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WSJ News Exclusive | A Military Strike in Syria Shows Biden Team at Work (318)

The U.S. strike on a small militia encampment in eastern Syria occurred after President Biden, directing his first known military operation, decided at the last minute against hitting a second target when told 25 minutes before the bombs were to land that a woman and children were at the site and would surely be killed.

President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area

sum of the dumbest shit ive heard. stop tryna make him look all good guy

Let’s be honest, Syria is a 7 hour time difference from DC. Biden wasn’t even awake for this “last-minute intelligence”

Stop trying to make it sound like Biden has any idea what’s going on. He was probably sleeping.

What a pacifist!! Total compassion 🥺 hero (literally saved lives), unlike TRUMP 😡 😤 💀

Wonder if that dummy Bobo McQnut will comment.. She was awfully concerned.


Biden's 1st 100 days live updates: Biden sets sights on infrastructure (256)

Live updates from the first 100 days President Joe Biden's administration.

Press sec. Psaki tells marykbruce Pres. Biden's 'neanderthal' comment, made about states repealing COVID measures, 'was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which I think may American people have.'

marykbruce Trump gets credit for lying, selling our stockpile, denying tests & DPA, antimask fury, armed reopen protests, suing blue states on mandates, taking no responsibility but stealing PPEs from Dem states, holding spreader rallies & peddling fake cures, short ordering & 'losing' vax

marykbruce She is totally right , Trump is totally responsible. He didn’t warn of the pandemic being an airborne transmission, didn’t endorse masks or social distancing. Hid the fact he got the vaccination, and then held super spreader events. Criminally negligent

marykbruce That gets an unfollow.

marykbruce I love that she asks reporters questions so they can’t get their sound bites. Come with substance and be ready with facts with Psaki

marykbruce Boom. Enough said.


Autopsy: California's 'I-5 Strangler' was strangled himself (253)

Officials say a California serial killer who strangled and raped at least seven women was fatally choked himself in a state prison

A serial killer who strangled and raped at least seven women was fatally choked inside a California prison, officials say.

Not that I’m grieving this horrible mans death. But how does this happen?

The face you make when you see KARMA has been served...


Is he dead? If not, DAMN, choke him more, shank his ass😡🤬‼️

Karma doesn’t forget...


Police request 60-day extension of Guard at US Capitol (178)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Capitol Police have requested that members of the National Guard continue to provide security at the U.S. Capitol for another two months, The Associated Press has learned....

BREAKING: Capitol Police ask that the National Guard remain at the U.S. Capitol for two more months, reflecting continued security concerns.


They are going to change the USA's MONEY ...people will be not HAPPY CAMPERS

'We're just going to keep the fences and armed guards around because reasons.' Seems legit.

Ridiculous nonsense. Send these troops home and quit using them as props.

If they want the NATIONAL GUARD for however long, they should be shown the respect they deserve and be given BETTER accomodations than they have


North Carolina Cop Under Fire for Choking, Hanging Police Dog by its Leash (178)

A cop in North Carolina is under fire for hanging a K-9 by its leash and slamming it into his squad car -- all while someone laughed and said, 'We're good, no witnesses.'

North Carolina Cop Under Fire for Choking, Hanging Police Dog by its Leash

I hope someone does that cop the way he just did the dog. Piece of shit human.

Send him to jail

There shouldn’t be police dogs at all! It’s always something. Cops beating them, leaving them in hot vehicles, and this!!! He should be charged with assault against an officer!

Peace of shit

Disgusting. Truly.


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (157)

U.S. bishops are advising Catholics to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over the Johnson & Johnson shot, if given the option, after raising moral issues with its use abortion-derived fetal cell lines.

Good. I hope that none of them will take it. That would result in an increased chance for me to get the vaccine.

That is fair. I love it when folks exercising their rights dont impact my rights.

Us Bishops need to be more concerned about cleaning up their own houses.

The same church leaders that his the sex abuse scandal for centuries

Ah yes, the Catholics. So in support of life they’ll let people die instead getting a vaccine that could save their lives...


Former Trump appointees say they’re still waiting on their vacation payouts (151)

Some former political appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent.

Some former Trump appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent

why do u idiots show a pic of the dumpster? I don't want to see his ugly mug anymore and u just bolster his wilting aura.

Fucking classic.

People know he had to do a pizza commercial and burger king? I think it was burger king 🤔

🤣 did they expect him to come through? Um there's a documentary they must see that's got all his 'businesses' he claims to own but doesn't, just cause his name is on a building doesn't mean its his, actually people paid to have that name because of his dad now they're paying to

Cry me a river


Newsom Wants Californians To Wear Two Masks; Will Not Follow “Terrible Mistake” Being Made Texas, Florida (141)

“We will be doubling down on mask wearing,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday, “not arguing to follow the example of Texas and other states that I think are making…

Newsom Calls For Double-Masking In California; Will Not Follow “Terrible Mistake” Being Made Texas, Florida

Normally when someone doubles-down on stupidity, it's not literally two-ply.

Yet another reason to RecallGavinNewsom

Lol retard Newsome. I'm so glad i live in Texas


I guess he WANTS to lead the nation in deaths.


6ix9ine Says He's Not a Snitch or a Rat Because Gang Members Betrayed Him (118)

Tekashi dishes on life post-prison and whether he has any regrets about turning state's witness.

6ix9ine Says He's Not a Snitch or a Rat Because Gang Members Betrayed Him


Ain't he the white guy acting like he's a black guy doesn't that mean he's imitating and mocking a race

I couldn’t even focus on the video because I was too mesmerized by that weak ass beard. You can see right through it.

U play in tht life..gtta accept all it comes wit


NPR Cookie Consent and Choices (115)

As Trump's Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao used her position and agency staff to help with personal errands, marketing her dad's book, and to help family members who run a shipping business with ties to China, a new IG report finds.


Much ado about nothing? What is the point of the OIG investigation, if in the final reckoning it comes to nothing?

Biden's son did what?


Lock her up?


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