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Trump's CPAC speech repeats false election fraud claims, teases 2024 presidential run (304)

The former president also attacked Republicans who supported his second impeachment.

In a sprawling keynote address, former Pres. Trump delivered a speech filled with many of the same false election fraud claims that he has repeated since losing to the election to Pres. Biden in November.

Please stop reporting Podesta’s Pied Piper strategy. One would see how that backfired the first time eh?..

Can we just stop talking about him for one day?

shinymombot Unless he's dead or in jail, quit posting this crap. Like we didn't know he was gonna lie again.

Trump delivered the GOP's message, with the same tropes as we have heard from the right wing for the last year ... plus a few new references to 'communism' just to add seasoning to a distasteful stew.


Gov. Cuomo responds to mounting backlash with independent review into sexual harassment allegations (283)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has responded to backlash over sexual harassment allegations by announcing a review of the claims by an independent investigator selected by the AG.

BREAKING: In wake of mounting backlash, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces independent review to be launched into sexual harassment allegations against him. He has denied the allegations.

let this be a lesson to you men folk,Do not be caught in a room alone with a woman you might find your ass wakin up in jail

johnsullivannow Is it just me or has everyone noticed how quiet 'ME TOO' movement foaming at the mouth Alyssa Milano has been quiet in this Andrew Cuomo case? Are they friends? She was like a rabid dog with Brett Kavanaugh.

Did Trump resign after being accused of rape? The media can pick and chose who they want to destroy.

johnsullivannow Sleazebag

What happened to the metoo why isn't anyone responding to this oh must be because he's a Democrat


Trump CPAC speech revives 'rigged' election lie, declares political journey 'far from over' (272)

The former president stopped short of formally announcing his 2024 intentions.

In a speech at CPAC, fmr. Pres. Trump declares his political journey as 'far from over,' but stops short of formally announcing his 2024 intentions.

If there was ever any doubt about his mental state, it should be obvious now; he's nuts.

If you stop reporting about -45 he will fade away

Well, if 45s core group of followers won’t set him down, hopefully the criminal justice system will!

The fact that 45 is a potential 2024 Presidential candidate is disturbing. If inciting a deadly riot on our nation’s capital doesn’t disqualify you, what will? And he still has the audacity to STILL call himself a “patriot”!


Trump teases 2024 run in CPAC remarks attacking Biden, Republican critics (259)

The former president renewed old grievances in his first formal speech since leaving the White House.

Trump laced into his successor on Sunday, excoriating Biden for what he called “the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history” and suggesting he may run again in 2024

Can't run if your in PRISON

: maybe this should read 'Twice impeached conspiracy theorist Donald Trump, who a majority of senators voted to convict, criticizes 1st month of Biden, who beat him by 8 million votes.' Please stop sucking.

How low can Politico go? Just keep watching.

Doesn't it sound like is rooting for trump the insurrectionist?

don't care. tell us about people who matter.


With gold-colored Trump statue, conservatives show fealty to former president (180)

U.S. conservatives praised Donald Trump at an annual gathering on Friday, even unveiling a golden statue of the former president, showing he remains a Republican political force despite violent scenes in Washington last month.

Conservatives praised Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference and unveiled a golden statue of the former president


As if he was not ugly enough!

So, someone sneaked in a caricature in form of a statue and no one on the conference noticed?

Worshipping a golden idol, are they now ?


Trump Speaks At CPAC In First Appearance Since Leaving White House (168)

The former president used his speech at the conservative convention to bash the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.

The former president used his speech at the conservative convention to bash the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.

That’s nothing new, losers always do

Looks like the Democrats will be in for a long time because the GOP havn't got a hope in hell with Trump at the helm.

With exactly the same speech as he has been using for the past 5 years!

I'm sure Trump can't deal with Biden's 60% approval which is fifteen points higher than what he averaged!

Well, that is typical for him & do we really care? He is a LOSER & A TRAITOR - that's all we need to know!


Rooster kills Indian man during banned cockfight (119)

HYDERABAD, India (AP) — A man was killed by a rooster with a blade tied to its leg during an illegal cockfight in southern India, police said, bringing focus on a practice that continues in some...

A rooster with a 3-inch knife tied to its leg killed its owner during an illegal cockfight, police in southern India say. The man's death has brought focus on a practice that continues in some Indian states despite a decades-old ban.

cock 1, dick 0

It is a thing in the US as well.

What a way to die, said karma

Just maybe this will stop!



Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine (108)

Olympic champion sprinter Yohan Blake of Jamaica said he would rather miss the Tokyo Games than get the COVID-19 vaccine, although getting vaccinated will not be required of the athletes competing there this summer.

Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine

So they don’t want to wear masks. Don’t want to be able to vacation. But also don’t want believe in vaccines. We’re never gonna get back to any type of normal of people keep being r worded bout this

Well done

Exactly......ain't nobody putting that stuff in my body!

someone respects their body clearly.

Yes🙌🙌 And there are people on here saying that he should FORFEIT HIS BODILY AUTONOMY? Have any of you read history?🙄🙄


White House defends decision not to punish Saudi crown prince, says U.S. does not sanction foreign leaders (104)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the United States would recalibrate its relationship with Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Trump administration.

White House defends decision not to punish Saudi crown prince, says U.S. does not sanction foreign leaders

This is not true and also dumb

fucking pathetic

Our President and his Administration is the Biggest Lie in the last 40 years! You should be ashamed !

LMAO, this is no different than Trump's lies


Trump railed against the ‘deep state,’ but he also built his own. Biden is trying to dismantle it. (87)

From high-high level agencies to low-level boards, Biden's administration is trying to rid the broader federal bureaucracy of Trump loyalists.

Former President Trump embedded dozens of his own political appointees in career government positions and appointed other loyalists to influential boards and groups. Now, the Biden admin. is trying to rid the broader federal bureaucracy of Trump loyalists.

Please remember to flush twice.

Good. Keep going Joe! Get rid of them all!

deskspud RemoveAllTrumpers

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You failed to report that every Administration does that, and in fact there were vastly more installed from the Obama/Biden Administration than Trump.


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