Tucker Carlson’s Vaccine Attack On ‘Creepy Old Guy’ Obama Gets Flipped Back On Him

The #CreepyTucker hashtag went viral after the Fox News host sowed yet more doubt about COVID-19 shots.

5/4/2021 11:14:00 AM

The CreepyTucker hashtag went viral after the Fox News host sowed yet more doubt about COVID-19 shots.

The #CreepyTucker hashtag went viral after the Fox News host sowed yet more doubt about COVID-19 shots.

Elsewhere in the segment, Carlson peddled baseless theories about what could happen to people after being “forced” to receive the shot:“What next? And anything is the answer to that question. If the authorities are permitted to control a health care decision this intimate, if they can force you and your children to take a vaccine you don’t want and are afraid of, then what can’t they do? Nothing. They will have total power over your body and your mind forever. What’s the limit to their power? There isn’t one.”

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It is FoxNews, every vote counts. Tricky Tucker at it again CreepyTucker is the worst CreepyTucker Tuckums BarackObama is trying to prevent additional deaths from the vaccine and you call him 'C.O.G.'? Wow.... super low of you cuckertarlson “More doubt” Normal people don’t believe all the paranoid Covid BS no matter how much you keep repeating it.

I would remind Carlson, you are speaking about a former President of the United States of America. Have some respect for the office and stop using foul, untrue statements you know nothing! If COVID is so fake, when is FoxNews going to allow their hosts and guests back in the studio together? Time for Tucker, Harris Faulkner and the rest to sit in a studio right next to their talking head guests. Let's go.

pro tip: listen to YOUR doctor and YOUR health. 🤘🏽 Anyone this reckless, racist and misinformed needs to not have a public platform. So has Tuck been vaccinated? I would expect so. Some stellar journalists should find out and let the world know.

Should,t it be CreepySucker ? Still better than anything on MSNBC, the ratings are terrible 😂🤣 Tucker should get that bleach injection if he doesn't trust these. cOvId-NiNeTeEn is a fake plandemic. As opposed to the creepy old guy who told all of us to inject ourselves with Clorox. He’s brighter than you, he has a great team around him, they always have something no one else has, like that Frank Luntz story last night was epic. I’m tired of the mask/vax stories too, but it’s the 🔥 topic. He’s a bit know it all annoying, but he’s good and a party threat

The vaccine has not been tested long enough to determine long range effects on humans. People who choose not to take the vaccine are doing the right thing. Perhaps after 5 years, when the effects are visible and documented, then it would be a good time to see if it is safe. I watch CNN ,MSNBC and FOX, then do my own research about whatever subject/political event is making the 'news' cycle, before I accept or speak on the subject/event. More often than not, I dont agree with FOX.

I say let him. This way all the racists mofos will be eliminated and we’ll be safe. I’m just saying. And yet people aren't calling out his sponsors

I know ppl, especially older, homebound ppl are dying because they listen to Tucker Carlson and Fox news they believe they are being told the truth. Tucker Carlson is a propagandist and he is putting the entire country at risk. And I bet you anything HE got his vaccine. So when are we going to realize that giving these ppl attention only helps them grow their fan base? Have we really learned nothing from fucking trump? Stop with the hashtags and posts about these losers. Jesus, America never learns.

But did he get vaccinated? I would like to see the entire Fox gang on ventilators, as kind of a public service announcement. The sound of creepytuckers voice makes me ill 🤢 Thank GOD FOR GOOD MEN thanks 🙏🏻 TUCKER we love ❤️ u If celebrities are pushing it, if the media is a bias on the topic, question it. Question everything. Use your brain think for yourself. Vaccines are not one size fits all.

How is FoxNews ok with letting their opinion TV hosts give controversial national medical advice? People need to start calling their cable companies now, not just the sponsors. GetSpectrum comcast Xfinity ATT Verizon WeWouldStillHavePolio I hate that you guys keep repeating what he says, but he's really going after black people . That's why he got Joy Ann Reid , read him and drop the mic on his ass. Raisist

Can someone find out if Tucker and his wife and family have been vaxxed? I bet they have been.

Ppl like Tucker should just let you imbiciles dwell in a cave. naturalselection They weren't doubtful about their own vaccines when they got them. Just yours, to keep the fear machine full and constantly replenishing. Listen to him!!! Italy, France, Germany Join Countries Suspending AstraZeneca ... Everyone is trying SOOOOO hard to get Tucker canceled. It isn't going to happen.

🎥 Nurse faints after getting COVID vaccine So, tucker, when did you and everyone you know get your vaccines? Government control of your very precious body? Come nine, women have been wondering why THE MEN IN GOVERNMENT WON'T LEAVE OUR UTERUSES ALONE! One sided and narrow minded drivel. Grow up, little boy!

Wow! Having a difference of opinion on a mysterious substance that nobody knows about? How terrible! Big Brother doesn’t like that!

GaryDietz CreepyTucker KLE1967 Tucker is jealous of Obama and the fact that he was actually liked, and loved, by many during his presidency. And still is. Trump can't hold a candle to him, and Tucker knows it. no one else is telling us the truth about these experimental vaccines... 9,000 tweets isn’t viral you fucking nerds

Does anyone know if this mope has received his jab? That's why he's being called creepy!?! Come on! Why is Fox News allowing this guy to spew his anti-vac propaganda on their screen? They need to put a stop to this. It is not funny anymore. Every time I see a photo of this man, it looks like he just pooped his pants, is confused about it but is just trying to play it off so no one knows it happened.

Gaetz pays young women and allegedly an underaged girl for sex and Tucker defends him. Pres. Obama does PSA for 16 yr olds to get vaccine against a virus that caused a pandemic, Tucker calls him 'creepy.' What kind of network allows this? How can any company advertise on Fox? And CreepyTucker most likely has already gotten the vaccine

TheBullshitFactoryAKAFoxNews FoxNewsIsAPoison FoxNewsLies FoxNewsGaslighting FoxNewsBullshitFactory BanFoxNewsSaveOurDemocracy CreepyTucker How much you wanna bet he’s vaccinated He wants the anti-vaxxer vote in 2024. That should be a winning strategy... Don’t listen to people like TuckerCarlson who are sowing doubt about the vaccines effectiveness because they don’t understand the science. My mother died last week because she listened to the propaganda he promoted and it made her afraid. The vaccines save lives.

We all have the right to know what long term effects these vaccines have on us. Why is it wrong to question vaccines and the long term effects? They are only approved for emergency use. They don’t even know the effects of these 10 years from now. KenP1958 CreepyTucker Lil bitch is vaccinated himself nutmeg62 CreepyTucker hasn’t been vaccinated?

He is such a good by for Putin. Always working to destroy America. EndPropagandaFoxNews Isn't the Tucker Carlson show just light entertainment and should not be considered serious news.

mhoptman Who to Hel* is still listening to this conspiracy theorist. Could it be that 'Tuckums,' borrowing from JoyReid, needs an intervention? DrDrewPinsky, DrPhil, Spirit? Moms, don't let your kids grow up watching FoxNews propaganda. MakeSureUVoteBlue2022 TuckerCarlson ICYMI 😆 Does he have any other facial expression?! He always has that stupid look on his face!

he always looks like a perpetually confused dog -- looking for that ball you only pretended to throw what is the fascist underlying policy here? -to kill another 500k people and blame Dems? -sour grapes for not calling it the Trump vaccine? -or something more sinister? Why the fuck is it news that internet trolls got together and repeated something about someone that hate a few thousand times lol

Did he mention that Trump and Murdoch are vaccinated.....talking about old men. 🤔 There are limits Tucker.

This guy got the crazy covid variant. OMG. I got a better one, how about mothertucker ? Tucker is more often right, and better than most news people. Why does anyone listen to that evil misinformation for pay ass. Cancel him now. It's time we boycott all of Tucker's sponsors. The bigger trending hashtag at the moment is TheBigLie after the bombshell voter fraud evidence that came out of Antrim county, Michigan today!

He appears to be bipolar🤔 He looks like he is suffering a severe vitamin B 12 deficit Who listens to this guy? I asked flatly why I should vaccinate over an illness with a 99.5% recovery rate. I know 12 close to me who were C19+ 4 were asymptomatic, 5 barely noticed it and 3 said it felt like the worst flu ever. Zero fatalities. Zero hospitalizations. You never even tried to answer.

He is literally a white supremacist.

There is only one creep in this context. please retweet. Mauritania is facing acute humanitarian needs, including high levels of food insecurity (over 25 per cent of the population in severe food insecurity in most of the provinces) and very high rates of acute malnutrition. UN