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German Radio Host Makes Racist Remarks About BTS (552)

He compared the group to a 'virus.'

We won't tolerate this.

RACISM IS NOT AN OPINION. Matuschik_OUT NOtoRacism NEINzuRassismus

RACISM IS NOT AN OPINION Wir sind gegen Rassismus 우리는 인종 차별을 반대합니다 Bayern3_racism NOtoRacism NEINzuRassismus

ArmyPowerMex RacismIsNotAnOpinion

RND_de before calling us crazy fans and attacking maybe u guys could look deep into the matter, learn what really happened and what we are protesting and then write ur stories. if not believeing us read what medias ALL OVER THE WORLD HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS MATTER Bayern3_racism

thanks for the love 💜💜💜


US implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist's killing (519)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Saudi Arabia's crown prince likely approved an operation to kill or capture a U.S.-based journalist inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, according to a newly declassified U.S....

BREAKING: U.S. officials believe Saudi crown prince approved operation to 'capture or kill' journalist Jamal Khashoggi, says newly released document.

There’s not a thing goes on that the Saudi’s Crown Prince isn’t aware of and only allowed to occur if to his liking. Watch the movie/documentary the Dissident. It’s important to understand his network of Flys.

Believed is the operative word here....that part of the world doesn't give much away

Biden just attached Syria !!

Even if its true, Sometimes USA needs to minds its business and let the rest of the World have some peace

Morning_Joe You know what it’s their country. Let’s keep our nose out of it. And fix our own problems


Demi Lovato Says Gender Reveal Parties Are Transphobic (490)

The 28-year-old singer reposted an article that claims the trendy celebrations are based on a 'belief system that presumes non-trans people to be more 'natural' than trans people.'

'There are boys with vaginas and girls with penises' (via toofab)


TooFab Who is this Demi? Never heard of Him 😂

TooFab When are we going to stop labeling things by their color? And I don’t mean skin color. We always talk about the sky being blue, grass is green, etc. WHAT ABOUT COLOR BLIND PEOPLE!?!?!? How pompous to call things by their color when you KNOW some people don’t see it that way!

TooFab With that haircut i’m leaning towards Demi having a penis..

TooFab When we colonize the Moon or Mars I’m on the first shuttle Earth is getting way to complicated


‘Superman’ Reboot In The Works At Warner Bros With Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing, J.J. Abrams Producing (317)

Deadline has confirmed that author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman reboot feature for Warner Bros and DC, which J.J. Abrams is producing under his Bad Robot label. Hannah Minghella will serv…

‘Superman’ Reboot In The Works At Warner Bros With Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing, J.J. Abrams Producing

I am out. Henry Cavill is Superman. HenryCavillSuperman wbpictures hbomax WarnerMedia ATT warnerbros WBHomeEnt

Then snydercut and flash would b my last dceu movie. It was a pain being dceu fan when a studio destroys your favourite franchise



Calvin Ellis yes Clark Kent f!k no. I would watch Micheal b Jordan as Calvin Ellis but with that terrible human being and terrible writer hell to the f!k no. Anyone that claims first responders are a menace and preaches black victimology will ruin superman and anything else.


Ted Cruz mocks mask rules, AOC’s Capitol riot response in CPAC speech (230)

During an energetic speech to conservative activists, the Texas senator played to the crowd.

In CPAC speech, Sen. Cruz mocks Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's fear during the violent Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Ocasio-Cortez said she feared for her life during the riot during an Instagram Live video in January.

I just do NOT understand WHY little TedCruz is fighting SO hard NOT to wear a mask?! I drive school van, I have 5 year Olds wearing masks! If he thinks he's SO special that HE alone shouldn't have to wear one?! Think again!



So your stupid a.. thought you were ok ? Courage is not defined as the absence of fear . It is the fact of overcoming it . Not running to Mexico .

Should wear the mask just to cover his ugliness


You Have to See George Clooney Recite the Lyrics to BTS' 'Dynamite' (203)

As part of a virtual celebration for W's annual Best Performances Issue, one of the magazine's cover stars, George Clooney, performed a Lyrical Improv reading of BTS' 'Dynamite.'

Did George Clooney just join the ARMY? Watch the Oscar winner recite the lyrics to BTS' first No. 1 Hot 100 hit 'Dynamite'

RMGlobalUnion COOL Now talk about this Matuschik_OUT NOtoRacism NEINzuRassismus

Also calling himself Bradd Pit was Gold 🤭🤭🐐

Flyleen_98 Ofcrs he can IT IS IN ENGLISH 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 Learn LGO lyrics

lol you're a joke

Great! And now write about something more important, like being subject of racism ONCE AGAIN! Bayern3_Rassismus Bayern3Racism MatuschikOUT


'No smoking gun,' 'We are all Mohammed bin Salman,' say crown prince supporters (203)

'No smoking gun,' pro-government Saudi commentators concluded in response to a U.S. intelligence assessment that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had approved the operation to capture or kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

'No smoking gun,' 'We are all Mohammed bin Salman,' say crown prince supporters

ALL_OF_US_MBS 💚🇸🇦💚🇸🇦

It is not only about to support prince Mohammad .. it its about our dreams that he lead ❤️❤️

Yes, we are all Mohammed bin Salman

MBS supports, why don't you call things by their name 'The saudi people'

كلنا_محمد_بن_سلمان AllOfUsMBS If you didn’t know who are the Saudis, please enjoy learning.


House passes Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief package (173)

The House of Representatives voted early Saturday morning to approve President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package, a major step toward enacting the first legislative priority of the new administration as the devastating fallout from the spread of Covid-19 has left Americans in dire need of further relief.

The House passes the $1.9 trillion Covid aid package, a major step in easing some of the pain caused by the pandemic. It next goes to the Senate.

Let’s see a breakdown of where all the money is going. There are about 150 million taxpayers in the USA and 331 million total citizens. So that’s somewhere between $5700-12,600 per citizen. That amount of money could really help out a lot of people right now.

But go ahead and think that these Democrat leaders are doing you a good dead while they go home to there mansions with millions of dollars in the bank while most of America struggles. They know what’s best for the common American. These leaders don’t care about us. Only themselve

I’m other words, they will give you a pennies while they pad their pockets!!!

Getting one check isn’t going to do much for most families or individuals. Opening businesses back up and getting the economy back to where it was will though. It’s time Everybody sees the coronavirus for what it really is. It’s the seasonal flu. No more harmful than that.

People don’t understand that most of this money doesn’t go to them. Some people are only getting 1,400 directly. Why wouldn’t you people want the money to go to your employers so they can afford to stay open and then you can get more than one check?


US intelligence report finds Saudi Crown Prince responsible for approving operation that killed Khashoggi (172)

The US intelligence report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi says that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman approved the operation to capture or kill the Saudi journalist.

A long-awaited declassified US intelligence report on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi finds the Saudi Crown Prince approved the operation

Wealth, arrogance, self righteous, oh I forgot spoiled, shame on you and the shame you’ve shown the world crown prince

So what a non US citizen and the allegedly happened in another country. How is this our issue?

Why the logo of the Democrats is the donkey?

Where is the evidence ?! Just keep repeat we estimate GIVE US EVIDENCE OR SHUT UP 🤐

Democracy: the rule of persons, not the rule of laws


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (160)

An 18-year-old who is believed to be the youngest person charged in the insurrection allegedly assaulted a federal officer. His lawyers paint him a 'very naive' teen radicalized by social media. Prosecutors see a young man intent on violence.

I call bull sh*t! He knew exactly what he was doing. He's an adult, not a 2 year old.

Dina He’s best known for building treehouses? Really? Have you talked to anyone in this community? That’s so far from the truth it’s laughable. You need to get the full story before you write your articles. Very disappointed in this.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. That's what they tell Black folks when they send them to jail. Same applies to hateful ignorance

Dig a little deeper, npr. Was he radicalized on parler_app or Twitter or Facebook ? Only one of those was destroyed by leftists and politicians and big tech. Save your narrative. EnemyOfThePeople

Judges are handing out house arrest organic food and community service so I'm sure they will get him some of that.


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