Jury In Derek Chauvin Trial Begins Deliberation As Minneapolis Braces For Verdict

The prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments in the trial regarding George Floyd's death.

4/20/2021 1:09:00 AM

The prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments in the trial regarding George Floyd's death.

The prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments in the high-profile trial regarding George Floyd's death in May 2020.

All eyes are on Minneapolis as the jury decides the fate of Chauvin and how justice will be delivered in Floyd’s death. The city is on edge as it awaits a verdict in the trial, and city officials have prepared for massive unrest should Chauvin be acquitted of the charges.

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Tension in the region has escalated in recent days following the police killing of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center on April 11.Officials said the officer, Kim Potter, meant to use her stun gun but accidentally discharged her firearm, fatally shooting Wright in the chest during the traffic stop. Both Potter and the Brooklyn Center police chief resigned in the wake of the shooting.

Floyd’s death sparked months-long protests across the country against police brutality and prompted a worldwide reckoning on racial injustice.Minneapolishas bolstered security in preparation for the trial’s verdict.Throughout the trial, National Guard troops have been stationed around Hennepin County Government Center, where Chauvin’s trial has unfolded in an 18th-floor courtroom. Temporary fencing and cement barricades have been installed to shield the building from potential unrest. headtopics.com

The 12 jurors deliberating are four white women, two white men, three Black men, one Black woman and two multiracial women.Cahill has said deliberations are to wrap up each day around 7 p.m.,reported The Star Tribune. If the jury has verdicts to return near that time, Cahill said he will wait until the next morning to read them.

In 2019, it took the jury about 10 hours of deliberating to reach a verdict in the trial of Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman in 2017.Noor wasof third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter but acquitted of the most serious count, second-degree murder. He was the first Minneapolis police officer to be found guilty of an on-duty murder.

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Mr. George Floyd’s (Murder) Just keep in mind everybody… This is Joe Biden‘s America. If they do not convict and punish with the death penalty this is a complete failure of the Democrat party. We all saw the video and can make up our own minds as humans..yah the drugs did it. Not 70 kg of hard knee on neck for 9 minutes on curved concrete+ hands and fingers being bent by two more officers while they have knees on back+ Floyd is handcuffed..B.S defense Guilty guilty!

So the murderer is found guilty by jury is too chicken to let jury sentence him so waived and Judge will sentence?. This is strange. Why do I think the man in this photo does not look anything like the man in the damning video? Is he the same man who hid his woody by keeping his hand in his pocket? Vagal massage can kill. Vagus nerve stimulation: Tool of deadly force.

We already know. Hold on America... He should be found innocent Judge was great throughout trial but at the end spook fast and loose and unconsciously revealed his bias which seemed pro law and order. Don’t have a good feeling. He like defense atty better than other side. Not confident chauvin won’t escape. Scared

Chauvin must walk. Eric Nelson did a fine job during the closing arguments.

Jury in Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Set to Hear Closing ArgumentsAttorneys in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd will make their final case to the jury on Monday, as the Twin Cities region prepares for the possibility of unrest following a verdict. Worst defence arguments I have ever seen, baseless, avoided the facts, aversion and distracting were their agenda, big problems for the defence, rightly so, they are history. 95% only bad news( The Prosecution wants you to believe if George Floyd got into the Police Car, he would be alive today. Nothing else contributed to his death.

Jury deliberates fate of Derek Chauvin in death of George Floyd: Live updatesBREAKING: The jury is now deliberating the fate of Derek Chauvin, ex-officer charged in the death of George Floyd. Not guilty Lets hope today is the day they find him guilty

Derek Chauvin Trial: Closing Arguments End and Jury Deliberation BeginsProsecutors claim that Chauvin caused George Floyd’s death by kneeling on him and depriving him of oxygen, while the defense has tried to argue other factors contributed to Floyd’s deat… Look at the look on his face. Pure arrogance. He's absolutely sure he won't be convicted. 9 mins, 46 secs of deliberation, guilty on all counts.

Jury Deliberations Begin In Derek Chauvin TrialJury deliberations are beginning in the Derek Chauvin trial after a day-long series of closing arguments as to whether the former Minneapolis police officer is guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd

Jury begins deliberating in Derek Chauvin murder trialA jury verdict is expected soon in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, accused in the death of George Floyd. Karma? I hope they lick him for a very long time Chauvin will do well in prison 😉