Trump's Old Tweet About Obama’s Taxes Is Looking Super Awkward Now

The president's complaint falls flat in light of the New York Times tax revelations.

9/28/2020 9:27:00 AM

The president's complaint falls flat in light of the New York Times tax revelations.

The president's complaint falls flat in light of the New York Times tax revelations.

.Trump, the Times reported, paid just $750 per year in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017 and nothing in 10 of the previous 15 years due to massive financial losses. Read more: HuffPost »

Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

You’re super awkward. Adolescents running a high school paper. Like mean girls dissing the object of their angst daily. As usually, the irony struck on DonaldTrump once again Ok H.P Lets see exacly WHERE did Saint Hussein het the 159 mill AFTER TAXES bank Roll He LEFT OFFICE WITH? Solyndra? No Bid Contracts? Lets see HIS TAXES!

He definitely knows that this tax attacks will be coming from all angles. It is quite obvious that Trump hates Obama. The NY Times just a DNC tabloid newspaper. Nobody, except perhaps the HuffPost takes it seriously. Trump is bankrupt. He has to sell his properties. He has mismanaged his business. Definitely not a billionaire as he claims. And all these lawsuits awaiting him- from tax fraud to sexual assaults. What a pathetic life.

Joe and Kamala are bringing hope to USA! Vote! Due to the late slow disastrous approach to pandemia by Trump, USA is a huge graveyard with more than 204000 coronavirus patient’s deaths. Trump destroyed the economy and cannot respond to racial crisis properly! Vote ! He will just say there meaning was misunderstood at the time ...

Where’s your story on Hunter? So trump wrote off $70,000 for hairstyling on his taxes. Women don’t you think we should be able to claim hairstyling cost on our taxes for work too? Where is happy news.please tell me somebody. It doesn’t fall flat. This is pure tabloid journalism. Trump has no obligation to share his personal financial info with anyone. You want to vote against for not sharing, fine. But it really wasn’t a major voter issue.

My Grandma said when someone points fingers at our people there Usually guilty of the accusations they make thard the people they point fingers at Trump is a fraud. So are his 'conservative' base. is that.... Who cares , MoreShitNewsBeCareful USA 😂🤣😅The New York Times said it will not make Trump's tax-return data public so as not to jeopardize its sources 'who have taken enormous personal risks to help inform the public👆😅🤣 MAGA MAGA2020 realDonaldTrump

The biggest election fraud by Democrats is in full swing with unsolicited, no signature verification and ballot harvesting scheme. Here is a sample of how it's done at a smaller scale by people in Ilhan Omar's circle: Vote in person. It is safe. The orange impeached con man is a criminal and should be tried and imprisoned.

Not really no carrying Democrat water. The remaining living presidents should get together and show their tax statements and invite trump to join them. If they made a big noise about it it would embarrass him, he'd panic, tell another lie which could be fact checked and published as such. No it doesn’t. For the simple fact that Trump lowered taxes and Obama raised them. That makes his argument perfectly consistent.

In 2005 Trump paid a higher tax rate than Obama. It depends on the year & the taxes filed. TrumpTaxReturns

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