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Cardi B joins the family for Fast & Furious 9


“One Last Ride.”

I'm guessing it's just a cameo like Rita Ora had

iamcardib iamcardib 's in the new F&F? I might actually watch this one then. 😜


Always to ax female symbol from sanitary products packages in nod to trans users (562)

The decision follows calls by transgender advocates who said the company was alienating trans and gender-nonconforming customers.

Always announced it will remove the Venus symbol from its menstruation products packaging following calls by transgender advocates - NBCOUT



NBCOUT How ridiculous.

NBCOUT 🙄 FFS. Whatever next. crazyworld

NBCOUT Always seriously


U.S. lawmakers, others condemn Trump for 'lynching' comment on impeachment probe (260)

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday again waded into America's fraught r...

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham defends Trump after the president likened the impeachment investigation to a ‘lynching’

That Burberry pocket handkerchief 🔥

chickchick42 A cuckster

Then may be trump should look in the mirror and start acting like a statesmen rather than a hooligan after a few beers.

African Americans don't hold copyright to the term 'lynching' since 37% of the lynched were white. Furthermore, Democrats, including Biden, used the term in 1998 when Clinton was impeached. A stomach-turning hypocrisy.

I'm a people I'm not upset the truth is the truth


Wendy Williams to Meghan Markle: 'Nobody Feels Sorry for You' (247)

While there was an outpouring of sympathy for Meghan Markle after a new clip from the ITV documentary 'Harry & Meghan: An African Journey' was released on Monday, Wendy Williams had the opposite reaction.

While there was overwhelming sympathy for Meghan after this clip dropped, Wendy had the opposite reaction (via toofab)

TooFab Throwing shade to get attention.

TooFab No one cares what you have to say on anything. You should be off the air!

TooFab My bad

TooFab I always thought he was a transgender

TooFab Why would anyone feel sorry about someone because they made their own choice?


Putin and Erdogan Announce Plan for Northeast Syria, Bolstering Russian Influence (203)

Russia’s leader hosted his Turkish counterpart as a U.S.-brokered cease-fire with Kurdish forces came to an end, underscoring Moscow’s emergence as a powerful player in the Middle East.

Breaking News: Russia and Turkey agreed to joint control over formerly Kurdish territory in Syria, cementing Russia's sway in the region as the U.S. pulls back

Trump gives control of the middle east to Russia, our long time opponents, nato is next

And they were aligned before the pull out! Let France, Italy, Germany send in their Army if they are worried about it! Stop killing Americans!

Trump did you get a th an you card ?

But keep telling us Trump has nothing to do with Russia helping him to win an election.

POTUS be like...


Henry Thomas, star of 'E.T.', arrested for DUI in Oregon (200)

TUALATIN, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say Henry Thomas, the actor who starred as a child in 'E.T. the Extra Terrestrial,' has been arrested for driving under the influence in Oregon. The...

Actor who starred as a child in 'E.T.' arrested for driving under the influence in Oregon.

Think when Elliot rode off, that child never came back - hope this guy gets to turn his life around

He'll need like ET to 'Phone home'.

Go home E.T.! You're drunk!

Slow news day? What’s wrong with the AP?

Not really our business.


How To Trick Trump Into Telling the Truth (188)

Stop punishing the president for lying. Start rewarding him for honesty instead.

Opinion: 'Stop punishing Trump for lying. Start rewarding him for honesty instead'

There will be no rewards. The man lies all the time


He's not four

Are you out of your mind?


Trump: McConnell said Ukraine call was innocent. McConnell: No I didn't. (175)

Mitch McConnell completely contradicted the president after Trump said the Senate Majority Leader said Trump's called with Ukraine's president completely innocent.

President Trump said he spoke with Sen. McConnell about the call with Ukraine's president: 'He said, 'That was the most innocent phone call that I've read.'' McConnell, when asked about the exchange: 'We've not had any conversations on that subject.'

Donald is....

Atta a boy Mitch time you did a right thing.

More Trump lies!

neal_katyal FAKE NEWS

Way to go, Moscow Mitch! Distance yourself drom the shit-show thats about to get deep.


Joe Biden said in 1998 that Clinton impeachment could be seen as 'partisan lynching' (159)

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In an appearance on CNN in October 1998, Joe Biden said the impending impeachment proceedings against then-President Bill Clinton could be viewed as a 'partisan lynching.'

Holy crap the Democrats are such hypocrites. 🤣🤣🤣

If hypocrisy were an Olympic sport, we should send everyone in Washington and they will come home dripping in gold.

Trump is playing Dems like a drum. He saw the video of Biden. He intentionally used the word knowing the Libs would lose their minds. Then boom. Release the video. Dems can’t keep up with Trump’s strategy. And it makes them so mad. 😂😂. timesup QuidProJoe

I guess he didn’t know any better , he was only 55 and unwoke........Thabks CNN for blowing this narrative way out of proportion.

People of all races have been lynched (hanged) but the left is so disgusted by the term lynch because or the implications for one group of people. These same leftists have no problem throwing around the word Hitler, Nazi, concentration camps on a daily basis.


Lori Loughlin and other parents in college admissions scam indicted on new bribery charge (154)

Parents who have pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scam, including Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, now face an additional bribery charge, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Parents who have pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scam, including Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, now face an additional bribery charge, federal prosecutors announced

Good sounds like she may even get probation with our judicial system !

The reds cannit win un court so they try stacking charges on people in the hopes of getting a plea deal done so they do not go to trial. Done all the time so it pads their conviction numbers


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