Trump's Awkward 'Fox & Friends' Moment Left Stephen Colbert Stunned

'Fox & Friends' is just not that into you, Mr. President.

9/16/2020 6:23:00 PM

'Fox & Friends' is just not that into you, Mr. President.

'Fox & Friends' is just not that into you, Mr. President.

.After nearly an hour on the phone with the morning show, the president made it clear he wanted to do it again, every Monday in fact. The “Friends” weren’t so sure.Host Steve Doocy went on to say the network would take it on a “case-by-case basis,” leaving Colbert to make this stunned face:

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“Wow. That is cold,” Colbert said. “That’s like ending a date with, ‘So, I’ll see you next Saturday and every Saturday after that.’ She says, ‘Uh, you maywantto see me next Saturday, but Katy is not committed to that. We’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.’”

The “Late Show” host also broke it down in simpler terms for the president: “I just think Steve Doocy’s not that into you.” Read more: HuffPost »

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We watch It was funny til the Joe Rogan part. Seems like the networks can't handle that it might happen. Even the liberals. 마11:27 내 아버지께서 모든 것을 내게 주셨으니 아버지 외에는 아들을 아는 자가 없고 아들과 또 아들의 소원대로 계시를 받는 자 외에는 아버지를 아는 자가 없느니라 “You needn't take it any further, sir. You've proved to me that all this ultraviolence and killing is wrong, wrong, and terribly wrong. I've learned me lesson, sir. I've seen now what I've never seen before. I'm cured! Praise Bog! I'm cured! I was cured alright.” Clockwork Orange

Biden's terrorists are coming to your homes! Unfortunately for Fox and Friends their watchers are. The gospel of the cross and the blood of Jesus is the only solution to today's christian life.MidweekChurchExpo Well Stephen Colbert is a tool so who cares

Trump Interview On Fox News Comes To An Awkward End'Fox & Friends' co-host Steve Doocy refuted Trump's claim that he'll be calling in to the show every week until Election Day. Steve Doocy refuted orange man's claim that he'll be calling in to the show every week until eating contest Day. Old price for insulin 600.00$ a month. New price of insulin 35.00$ a month. Thank you realDonaldTrump Boden should call in. Pamela Harris should definitely call in.

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On Fox News, Trump says most of the media is the enemy of the people, but Fox News isn't'I would say about 20 percent isn't—we don't have the enemy of the people all over, fortunately,' the president said. fox is russian owned I guess Fox News is the abused wife. Jesus f***ing Christ.

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Jim Carrey Hits Fox News With A Clucking Cartoon AnalogyThe actor-artist captioned his latest withering artwork with the FoxNewsMustGo hashtag. He is very very unwell mentally. Another celebrity who hates anything Republican, how original. His next piece about cnn will show us how burning and looting and peaceful protest go hand in hand 😇.