Here's How Joe Manchin's State Stands To Benefit From The Legislation He's Blocking

West Virginia struggles with the exact problems that Biden's spending bill aims to fix.

9/26/2021 3:00:00 PM

West Virginia struggles with the exact problems that Biden's spending bill aims to fix.

West Virginia struggles with the exact problems that Biden's spending bill aims to fix.

about 39% lower, almost nobody can afford to pay much for child care there. Three-quarters of the center’s kids receive government subsidies. Others could benefit from assistance but aren’t eligible, because a grandparent is their primary custodian (a consequence of the

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opioid epidemic).These factors limit tuition revenue, McFall told HuffPost, and covering expenses with the center’s annual operating budget of about $200,000 has frequently been difficult. “There were many days,” she said, “when I said, ‘OK, how am I going to make payroll? How am I going to make the mortgage payments, cover the taxes?’”

Even so, McFall has managed to put together a center that meets the quality standards for the state’s Tier Two accreditation. Only a handful of providers in southern West Virginia have that status, which entitles the center to higher subsidy payments. McFall has done it with the help of dedicated workers, some of whom have special training in childhood development and have been with her for more than 10 years. She’s also set up a curriculum that, for 3- and 4-year-olds, mirrors what public schools elsewhere in the state offer as part of their pre-kindergarten programs.

There are entire counties that don't have child care centers at all.Kelly Allen, West Virginia Center for Budget and PolicyRight now, the center is at capacity, with 60 children. About a dozen more are on a waiting list. It’s just one sign of the need for more child care in the county, which for its population of around 13,000 has only one other state-accredited center. With more funds, McFall said, she could take more kids. She could also pay enough to attract some instructors with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent training, while increasing wages for her current workers, whose starting salary is about $9 an hour.

“I know I have three or four who are at poverty level incomes,” McFall said. “They’re here because they want to be here and they love children. They are worth more than we can pay.” Read more: HuffPost »

He doesn’t care Our focus should be on winning Senate seats in 2022 so we can throw him to the curb. Manchin only operates if you supply “mucho dinero“ and doesn’t give a fig about conditions in West Virginia! vw_ginna Why don't People find these things out & call there Representatives..Be smart People don't listen to liars on TV & in Politics.

You people talking about Joe letting his voters down need to read the constitution. US senators do not represent people, they represent the state itself, that is why each state gets two. Adding of $6t to our debt in 9 months is not in the interest of WV no matter the giveaways. Manchin doesn’t work for his constituents. He’s just another Republican.

What’s wrong with Joe Manchin? smilingoutloud2 And Manchin’s too beholden to special interests. The question is not what West Virginia will realize. The question is whether West Virginian voters will credit this legislation and their senator if it passes. WV better wake up. tRump did nothing for them and this guy hasn't either. come into the present or stay in the past, poor, broken, uneducated and no jobs.

The problem is all the other stuff in the bill.

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He's obviously bereft of conscience. Manchin is -like 98% of Congress- is motivated by greed and bribed by PACs funded by corporate donors and billionaires. It’s not far-fetched, and it’s pretty obvious - yet the media - who are also bribed by corporate sponsors - don’t like pointing that out. Flyover hellhole.

Democrats, speak directly to West Virginians. Let them know how Manchin is working against them. Help them put pressure on their Senator Manchin isn't working for WV. He is working for his pocket. He doesn't care about anything but money Perhaps he has future goals, running for President, or take over Nancy Pelosi job. It is something.

Karma is Joe and his ego messing up the presidents agenda and WVU blowing it at Oklahoma, thanks a lot Joe. Sen_JoeManchin What's really behind all this denying help for the people. The money is going to come back from the working tax payers. He's rich friends don't pay that much taxes. That would help a lot if they pay their share. Jobs that it crates will make a comeback with middle class.

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Manchin was elected by Democrats but fears Republicans—no wonder the inability to do the job If any state this help, god knows WVA does! It's pretty clear the only constituents Manchin cares about are the corporate ones. It’s time to start making ads depicting Manchin and Sinema’a conflicts— who they take money from— and saturating the airwaves! Who do we need to donate to to get this done?!

Manchin doesn’t care about his state. He cares about the fossil fuel giants who are injecting him with unlimited money (thanks Robert’s court). He’s not going to lose an election, it’s about corporate control and propaganda that has WV believing there’s nothing but coal I hate Manchin so very much. Do better WV.

West Virginia voters are like the trees that vote for the axe because its handle looks like them. Seems like it would be easier to just apologize for voting in their best interest than asking. WV recently had the worst economy in the US of all 50 states & DC. The state barely invests in its people. Maybe if Manchin would vote for stuff instead of block all the time...

The Democrats are only worried about one thing with this bill. Their reelections. BS

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He stands to benefit from Biden’s spending bill why messing around by blocking the president’s agendas. He is working for the republicans who are only working for their party, and not the people. DINO I’m in WV now visiting family. They desperately need infrastructure. Manchin is bought and paid for by big corp. like pharm. disgusting!

Not one word about his dark money donors begging him not to support it? Not worth bringing up in an article about his own motivations? He's a slug a greedy one too. Don't trust him or Sinema The only thing Manchin cares about is his coal and oil income. he does not give a hoot They must remove JoeManchinWV first!

He can't hear anything over the sound of all the dark money flowing his way.

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Why can’t Manchin see that? You actually think JoeManchinWV cares about what West VA needs? He doesn't. He cares about what HE needs. gumboqueen3030 Unfortunately, one of West Virginia's biggest problems is Manchin in power mode. Someone needs to remind him occasionally that he is a Democrat and that he works for the citizens of West Virginia, not special interest groups.

It’s not about Manchin’s constituents needs. It’s about the money he’s amassing from the oil and coal industries. $$$$$$$$ KarenBovaird Maybe his State needs to know that they are being given the bums rush by Manchin to appease his backers & for Trump. Legacy's manchin's just a generic republican. stop trying to convince us he's a democrat. biden's a right leaning centrist. manchin's a good republican but an enemy of progressive activists concerned with climate crisis/guncontrol/voting rights/police reform legislation

Please, please, please Manchin is a DINO and like any Republican, getting re-elected and making money by any means. He knows how to dupe his constituents and the Democratic Party. Get real Biden giving perks to him and his wife has not worked. Joe Manchin doesn’t care! Problem is… he doesn’t work for the citizens… they aren’t the ones who will enrich his family.

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Why don’t W Virginians that would benefit from the $3.5 T bill pressure Manchin and make it clear that they will support other Democrats against Manchin Why do W Virginians vote Republican Republicans keep them poor and in the RED Machine doesn't care about his state.Hes a republican wannabe. Duh This strategy is keep them dumb And keep them poor And

But how does Joe Manchin benefit personally? That’s what matters. morgfair Senator Joe Manchin's give them what they want, not what they need, great for dealing with 15 yr olds & beer, also for financing states programs? Manchin isn’t fit to represent his own state, if he was something would have been done a long time ago to help those people in his state

Someone has to give or we lose house and senate in 2022 Manchin doesn't give a damn about his constituency. Disgusting He’s just OWNED 🤞🤔😳😒 But JoeManchinWV doesn’t personally gain from it; he doesn’t care about West Virginians.

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Maybe deep in his small heart Manchin wants his fellow Mountaineers to suffer. Perhaps he believes it'll make them better people. Why don't you do what is right for your state help the people you know it's what you need to do but your pride will let you hurt your own state. In July Joe Manchin went to a GOP fund raiser in Texas, been seen being chummy with Moscow Mitch on the floor of the Senate & has republicans on his boat for social events, he’s a republican in disguise.

Hes compromised! Too many GOP donors funneling money his way. Manchins so into his own power & influence he has lost all sight of his duty back home Manchin,Sienna and the Moderates. Put up or shut up. Where is your counter? Well, Joe Manchin doesn’t care about his state…just himself. It all depends on West Virginia now?

However, Joe Manchin's pockets are laden with the money from the exact people who don't want President Biden's spending bill to pass.

When you're already wealthy... he don't want the best for his constituents at all💯. I wonder why? Joe Manchin has become a problem and the Mafia may have to pay him a visit. How about we give everyone who has lost a job (or about to lose a job) in the coal industry twice their yearly pay for life? Would Manchin go along with the Dems then? It would cost the rest of us less than what we lose if the infrastructure bills don't pass.

To serve in the Congress of the United States a person should love his/her country and its people more than anything else on earth. Senators Manchin and Sinema along with their Republican friends are failing their obligations to America. The only states Joe Manchin cares about is the state of the coal industry and of his bank account.

He doesn’t give two sh$ts about his constituents……he’s bought and paid for by Lobbyists and rich Donors. Yes Manchin should not call himself a Democrat or even a moderate. His actions/inactions, always play to the Republicans. He's like the last one picked for a team, only he's the one picking the team.

Manchin will not sign off unless he gets a substantial bribe. Manchin was elected to represent the people Democrats are making proposals to greatly aid and assist — however he is fearful of the political right in his state and unfortunately listens to them more than his voters. Manchin needs to find his grasp on definition ‘Democrat’...

DINO if there ever was one Minchin needs to show some backbone.