Abrams's Voting Rights Group Unveils Effort To Mobilize Millions Of Young Voters Of Color

“With voting rights under attack in 48 out of 50 state legislatures ... , the moment has never been more urgent.'

6/9/2021 7:43:00 AM

“With voting rights under attack in 48 out of 50 state legislatures ... , the moment has never been more urgent.'

“With voting rights under attack in 48 out of 50 state legislatures ... , the moment has never been more urgent,' Abrams wrote in a push for the For the ...

to mobilize young Americans of color to support the For the People Act, a landmark piece of legislation that would combat voter suppression efforts nationwide.Abrams, a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, told supporters on Tuesday that her organization, Fair Fight Action, would launch an initiative called Hot Call Summer. The effort will last through June and include a campaign to ask supporters to call their senators and urge them to vote for the For the People Act. Fair Fight also hopes to text at least 10 million people in key 2022 battleground states in which Republican lawmakers have worked to tighten voter access.

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“With voting rights under attack in 48 out of 50 state legislatures across the country, the moment has never been more urgent, and it will take all of us to ensure that Congress passes the voting rights protections our country and democracy desperately need,” Abrams

wrote in an emailto supporters first obtained by CBS News. “We can’t wait any longer for Congress to protect Americans’ freedom to vote.” Read more: HuffPost »

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Voting rights are under attack... By Democrats. Also the racial undertones are hilarious. Remember Black America, the Democrats think you’re too poor and stupid to have an ID. Their words. Not mine... Dems need to get their IDs fixed and get their Asses up and vote. That will do all these laws totally useless.

I have this nagging feeling that we are in for the toughest time this nation has ever seen. Not so bad if it was just a few rightwing politicians… …but 74 million people? Who should I follow for heavy duty/kick ass political material Stacey is a badass We’re fighting for our democracy and it will take everyone to dig deep and commit to voting and helping others vote in ALL the elections. Previous local elections netted us the crazies changing voting laws state by state by state. Little elections matter a LOT. Vote GOP out!

So the goal is to get a bunch of uninformed youths to vote? Democrats are desperate. Oh shut up-and do *something* about that hair while you are at it! If it's now OK for the Senate to confirm presidential nominees with just 51 votes, surely the same can apply to legislation. Here's a way to pass voting rights legislation by making it a filibuster exception, instead of nuking the filibuster entirely:

I didn’t know much about her in ga when she ran for governor….but she got the vote out hard… we need her to do what she did in ga to the whole USA.. ps.. I think she won being governor, but was cheated out of it… Don’t give away all our game staceyabrams

Democratic Report Raises 2022 Alarms on Messaging and Voter OutreachDemocrats defeated President Donald Trump and captured the Senate last year with a racially diverse coalition that delivered victories by tiny margins in key states like Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin. In the next election, they cannot count on repeating that feat, a new report warns. A review of the 2020 election, conducted by several prominent Democratic advocacy groups, has concluded that the party is at risk of losing ground with Black, Hispanic and Asian American voters unless it does a bet Wow... that’s almost entirely the case. Amazing

She needs to mobilize to the dentist to get that gap fixed in her teeth first why she don't go back to Haiti an promote that nwo bullshit Can the Mexicans and people of Latin America vote 2

Poll shows Manchin wildly out of step with West Virginia voters on voting rights billRachel Maddow shares details from a new poll that shows West Virginia voters of all political stripes are very supportive of the For The People Act to protect voting rights, which makes it all the more odd that Senator Joe Manchin, who represents West Virginia, does not. maddow The filibuster is supported by Biden. Moderate democrats are literally republicans that comprise a little better. F*** em both maddow Sounds to me as if WV voters will be voting out Sen_JoeManchin as soon as possible! maddow You only need the majority to kill the filibuster so have some of the GOP that believe in the bill vote to override the filibuster and leave Manchin out!

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Mitch McConnell comes out against 'unnecessary' John Lewis voting rights act'There's no threat to the voting rights law,' the Senate minority leader said. For any racist in congress that’s for the Jim Crow Laws that have been recently passed in certain state then yes, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act is unnecessary. However We The People have a very different take on that. And we shall make sure it gets done. rolandsmartin Joe manchin Agrees America is moving towards fascism at an alarming rate and it’s unlikely it will be stopped. One benefit is that Americans won’t be able to leave their country. This is great news for anyone that likes to travel to Europe but hates being surrounded by obnoxious Americans.

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Civil rights groups push Sen. Manchin to ‘go on a majority vote’ on voting rights and police reformAfter attending a meeting between civil rights leaders and Senator Joe Manchin, President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton discusses the three bills he and the other leaders urged Senator Joe Manchin to get passed, even if requires eliminating the filibuster TheRevAl All of Manchin’s reasons for protecting the filibuster and not voting for the two voting rights acts are quickly disappearing... the people in his state overwhelming support both, he’s changed the filibuster in the past, he’s voted on bills that republicans did not...dark money? TheRevAl One American one vote is not a problem. 46 out of 47 European countries require photo ID. TheRevAl Closet Nazi?