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GOP Sen. Johnson delays Covid relief bill by forcing all 628 pages to be read out loud (206)

The effort could last over 10 hours before lawmakers begin debating the provisions in the legislation.

Sen. Johnson delays debate on Covid-19 relief bill by forcing the entire 628-page bill to be read out loud.

Ron Johnson will get his just reward at the polls

This guy is a Johnson!

POTUS Trump hides nothing gives $$$$ to every body POTUS Biden hides personal agenda & special interest in his bill that only SOME people and SOME state will get $$$$ only 9% of 1.9 Trillion dollars go to covid19 relief

Shouldn’t he be out on a ledge somewhere?

Ew. He reminds me how I felt when I opened a drawer and saw a silverfish slithering around. 😧🤢


Biden World gives a shoulder shrug to the raging culture wars (158)

Can arguments over children’s books and kids' toys really turn the political needle? Is there a wocket in my pocket?

Republicans are simmering over the “cancellation” of seemingly innocent family favorites, including Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss books. And yet, even as it becomes all consuming on the right, White House advisers and Biden aides insist they’re unbothered

You do realize Dr Suess Enterprises did it themselves right? I know the Neanderthals can't read well enough to know but you do.

Who TF cares in the real world? Huh? The GOPers screeching about these changes, made by businesses, not the Biden Administration, and you're helping them spread their bullshit. Buh-bye.

You people are ridiculous x

inezrussell The Midterm will show them they should have been worried, too late.....

I missed the part where Seuss got “cancelled.” According to his people, *they* chose not to reprint a small handful of his books, likely b/c they weren’t profitable. You’re such suckers.


7-year-old Alabama girl helps to fund her own brain surgery (143)

A 7-year-old Alabama girl is helping raise money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand inside her mother's bakery

This 7-year-old Alabama girl is helping raise money for her own brain surgery by running a lemonade stand inside her mother's bakery.

This is sad and a scandal and it is a tragedy that people in America see this as ‚normal‘

Get this child a free brain surgery what the F%*C this is outrageous

America is a failed state.

Bless her heart

This sums up everything wrong with the united States


Biden's 1st 100 days live updates: Biden to make final push for COVID relief as Senate debates bill (134)

Live updates from the first 100 days President Joe Biden's administration.

White House press sec. Jen Psaki: 'We don't take our advice or counsel from former Pres. Trump on immigration policy.'

I guess the answer is no, no accountability


Love your reply!

jenjenkra Yeah…good idea. We don’t need another 5,400 children being ripped from their parents.

BOOM !!!


Earth's Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere Will Last Only Another Billion Years (119)

Considering geological and biological processes and the activity of the Sun, Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere will last only another billion years.

Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere will last only another billion years

No worries -- Humans will have found multiple planets to live on before then.

I hope I will be dead by then.

Oh good, I think I’ll be away then...

A billion years? I’m good...

✍🏻 OldTakesExposed


Jeanine Pirro's Unhinged Racist Rant: Immigrants Bring 'All Kinds Of Diseases' (116)

The Fox News host is accused of echoing Nazi rhetoric in an off-the-rails rant against migrants and essential workers.

The Fox News host is accused of echoing Nazi rhetoric in an off-the-rails rant against migrants and essential workers.

This is repetitive. She goes on a racist rant at least once a week. It IS her brand, not news.

She must have forgotten that her parents were immigrants

Does she have mirrors ?

So which country has the most Covid? Oh yea...US.


World's first space hotel scheduled to open in 2027 (113)

Voyager Station is a cruise ship-style hotel built from modules connected into a ring that will rotate to create artificial gravity in orbit.

'We're trying to make the public realize that this golden age of space travel is just around the corner. It's coming. It's coming fast.' World's first space hotel scheduled to open in 2027

Cool cool cool, but what are we going to do about the people in Mississippi who still don’t have clean water? The thousands of Americans who have to ration their insulin or the millions of Americans that go bankrupt everyday because of medical bills?

We fucked up Earth...NEXT....!!

It's amazing to me how much our government spends on space that not all this countries people will get to participate in, but they have problems in spending money to help the people of our country!!

Just doesn’t sound like my kind of vacation. I would have to be able to venture out of my hotel room

It looks like a slice of the coronavirus. Interesting.


Swalwell sues Trump and close allies over Capitol riot in second major insurrection lawsuit (106)

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A second lawsuit filed by former House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell seeks to hold former President Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others accountable for the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6 and alleges that Washington laws were broken


I think every family who lost a member of they're family to Covid should join together in setting up a Class Action Suit against Trump for doing nothing to help the people of this great nation! Pass it on...

I'm here to inform you that we must love all as one and treat each other as one they must be unity amongst all humans we must love and care for each other as one Steven is from the Revelation wigglesworth was baptized by fire together we have come to this body location at abraka

Trump has collected enough money from people to fight election cases. It will hurt him more when his own funds are spent

The GOP is always look to save money here's away Trump can lose his taxpayer pension of $219,200 per year


Transcript theater: Defendant in Trump riot case throws 'tantrum' over being held in jail (87)

Rachel Maddow reads the court transcript of a court hearing for Richard Barnett, who was infamously photographed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during the pro-Trump riots at the Capitol on January 6. Barnett is frustrated at being held in jail when others of the mob that day have been released.

The man who was seen putting his feet up on Speaker Pelosi’s desk during the Capitol riot had an outburst during a federal court hearing over his continued detainment. 'Richard, I am advising you to just stop,' his lawyer advised during the outburst.

This is what ignorant people do! Ignorant people are who support trump!!

None of the capitol invaders had guns. Hardly an insurrection. The only shot was by the officer which killed the girl. It's a political overkill of the worst kind.

It isn't recess, it's jail not everyone gets out at the same time. Takes dumb to a whole new level.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting a comment about gigsfrid


Meghan Markle Suggests She was Under Total Control of Royal Family (77)

Meghan Markle suggests she was under total control of the Royal Family before.

Meghan Markle Suggests She was Under Total Control of Royal Family


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