Pentagon To Make COVID Vaccine Mandatory For 1.3 Million Active-Duty Troops: Reports

President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

8/5/2021 2:10:00 AM

BREAKING: President Joe Biden said that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

and on-site contractors or require those who do not get the shot to be tested weekly.The president said at the time that vaccines remained the best method to prevent severe cases of COVID-19, as well as death associated with the disease.“There’s nothing political about it,” Biden said.

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It should be mandatory for reservists too. Ha. Guess what Joe Biden. You can’t make me get vaccinated if I already did it myself. That will show you. The unvaccinated should be responsible for the costs of Covid testing. POTUS HHSGov About time GetVaccinated Weekly testing for me….insane shit Good! And I love how it’s upsetting Antiva. These folks are worse than Antifa

Good! Because you’re federal employee, not an stupid so called right wing or left wing or centrist. You have to adhere to Administration’s protocol. Make them also pay for the tests Lisafxpro has all it takes to turn things well for me with her company platform and stocks & Bitcoin trade strategy .invest with herlisafxpro and you will have a good return of your investment at least $1500 weekly

Go President Biden. Take charge to protect those who are fighting against being protected. Great news! To all the people looking for government contracts but afraid of the vaccine due to misinfo... LMFAO

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Good job Mr. President. nice Well, some employees have to be weekly drug tested, so it won't affect their job and fellow employees by being under an influence...if you're sick, you're under the influence of the virus and perhaps controlled by it. To the detriment of yourself or others. 🤔 I had enough of this regime

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