Why women in tech are so angry all the time

Women in tech are fighting a never-ending war against pay disparity, discrimination, and harassment but still show up to work while under a microscope.

7/31/2021 8:30:00 PM

I’m simply a woman who works in tech and posts about it online. In exchange, I receive hoards of angry comments ranging from annoying trolling to death threats.

Women in tech are fighting a never-ending war against pay disparity, discrimination, and harassment but still show up to work while under a microscope.

, I was disgusted but not surprised. A friend avoided reading the accounts altogether because she couldn’t emotionally handle it. When we read these stories over and over again, we can become desensitized and it starts to be normalized. We must actively fight against the feelings that any of this is normal or acceptable.

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What can be done to help?Many men do want to help fight these problems but just really aren’t sure how. While fixing the industry can feel like an insurmountable challenge, there are actionable things allies can do to help on a smaller scale.Call out bad behavior you see or hear about, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Help to report offenders.Give credit to and call out great work you see from the women you work with.Offer to share your compensation packages to help your women-in-tech peers know their worth.Advocate in your own teams for debiasing the interview/promotion process. headtopics.com

Advocate for events you're attending or organizing to include a more diverse set of voices and refer underrepresented experts you know for opportunities.Don't rely on marginalized groups to educate you.Listen to and believe women.The statistics

say women leave the tech industry at a 45 percent higher rate than men. Given the anecdotes, it is surprising those numbers aren’t worse. While I’m excited the representation of women STEM undergraduates has been increasing, I still worry for the next generation of young women entering the industry. For now, all I can do is keep fighting the demons in this industry for them and stay public and loud to show a tiny slice of representation. Staying in this industry as a woman requires a large amount of grin and bear it, that fairly, not everyone wants to endure. Those women leaving the industry take with them years of experience and immeasurable talent. The industry will suffer this huge loss because we would rather not deal with toxicity.

SEE ALSO:Women in tech need to waste time, resources, and energy fighting a misogynistic war on multiple fronts but still show up to do the work and demonstrate excellence while under a microscope.We are exhausted.Next time you go to ask yourself why women in tech are so angry, ask yourself why you’re not angry with them.

Emily Kager is a software engineer in San Francisco originally from the rolling farmland of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She works as a mobile developer and in her free time she’s hiking, biking, running, skiing, climbing, or hanging out with her two dogs. headtopics.com

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