Videotape Reveals Early Corporate-Funded Plans To Try To Overturn A Trump Loss

The right-wing group behind the 'Stand your ground' laws began working in February to challenge a Trump election defeat.

10/31/2020 6:22:00 AM

The right-wing group behind the 'Stand your ground' laws began working in February to challenge a Trump election defeat.

The right-wing group behind the 'Stand your ground' laws began working in February to challenge a Trump election defeat.

ALEC’s budget,provided largely by its corporate membersand conservative wealthy individuals, according to Hertel-Fernandez, typically is about $10 million a year, records show.ALEC serves corporate and other right-wing interests, from fighting environmental regulations and slashing consumer protections to loosening gun restrictions. ALEC also adopted a policy aimed at

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repealing the 17th Amendment, which provides for the direct election of U.S. senators.ALEC has also been active on voting and election issues, including redistricting and election administration with “an eye to boosting the political clout of conservatives over the long run,” Hertel-Fernandez told HuffPost. “They were an early proponent of voter ID laws and restrictions on voter registrations thought to disadvantage left-leaning constituencies.”

The group has also gone after union rights to “weaken the political left and the Democratic Party by taking out one of its strongest funders and grassroots mobilizers,” as well as trial lawyers. Attorneys are “another important backer of the Democratic Party and left-leaning causes in many states,” he explained

Trump, meanwhile, is willing to “outsource” much of the strategy and policy development to groups like ALEC to strengthen right-wing power, Hertel-Fernandez said. Read more: HuffPost »

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It looks like USSupremeCourt is also on board. 'To insist that, in the area of election administration alone, state legislatures must do it all themselves fetishizes the words “the Legislature” in the Constitution and strains them beyond recognition' 'ALEC keeps its membership secret, but records obtained from 2017 by Documented listed Koch Industries, honeywell, ExxonMobil_EU, UPS, Chevron and SouthwestAirl11 as members or event sponsors, among several other corporate backers.'

I think a much bigger point is being missed: these organized groups who meet with him each month, and each other every week, has his ear. They have put people in places to disrupt our Republic. They are playing chess and monopoly while we are playing spades and uno. 'ALEC keeps its membership secret, but records obtained from 2017 by Documented listed Koch Industries, Honeywell, Exxon Mobil, UPS, Chevron and Southwest Airlines as members or event sponsors, among several other corporate backers.'

This article reads like AmericanGods Make a mental note: American legislative exchange council (ALEC). This is one of the fraudster organization’s that will attempt to petition state legislatures to invalidate legal votes. This is their strategy to flip legit electoral votes and move those votes to the loser, Trump!

Are the polls open tomorrow? Pood ole donnys 🐑🐑🐑can NOT stand the truth! Don’t forget that ALEC supported the white supremacy apartheid government of South Africa throughout the 80s. Trump will win landslide! If HuffPost had an ounce of credibility, I would actually read this article. Stand Your Ground needs to be disbanded. This is beyond messed up.

'Fraudster attempts to register dead Americans as Dem voters in Florida | Fox News NoSurprise' Can we stop calling them extreme right wing groups and call them what they are which are terrorist organizations. So they were planning to challenege something that hadn’t already happened!? Doesn’t that go against the authenticity of your argument.

how is democratic congressional leadership being outmaneuvered by a group of pheasant hunters that calls themselves 'proud boys' Trump and his GOP strategised who they can put in place to SAY Trump has won a given State, outright, lying. If Democrats sue to make transparent, courts will say no. They have probably already put those turnkeys in place. BYDON BIDENHARRIS2020 BLUEWAVE2020

If Biden doesn’t win by 5 points it’s going to die in recount hell and Trump lackeys fill half of the Federal courts. %€ £%* €£¥ %?* Koch industries - Alec Shameful kuku27 Laws at times don't work to attain objectives thanks ExpressFridayVigil You must first receive the message of THE LORD and accept it to be able to bring a TRANSFORMATION in your life.

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