'This Is NOT OK With Me’: Neil Young Condemns Trump’s Use Of His Music

The rock icon was not happy after his songs were played at Trump's Independence Day celebration.

7/4/2020 1:40:00 PM

The rock icon was not happy after his songs were played at Trump's Independence Day celebration.

The rock icon was not happy after his songs were played at Trump's Independence Day celebration at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

.”“‘Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World’ is not a song you can trot out at one of your rallies,” Young wrote. “Perhaps you could have been a bass player and played in a rock and roll band. That way you could be on stage at a rally every night in front of your fans, if you were any good, and you might be…”

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“Every time ‘Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World’ or one of my songs is played at your rallies, I hope you hear my voice,” Young added. “Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying citizen who does not support you. Me.”Young alsopublicly objected to Trump’s use of his songs

in his 2016 campaign.Adele, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Village People, R.E.M. and the estates of Tom Petty and Prince are among a raft of other artists to demand Trump stop using their tracks at his rallies. Read more: HuffPost »

saxxy1201 Hope his niece uses trump attitude towards copy rights To him trying to stop her book. With an agreement. . Ol' one note Neil should be happy anyone is playing his stuff. What a hater of America. Surprised he stayed awake long enough to post something. There's a reason Crosby, Stills and Nash let him go.

He can condemn all he wants, there's no legal way he can stop Trump from using it. Once the song is in public circulation, there's nothing you can do to stop having it used for anything especially when royalties and fees are paid. Maybe cause he has kid porn. Crusty old hippie Go home Neil and claim your royalties. Looks like your heart of gold has turned into an old man

He should be happy anyone is using his music anymore. It sucked then, it sucks now, and he's an old has-been trying to stay relevant with the neo-hippies. If Neilyoung doesn't want his songs to be played by Presidents, then he shouldn't record patriotic songs! Trust me, no Patriot will ever listen to his songs again. Business 101, don't limit your reach with politics, race, religion, or opinion. You are an entertainer!

Who cares what you think Neil 'really old & not relevant' Young Ashole, to crying for money behind TRUMP, you are OK. We know who you are,.... HYPOCRITE Washed up old fool should be great full someone even remembers him! Did Ol' Neil speak out when Obama was there? What a loser Young’s music has always been shitty, I am equally disappointed that Trump used his music in his Independence Day celebrations.

Poor Neil. I feel so bad for him. 🤨 Got some lyrics for his new song. Nobody cares Neil Awe...royalty checks weren't big enough? dead eyes It's fine by me......and the people ol' neil works for had no problem taking from me Neil Young? Never heard of her. Deal with it. I hope Neil Young will remember, literally NO ONE needs him around, anyhow.

What a crybaby. too bad. Live with it. The kid in the lyrics that never grew up to be cool describes every male in the Trump Administration and every Republican Senator except for PierreDelecto. Who gives a rats ass if he’s happy or not. CelebutanteBlog I doubt it was Trump's decision. Likely never heard of Neil Young🤠

Every musical artist who doesn't like Trump should send a letter in advance informing them they do not have permission to use their music. Shoots the whole forgiveness vs permission thing down. Neil Young like Biden is senile he used his music in Canada to shutdown businesses 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

So many folks on this post register a negative zero on the intel chart. So Trump plays the music of a rock legend, who can't stand him at his events? Then you defend Trump and complain about Neil being old and has no right as an artist to complain? Weird, but not surprising. Once sold...not your song anymore

Just another unhinged butt hurt celebrity liberal nut. Nobody GAF what he has to say! Who cares. Imagine how sick and depressed a person must be to express their inner feelings to the world on this topic. And for those feelings to be a disgust for the very country that made them what they are. It's self hatred. It's worse than 'cutting'. It's the dreaded TDS and it's lethal.

File a lawsuit or cease and desist letter. Agent Orange does it to everyone else I wish I cared... Hahahaha... and this is news why? And “icon”? Really? Neil Young , The world loves your music . It was sick and evil of trumps GOP to play your music( or Tom petty’s) without your blessing. They cant apologize enough for being so disgustingly inconsiderate.

I am a LIFE-LONG Democrat.....BUT I would PREFER KANYE over orange dude as a president any day! KANYE would be LIGHT-YEARS better as a president! CRAY CRAY seems to be the THEME now anyway in the U.S.! He can renounce all rights and give all the money back. He won't. Had a Neil Young album once as a kid. After listening for 45 seconds... immediately traded it for Ozzy - Blizzard if Oz. Neil Young sucks anyway. Trump2020

Southern man don’t need Neil Young around anyway😂😂😂 Trump purchased the use of the music...if musicians dont like people using the music then they shouldn't allow the rights to the music be sold and then we can shut down the radios too...grow up snowflakes Oh well....that changes EVERYTHING!!! ***YAWN*** Probably the most attention this has been has gotten in a long time.

When you write a song for the people you don’t get a chance to dictate who can play it. Used to be a fan. Neilyoung Boo frickin hop Niel Old If you think Trump organized the music you must be voting for Biden 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🇺🇸 BanjoHfuhruhur Neil Young has put too much into his songs to have some Racist, ignorant AHole use them for the wrong message. I'm glad he's pissed off, because he should be.

Nobody give a fuck 🖕🏿 Has any Artist ever been successful in stopping this sort of activity? Not asking for permission and not even begging for forgiveness and appear to get away with it every time Why can’t right-wingers write their own great songs instead of stealing them from the Left? Because you have to be a liberated freethinking liberal with a genuine sense of empathy, to have that kind of creativity... VoteOutTheGOP

Shut up neil young. I used to like you and your music but now you make me want to theow up If you're anti Trump and famous... you're instantly on the pedo list. The more you know 🌈⭐ Why can’t right-wingers write their own great songs instead of stealing them from the Left? Because you have to be a liberated freethinking liberal to have that kind of creativity... VoteOutTheGOP

So, Neil Young, was the money good for you? BTW, that's called capitalism. You got lawyer? File the suit. So Nobody gives a crap! They just do not care. Don't care. 😊 More communist propaganda from USELESS MEDIA.. Lol ok you can all stop quoting Lynyrd Skynyrd now. They’re the ones who are no longer around. Well, most of them.

Tough shit. Well, Trump knows how to trigger so you're welcome 'Rock icon'. He has a reason for everything. I find it hilarious! ha. ha. ha. F'in SELLOUT!! 🖕🏻 Hey, all these artists owe their success to America (constitutional republic) Great Britain (parliamentary democracy) populous governed by laws Sit down, Thank God we were their to show our support...NOW it your turn to show your support for MyPresident OurPresident

Too bad, so sad. He's had a very lucrative career thanks to the USA; the least he can do is acknowledge that it's a privilege to have his music chosen. Probably afraid of what we will learn about him cause President Trump is exposing all the dirty little secrets of the rich, famous and privileged. Give him a Snickers bar and he'll be ok.

Lol. Sucks that when you sell your soul in a licensing agreement how it stubbornly stays sold. Time to change your bong water Neil .. Yeah you can tell by his face that he’s not happy 17RichardQ Neil, you’re not an Indian. 17RichardQ No one cares Neil. Get over yourself Neil Young does not like realDonaldTrump and he married Daryl Hannah back in 2018. Makes you wonder why this song was played. 🤔 I remember a long time ago she was dating...

tRump better get used to songs from Ted Nugent. Neil who? He should be thanking President Trump for using his song nobody listens to anymore. These lefturd snowflakes need to get over themselves. Boo to you!! Good. Wonder what skeletons are hiding in his closet? I'm glad Kurt Cobain is not alive to see this

Oh too bad! He doesn't have control over what the POTUS plays at his rallies. He's just mad that he isn't getting royalties. Too bad 😎 Pull it from the licensing bureaus No one gives a fuck. Southern Man by Alabama was the one that upset him Not ok to use his music to celebrate US Independence? I don’t care if he likes it or not.

Who gives a flying f$k! Those who scream the loudest... In yo face...too bad. He is a has been. And....no one cares. Neil who? Sue him! NO ONE CARES Neil Young: standing up against personal hygiene for nearly 50 years now. If jock-itch and BO ever had a child... Trump changed the estate taxes that were destroying family farms which Neil young wanted but could never get done with his progressive supporters. Neil should have the guts to thank Trump. Instead he worries about his brand

We do not care!! Gosh wtf is wrong with you people!! Way more important stuff going on in our country and this is what you want to do a story, article!! We the people of America do not care!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Those who yell the loudest. What do you have to hide Neil? We know you have to sell your soul to become famous. God is Watching and so are the People!

Who? Neil trolled by Trump. Haha Well you tell that rock icon Americans greatly enjoyed that song in the program. If he didn’t record it for us to listen to....Then what did he record it for? 🤔 Not everything is about realDonaldTrump, some things are about the American people. 🇺🇸❤️ Guess he’s not American then

No Boby is worried about your left fake news Artist are glad to perform at Biden’s fundraisers while trump gets cease and desists for playing artist’s music. Trump has no idea how much he has abused people and this is a very good example of his selfish behavior Nobody even cares about these people. Those who yell the loudest have the most to hide. NothingCanStopWhatIsComing

No one cares Honestly, I have never liked Neil Young. Now, I know why. Somebody want to tell the so called rock icon that music is publicly attained by all human beings, yes even by the President. So let’s stick to what really matters.. and this whole convo here ♻️ is inevitable & absolute waste of energy so move 🤦‍♀️

Boo hooooo. Cuckin’ in the Free world. Oh, grow up! Hahahahaha ha- Neil Young, Tom Petty, Prince, etc. have openly rejected the cult45.....who do the MAGA red hats even listen to anymore? Neil Young is a rock legend. He has been a straight shooter for decades. A true American Individual. Liberals are the biggest hippocrates!

“Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A southern man don't need him around, anyhow” Truth! I hope they do. His music is un-listenable. I know, he's rich, but that doesn't make his music good. Mozart died a pauper. Boo hoo ☮️♥️ I love how musicians complain about their music being used by people who legally paid to use their music.

DAVEP_bluechk Neilyoung Can’t you sue him for infringement rights or something? Grumpy old coot PamelaDrew Why would Trump care what some fucking Canadian thinks? Who cares In the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd: “Well I heard Mister Young sing about her Well I heard ole Neil put her down Well I hope Neil Young will remember A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow” **substitute Canadian for Southern** Thank gawd he’s not Canadian anymore.

😂😂😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣 Deal with it. 0 f$$ given You think he would take the exposure. No one but PearlJam and none showering freaks listen to that garbage. Where is Eddie Veder while Seattle is in a heap of 💩. I know it’s Trump2020NowMoreThanEver fault. DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica DemocratsHateAmerica

No one of importance cares Neil to Neil Young you're fine musician and hockey fan so you're not all bad but c'mon stop: Who cares Apparently no one on Jabbas staff listened to the lyrics before choosing the tune.🤣 The standard procedure is to say they disapprove, then collect a royalty and enjoy the massive exposure your music gets when Trump uses it.

Oh well.🤷‍♂️ He sold the rights. Boohoo. CLASSIC Brainwashed Lib - having NO Clue when they should feel gratitude or WHY they're Triggered. If you were Sorting for CancelCultureMarxocrats these 2 inputs would be KEY. SNOWFLAKE No one else plays them so. This is the exact type of media that will inevitably make trump play the song more and more. Literally stoking the fire. I wonder if Neil is willing to give up his public performance royalties?

🖕🏻 Piece of work How is it Mr. Trump gets away with using everyone’s music without paying for it? If it’s less than a minute or two there’s nothing you can do about it. Thank AFM for that. Free restaurant and elevator music was the start of the slippery slope. He should stick to Canada's political affairs and he'll have his grimy hands full! Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A southern man don't need him around, anyhow (Nor does any of America!) Ronnie Van Zant - Gary Rossington - Ed King

Well tough. No one cares. He should be THANKING him!!! Fuck Neil Young. Is NEILYOUNG a pedophile too? Exactly. As a Canadian I denounce this message from Neil Young. 🤣 I thought that piece of shit was dead 10 years ago. Ahhh soon enough. Neil likes YOUNG boys/girls. All these Helly-Wood mofos are pedophiles. Those who scream the loudest have the most to hide.

Since 2014, a lyric from this song makes me think of the 22 kids (and 6 educators) that will never go to school. Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool... then it went on and on, like a repeating coda... Too bad so sad... HuffPost and Neil Young are trash. And we care why TOO BAD HE CANT PICK AND CHOOSE BESIDES HE IS GETTING ROYALTIES FROM IT EVERYTIME IT PLAYS .....SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT .....NEIL THEY WHINY BABY ......

You write lyrics for your songs that to you yourself are meaningless, if your lyrics expressed your true feelings and thoughts then shouldn't the title of the song be 'Keep on Destroying America until there is no Free World'! Neil you're just another Anti America woke Marxist! Sue him...he understands that language...

Neil looks like an old mining prospector... That 'rock icon' sucks anyway. Always has. Change my mind🖕 So what? Sue his campaign! No one was! does anyone under the age of 60 actually toss on a neil young 8 track on in their car anymore? Who? When this released, I didn’t see a disclaimer saying who could listen and who couldn’t. He needs to get over himself. No one cares what he thinks.

Thoughts and prayers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Go for it Neil!!! DUMPTHEDUNCE God forbid we should all just enjoy music, celebration, and a sense of community! Stop trying to make every single thing a political divider. Shut up, sit down, and enjoy life for a change. I don’t understand why Trump would play that socialist Canadian’s music anyway. 🤷‍♀️

Haha play it again! 😂 Who cares? The he can take his music and shove it up his ass Music sucks balls anyways. I wonder if muse would mind if realDonaldTrump played 'Uprising' at his rallies, and celebrations 🤔 RedPillMusic TheGreatAwakening Go smoke a joint and get over it! What on earth is wrong with you lot, are you all part of the Cabal

Wow....didn’t know he was still alive, let alone relevant !!! Motel you used to be cool. Too bad, so sad Pretty soon hes only gonna be able to use Baby Shark as his music, everyone else gonna block him, but that's okay, he has the mentality of a 2 year old, so it fits 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Who gives a fuck!

Whatever! Suck it up. Nobody cares. Sold his sole to the devil..... Neil's a loser! No heart of gold! Why tweet or call a news station? Don't you have ASCAP to deal with things like this? Or a manager? You probably gave him permission and then complained to make him look bad. Not going to work. What is the issue don't you love America? LoveItOrLeaveIt 🇺🇸 LibbiesCantHandleTruth

Trump is a fuvking pig!!! No one give a shit- and your music was made for EVERY ONE ,YOU DO NOT DECIDE WHO HEARS IT ONCE YOU HAVE RELEASED IT- You should be happy that younger GENERATIONS hear it,for without Trump they wouldn't know you old man- He can use it you just get royalties! That's like you saying this radio station can't play it?

Neil looks like someone who has alot in common with Biden 🦷longinthetooth If he's unhappy, maybe shouldn't sell his music to the public. HollywoodPedos NeilYoung I'm tired of these elites .. let all people enjoy your music.. I didnt give a crap about your politics .. why are you adding yourself to the cancel culture..

Then maybe you should have not been a sellout and sold your copyrights . Now go ride your horse with no mane Does trump understand what “Rockin’ In The Free World” is about? I was wondering about this. Glad Neil didn’t betray us with this BunkerBabyInChief BenedictDonald I'm shocked... 🙄🖕 Sue his ass

Go away old man.... recreate songs in Brazil Lighten up and stop being so miserable As long as prs was paid he can shut the fuck up. He's getting air time NeilYoungNYA we still don’t need you around anyhow Go get him Neil!! So? Boo boo! Old derelict! Child molester Who? Never heard of her. Might want to explain how ASCAP allows this because 🍊💩🤡 agreed not to use this song AGAIN. I miss investigating journalism

Aww bless Neil Young just can’t stand American Independence. That’s sad, if true Neilyoung How did this guy ever get a record deal? TFB dickhead. Move to China all you sellouts! Pedophiles seem to be always the ones angriest at Pr Trump. is that one a peodphile too ? Shouldn’t Trump have to get permission first?

Who cares? Who cares? No one cares ... you sold your music ... 'we don't need him around anyhow' 🎶 ~ Lynard Skynard 'BACK' IN THE DAY, Neil Young was the bomb...Not so much NOW...js Cry more Money buys things that are for sale ------------ 'You know, we use so many songs,' Trump said in an interview with CNBC early Thursday. 'We have the rights to use them. I always buy the rights.'

Too bad Neil! Who cares. You're out Neil, I no longer support you. You are dead to me. And so grows the list of performers and actors that I have had to dump. And? Who cares lol JeffreyLuscombe Neil: It's time to come HOME🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦 Guess he doesn't want to 'keep on rocking in a free world' after all.. GlobalistsCelebzZzBlackList: +1

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Donate the royalty you get paid for its use then! I wonder what Neil Young is saying today? Check it out here NeilYoungNYA Play it again Sam. STFU. lcky2020 Thanks I’ve been looking for this info You know what it is. He figures he picks songs that fit the situation and just goes ahead and uses them. If they complain after, they just say my bad and steal new music next time. But in the meantime they got the song they wanted.

Ironic that Trump would use Neil Young's music, since Neil came to the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant. Nice anti-trump video Huffington post. 100% negative on the President. Your days are numbered when you do things like this. It won’t come from Trump. never liked his wining music anyway! Neil has the best songs I love to listen to him for free on Google

I hope Neil Young will remember.....We don't need him around anyhow Neil isn’t the first nor will he be the last to have his music used by Trump without permission. Trump doesn’t care about violating laws or misusing other people’s work. funny how Congress / Pres steal Artists' loot while lockin artists down COVIDー19 =MSM feedin tube of politics pablum & Mass flows to games $amzn $Nflx $appl TV ETC =MORE bidness for SewerMaster$ of Mind-Poop $fb $msft $googl wwwSewer Masters all chasing same bytes of MindPoop

Why doesn’t Neil Young return his 1000 acre ranch into the hands of Native Americans? Because he is a fraud Get over it OK Boomer Lol. The fun part about this is that it doesn't matter what Neil Young thinks! I'm not sure Neil is ever happy..his rockin nature goes well w Trumps badassness. They should team up instead of divide. Where are the old rockers w Balls? If any of them gave Trump their collection to use I guarantee they would sell more than they ever did.

Who is that? Michael Moore’s mother? Illuminati jerk off. Grow up people, Neil Young was famous 50 years ago. He’s a has been, and when you put music out, expect others who don’t agree with you politically to use it. Egos of these liberal artists are amazing. FoxNews CNNPolitics realDonaldTrump Just take a tote and relax, man.

He should be happy at least someone was playing his music To bad so sad. You are a sour old man. Be glad someone is still listening. If you want the communists to play your music just say so. We will stop listening to you all together. Ask NIKE how it feels. Who? Who cares? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Darryl Hannah? He’s from Canada. Most Canadians watch CNN. Enough out of the yap of “My Son Neil.” 🙄 (If you’re from Canada and in your 60s or older, you’ll get the reference to braggart Scott Young). 🙄🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The 'rock icon' is an old junkie communist. He is utterly irrelevant. His 'complaint' is a ply for free cheap press, which you (of course) have supplied him with. You are fakenews, and we know you are also BROKE BROKE BROKE GetWokeGoBroke He's LUCKY we heard it! Fuck Ya Neil! Who cares if Neil is happy. Selling his music made him wildly rich. Once you make your music available for use by sale you don’t get to decide who buys it and plays it.

This man does not want his music to be played anywhere if there is no fee... That's the way it is.. Republic or Democrat ; if there is no fee, there will be no music.. That's all Thanks for confirming. I was wondering if Neil was with US. Now we know. QArmy Aww poor baby! 😂 Boohoo Lying HP!!! The great centaur.. the leader of the “denisovan uprising”, where the denisovans attempt to take power from the humans

Cry more, Neil He should be happy those unheard of or barely heard of songs are now popular, thanks to our President!!! Tough sh1t Love Neil’s music buy he’s an angry bitter cantankerous old rich fk He did write a ton of legendarily amazing music AND he seems lik a total a55hole as a person Sue the hell out of him!

Ah yes, the perpetually offended Neil Young. I bet he's whining about the speech also! Rock icon? No one under the age of 40 even knows who Neil Young is. No one has played his music in decades. Trump should follow suit. We all knew this was coming! Suck it up buttercup! So many musicians & entertainers have destroyed my respect for them, their music or talent with their negative anti-American, anti-Potus views. They don’t care of course but it does show who they really are.

I’ll bet old Neil’s pissed. Didn’t parscale , Or ANYBODY on Trump2020 listen to the lyrics of Neil’s “Keep Rockin in the Free World”? Great tune, but HARSHLY critical of status quo, as in: “There’s a lot of people sayin we'd be better off dead” AmericaOrTrump Americans do not understand why these songs were chosen anyway--they suck-----

Oh get over yourself you got paid its a commercial item you put it out there for sale Neil Young is a Canadian whose Prime Minister appears in blackface in a capital which sits on Algonquin land. Young's ranch in California is on Cahuilla land. DeportNeilYoung SHAME ON U OLD MAN!! NO ONE CARES OF YO OLD BORING MUSIC....was you stocking him?

Perhaps he has something to hide 🤔 Seems to be the MO of the liberals Holyshit I didn't even know that he was still alive I thought he died years ago he should be glad that anyone plays his music after all I really thought niel young died years ago he should be thanking trump for letting people know he still alive not bitching

Good that America haters rear their ugly heads! Neil Young is a has been who should be glad someone cares enough about his song to play it! Bravo to POTUS and the awesome MountRushmore and all true American patriots! Not Libtards! Don't the idiots handling King Tang's events know enough to check and get permission? Wait, I know the answer already...if there were common sense and intelligence amongst that group they wouldn't be supporting that moron. Please, Neil, sue these shitheads.

Another sleazy socialist living off the capitalist dime! Neil Young had always has a hair up his ass for one reason or another. He needs to chill.😎 That sucks. Neil young was my all time fave. Now he is my mortal enemy! So now we are deciding who is allowed to listen to an artists music? Wow. People have sunk to a new low. You can't listen or play his music if you areTrump, Trump supporters, GOP. Kids on a playground, my toy, not yours. Childish!!!

Still a bett hurt jackass, aren't you, Neil Can’t blame the guy. Well done realDonaldTrump using a canadian Songs for your rally for July 4. You are One sharp Guy With lyrics “Keep on rocking in the free world” I’d imagine he’d love to have it played at a July 4th celebration. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

LOL. He paid for it, he can do what he wants with it. Stop crying. 🤣🤣🤣butthurt old Neil🤣🤣🤣 That's ok Neil. We'll stop playing your songs too. I bought your albums brother, now you say I can't play them anymore b/c I voted for Trump? You want the album back? Do I get reparations? That’s ok, they all clapped on 1 and 3...they don’t know better

We don’t give a shit Interesting how these “artists” made HUGE $$ using capitalism, now elite spouting leftist Marxist Socialist ideals Left=hypocrisy Oh please. Way to squirm yourself back in the media. Lol 😂 Too Bad! You should be More Concerned about how you look! He should thank Trump for STILL making him and his music relevant!

Screw Neil Young 'BREAKING NEWS': We don't care. Ha ha We literally don’t care. This is America. Says the ugly man who wanted nothing to do with his down syndrome baby years ago! This guy is dim af How do you stop him Can you sue him I don’t get this unless there’s nothing you can do... It's really OK with Neal Young, this is the most attention he's had in a long time. 'Southern man don't need him around anyhow'

Cry more Neil Oh the tears I shed for this poor misguided fool. I hope he has someone to hold him as he weeps into his pillow each night. Aren’t you dead yet Neil I don’t believe President Trump chose the music for the display, but I do wonder why anyone would want to play the music of America hating, self hating Neil Young. The only reason I come up with is, someone wanted to trigger Neil and the rest of the Left, looks like it worked! 😂

That’s the tweet who knew he was still alive? Tuff shit Love ya Neil but seriously, take a nap. Blah blah blah, nobody cares. It’s all starting to sound like a Charlie Brown show these. The “News” is a joke 🤣 And we Care why? He should go back to Canada. He doesn’t even know what a real leader who stands up for freedom looks like.

Southern man don’t need him around anyhow Don’t care. realDonaldTrump shouldn’t use commie songs anyway. Neil Young sucks anyway, who cares what he thinks. So what? ' Some has-been rock icon was not happy after his songs were played at Trump's Independence Day celebration.' Fixed it for you.. MyBad And who cares...

Wah wAh NEIL YOUNG! YOUR JUDGMENT IS NIGH! We could care less what he thinks but its good to know he hates America! Don’t worry Neil, you’ll be cancelled soon He loves it. The MSM is talking about him for 15 minutes. Too bad! Trump should only rely on the music of people who support him So enjoy listening to classics like this, Mitläufer...

Thought he was dead Ok - to set the record straight. CAN’T SUE - Trump has legal right to use. Neil Young told Rolling Stone magazine himself in 2018: “Legally, he has the right to, however it goes against my wishes.” Suck it So, we have musicians creating music for our ears to hear,and their pissed b/c we listen.... If I have a party and play music, are they going to be pissed at me too, and want to sue me for listening to their music? Well, stop making music....Grow UP

'Neil Young was not happy' When was the last time Neil Young was happy? 😂😂😂 The guy has been an angry whiner during his whole music career. Did Neil Young fly to Epsteins island or something Get over it, you made plenty on us , now it’s time we use your old ass👊🇺🇸 Then stop selling them for profit

Karen young Down by the river No bueno, Neil Young. “Well I hope Neil Young will remember “ to go F himself It's ok, Neilyoung , nobody understood a word you sang anyway. A simple man Don't need you around anyhow!!! hasbeen Boycott Neil Young Music after all he hates America..just an old fart He still gives me the creeps ...since way back in the CSNY days...go away.

Awww poor angry BABY here's a quarter call someone... I hope Neil Young can remember… A southern man don’t need him around anyhow. Who? Big freakin baby! Think about the 7,500 people in the audience you may be alienating. You should be honored! SpoiledBrat Young should be glad for exposure to his songs at Mt. Rushmore instead of sounding like an ungrateful irrelevant has been.

This is the only song he should let Trump play. Lynyrd Skynrd was unavailable for comment. Duly noted. Didn't know who you were last week, don't know who you are now, other than some old fart upset that his music was played (just a part of it, mind you, because all the music was less than a minute long). And I still don't care to know who this whiner is.

The artist rarely gets to choose on which walls his paintings hang. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Neil Young the slave owner? Never heard of him. That’s likely because he’s a pedophile and trump is outsting all the pedo’s Freedom of speech includes songs. Get over it. Take a hike Neil !! It’s not about you it’s about America’s Freedom & Liberty. Why are you starting to support this movement now and never opened your trap prior to Trump going to MT Rushmore? Obama went to Rushmore but silence them 😳STFUNeil TRUMP is Saving AMERICA 🇺🇸

Screw what this heroin junkie has to say. The song is against the America anyway. Trump should pick Lynyrd Skynyrd 'That ain't my America', which talks about people slamming the flag, uncle sam, god and 2nd amendment. Cry me a fucn river wha wha wha wha wha Satainsts pedo's all over ... TDS 📢📢📢📢📢

Shame on him he sounds like a commie. I hope Neil Young will remember, we don't need him around, anyhow. I’m not happy you feel like you have to write an “article” about someone else not being happy. It’s dumb. Moreso, NOBODY CARES AT ALL! I’m not a Trump fan but I have never ever seen so much disgusting hate ugh

Neilyoung Nobody cares, 🖕🖕 from every American who supports Trump. Didn't you ask him for $$ multiple times in the past? LOL. Alas. NoOneCares He's gonna keep doing it because he keeps getting away with it. First Tom Petty, now Neil Young. They need to take his ass to court. Oh shut Neil... You stand with Lakota Indians... exactly what are you standing for... what are you doing... I swear just once I wish a Liberal wouldn't get butt hurt

Now we care about a white male's perspective? Try and stay consistent . He’s not a Rock icon. He is a folk singer and a bad one at that. IMO Trump better start making his own music, I dont blame any musicians who dont want their music associated with that. Well, look at it as people are hearing your music again, because kids today don’t even know who you are and don’t care.

I knew I smelled something foul.....another class piece from the huff Zip it! Pffft. Cry me a river, old man. He can GFH. Trump implying that 'left is fascist' is equivalent to saying bands and their fans from 60s & 70s are violet, IT JUST AIN'T TRUE. Some people enjoyed & reminisce the music but NEVER LISTED TO THE WORDS. White America isn't being persecuted like Trump & GOP try to portray

Neil Young is a Canadian who dresses like Huckleberry Hound. He moved to The USA to make💰(although his political orientation is ultimately communist !?) He hates America & thinks The FourthofJuly is a joke. He lives in the hills Hollywood (possibly Janefonda ‘s garage). Do I give two.hoots what Neil Young thinks? No, I sure don't. He is a cranky old man with cranky old thoughts. He could be grateful for the air time

He shouldn't have put his music out the the Pubic... Hahaha. Don't care. Thought he was dead. Oh well Blah blah blah. No one cares!!!!! Leftists are never happy. It's pretty much their trademark. Maybe if he had something fresh and interesting to record, he wouldn't be so upset over songs from three and four decades ago. hasbeenisntnow

Trump doesn’t care. Rules don’t apply to him. Hard to believe with the lib dems PC correctness' his repusentives were told . he did not get the message he made those songs for the publics now they can tell you what public can listen to them. only in a lib dem world Dude should be happy it’s played at all, ungrateful ass.

The song was played at a Independence Day celebration. Is he still alive? Who gives a crap? 🙄 I'm 100% behind Neil Young on this. Trump has repeatedly used Neil's songs without his permission for his little hate rallies. Trump's not going to stop until he's hit with a big ole lawsuit. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Neilshouldsue

At least someone played your music🤣🤣🤣 Wahh waahhh never heard of him Tell him to stop whining. No one cares what he thinks. These jesters gets no play in our kingdom any longer. Young when he wakes up every morning: Well maybe you should’ve been a gas station attendant and not a Musician looking to share your Music with the world.

He should have thanked Trump...now he will be just like the rest of them...a has been that will be erased from history just like they tried to do to US!! I THINK HE'LL GET OVER IT!!!! WE ARE AMERICA 🇺🇸.... WE ARE STRONGEST, MOST INDEPENDENT; GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD 🌎❤.... Whaaaaat ever. That old arrogant hippie's music sucks anyway.

I think we need more TheJTWilde !!! WWG1WGA He's always been an ahole, Lynard Skynyrd couldn't stand the guy. It may not have President Trump choices of songs Regardless they should have asked permission before using them, now they will have to send them that nine cents per song! Neil Young music sucks!

But isn't he the one who said ' keep on rocking in the FREE WORLD'? I'll be happy to return your albums and CD's when you send my refunds... otherwise I'll keep playing them at my Trump rallies Neil wants us to stop listening to his music? Slim ball Neil young Isn't funny when a song is played and mainstream goes nuts. Let's see what we can find on Mr. Young. Now, I grew up listening and loving NY and lost interest a few years ago when he started Trashing my POTUS!

One of my longtime favorites , thanks Neil for standing up to the demented bully These people are dumber then rocks Trump gives them exposure and then no don’t play my music 😂😂😂 Christ is HE still alive? I thought he dropped dead YEARS ago! Yeah we don’t give a damn😎🙄😂😂😂 Old man look at my life, i'm not like you were. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 sorry Neil

Huff post probably lying-FAKE NEWS He still alive 😬 Yaaaawwwwnnnnnn...... Now we know who to boycott Who cares? Whine some more. 🙄 Well stiff shit, it happened snowflake. Blah blah blah And yet he gets paid when its played. ascap. Then sue his ass for everything he has tmiaoulis Time for him to sue I mean yeah. When I think Neil Young I think Trump... ItsaShitShow Happy4thofJuly

Ummmm. Did anyone think he was going to be happy about it? I bet he cashes the licensing checks. Saw this one coming... He’s not a patriot at all Trump is a mess of disgusting. His handlers are not any better. Ahhhhhhh shut up MarilynRussell Unless they’re being played for profit, they can be played anywhere

There are better songs by better song writers. Most importantly more appropriate songs. Don't Ted Nugent have any hits? Well, the rock icon must have been sleeping under a rock for the past four years because they have played that song for that long. You should be happy. It is the only way you will be relevent.

Sue for copyright infringement Trump should just got get Kid Rock and Ted Nugent songs in deck I'm sure they'll be glad Lol. Lol, get over it. That's ok, I condemn Neil Young. When artist say crap like hes doing hes p*****g off half of his fans. NY needs to sit down and shut up. B happy that people like his music. I've stopped watching NFL NBA NASCAR I can stop listening to Neil. And it's not just me. Support POTUS

Why does he keep getting away with this! He’s used the music of the Stones, Tom Petty & Neil Young!!! Isn’t there a law about using music that has not been authorized by an artist or record label? Lawless Aw poor Neil big mad Who cares!! Has he ever been happy? Dt should just stay with Ted Nugent for rally them song. The orange man mocks our Democracy and the constitution. Vote the HATE PARTY out.

🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ OK.... ALL of America belonged to some native tribe in the past. Every square inch. Got a home on some land Neil? Start by giving that back. Yeah.....didn't think so Neil should have been proud his song was used in celebrating this great country by our President. It's sickening how many hate this country.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 These so-called 'artists' are so soft. They want to make music for profit & then pick & choose who can enjoy it. How about we all stop playing their songs & see how that works out for them. Neil should be honored & proud his songs are played for millions to hear and enjoy. HAHAHAHAHA Tough shit!

I dare the Trump administration to play 'Ohio.' But they might not understand it. NeilYoung TrumpIsUnwell TrumpOut2020 'Hope Neil Young will remember a Southern man don't need him around anyhow' -Lynard Skynard He should have been happy someone was willing to play his old washed out music. No one else is.

no one cares Good. Bout time he spoke up against the wanna be dictator Then he needs to do more than just whine about it like a little baby. 🤣😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Neil who? He should be happy someone mentions his name these days. Sue the f**ker Neilyoung It seems to me...... Since Trump has such a large large large percentage of supporters he could find one of his supporters music. Trump and Neil Young are miles and miles apart politically. Probably morally and ethically also

Is this whole campaign criminal. They just steal and loot everything You’re pure trash paid by the NWO. You won’t survive! You’ll go to court! Dudes5050 What happened to getting permission/license to use a song? Is this like when Trump hijacked the DC church? Trump’s law & order doesn’t apply to him. Big surprise!

Too bad! well that's too damn BAD! THEN PLEASE EITHER MOVE BACK TO CANADA OR STFU! It is a horrible song anyway, old man. I called it last night. Fuck Neal Young too. Neil Young is a Progressive Crazy Horses ASS! lol, well boo hoo I hope he takes Trump to the cleaners. Eh...we don't need him around anyhow. Imagine the planning team, “You know who probably really likes the president and would let us use his music? Neil Young.”

Everybody forgot about you long time ago. Be thankful. Fvcking whiner These artist should be happy their songs were played. Let's people know their still alive! Trump, the anti-immigrant president, sure likes stealing the work of immigrants as shown here with Neil Young. In my opinion, Young has added great value to our musical culture. Trump has added little value to anything ever.

Here's your sign : sue him A little tip for ya....Neil Young is never happy about anything. I'm happy cause he stopped being a Canadian in my eyes many many years ago Those songs should have not been produced if you don’t want to rock in the free world!! Which our President is wanting to save. So Mr Young stop being a baby.

If 45 were limited to playing only music condoned by the artist, he would have to play nothing but Nazi hate music. Not happy means too late to do anything about it. What did you do in the Canyon, Neil?🇺🇸 We dont need Neil Young around anyhow. take the TrumpCrimeFamily Trumpcampaign to could and sued them. hit them in the bank accounts.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd once said about Neil Young 'We don't need him around anyhow..' All the pedos hate trunp Tough, let's ban it from radio station play lists. We made you. Facts🇺🇲 I just touched on Trumps Speech and American Pride Your music is great Neil and I believe you made it for everyone’s ears. What’s the problem?

Neilyoung stop being such sissy. Hmmm.....Why does Trump keep playing the music of people who don't agree with him? Why won't he play some Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Gene Simmons, Wayne Newton or Scott Baio? Wawawa Another Karen. Facts🇺🇲 I just touched on Trumps Speech and American Pride How old are you Neil, like 112? Trump policies have kept more money in your pocket. You should be honored that our “rock and roll” constitution honoring president held your songs up for anthems! Kind of old to loose your fan base now, Grandpa!

They should put Ted Nugget in autorotation..... THE TRUMP TURD WANTS ATTENTION & HAS IGNITED THE USA & THE WORLD. TRUMP IS THE TODDLER OF THE FREE WORLD. NEIL YOUNG IS A LEGEND OF MUSIC & EXTEME TALENT!!! Neil Young is such a grumpy old bitch😂 Awww Neil has been triggered. Another rich socialist whining.

did you discuss this in your bmi or ascap contracts... Hey Neil Young, educate yourself. If this was really important to him then he should have learned the HISTORY! Fck Trump and his racist supporters I had to stop watching when my favorite music started playing at the white Supremacist rally last night. As they say in England, 'I was gutted'. That was NOT a 4th of July Celebration, no matter how many times they try to push that propaganda. We're not stupid, just pissed. 🤨😡

If you sell your music on on a fair use domain, you cannot pick and choose who purchases rights. Just like stock photos for sale. Cry me a river. I wouldn't be ok either 🎶🤔 Did Trump play 'The feeble and the damage done'? Hey Neil,whaaaaa. Whaaaa😂 👍👏👏👏✌️❤️😷😷😷 Wasn’t there a problem before with playing his songs? Maybe I’m mixing it up with *every other artist that doesn’t want their songs played at his rallies. I thought you needed permission to play a song. Or is it: don’t ask for permission, or forgiveness. We will do what we want?

It’s like he trying hard to piss off everyone he can . Trump and his supporters think it is okay to steal from anyone they feel like. Hope he sues the pants off Trump. Well, maybe not the pants, what an ugly sight that would be. Screw you Neil Young. You puke. Not gonna buy any of your music. Guys, not everyone ages distinguishably. Plastic surgery may be your friend.

Neil hasn't produced any good music since Rust Never Sleeps. Want a little cheese with that whine? When will someone sue the campaign for using them? That's the only thing, he understands. Suing people.. Wahhhh! It is just going to keep happening until there is a blanket cease and desist for all artists on all labels. Trump knows what he is doing and keeps getting away with it. Like a lot of things! ObeseAndObtuse FakePresident

Well, I hope Neil young will remember... He won't take legal action, he knows he won't win Children who are disappointed cry and then keep going. Music is there to be played. If you don‘t want it to be played by people you don‘t like then don‘t put it out there in the first place. Morning minni sue him neil he getting away with alot of crap sue him

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Neil Young Objects To Use Of 3 Of His Songs By Donald Trump At Mount Rushmore EventNeil Young objected to the use of his music in the prelude to President Donald Trump’s event at the base of Mount Rushmore, siding with Lakota Sioux who have long claimed the land as their ow… Neil Young is so cool it’s mind boggling tbh... Did you do it with an exclamation point? You need to add a forceful punctuation to your objection if you want it to be legally binding.

Trump accuses protesters who tear down statues of wanting to 'wipe out our history' in Fourth of July speech'Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities,' Trump told a crowd of more than 7,000 people at the South Dakota monument. Lock them up for 10 years. Hard lessons need to be learned. Blacks want to reclaim the world He’s exactly right

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture warPresident Trump accuses his opponents of wanting to 'end America' and vows to protect statues and monuments. Noahbierman Update: The hostage situation at MtRushmore is now over. The monuments are in critical but stable condition. realDonaldTrump Noahbierman What a weirdo Noahbierman “Far-left Fascism?”

Judge sends Ghislaine Maxwell to New York to face criminal child sex charges linked to Jeffrey EpsteinGhislaine Maxwell is accused of recruiting and grooming young girls to satisfy the sexual obsessions of Jeffre Epstein, a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Ghislaine didn’t kill her self bye bitch