Caitlyn Jenner Pleads For People To Think Of The Private Plane Hangar Owners

The gubernatorial candidate lamented that airplane owners are moving away so they don't have to see homeless people.

5/6/2021 8:21:00 PM

The gubernatorial candidate lamented that airplane owners are moving away so they don't have to see homeless people.

The GOP California gubernatorial candidate lamented that airplane owners are moving away so they don't have to see homeless people.

the Olympic champion and reality TV star lamented California’s burgeoning population of homeless people.But rather than sympathize with those on the edges of society or suggest how government could help, Jenner bemoaned the effect on a fellow airplane owner who uses a hangar near hers.

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“My friends are leaving California. My hangar, the guy right across, he was packing up his hangar,” Jenner told Hannity. “And I said, where are you going? And he says, ‘I’m moving to Sedona, Arizona. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t walk down the streets and see the homeless.’”

“I don’t want to leave,” Jenner continued. “Either I stay and fight, or I get out of here.” Read more: HuffPost »

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🙄 She is so believable shallow Wow! Do you feel the same way about all the homophobics who don’t want to see transgender people? Kettle/Black my dear! Or are you just too POSH to give a FK about the people you want to vote for you? HuffPost AP LGBTQ NPR GOP Democrats FoxNews CNN NBC ABC CBS

😂 such empathy Just because this person was once an Olympian and recently a reality tv personality does not mean she is smart or capable of governing!! In fact, the opposite is more likely!! One of the dumbest women on this planet! plus, she states that sedona doesn't have homeless people...they do...the rich just hide them better!

Truly an awful human being. I guarantee if you walk around in that neighborhood dressed as a homeless person the cops would be there before you could walk one block. We all know this is a lie. Can we please stop giving this absolute piece of 💩 a platform. She has no idea of the real challenges that many trans people (especially black trans people) go through. Despite her her own personal challenges, she comes from a wealthy, white, privileged background.

She is NOT a real candidate.

Jimmy Kimmel Lambasts “Ignorant A-Hole” Caitlyn Jenner Over Hangar, Homeless CommentsJimmy Kimmel on Thursday night lit into Caitlyn Jenner after the California gubernatorial candidate granted her first interview to Fox News, where she shared comments criticized as being, at best, … Kimmels hollywood buddies literlly just kicked hundreds of homeless people out of the area just so they could host the Oscars. an award show for celebritires like the ones Kimmel has on his show daily. No self awareness hey jimmykimmel ? And next week he’ll invite her on because it’s fun and ratings…after the mypilliw guy I am OVER jimmy hes transphobic

Maybe if their rich enough to have a private plane, they could think about helping to solve the homeless problem instead of running away from it. Somebody tell Bruce to stfu!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ He was once a decent looking man and decided to become a bitter, ugly woman. Go figure. This is a rerun of Trump's delusional press briefings when everyone in the room would be wondering just what the hell is he talking about. Is pot legal in california?

Caitlyn Jenner is not only unlikable but she’s also pretty gosh darn ridiculous What the hell is wrong with her? I swear more nuts are in politics anymore. Insanity This is all just a publicity stunt to get attention. Some people just can’t get enough. She needs to stop. Well, Ms. Jenner is handing the election to her opponent, gift-wrapped and tied with a beautiful bow.

Caitlyn Jenner discusses her politics with Sean Hannity at her private jet hangar in MalibuCaitlyn Jenner, the former Kardashian and Olympic gold medalist who is now running for governor of California, sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday to discuss her bid to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in an upcoming recall election. Since announcing her bid two weeks ago, Jenner, a Republican, has not been particularly detailed about her policies or politics. On Hannity, she described herself as fiscally conservative and more socially liberal, endorsed former President Donald Trump's border wall, stumbled over her views on immigration, opposed redirecting police funds, partially stood by her comments that transgender girls should not participate in girls sports, and used her house surviving a forest fire as an example of good forest management. Jenner 'displayed signs of a first-time candidate, occasionally stumbling over answers, rambling, or providing only generalities,' The Associated Press reports. 'But she also made no disastrous blunders that might follow her throughout the campaign.' Hannity interviewed Jenner near Malibu, at Jenner's private airplane hangar, a location she alluded to while discussing people leaving the state. Caitlyn Jenner to Hannity: 'My friends are leaving California. My hangar, the guy right across, he was packing up his hangar and I said, where are you going? And he says, 'I'm moving to Sedona, Arizona, I can't take it anymore. I can't walk down the streets and see the homeless'' — Aaron Rupar (atrupar) May 6, 2021 Discussing your hangar neighbor fleeing to Arizona on his private jet so he doesn't have to look at homeless people isn't exactly a woman-of-the-people pitch, but Trump showed you can flaunt your wealth and still run a populist campaign. Jenner told Hannity she liked that Trump was a 'disruptor' but disagreed with his LGBTQ policies, and hasn't agreed with anything President Biden has done. Biden beat Trump by more than 5 million votes in California. 'For a candidate like Caitlyn Jen If you own a plane maybe you can do something with your excess money to help the homeless What did he do about it? Nothing!

Let them eat cake. Is that make-up or Play-doh? so out of touch This person who speaks for the privileged rich has absolutely no place in politics. If that statement is anything to go by, she has no empathy. And bad eyebrows Quit covering her/this. Please! So artificial, fake and painful to look at! And she says nothing worthwhile. Go retire and live in obscurity, Caitlin!

What a joke! Just using trump’s playbook to get attention. She fits right in with the GOP Oh goody. Another out of touch, 'liberated' wanna-be politician. Just what the world needs. I truly hope she is very unsuccessful!!

Spencer Pratt on Caitlyn Jenner’s Run for California GovernorSpencer Pratt dishes on Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to run for California governor while promoting ‘The Hills: New Beginnings.’ spencerpratt Who

Well, she should definitely think about doing the same thing! What a joke! Out of touch for how long? She is a horrible person. Hates LGBTQ community. Go figure that one out. Lol… She’s really in touch with everyday Californians. 😒 have got to be kidding me. Bet Elon plays her on SNL this week. Ugh.

Caitlyn_Jenner shame for putting the “feelings of private plane owners when seeing the homeless” over the tragedy of being homeless. Definitely keeping up with the Kardashian’s . He’s so into his privilege!

California Voters Should Start Preparing For A Recall ElectionRepublican California gubernatorial candidate John Cox greets a 1,000 pound bear at the start of a campaign rally in Sacramento. Read more on the state's likely recall election: I'm just off into the woods Why? Presenting a bear this way perpetuates misperceptions that endanger people, the bear, & wild bear populations. It reveals ignorance re broad scientific consensus re wild animals & the extinction & biodiversity crises. Cruel, inhumane, unsafe, & out of touch.

Maybe help the homeless people? That face is hard to look at The utter cluelessness is even more astounding than I expected it to be. Dang. Can she go to Sedona? Words fail me! She must have a javelin stuck in her heart see the true colors now To be fair, all GOP candidates need to ramp up the crazy to get elected

Oops, I thought that was a photo of Melania How far away can we get so we don’t see you Bruce?

Caitlyn Jenner Drops First Political Ad, No Kardashians, Leans into OlympicsCaitlyn Jenner's first political ad seeking to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom does not include the Kardashians. THIS IS ME ONLY ME BUT THERES A LOT MORE YOU FIND WHO IS ME Tinatakot ko na kayo ng evidence and ng talk putang ina ganun parin its the same you attack budul INTERNATIONAL for to said not you and have no EVIDENCE Make me wrong Brilliant advert. For the first time, I think Jenner is in with a chance.

Well at least she is not pretending to care about the working class like the rest of Republicans German in Venice on YouTube covers this very well 👌 Rich people issues.... great platform to run on. Bruce Jenner is a vomit 🤮 This.., person, former stud, just keeps saying dumb things. Her solution to the homeless problem is just not to see them. Maybe she should also just hope in her plane and go somewhere else.

Tell me your out of touch with reality, without actually telling me Fighting the fight for us all. Now I don’t have to deal with the less fortunate while on route to *squints at notes* fly my private plane. Tax the Rich - they’re trying they’re best not to pay TAXES! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸

Brain went out the door with first gender ... Let me guess!!! HuffPostRag will never again release a crap article on any other trans person, ever...from now until the end of time. Unless said person even hints at PARTIALLY identifying as a conservative. 👌 💯🇺🇸💩 Oh jeez…. Clueless RE CA HOMELESS Here's the thing -MS JENNER some reasons homeless people are here Because of weather - because an R prez CLOSED facilities and the RICH don't want to help with taxes. WTH do we allow the lies to continue so they can win our seats?

Real smart shim ! Wtf. So no plan for the homeless. lost cause.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS and ALL who support them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Competence is essential in 2022!!!

How clueless and out of touch that statement is. Going from the low point of homelessness to rich private plane owners, nothing about the people that actually work in the state. Lacks true compassion. Delusional Tone deafening!!! This reeks of entitlement. Geez. Shut up and sit down Ms Jenner. Your entitled as is nothing we are interested in listening to.

Stop covering this clown. I don't know what alternative universe she came from that there isn't any homeless people, poverty and immigration. Also, that 'build the wall' strategy didn't work last time. People will bury under, get in cargo freights and find some other ways to get in. wtf? lol

You think as a “new rule” Americans would put the brakes on supporting reality RV stars running for office. Democracy is not a joke... Deep down i am sure C is a very nice person but the last few years she has been a bit of a TRAIN CRASH 💯% ✔❓👌 ↘ ➖❓TRY AND THINK ➖❓BEFORE YOU ➖❓OPEN YOUR ➖❓MOUTH✔👈 i'm begging you please put her name in your posts. i have her name muted but it doesn't catch it if it's only in the headline. i truly can't hear about her anymore

Oh. My bad. I thought hangers were like meat lockers. Misread that tweet. Republikkklans would be fine with running them over OMG! Can you identify homeless people from 10000 feet?🤔 Yes, Caitlyn_Jenner, please move away. Don't stop. I'm more certain than ever that that is actually Borat... What ugly picture with heavy makeup Hmmm

All these rich assholes trying to get into positions of political power is only going to deepen the trench between the rich and all others. How can someone help the average American if they have no experience or compare the homeless as trash? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….you just can’t make this sh*t up!

Read the room sunken place....🙋🏽‍♀️ I sure hope CA can do better than this fool. imoore8904 This feels like a comedy sketch. Well. If they own an airplane they probably have the means to not live by a homeless population. They could help with the issue but hey, not my money. And this epitomizes the privilege of someone taking advantage of wealthy white male background regardless of their current transgender change. They do not represent the real challenge that the majority of transgendered people face.

She also stated we don’t need high speed rail because she has a plane. Ludacris.

This is one of those interviews where it’s better than anything could think up if you were trying to create an out-of-touch, overprivileged character. She's wack. The press will give her free media just like they did Trump. Free publicity. Media needs to take accountability in their roles of spreading these crazy peoples message for them for free.

Is this the quality of candidate the American people put forward from now on? We need to encourage sane, competent, compassionate people to run for government positions. Otherwise, we're on the road to collapse. What a MF joke. If California elects her more people are going to leave.