Trump 'Wall Of Lies' Resurrected In Manhattan After Vandalism

Now it's twice as big.

10/31/2020 6:44:00 AM

Now it's twice as big.

Now it's twice as big.

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Delhi police back off after scuffle with farmers, allow peaceful protest

New Delhi police agreed to let thousands of Indian farmers stage a peaceful protest inside the capital on Friday after initially blocking demonstrators on the outskirts and firing tear gas and water cannon at them.

I cannot decide whether it is a good Research or a beautiful artwork Breathtaking- in so many ways. Let’s go folks. Vote straight ticket blue. Why? Only one reason needed-voter suppression (traitorous). But use this video to remind people why else! TRUMP MAGA realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr This should be completed and installed in the Smithsonian to visually denote the trajectory of lies that is this man’s presidency.

New Yorkers know better ❤️ This is the shit they should fill his presidential library with. Walls and walls of lies. Cuz, you know, there are no actual books. Presidents or politicians aren't suppose to get caught in a lie. In another time(maybe 5 years ago) , they have to immediately resign if they are found out to be lying. But these days, morality is no longer of any value to society. Just claim that you were kidding 20,000 times.

They’ll need a new wall soon! The US now, for the 1st time, we pity it The US has stirred a range of feelings in the rest of world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity Lmao....what idiots. VOTE BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. ANYONEBUTTRUMP

Looks appropriate for the border wall Whatever it's American Jews mostly like him due to Middle-East peace agreement! Ooh that is pretty. Must have taken someone a lot of time. Did Trump do something bad? I haven't had TV in a long time. People lie on average 9 times a day according to an experiment by the BBC. That's around 16,000 x per year. Including a vicar. Sounds a little bit above average, but he is the President.

As was said in that ‘prophetic’ movie - we need a bigger wall! The mayor character is Trump to a tee! Took no responsibility and put everyone life at risk. If we ever needed a ‘wall’ this is it! Build a prison cell, put Trump in it, the wall of lies around him for him to read. 😡 But how did they edit down Trumps lies to these ‘few’!

We were told in Canada we have the best air passenger rights in the world and have resources to in force them. Complete opposite. 22,000 cases behind in the 1st 2 years, zero cases heard since pandemic, only g7 not refunding. Difference is, no one started walls for anyone but DT. source: dude trust me

Build this wall! It is big, bigger , biggest!! Massive big huge massive bigger then anyone else Dear African American Bothers and Sisters....DJT and his ENABLERS, never could or would say BLACK LIVES MATTER till date. TRUTH is, they DONT CARE. THINK & VOTE on 11/3. DO VOTE IN PERSON. ExpressFridayVigil You must first receive the message of THE LORD and accept it to be able to bring a TRANSFORMATION in your life.

'Where do you intend to spend your Eternity? The True Blessedness of GOD is attached to Eternity in the Kingdom of GOD. ExpressFridayVigil

Wall Street soared under Trump, but it's been a rocky rideThe last four years have been good for stocks, with the S&P 500 climbing more than 50% and many 401(k) balances looking healthier, as President Donald Trump likes to point out so often. The stocks that Wall Street initially thought would benefit most from a Trump administration have since fallen back OBAMA Markets ending I think sanity in the White House is a good thing. I wouldn't call this soaring.

Trump Quashed Probe Into Crimes by Bank in Turkey, Which Is Paying TrumpScandals tend to be complicated, especially scandals involving banks. But this one is extremely simple. jonathanchait writes on Erdogan’s successful efforts to recruit top Trump administration officials into his corrupt scheme

F*ck Trump Lipstick's Proceeds Are Being Donated to the Causes Trump Hates MostWhat a perfect (and pretty) way to piss off the President.

Lipslut Will Donate Proceeds From F*ck Trump Lipsticks to Causes Trump Hatessuddenly I need more lipstick 💋 🤣🤣🤣 With a name like Teen Vogue I would think you wouldn't promote profanity. Then again you probably promote all sorts of degeneracy with our teens Cringe

Trump derides doctors as COVID surges, Biden says Trump 'giving up' on virusPresident Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Friday sought support in Midwestern states where the coronavirus has roared back, with Trump falsely accusing doctors of profiting from COVID-19 deaths while Biden said Trump had surrendered to the pandemic. Let’s see the huge crowds he is speaking to По моему, Трамп останется в Истории как ЗАРАЗА. Америка обогнала всех по болезни... TfL bailout - taxpayers are asked to pay tube drivers’ avg pay of 70k + 55days of hols,free ticket for whole family,final salary pension and retirement at 50! All of these for driving fully automated trains after completion of 4 months course! Contact your MP to say 🛑 to this!

Indigenous Youth Are Disrupting Trump’s Border Wall Construction“We’ve been here forever and we are going to be here forever.” Why hasn't Milliestopshate been in twitter for a long time ?😭 Miss her