a cover. have a nice day!

Bestie they recreated that photo TWICE yet....



Will Smith Says He's Never Encountered a Smart Racist Person (125)

Will Smith breaks down the two forms of racism he says he's experienced.

Will Smith Says He's Never Encountered a Smart Racist Person

Well isn’t that saying he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else?

Ain't heard of a black cosmonaut yet, nor even a blackanese astronaut. Next whites in white labcoats will be giving an LGBTQ black person an award for being the first nonbinary to bake a butter biscuit onboard a space shuttle. With floating butter spinning off the magnetic plate.

Will Smith doesn't seem to realize that there are white supremacists doctors, lawyers, and judges that he sees on occasion. I wouldn't be surprised if white supremacists are hanging out in orbit on an international space station making the black astronauts do easy tasks.

I’m sure he’s included himself

Look in the mirror Will!


Mississippi told to pay $500K to wrongfully imprisoned man (122)

A judge is ordering Mississippi to pay $500,000 to a Black man who was wrongfully imprisoned more than 22 years

A judge is ordering the state of Mississippi to pay $500,000 to a Black man who was wrongfully imprisoned more than 22 years and was tried six times in a quadruple murder case.

Thank God maybe next time they won’t be quick to blame

$500,000 is nowhere near enough compensation for being incarcerated for a 3rd of your life for being black and minding your own damn business.

Should be a much Bigger amount!

22 years of his life he should get millions in compensation 😢😢😢😢😢🙏🏽♥️

That's works out to be $2.59 per hour over 22 years. Talk about getting screwed twice.


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