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Texas and Mississippi said they're lifting COVID-19 restrictions, including mask mandates, a day after CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned states that 'now is not the time' to do so.

Texas ... a state that failed to keep its citizens from freezing because of 'freedom' ... sure let's listen to what they have to say.

Goes without saying but just my opinion I think the elected officials in Texas are actively trying to hurt they citizens , last year the Ltd. Governor said elderly should sacrifice themselves , then the crazy issues with they power now this🤷🏾‍♀️ yall be careful ya here

What more can be said millions more dead

I would still wear a mask out in public and carry hand sanitizer. We just need to get thru this year and make sure the world gets the vaccine so we can stop the spread.

Lets go Texas and Mississippi, start the positive wave once it for all. Wish the other are going to follow you.


Texas governor lifts mask mandate despite health officials' warnings (406)

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Gov. Greg Abbott has announced that he's lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions

FREEDOM. Finally a Governor that gets it !!!!!

Which health officials? Probably those with stock in the pharmaceutical companies. None are quoted in the article. I see a judge and a retail lobbyist. Way raise the FUD, CNN.

This is ridiculous! Start stocking up on ventilators! (VERY SAD) And they should restrict Texans from traveling elsewhere. You will be putting other lives in danger! I feel bad for Texas they just went through so much and now they are about to dig themselves deeper! Sheez!

Covid is an airborne virus. Unmasking in Texas affects the entire world’s health and exposure to the virus courtesy of Gov. Abbott. Biden should stop all federal funding to Texas effective immediately. Texas put Abbott&Cruz in office.Give Texas the opportunity to get rid of them.

Complete foolishness. Enough said


Tim Allen: ‘I Kind Of Liked’ That Trump Pissed People Off (325)

“Once I realized that the last president pissed people off, I kind of liked that,' the 'Last Man Standing' star revealed in Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast.

The 'Last Man Standing' star revealed his thoughts on Trump in Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast.

Perhaps he is just like Trump! How sad is that!

Well Timmy, Trump pissed us off enough to throw his ass out. Happy now?

Tim Allen, like all Trump supporters, enjoys cruelty.

No shit Tim. But pissing people off =\\= telling the truth

Tim Allen is literally a Nazi


Jeff Bezos would pay over $5 billion a year under Warren's wealth tax (290)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the tax is even more urgent during the Covid crisis, as the pandemic has exposed and accelerated America's wealth gap.

Jeff Bezos would owe $5,700,000,000 in taxes for 2020 under the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act proposed by Sen. Sanders and a group of Senate and House Democrats. - CNBC



CNBC It’s a start

CNBC Yeah...and?

CNBC Can this be done in reconciliation?


Mississippi governor lifting county mask mandates starting tomorrow (155)

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has announced the state is lifting its county mask mandates and allowing businesses to operate at full capacity starting tomorrow

Disinformation, falsification, compulsion, crying to elicit pity, and demagoguery are typical characteristics of the Narcist TPLF desperado. JustinTrudeau DeputyPM_Canada TheBlackCaucus tonyaveasey Blklivesmatter RevJJackson aliciagarza opalayo UnityFo

TateReeves The family of Tate Reeves appear to be happy about the brilliant decision

Mot nguoi phu nu binh thuong,ngoai cong viec va lo cho con,thich duoc di choi,ngoi cafe voi ban be,thich di dao noi chuyen cuoc song

Question: if someone's family member gets covid-19 and dies can they sue the governor for wrongful death

It’s a race to the bottom between Texas and Mississippi


BTS, Got7, Shinee, Sunmi And Monsta X’s I.M: Essential Moves On This Week’s World Songs Chart (145)

BTS collect their twenty-sixth No. 1 hit as Monsta X's I.M makes a splash with his first solo album.

BTS, Got7, Shinee, Sunmi And Monsta X’s I.M: Essential Moves On This Week’s World Songs Chart

IT'S ENCORE TIME Go and listen to 'ENCORE' song release ✌in there newly made YouTube channel and all music platforms. 💚. GOT7Official GOT7

OfficialMonstaX DUALITY Definitely NO skip Album of the Year 몬스타엑스 MonstaX OfficialMonstaX

Yup 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

OfficialMonstaX MONSTA X KINGS❤ OfficialMonstaX official__wonho MONSTAX WONHO

OfficialMonstaX bts and got7 really did that 😌‼️


First on CNN: Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, drank alcohol and took Ambien while working as White House physician, Pentagon watchdog finds (145)

The Department of Defense inspector general has issued a scathing review of Rep. Ronny Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, concluding that he made 'sexual and denigrating' comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.

Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, violated alcohol policy and took sleeping pills when he was White House physician, Pentagon watchdog report finds

All at the same time?

Big surprise

And this should surprise - nobody.

No wonder why he saw a perfect health report on Diaper Donald this was after he flirted with that blonde 👱‍♀️ finished his whiskey and took his sleeping pills then talked to Media


Kayleigh McEnany Joins Fox News as Commentator (137)

The former White House press secretary is among the most prominent veterans of the Trump administration to be hired by the cable network.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is joining Fox News, bringing one of the Trump administration’s most prominent figures to the cable channel

Ok. That was predictable. I think she'll do well...

She's got a job at Fake News, given to her for her performance as the press secretary of the 'former guy', BC nobody else would employ her.

I might want to watch once but with her all you get is reruns. She has really let her self go too.

Faux news doubling down on the lies by hiring kayleighmcenany, one of the worst press secretaries we have had. And thats comparing her to our other favorite scumbags, seanspicer and SarahHuckabee



Zack Snyder to Receive Honor From Hollywood Critics Association (Exclusive) (117)

The Hollywood Critics Association is set to give Zack Snyder its first-ever Valiant Award at the 4th Annual HCA Film Awards ceremony to stream virtually on Friday.

Zack Snyder to Receive Honor From Hollywood Critics Association (Exclusive)

Lmao now retire

This is so heartwarming. He totally deserves it.

Well deserved. His haters will be fuming, which makes it even better 👍🏻

well deserved!

Congratulations ZackSnyder! You deserved this!


Texas governor lifts statewide mask mandate (107)

Texas Gov. Abbott announced the statewide mask mandate is lifted. The governor also signed an executive order that will allow all businesses to reopen at 100 percent capacity on March 10.

Texas Gov. Abbott issues an executive order ending the statewide mask mandate; announces that all businesses will reopen at 100% capacity starting March 10.

A first class idiot. Just when things were getting truly better!

Please do not listen to CRAZY ABBOTT !

Citizens of Texas please do not listen to Crazy Abbott, he has NEVER been there for you, it’s all about him and the GOP not the citizens of Texas, for him it’s party over COUNTRY. His actions of the past few weeks should prove this to you.

Is he determined to put his state at higher risk He is obviously still listening to Trump !!


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