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House passes sweeping voting rights bill over GOP opposition (388)

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats passed sweeping voting and ethics legislation Wednesday over unanimous Republican opposition, advancing to the Senate what would be the largest overhaul of the...

BREAKING: House Democrats have approved sweeping voting and ethics legislation, sending to the Senate what would be the largest overhaul of U.S. election law in at least a generation.

What does that mean?

They know that low information voters, young indoctrinated voters' who is percieved to be nicest person voters and finally 16 year olds mostly all vote Democrat

Anyone want to bet that Rand Paul finds SOME libertarian excuse to kill the bill? I've got $5 on it 😄‼️

This purely devistating. We will be voting like 3rd world countries. There will be no checks and balances to assure safe and fraud free elections. We are now to the point that Stalin opined to, 'it doesn't matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes'.

Watch Joe Manchin show his ass. Money bet. 😅


WSJ News Exclusive | A Military Strike in Syria Shows Biden Team at Work (231)

The U.S. strike on a small militia encampment in eastern Syria occurred after President Biden, directing his first known military operation, decided at the last minute against hitting a second target when told 25 minutes before the bombs were to land that a woman and children were at the site and would surely be killed.

President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area

LMFAO. The propaganda continues - Biden the human president

Sure he did. Can't help but lie in every article. Lost all credibility years ago. Almost down to Enquirer level. You'll get there. Keep publishing lies and nonsense. FoxNews OANN CNN

Trump would have blown those two up. Any magat in these threads acting like striking Syria was optional are the same ones pretending Trump wasn't striking people.

What about the 129-8666917;993 other times they’ve killed innocent civilians?.

Lol. He doesn’t give two shits. He would veto Medicare for all in the USA!


Biden's 1st 100 days live updates: Biden sets sights on infrastructure (201)

Live updates from the first 100 days President Joe Biden's administration.

Press sec. Psaki tells marykbruce Pres. Biden's 'neanderthal' comment, made about states repealing COVID measures, 'was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which I think may American people have.'

marykbruce PressSec is a real pro!

marykbruce Trump did absolutely nothing but gaslight and golf.

marykbruce Not exactly a question I would be proud of, marykbruce . It has been obvious from the beginning of the Biden admin. that you are a Trumper. Enjoy watching DavidMuir on abc but when you come on the air, it is always cringeworthy. Wish you would exit . It deserves better.

marykbruce Psaki bomb!!

insidereporter1 marykbruce Again the ref-worked MSM, cowed by decades of bad-faith conservative hectoring, has learned nothing. Why are you in the media so anxious to give credit to the would-be Mussolini? Tired of American democracy?


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (176)

BREAKING: The House has passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a police reform bill that would ban chokeholds and eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement.

Police are not the problem. Wasting tax payer money for foolishness.

buffaloon Sorry one more had to die for it. Peaceful protesting sometimes works. Domestic terrorism? Not so much.

Love the artwork on the cover

RENEEWEATHERS2 And knees in neck please

SethGreen It's about time.


Texas power grid CEO fired after deadly February blackouts (166)

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas' power grid manager was fired Wednesday amid growing calls for his ouster following February's deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat...

BREAKING: Texas’ power grid manager has been fired following February’s deadly blackouts that left millions of people without electricity and heat for days.

I seriously doubt it matters. I’m sure his pockets are lined.

Now fire GregAbbott_TX

Good! Just don't forget that the Governor screwed up as well.

Where are the 'criminal' charges? People are dead because of his and other's choices and decisions🤨 People get locked up for selling some drugs or stealing some food from a grocery store. exposehypocrisy TexasBlackout PolarVortexTestimony

I hope the good people of Texas “fire” Abbot too.


TOMORROW X TOGETHER Celebrate 2 Years as a Group (152)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is ringing in two years together as a group on Wednesday (March 3).

TOMORROW X TOGETHER are ringing in two years together as a group

Thank u bestie but why do you use their pre debut pic?

It been two years but you guys still using their debut picture Here you go latest one thanks me later mfs

Here have these

Happy anniversary TXT_members !! 💜

Heppy anniversary Tomorrow by Together ❤️❤️❤️


McConnell opposes $1,400 stimulus checks because he thinks people could stop working (152)

The Senate Minority Leader also predicted that Senate Democrats will unite and pass Biden's $1.9 trillion bill soon.

McConnell opposes $1,400 stimulus checks because he thinks people could stop working

$1400.00 to stop working? Doesn’t he know that doesn’t even cover most people’s rent?! He is so out of touch.

He would know, he barely works

Lol yes. 1400. Let me quit my job because you can pay for one month of rent. Not even enough for my other bills, JUST the rent. Yup. Totally gonna quit.

Show us how, LeaderMcConnell. (Please) quit your job and show us how to live on a 1-time $1400 check. I’d love to know.

Why are we talking to turtles?


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (149)

U.S. bishops are advising Catholics to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over the Johnson & Johnson shot, if given the option, after raising moral issues with its use abortion-derived fetal cell lines.

Oh yeah, the moral high ground of pedophiles... I mean... The audacity of this cult.

The pope said it was fine tho?!?

Amazing that the US Bishops are mandating something even the Pope has not required. It’s almost as if the US Bishops are learning from far right evangelicals.

I am sure the Catholic Church is well aware and educated on vaccine ingredients and their effects on the human body which is where God lives. Because Morals and Science go hand in hand...🙄

The Pope would says use the J&J Vaccine. The Bishops are wrong.


‎It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders: Author Torrey Peters On Seeing Through A Trans Lens on Apple Podcasts (144)

‎Show It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, Ep Author Torrey Peters On Seeing Through A Trans Lens - Mar 2, 2021

Detransition narratives are often weaponized against trans people. Torrey Peters says it’s time for trans people to reclaim them. Listen to her chat with Sam Sanders on NPRItsBeenaMin ➡️

ItsBeenAMin What? No one owns someone else’s story - what is wrong with you? Detransitioners are people too - or have you forgotten So disappointed in NPR.

ItsBeenAMin Why don't you allow an actual detransitioner to address this slander!?

ItsBeenAMin NPR is trying to participate in covering things up, I see...

ItsBeenAMin So do the narratives of Protestants belong to…Catholics?

ItsBeenAMin What the fuck does that mean? How does detransitioning belong to trans people? Detransitioners are not trans, by definition.


Police request 60-day extension of Guard at US Capitol (132)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Capitol Police have requested that members of the National Guard continue to provide security at the U.S. Capitol for another two months, The Associated Press has learned....

BREAKING: Capitol Police ask that the National Guard remain at the U.S. Capitol for two more months, reflecting continued security concerns.

Biden sure is scared of something!

Funny how the communists in power seem to feel the need for security from those that the believe they rule

interesting that the fun control president has a whole standing army protecting him

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

That's a vote of non confidence for US Intelligence.


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