Unloved by Trump, NPR Carries On

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Donations to the public broadcaster went up sharply after the president said it was “a very good question” to ask why it still existed.

Public Broadcasting, Federal Budget


Donations to many NPR affiliates spiked in the days after President Trump questioned the existence of the public broadcaster and after a clash with the State Department, an NPR spokeswoman said

Donations to the public broadcaster went up sharply after the president said it was “a very good question” to ask why it still existed.

Updated 3:41 p.m. ET First President Trump questioned the existence of National Public Radio in a tweet. Then, as part of the annual budget request released last Monday, he recommended slashing federal funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the body that distributes taxpayer dollars to NPR and other public media outlets, to $0 by 2023. Past budget proposals from Mr. Trump have apparently had little influence over the amounts that public media has received from the government. For the 2020 fiscal year, the White House recommended $30 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Congress, which has traditionally shown support for public media, ultimately decided on $465 million. Although Congress controls how much federal money goes to public broadcasters, NPR is not taking the potential threat lightly. About 1 percent of its budget comes from federal money, but Mike Riksen, an NPR vice president, said the funding was “essential” to public radio. “Elimination of federal funding would result in fewer programs, less journalism — especially local journalism — and, eventually, the loss of public radio stations, particularly in rural and economically distressed communities,” Mr. Riksen said. “We are fully engaged with policymakers to ensure a complete understanding of federal funding and its importance to our stations and the public media system.” The White House budgeted $30 million for public broadcasting in 2021. For 2022 — the last year of federal funding for public media, if the president got his way — Mr. Trump proposed $28 million. Despite the lack of support from the administration, Paul G. Haaga Jr., a longtime Republican donor who is the chairman of NPR’s board of directors, said he believed public media was not in danger. He recalled conversations that he’d had with Republican lawmakers soon after he joined the board. “They’d leaned over and say, ‘Don’t tell anybody in the caucus, but I love NPR and couldn’t live without it,’” Mr. Haaga said. “And I’d lean over and say, ‘Don’t tell anybody, but everybody in the caucus tells me that, too.’” Nevertheless, NPR has been under scrutiny lately after tensions arose between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the journalist Mary Louise Kelly. Ms. Kelly, an anchor of the NPR news show “All Things Considered,” said Mr. Pompeo had used foul language during a tense exchange on Jan. 24 after she pressed him on the administration’s Ukraine policy as part of a taped interview. Two days after the encounter, Mark Levin, the conservative host of a syndicated radio program and a Fox News show, asked on Twitter, “Why does NPR still exist?” He described the outlet as a “Democrat Party propaganda operation.” Mr. Trump retweeted Mr. Levin’s post, adding a comment of his own: “A very good question!” That same day, the State Department barred the NPR correspondent Michele Kelemen from traveling as a member of the press pool on a government airplane with Mr. Pompeo. Ms. Kelemen, who has covered the State Department for nearly two decades, was set to travel with Mr. Pompeo to Europe and Central Asia. The State Department Correspondents’ Association, lawmakers and commentators spoke out in support of NPR afterward. A Fox News host, Steve Hilton, referred to Mr. Pompeo as a “baby” and a “bully.” Donations to many NPR affiliates spiked in the days after the president’s tweet and the clash with the State Department, according to an NPR spokeswoman. Direct contributions to Southern California Public Radio increased 250 percent, said Rob Risko, the director of membership. Donations to the public station KMUW in Wichita, Kan. — a city in the congressional district once represented by Mr. Pompeo — rose 90 percent, the general manager, Debra Fraser, said. Pledges came in from 12 states. KMUW, a station with 25 employees, would survive if federal funding disappeared, Ms. Fraser said. “The problem is the rural stations,” she added. “They can’t make that up.” NPR started in 1970, three years after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act. President Richard M. Nixon became the first of many Republican leaders who tried to cut funding to public media when he vetoed a bill to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1972. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan Read more: The New York Times

ANOTHER success story for realDonaldTrump ! and it means NPR can thrive without Federal funds! Isn’t Trump great? He came to the rescue of NPR. I regularly listen to NPR, and I am not a trump supporter. But if we're honest, we'll admit that NPR hated Trump from the beginning and is overwhelmingly inclined to to the left, so are we really surprised that Trump wishes to slash NPR funding?

Good. Let them be funded by contributions, not my taxes. Why are we supporting with taxpayer $'s a propaganda outlet for the DNC? Good, then they don’t need our tax dollars. This is a good thing. My tax dollars can go to something worthwhile. Fake news will always protect fake news. Bloomberg's money is now greasing the cogs. What's next?

Good! They should be self sustaining.

Why the Presidency Can’t Just Go Back to 'Normal' After TrumpThe “norms and traditions” that President Trump has incinerated aren’t timeless features of American democracy; they’re actually quite new—and brittle No less brittle than the GOP backbone It's the left that has incinerated norms and tradition. Is it 'normal' for a billionaire to 'run' for office via ads, paid-for endorsements, and media pundits on his payroll? are we normalizing 'benign plutocracy' by accepting this?

Sounds like they don't need public $$s. Perfect, if it’s funded by donations then we can cancel federal funding for it. Perfect, if it’s funded by donations them we can cancel federal funding for it. Trump needs to be owned. 'please give money to my journo friends so that they don't have to learn to code'

High quality news for all my life. Sober, well researched, and very much needed. NPR has a progressive bias It should be noted that in the recommendation to cut funding to PBS and NPR, the Trump administration mentioned the availability of private donations. 'Defend your institutions!'

Trump administration shifting border agents to sanctuary cities for arrest operationsThe Trump administration is deploying 100 officers and agents from the southern border to so-called sanctuary cities in the U.S. to assist in arrest operations targeting immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, according to two people familiar with the plan.

I love NPR It should be noted that the Trump administration mentioned private funding. Trump is so dangerous to our Republic. He wants NPR to be a propaganda network like Fox. Hitler did these same things. We need this fair and free press for our democracy. YangGang4Life 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thats good I doubled my local NPR affiliate contribution that day and continued it ever since.

Glad people are supporting public broadcasting. It's shameful that all these Republicans have tried to gut CPB's funding. They don't want an informed populace. Regardless of one's politics, people should distrust & vote out politicians who try to keep them uninformed & ignorant. Time to donate again. Ilovefacts NPR kcrw KPCC

A lot like gun sales going up every time the NYTimes mentions gun control?

John Kelly's biggest slam wasn't even about Donald TrumpFormer White House chief of staff John Kelly got lots and lots of attention this week for expressing his support for Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's action. But, something else Kelly said was even more cutting — about Fox News | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN Same goes for watching CNN or MSNBC watchers who don’t ever look elsewhere. This isnt the burn they think it is. If you don’t look outside your bubble, you’d think CNN has given you real news. Reality is, our media accross the board is flawed deeply. CillizzaCNN You’ll lift up anyone who turns or Trump or attacks Trump - like your past SUPERSTAR and projected presidential candidate...oh where is your hero now? CillizzaCNN Cilly boy. I agree we should get our news from different outlets, and when I want fakes news, lies and a laugh I watch SleazeNN .

Long live Big Bird... donations did not spike after the president question the political hack. She lied about Pompeo and now can not go with him when he leaves the country, Cut there funding See how long that last's. It's like Trump is making you all spread your money around all over the place till you've got nothing left.

Democracies that value a free press SHOULD support a free press. That said, a smaller portion of NPR budget is taxpayer $$ than people think. At present, NPR gets bashed by GOP for being on the Dem side & by Dems for giving GOP too much air time. Must be doing something right. NPR should not be getting any tax payers money

Trump should love NPR since it has been right leaning for several years! I stopped listening to it several years ago! NPR does not deserve Taxpayer money any more than you or any other media outlet. People can donate all they want to NPR. However, do not use our tax money to fund that leftist propaganda machine.

This is the obvious, public attack that conservatives are waging to distract from the *real* strategy against NPR: injecting corporate money to corrupt it. Hey, it worked with Congress, right? whatsApp the temple via +15015033078.. Join the brotherhood online today to achieve all your heart desire. Now for more information do message us on how you will be fully initiated to the Illuminati and make life a meaningful one for you to start up new living...

Legal experts question Barr’s independence from Trump.glennkirschner2: 'A lot of people have decided to remain to try to save the country, not save themselves, but it's a tough call when Bill Barr has basically decimated and cut the legs out from under career public servant after career public servant.' glennkirschner2 Really, like who didn't already know he's crooked as crap glennkirschner2 Barr reacting to all this media spun DNC propaganda nonsense glennkirschner2

Stocked with WAPO reporters. And other reporters like them. Jessica song of PARASITE. Original song of Jessica song Dokdo is our(Korea)land Japs call Takeshima. Flash mob of Dokdo is our land at the front of Seoul station True history of Dokdo MartinSoong Nicaraguan Public Radio! Welfare queens broadcasting coast to coast.

Tell NPR to move on. RabbiShaina NPR should tell the government to shove it . Philanthropists would make up the difference . NPR is one of my main go to stations... Glad that they're seeing some positive results from negative comments. backfired NPRforthewin NPR was Pravda before Pravda. The more Trump attacks media, the more support them.

Excellent. As long as they don't show bias.

Erdogan, Trump discuss ways to end crisis in Syria's IdlibLeaders of Turkey and US agree by phone that Syrian regime attacks on Turkish troops in northwestern Idlib province were unacceptable, Turkish presidency says.

Don't allow the government to damage you're national broadcaster. Here in Australia the government have all but dismantled ours. Really? Good, proof that taxes don’t need to be used. Public will support it if they like it. Nice More evidence that they do not need public funding. ...just like they went UP to the RNC when the Hoax Impeachment started...

little need for NPR, and there's even less need for it to be taxpayer-subsidized. They just cut all funding to starsandstripes Perfect. Now public funding should be eliminated. The content is left-biased and often offensive.

Omarosa: Trump has failed to affect Black lives since he’s been presidentAs early voting begins in Nevada, Trump and the other 2020 candidates are looking ahead to delegate-rich states in the Deep South. MSNBC's Ali Velshi discusses making inroads with black voters with former senior White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman. I don't want to her from this fraud... And yet oddly, if OMAROSA had been rehired along with the rest of the fist season’s cast she’d be out front & centre proclaiming that “Trump is the best Prez for Black America...ever...since Lincoln...🥴” But since her character got killed off in Season 1, she’s now bitter? Was wondering when she was going to reappear.

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