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Adani justified in demanding names of CSRIO scientists: Deputy PM (104)

The deputy prime minister says he understands why Adani sought the names of government scientists who reviewed a crucial plan for its Queensland coal mine.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack says he understands why Adani wanted the names of government scientists who reviewed a crucial plan for its Queensland coal mine

Of cour$e he doe$.

Thick as two short planks.

'Understands why Adani wanted names...' McCormack wouldn't have a bloody clue!

Aushiker Nationals willing to sell out Australians for an international mining company, when did that become news.......

Utter bullshit! Adani has no right to that information.


Blair Cottrell fails to get racial vilification conviction heard by supreme court (50)

The Victorian County Court, not the higher Court of Appeal, will handle far-right activist Blair Cottrell's battle against his racial vilification conviction.

Right-wing activist Blair Cottrell has been knocked back in his bid to contest his racial vilification conviction in Victoria's Supreme Court

Calling him a right wing activist is absurd. He is a self proclaimed nazi. Just go with that. Or a legally acknowledged racist


Ultra-Right Wing Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell ... There. Fixed it for you.

Right wing extremist? Racist?


AFP was not attempting to intimidate journalists, Commissioner says (46)

The outgoing AFP boss rejects the claim his officers were attempting to intimidate journalists when they carried out two raids — one on the headquarters of the ABC and the other on the home of a News Corp reporter.

AFP was not attempting to intimidate journalists, Commissioner says

If it’s what you’d expect them to say it’s not news. ABC and all MSM has contributed to its own demise by remaining silent and complicit many times over. Leaving the brave, decent journos out on a limb. auspol

Yeah, right.

LouiseBeaston Just arrest them or ensure they don't report 🙄

Cardinal Pell said he wasn't a pedo, either, if it helps

And I saw pigs flying today.


Attention-seeker-in-chief: Trump's racist tweet does exactly what he wants (34)

By telling four young, non-white female congresswomen to 'go back' to their countries of origin, Donald Trump got the attention he wants. But at what cost to him?

By telling four young, non-white female congresswomen to 'go back' to their countries of origin, Donald Trump got the attention he wants. But at what cost to him? | ANALYSIS

So white people should do the same then indians should be the only people left.

Trump is the king 👑

Zero cost to him. His base love him for it.

Costs him nothing , sad but true. As for all that he has said and done, it costs him nothing. For one does not punish the court jester for playing the fool.

The hate Trump is generating will diminish the US.


'You can leave': Trump steps up attack on congresswomen, accuses them of hating America (31)

US President Donald Trump refused to apologise for his remarks about four Democratic congresswomen of colour.

Donald Trump has defended his attacks against four Democratic congresswomen, saying he was not concerned if people thought his tweets toward them were racist and accused them of hating America

This is so bad

How good is that!

Surely he can be dispensed of the Presidential Job America does not need or want a Racist President

Never have I heard a President of America be so Racist he should step down

I couldn’t imagine that we will see another Hitler.


'Horrible & disgusting': Trump digs in amid censure of racist tweets about congresswomen (22)

In a flurry of new tweets on Monday, President Donald Trump conveniently omitted one piece of advice from a Republican colleague.

'Horrible & disgusting': Donald Trump digs in amid censure of racist tweets about congresswomen

Based on some of these tweets, I’m flabbergasted how many rednecks seem to be reading the Herald. I thought the words of more than two syllables would have kept them away.

Trump is wrong. But women these days can say anything absolutely nasty about men and about other nations such as Israel – claiming that this is fact not opinion not ideology. This is just not so. Women think everything they say about men is true because men are totally evil.

I bet they make yummy sandwiches

Not racist! Just pointing out the obvious. Progressive Left media like to play the racist card when the gender card fails. Trump winning.

' Horrible and disgusting' He certainly is- the most insecure misogynistic bully on the planet. The only non American born woman in this group became a citizen 6 years before Melania Trump did. uspolitics auspol


Thredbo visitors need to think about climate change (21)

Many skiers who come to enjoy the mountain paradoxically lack environmental awareness or sensibility.

Comment: If Australian skiers want to continue to enjoy the mountain, they need to take action on climate change as well

Oh for heavens sake. Enough already with trying to include climate change in every bloody sentence in your rag !

I thought according to climate change predict9 skiing is no longer possible in Australia. What happened to the predictions?

They'll achieve nothing for a non-existent crisis.

what a load of shit



Donald Trump’s handwritten notes on Ilhan Omar (21)

Donald Trump accidentally revealed handwritten additional notes made for a speech he gave on manufacturing today, including a spelling mistake that’s gone viral.

.realDonaldTrump accidentally revealed a handwritten note made during his press conference today — with a very unfortunate spelling mistake.

realDonaldTrump Hahaha

realDonaldTrump It was written that way to get the right pronunciation of it. So what many people do that

realDonaldTrump Wow what a scoop!!

realDonaldTrump It’s phonetic.

realDonaldTrump Is that the best you can come up with? Someone needs to find a new career


Gold Coast Titans fullback Michael Gordon cleared for NRL return after blood clot (17)

Gold Coast Titans fullback Michael Gordon is set to be rushed straight back into the team to face the Storm after receiving the all-clear from a blood specialist.

Michael Gordon will be rushed straight back into the Titans team to face the Storm, less than 10 weeks after being told one more heavy knock could kill him. ✏️ via TonyWebeck NRL

TonyWebeck Smart move

nrlphysio TonyWebeck 😬

TonyWebeck The clubs and says it’s all about player welfare. It’s time to prove it by not letting Gordon play.

TonyWebeck It appears no one who commented read the article 😂

TonyWebeck No professionalism at that club. None at all.


Much that happens in govt ‘is driven by officials’ | Sky News Australia (13)

Sky News host Peta Credlin says much that happens in government is ‘driven by officials’, pointing to the recent calls for an enshrined Indigenous voice in the Constitution.\n\nMs Credlin notes it seems that what governments campaign on in an election is ‘almost entirely different’ from the issues that consume them in office, that ‘no one ever voted for’. \n\nShe believes the Morrison government needs to be ‘very careful’ with the idea of a legislated voice, as the issue is ‘getting away from them’ and ‘dividing us by the colour of our skin’. \n\nImage: Kym Smith \u002F News Corp Australia\n\n

.rowandean on calls for an Indigenous voice to parliament: The Australian taxpayer has to ask themselves, ‘What is really behind this?’ MORE: credlin

rowandean The scam continues !

rowandean Yes, it is about land and money. The fear of those that currently control most of the land and make most of the money (those that pay rowandean's wage) actually losing some of that land and money to the rightful owners and beneficiaries. As you admit, 'the fix is in'.

rowandean I think it’s about governments bending at the knees to appease the LEFT but have an each way bet. It gives the LEFT something to focus rage on. So if for nothing else it gives students, the unemployed, misfits, and activists something to do.

rowandean Well we know what's dictates lnp thus sky agenda.the bullshit shit tank IPA. show some respect.

rowandean Omg RWNJs Credlin an ex govt spin doctor And whoever that other idiot is who cares ! Both dont represent the average Aussie.


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