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What is ransomware? Trevor Noah breaks it down in useful explainer.

'Why is it so hard to stop?'

5/15/2021 5:37:00 AM

'Why is it so hard to stop?'​

'Why is it so hard to stop?'

.But let's back up a minute. How widespread is ransomware, and what are the real-world consequences of its use?These are the questions Trevor Noah tackled onThe Daily Showon Thursday in his segment"If you don't know, now you know," discussing everything from the increasing number of these attacks and the DIY ransomware kits available on the dark web, to the limits on what the government can do to help when private companies get hit by attacks.

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"I get that it's difficult for the government to regulate the internal security of private companies, but the solution to ransomware cannot be to put the entire country into airplane mode," concludes Noah at the end of the segment."I mean no-one even does that on airplanes.

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