The United States Has The Most Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In The World

More than 1,000 people have died across the country so far, with the highest death toll in New York.


BREAKING: The United States hit a grim milestone, surpassing China and Italy to become the country with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide.

More than 1,000 people have died across the country so far, with the highest death toll in New York.

New York, the epicenter of the virus in the U.S. at this point, there were more than 37,000 confirmed cases across the state as of Thursday, and more than 385 people had died. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) warned that the state’s hospitals will likely become overwhelmed. As broad swaths of the United States have ordered nonessential businesses to shutter and millions of residents to stay at home, nearly benefits last week alone — more than quadruple the previous record set in 1982. The Senate passed a on Wednesday, which includes expanded unemployment insurance benefits. The House is expected to pass it without making changes on Friday. President Donald Trump spent weeks repeatedly downplaying the virus, and earlier this week expressed his — in less than three weeks. Meanwhile cases and death tolls are mounting in the U.S., and experts are calling for continued measures that enforce widespread social distancing to stem the spread of the virus. After weeks of people for the virus — including actual complete test kits from the federal government — testing has only recently begun to ramp up nationwide, with the numbers of confirmed positive cases expected to mount accordingly. Meanwhile, Read more: HuffPost

Hey Trump, we're 1 Grim. Hello, we have infinitely mote and better tests being given. Hence high numbers. China is lying big-time on their numbers. You 'jernalizsts' are a bunch of hacks...geez Testing levels much higher Because China is so honest in reporting their numbers. 😂 Coronavirus: Stay At Home, Stay Safe! By BTCFOXTRADE At this trying time, we should remember that fighting corona virus is everyone business. Btcfoxtrade is here to give us a helping hand, start investing and start earning.

Is this what he meant by America First?! How many of those are active cases? EmergencyProductionPowersNow The people who brought the virus are now happy The result of arrogant and poor leadership Be great again

Coronavirus takes drastic toll on health-care providers across United StatesAs the coronavirus continues to tear through the United States, front-line health-care workers are not only in the line of fire, but they are also caught amid growing concern that medical facilities themselves could become hubs for transmission. Duh...medical facilities have ALWAYS BEEN, and will CONTINUE TO BE 'hubs of transmission'. It is where the sick people go for pete's sake ! How did we get so unprepared in the first place? When everything is said and done, could we have saved 1% of the number of deaths or more, with better preparation, getting rid of arcane administrative rules and letting the facts guide decisions?

He must be very proud Y'all need to stop moving.... Stay home!!! God heal America n d world 🙏 Spreading panic... FAKE NEWS Huff, United States has a far better control over the virus... Check number of infected vs population rate and also infected vs dead rate... Two things: 1. I will never put any faith in any numbers China is reporting; And 2. Thanks for the disease, China. 🖕🏻

😔 Y’all scream there aren’t enough tests.Tests are done & confirm this virus is widely circulated. Less deaths than China and Italy w/more test done. That means our fatality rate is much lower than initially predicted. This should be great news but the media spins it instead🙄 Correction, the most “REPORTED” case.

And New Yorkers still flying to Florida and others, likely infected, remember Cuomo and De Blasio encouraging large gatherings, are fleeing the city to anywhere but there. We all need to heed social distancing. Don't blame Trump for you spreading sickness everywhere you go. This is completely terrible. 😷 Folks NEED to stay home! Please! 😔

Trump considers being 1 a huge win for USA!

New York becomes the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the United States“Many of us live in small apartments … Ultimately, New York is suffering because of its density right now, in a public health sense.” — Mara Gay, member of The New York Times editorial board, discusses the state of NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic. And this Adds to depression and anxiety

“We have it under control” I wonder who said that Aaannd we are hardly testing... Aaanndd underreporting deaths from COVID-19. Welcome the to Tribulation folks. Great Depression eat your heart out. Move over Spanish Flu. We've got greedy Nazi anti-science business owners trying to force us back to work while our neighbors die!!

Milestone ? Is it something to be proud of ? Trump somewhere rn like.. Other countries will have America on their travel bans, you hate to see it... TRUMP IS 1, and a 2💩 Believing China is insane - they will never tell the truth and thanks to China the world has this virus. Huff Post you are so biased it is disgusting.

Ermergerd! If we hadn't helped out those people on that cruise, our numbers would be so low. They'd totally be gone by now. Right Mr. T? and just like gun crime, it's highly restrictive, highly populated, democrat run cities where the majority of the cases reside. China is all lies and Italy is a fifth our size 🤷🏼‍♂️... oh and our president thought it was a hoax to start off with

Ighalo set for Man United stay as Martins prepares to join ShanghaiNigerian striker Obafemi Martins is on the verge of a return to Shanghai Shenhua... Deserved it, good player!!

Imagine when America starts to test beyond rich and famous... Who wants to bet Trump will attempt to take credit Italy's population is 60 M& America 327 M Thanks Florida realDonaldTrump HEY DONNY, YOU MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. NUMBER ONE. LEADING.THE WORLD'S CORONA DEATH TOLL. 👍🏽 I don't wanna hear shit til we pass em in the death tolls

Trump leading the USA to hell. Lying and telling half truths. So much winning. We are most definitely tired of “winning”. My family in China cringing so hard right now

Airlines owe you a refund when they cancel a flight. So why is United balking during coronavirus crisis?Airlines are supposed to refund flyers' money if they cancel a flight. United has introduced more restrictive policies during the coronavirus crisis. Hope they go bankrupt Everyone should boycott United for life Alaska, Delta and Hawaiin airkines are only giving vouchers! Lame. They gonna get a bailout and we get fucked! Same ole bullshit.

Still going after petroleum? Gladly for you realDonaldTrump wants you back to work for Easter. Of course we are ahead. We have an idiot of a president who likes to always be number 1. Yay realDonaldTrump you win!! USA is the best at being totally unprepared for a hoax pandemic.. be proud you beat China, Italy and Spain into the top spot!! Shame on you for all the American deaths ☹️trump2020inhisdreams

And we still believe the Chinese numbers ? Another number 1 for trump Well we have a Moron leading the country Yay us. Proving to be as stupid as other countries think we our. Our orange president is willing to let us die to help businesses prosper. Are we calling it the “patriot virus” yet? ALL WE DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT

Mainland China reports drop in new imported coronavirus cases, no local transmissionsMainland China reported a drop in new confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday a... India records slowest increase in new cases (20) in the last 24 hours and thankfully no new deaths COVID19 Riggght CCP propaganda of the day. Which you dutifully parrot.

Hardly anyone wearing masks at the store. Granted my town is very small. But there were three cases in the country. Most ever. Thanks Trump Thank you realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse POTUS for Making America Great at something as you promisef! We are 1 in the COVID-19 cases. I sure hope we don't set a record for of deaths! TrumpMadness

okdoomer U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Well it's a good thing we have the best president ever..... USA USA USA 🇺🇸 oooff.... Oh.. so sorry to hear that. It’s so obvious Trump’s administration is a total flop! He can’t make it! Pls make wise decision during next election. Now is time for unity and fight against this evil ‘virus’. 🇺🇸 , do not give up, hv faith n confidence, you can do it! 💪🙏

What? I thought we’re getting back to business, though. 🙄 The USA also has a big population. They are 35th on the list of 'cases per million people.' Per my tracking, they used to be 32nd. Understand this. It's important. It's increasing everywhere.

Mainland China reports rise in new coronavirus cases, all from overseasChina reports second consecutive day of no new local coronavirus transmissions, imported cases rise Will they let u know if there r any. As the first round is over, nobody knows what will happen to the second round, so you must remain alert. You need to re-arrange and tweak that a little bit: “China fails to report new Coronavirus transmissions for second consecutive day” Oh, but then you’ll miss out on those sweet investments from the East, huh? Darn.

Yet this President is asking people to go back to work by Easter . He’s not listening to the experts on his team around him. Dr Fausi said the virus will dictate when people will return to work that no one can set a date.This President is showing the height of his ignorance-:))👎🏻 Make America Great Again - finally.

Where is the rest of the math? Break it down by “per million people”. America has over 300 million people where Italy has around 60. Probability shows the US will have more cases. Numbers from China can’t be trusted b/c no idea the number that had it before it was named. Yet spring breakers were packing beaches in FL last week. It’s the people’s fault, not the govmt 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

SO MUCH WINNING!!!!! TrumpFailedAmerica WorstPresidentEVER TrumpLiedAmericansDied TrumpVirus MAGA baby! We're 1!!! /s They never took it serious from the beginning. God save America It’s no surprise NY with the highest of cases has been an international melting pot. If you want to compare by population, Western Europe, Italy & the UK combined has roughly the same population as The United States. Add all of their cases together and the story changes🌞

DJT won't be outdone. MAGA

Let's quarantine Trump and have Xi Jinping fix our problems! thanksdonaldtrump So sad, didn’t want to be 1 here for sure 😩 If one is to believe China’s numbers.🇨🇳🦠 The US always wants to be 1. Careful what you wish for. MAGA It was tough, although I watched part of Trump's briefing today. He sugar coats everything & praises himself at every turn. It's tragic. Trump doesn't see reality. He looks at life through his wealthy so-called friends feelings & of course his own feelings. The 25th please..Now!

The politics of fear The 🤡 wants to put trooos on the Canadian border, why? It was Americans from Washington who brought it into Vancouver. Maybe we, Canadians should put our soldiers borders to stop Americans coming in for our cheaper drugs. Stay away. WE'RE NUMBER 1! WE'RE NUMBER 1! USA! USA! USA! hope y’all had fun at fucking spring break

He really has made America great again Those numbers include presumptive positives not confirmed cases. All the media twisted Be Best Lol, nah. China’s lying to you and you believe it😂 If we could have done more testing (like we need to) we would have won this contest long ago! winning Republicans need to stop obsessing about WallStreet & financial loses, just shut the country down & minimize the spread of COVIDー19 cornoravirusus should not be about money DonaldTrump MoscowMitch SenateGOP gop TeamPelosi ShutItDownNow QuarantineLife Briefing_COVID19

Yup. Trump is still winning. What a win. and you still don't know what will happen when the ICU beds will finish, as here in Italy The number is even higher bc we don’t have the test. I heard only 1:10 can get tested

Mexico demands crackdown on Americans crossing the border. The tables have turned lol No one can ever be smarter than life,there is no guarantee without taking responsibility to see another day. Fun will always be not one's life. Damn cruise ship! 🙄 TrumpMadness TrumpPandemicFailure And yet “the President” is focused on trade wars with.... everybody!!! proudcanadian

Who trusts China’s numbers? Ffs. I thought it was supposed to just magically wash away? Oh wait 🙄 The Tsunami has not even hit yet. Thanks 45... Highest number of 'admitted' cases

USA NoLockDowne or you will be...a Grey State Wait! Trump said that the handful we had a couple of weeks ago would disappear magically! What happened to the magic!! Stop your fear mongering. Is someone whose recovered from the virus still susceptible to getting it again? According to Trump, 'Because we have the best testing. The numbers are high because our tests are great. You can't trust China's numbers. Nobody knows how many China actually has.'

Yea it’s because we have dum leadership and folks are believing a president that lies and is slow to act. How long until Donny Orange starts bragging about this? Per Capita? Or are you still doing the 'FAKE NEWS' thing? No surprise here, worst management and leadership ever. China is woefully understating the number of cases they had or have.

ARE WE TIRED OF WINNING YET? Where are the trump zombies yelling usa usa usa! With 5.5 times the population of Italy, there is only one way this could go over the next few weeks in the US. PrayforUSA I’m so scared for you Since we don't test a great many sick people who are told to stay home, add another zero to that number of cases.

This is really troubling 😢 And we still don't have 99% of the test kits we need realDonaldTrump MAGA We love being 1.

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