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Gov. Cuomo responds to mounting backlash with independent review into sexual harassment allegations (282)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has responded to backlash over sexual harassment allegations by announcing a review of the claims by an independent investigator selected by the AG.

BREAKING: In wake of mounting backlash, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces independent review to be launched into sexual harassment allegations against him. He has denied the allegations.

johnsullivannow Is it just me or has everyone noticed how quiet 'ME TOO' movement foaming at the mouth Alyssa Milano has been quiet in this Andrew Cuomo case? Are they friends? She was like a rabid dog with Brett Kavanaugh.

Did Trump resign after being accused of rape? The media can pick and chose who they want to destroy.

johnsullivannow Sleazebag

What happened to the metoo why isn't anyone responding to this oh must be because he's a Democrat

The second alleged victim claims he asked her when the last time she hugged someone (she implies he meant sexually). He didn't ask her for a hug. Without more information, does this act, no matter how awkward, amount to sexual harassment?


Trump CPAC speech revives 'rigged' election lie, declares political journey 'far from over' (235)

The former president stopped short of formally announcing his 2024 intentions.

In a speech at CPAC, fmr. Pres. Trump declares his political journey as 'far from over,' but stops short of formally announcing his 2024 intentions.

Trump realized this is the only way he can fleece America (raised 250M so far) . 74+ million fellow Americans actually voted for this lying racist. Very disturbing. Personally this is how I judge a person I meet now, if u voted for Trump in 2020, u are not worthy. Period.

Gawd I DO NOT MISS the former guy

Alternative reality

Deport him back to Germany.

You cannot run a country from a prison cell!


Trump teases 2024 run in CPAC remarks attacking Biden, Republican critics (196)

The former president renewed old grievances in his first formal speech since leaving the White House.

Trump laced into his successor on Sunday, excoriating Biden for what he called “the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history” and suggesting he may run again in 2024

Trump's mom is a disaster.. for giving birth to this disaster.

Trump 'teased' that he may run because he can continue to finance the con game he's running on his gullible sheep! 🐑🐑🐑

Trump is jealous cause he’s a loser and he would be right for once in his life

O - 3 🤔

He has gotten away with everything. No accountability. The weakest man I have ever seen hold the stage we are giving him.


With gold-colored Trump statue, conservatives show fealty to former president (179)

U.S. conservatives praised Donald Trump at an annual gathering on Friday, even unveiling a golden statue of the former president, showing he remains a Republican political force despite violent scenes in Washington last month.

Conservatives praised Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference and unveiled a golden statue of the former president

As if he was not ugly enough!

So, someone sneaked in a caricature in form of a statue and no one on the conference noticed?

Worshipping a golden idol, are they now ?



Trump Speaks At CPAC In First Appearance Since Leaving White House (162)

The former president used his speech at the conservative convention to bash the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.

The former president used his speech at the conservative convention to bash the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.


From potus to potty in such a short time!

Don’t give oxygen to the loser

Oh he can huff and puff but he’s NOT GOING TO BLOW THE RIGHT MAN DOWN


Trump's CPAC speech repeats false election fraud claims, teases 2024 presidential run (143)

The former president also attacked Republicans who supported his second impeachment.

In a sprawling keynote address, former Pres. Trump delivered a speech filled with many of the same false election fraud claims that he has repeated since losing to the election to Pres. Biden in November.

It's hard for him to count because of his tiny baby hands.

Nice to see Media continuing to blast Trump! Regular folk still love Trump and hope he will run in 2024 !


No change to the bullshit then....


Rooster kills Indian man during banned cockfight (119)

HYDERABAD, India (AP) — A man was killed by a rooster with a blade tied to its leg during an illegal cockfight in southern India, police said, bringing focus on a practice that continues in some...

A rooster with a 3-inch knife tied to its leg killed its owner during an illegal cockfight, police in southern India say. The man's death has brought focus on a practice that continues in some Indian states despite a decades-old ban.

cock 1, dick 0

It is a thing in the US as well.

What a way to die, said karma

Just maybe this will stop!



Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine (100)

Olympic champion sprinter Yohan Blake of Jamaica said he would rather miss the Tokyo Games than get the COVID-19 vaccine, although getting vaccinated will not be required of the athletes competing there this summer.

Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine

Well done! No reason for a healthy young man to take a vaccine for an illness that causes only light discomfort in his age group. He could just aswell be taking birthcontrol pills 😂

Somewhere out there in a parallel universe Blake didnt take up athletics because he contracted polio when he was 3.

Not all great athletes are intelligent.

Perhaps he is aware of the fact that the Japanese public will not be able to get vaccinated until the spring of 2022。 And that the majority of Japanese do not want the Olympics to take place.


White House defends decision not to punish Saudi crown prince, says U.S. does not sanction foreign leaders (99)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the United States would recalibrate its relationship with Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Trump administration.

White House defends decision not to punish Saudi crown prince, says U.S. does not sanction foreign leaders

More proof of the heathen nations working together. Christ will sort out the evil doer's, and make them pay. Stay strong real Jews of Judea.

After all, it is all about money and power

hes acting like a tough dog, but dont forget they found sadam in a ditch after he crossed the line.

“ Murder is cool as long as you are in charge “


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (98)

'Evangelicalism, and white evangelicalism in particular, has been susceptible to the heresy of Christian nationalism because of a long history of faith leaders accommodating white supremacy. ... We do not want to be quiet accomplices in this on-going sin.'

If you are HUMAN, speak out against inequality, racism, white supremacy, white nationalists. Speak out against HATRED. These are not attributes. None of these serve anyone. Instead, speak up for LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️

What took them so long to be honest with the American People and call out this bigotry that Christianity has come to embrace?

The saved do not steal. GOP's steal by making laws that allow the wealthy to steal more than their fair share of America. 'Thieves do not belong in Heaven.' GOP's lead people away from Heaven.

Evangelicalism IS the problem with Christianity. Millions believe they're saved because they mouthed some magic words, but their lives aren't changed. It's all about growth, ie money. Small close knit community churches have been replaced with huge gleaming temples of excess.


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