Coronavirus, Covıd-19, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Why Coronavirus Cases Have Spiked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan

Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan — once heralded for early successes in battling the pandemic — are now confronting a new wave of coronavirus cases

4/10/2020 11:20:00 AM

Hong Kong , Singapore and Taiwan — once heralded for early successes in battling the pandemic — are now confronting a new wave of coronavirus cases

Once heralded for keeping their case counts low, Hong Kong , Singapore and Taiwan have recently seen a surge in numbers, largely fueled by infections coming from elsewhere.

New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases DailyThe charts show the total number of cases. The orange bars are cases from travel to other countries. The blue bars are ones that were transmitted locally.The first confirmed cases in all three places were connected to people who had traveled to Wuhan, China, where the pandemic began, followed by small clusters of cases among residents with no travel history. Despite their proximity to mainland China, however, they had all managed to keep their case counts low for weeks, through vigilant monitoring and early intervention.

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None of these places had a single day with more than 10 new cases until March, even as the coronavirusspread around the world.That changed in the past two weeks, as both Hong Kong and Singapore saw new cases in the double digits for consecutive days, with the bulk attributed to those who have traveled from abroad. Singapore’s numbers are now triple-digits, with large clusters of cases linked to dorms for migrant workers.

Taiwan was hit with a surge of new cases, the vast majority of which were imported from other countries, while the number of locally transmitted infections remained low.Recent scenes at airports in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore,from leftfrom top.Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times, Sam Yeh/Agence France-Presse, Adam Dean for The New York Times — Getty Images,

from leftfrom top.Students or expatriates returning from Europe or the United States account for a large share of the imported cases. At least 191 of the confirmed cases in Hong Kong, for example, were among students who had returned from studying abroad in Britain. Similarly, 46 cases in Taiwan were among students studying abroad in Britain who had returned home after mid-March.

Top 15 Places TraveledHere are the countries where people confirmed with coronavirus had traveled to.Hong Kong and Taiwan each had one tour group that separately visited Egypt, where multiple travelers developed coronavirus symptoms and fell ill after they returned in early March.

In Singapore, several members of the military contracted the virus while stationed in France.All three places had initially banned travelers only from Hubei Province, in China. But as virus hot spots developed in other places, the governments increasingly expanded travel restrictions or mandatory quarantine measures to encompass the rest of the world.

When travel restrictions and quarantine orders were put in placeHong KongTravelers prohibited from these places.Quarantine orders for people who recently traveled to these places.TaiwanTravelers prohibited from these places.Quarantine orders for people who recently traveled to these places.

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SingaporeTravelers prohibited from these places.Quarantine orders for people who recently traveled to these places.Note: When travelers are prohibited, residents, long-term visa holders and other exempted groups are allowed in with quarantine restrictions.

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susanamet I hope Australia learns from this... we can't leave anyone out of the response. That means more than control and confinement - it means care, support and dialogue. Just goes to show no country that wants to keep its borders open for trade and travel can fight this virus without the cooperation and success of other countries.

imagine my surprise NOT ' In Singapore, there's now a huge surge in local transmissions linked to migrant worker dormitories.' They still have very few deaths compared to NYC. Why not look into why? No one is helping Taiwan WHO is been bias by supporting Chinas claims If we are united to fight the virus when China has the outbreak, we wouldn't need to halt for so long. This is a total failure for Western systems. LAZY!

Singapore were just too complacent telling people not to wear mask unless sick and not closing schools when others have done so. Highest paid clowns on earth. This is the global outcome until a vaccine is found Yup when the West fails Other asian democracies pay the price too Cases from usa uk and Europe passed on to them.

Why do you put two Chinese provinces and a independent country together? 你見過哪個傻逼分裂分子只會耍嘴皮子在推特上bb的?有本事公然違反《中美聯合聲明》啊,別光在這吠來吠去 SaveThePeople_NotWallStreet The Y-axis is on a very low scale, 45 in max, which is misleading as if there were many cases. And also they appear to succeed to contain the virus early. The opposite examples are the USA and Italy with the daily occurrence of over 20-30,000 not 45.

The Asian tigers are learning that can't use artificial constraints to control nature forever. In the end, nature always wins! Immunity is the only long term answer to covid19 All the more reason for longer shelter in home here in USA 😱😱😱😱 Note: Most of the new cases of COVID-19 are imported. A tough lesson on the dangers of traveling during such a pandemic COVID19 COVIDー19 Tagging it for German institutions/personnel BMI_Bund BMG_Bund c_drosten Karl_Lauterbach

Taiwan What a huge wave 🌊 🌊 u should take some math classes bro They went back to work The difference is a mask. Taiwanese and Hongkongers are wearing a mask when they go outside. Singaporean follows WHO advice and government didn't advise people to wear a mask when they are out. Just look at the islamic republic of iran ... Funny apes making numbers and statistics ayatollahsspreadcovid19 IslamicRepublicVirus

TrumpVirus Find out what your spouse do at your absence now. Contact or +1708-381-0872.. He's effective and 100% trusted. He also upgrade credit score and clear criminal records. He did mine excellently within few days so I can't stop recommending him. The virus will continue to expand while there are people with no immunity.

Primarily Returning Travelers & Expats, because of their irresponsible behavior. ChinaMustExplain NO.Taiwan NO.1 Taiwan saw one new case in the past 24 hours what a huge wave And it’s just the beginning. This virus will continue the world trip until the whole world will be immunités. It means it will take more than 2 years

Yes, because models and graphs and numbers have been so reliable.... 🙄 Their local controls have been doing good, as they don't trust CCP, despite geographically how close they are to China. This is bad! This pattern will probably be global! I hope you love yourself and have indoor hobbies & interests! We're going to be living in solitude for a while longer! And they said, no man is an island!

SecondWaveTsunami 2ndWaveTsunami You can’t kill the virus without a vaccine. People go out again — dormant disease breaks out again. The World is now a Rust bucket try plugging it and a leak will spring elsewhere. 🔸“Be humble and never think that you are better than anyone else. For dust you are; and unto dust you shall return.“—Genesis 3:19 China Pls Note above

WTF Those new waves are mainly imported cases, which means their local control has been a success The numbers from three places are quite different I’m sure the New York Fish Wrap will crowbar in some blame for Trump. Travel restrictions are mandatory, surely. Hope they don’t get hit hard. some patients with difficult course, looks to have been transferred to Germany to treat The medically. This is solidarity and not like US pirates who steal our masks.

With supplies back, Hong Kong expats ship masks home to coronavirus hot spotsExpats in Hong Kong are buying up masks to send to family and friends back home as supplies return to shops in the Asian financial hub and the coronavirus spreads around the world Follow our live blog for the latest updates: Will the friends and family back home really accept them considering the widespread believe that the masks were the ones that were used by those who were infected with corona virus? BUT France blocks (at Orly!) or taxes masks BOUGHT BY US in HK (not expat) sent free to family members in France olivierveran if ANY member of our family in France dies from Coronavirus I AM HOLDING YOU RESPONSIBLE YOU CANNOT PROTECT OUR FAMILIES but PREVENT US TO HELP THEM Few years ago, people from Hong Kong were buying up baby milk & sending that to Hong Kong because there was a problem with their baby milk! Took shops a while to realise then rationed it!

To Curb the Coronavirus, Hong Kong Tells the World Masks Work Hong Kong residents are adamant that their widespread use of face masks from early in the coronavirus outbreak helped slow the spread of disease in an urban center directly in the path of the pandemic’s first wave. 真香 They did a good job😊

A billionaire art collector will distribute 10 million face masks in vending machines around Hong KongRenowned billionaire art collector Adrian Cheng has announced plans to distribute millions of surgical face masks free of charge during the coronavirus pandemic, using 35 specially built vending machines placed in various locations around Hong Kong . Help people a bit in the outer countries aswell I love billionaires! One guy could give masks for my entire country!

U.S. Allows Google Internet Project to Advance Only if Hong Kong Is Cut OutU.S. officials granted Google permission to turn on a high-speed internet link to Taiwan but not to the Chinese territory of Hong Kong , citing national-security concerns in a ruling that underscores fraying ties between Washington and Beijing. Finally, a President who sees China for the threat they are. We all knew how to use vpn so just relax a bit please. Taiwan is also Chinese territory.

Hong Kong tourism chief pins hopes on recovery starting by JulyThe impact of the novel coronavirus on Hong Kong 's tourism sector is unprecedented and the city can hope to start seeing things returning to normal by July, in part by trying to develop new markets, the head of the tourism board told Reuters. I don't think anybody will consider visiting China for touristic purpose from now on. No way I wouldn’t go there even if the plane ticket was free!

Coronavirus woes force famous Hong Kong snake restaurant to shutA famous Hong Kong snake meat restaurant, She Wong Yee, will shut its doors this month after more than three decades in business, as the coronavirus keeps customers away. Woes Sick people. The coronavirus may came from the HK rioter who start wearing mask and goggles in last year.