Sarah Palin Says She’s Not Vaccinated Because She Believes ‘In The Science’

Palin cited her own recovery from COVID-19. But the CDC recommends getting vaccinated regardless of previous infection.

9/18/2021 10:46:00 AM

Palin cited her own recovery from COVID-19. But the CDC recommends getting vaccinated regardless of previous infection.

Palin called herself 'one of those white, common sense conservatives' and cited her own recovery from COVID-19. But the CDC recommends getting the shot '...

During an interview withFox Newspersonality Greg Gutfeld on Thursday, the former Alaska governor cited having natural immunity from contracting the disease in March.“I am one of those white, common sense conservatives,” Palin said. “I believe in science and I have not taken the shot.”

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“One, because the waitress never came back to ask me if I’m ready for that shot,” she continued. “But two, because I do believe in science and the Fauci-ism of the day back then was, if you’ve had COVID—I’ve had COVID—well then, Mother Nature was creating an immunity.”

“So I want to ask the questions,” Palin added.However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people receive the shot “regardless” of previous infection.“Research has not yet shown how long you are protected from getting COVID-19 again after you recover from COVID-19,” the CDC states on its website, noting that “vaccination helps protect you even if you’ve already had COVID-19.”

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Does she still think Africa is a country? no one cares We’re not talking about the sharpest knife in the drawer here. Do she think that anyone's surprised, by her cavalier statements. Just hope she don't get pregnant in TX, while visiting. It’s hard to believe she would be smart enough to take the vaccine. SarahPalinUSA I hope you start becoming intelligent.

She’s lying, of course. We have seen how one celebrity caused mayhem by falsely claiming the vaccines cause your balls to swell. The danger of these morons is palatable. Here is another example! This has to stop. To which research is it referring? I'm sure she means ' opposed to all the white conservatives who are showing us how little common sense they have, and don't believe in the science'. Anti-vax/mask white conservatives, are you all going to allow her to talk about you like that without clapping back?

Mondiablue Remember when she was the height of stupidity? We’ve had quite a few “hold my beers” in the last 15 years. 🤦‍♂️ I'm sure her Special Needs child appreciates it as well.

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Not surprised! This is SarahPalin after all. CovidVaccine Who cares…she lives in the middle of the woods…how is she relevant ? Huffington waste hard at work Did she say ' no common sense ' conservatives. You don't seem to be doing any better on the COVID wing/ ward /the whole hospital. Just get vaccinated people. 🙄 For cryin' out loud. I work with a woman, who refuses to get vaccinated, bc she had Covid over a year ago. She has a masters degree. I notice when we have texted one another for certain reasons, she spells you're as your. WTHELL? Explains so much.

No one cares what Alaska Barbie has to say. Not ever. Botanical Medicine You’d think as the parent of a vulnerable child she’d care a little more about protecting him. Keep pushing the narrative. Sooner or later there won't b any of you left. hufffpost nothin but commmie agenda. we see you. we will remember.

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Sarah WHO? Sarah Palin says she's not vaccinated because she has to stay relevant. Attention whore. Why do we care what she thinks? Slow news day I guess Idiot A perfect storm CDC recommends what's convininent and what fits the narrative. I wonder if she is still looking out her window and seeing Russia Sarah who?

She also thinks is she can see Russia from her house

FDA Panel Weighs Covid-19 Booster Shots as Health Officials Debate NeedThe Biden administration’s push to introduce widespread vaccine boosters faces a test as a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meets to weigh evidence on the extra shots, a topic that has divided federal health officials. good luck Clown world What is there to weigh here. Either the science supports it or it doesn’t

She has the antibodies. Stop trying to force this shot on people Why is this news and we do we even care about this ? Sarah Palin is as smart as my boot This is good news for all 💁🏾‍♂️ She was the reason I didn't vote for McCain. She also thought North and South Korea were the same country. Clueless. Who thought it was a good idea to save her?

The CDC has spouted more lies and definitely is compromised by who funds them. Good God. I am not a fan of this woman but she’s right on this point. The CDC is the pseudoscience. Who cares? Oh look, laurenboebert older sister has thoughts on vaccine and science.

Thai Taxi Drivers Idled By COVID-19 Lockdowns Turn Car Roofs Into GardensDrivers are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans in the rooftop plots. they must have sun roofs good luck How inventive! Hope it works out for them 😀

Twisted mind May her own belief in herself propel her right out of sanity. Good if she don't want to vaccinate..stop showing sympathy for theses people. Doesn't want her balls swollen I find her argument better than the other GOPers who are vaccinated but refuse to say if they are or not and are actively encouraging others not to. Hers is a misunderstanding unless she still wouldn't if she hadn't had it.

She wasn’t even invited to McCain’s funeral. Says a lot about her, no? She may have a point,with regard to herself. All immune systems are not the same,but its expose to diseases,or illnesses,we not immune. I go without flu or colds for years,but it does not make me immune to any diseases. What a wadte of space and oxygen

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If she believed in the science she would have got vaccinated by now. She may “believe” in the science, but she sure doesn’t understand it. She Heep Smart has eagle eye sees Alaska from her Governor's doorstep! She Science Expert, talks Virus! 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN RepentAndEscape 주님이 기회를 주실 때 죽기전에 회개하십시오!! 지옥불은 영원한 불태움과 벌레들이 살을 파먹는 고통, 마귀의 창과 칼로 찔림과 베임을 당하는 영원한 암흑의 불구덩이입니다

Maybe she believes that the 600,000 American Covid victims are all happily skipping around in heaven replete with rejuvenated bodies and refurbished lungs. Studies coming out of Israel now suggest she is correct and that natural immunity is as much as 10 times more effective as the jab. Why does she get any semblance of publicity? Quit keeping her 'relevant'

wow McCain's legacy

Brendan Buck and former Rep. Israel talk politics of Covid-19 vaccine mandatesFormer Chief Communications Adviser for House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Press Secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, Brendan Buck, and former Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) discuss the politics surrounding Covid-19 vaccine requirements and why the big business world is uniting behind the White House's mandates to boost the economy. 'Joe Biden has set a trap for Republicans and Republicans have walked right into it,' Buck tells Stephanie Ruhle. Are you kidding. They ARE the anti vaxxer party. Oh I forgot by Easter of 2020 it would be over, in February 2020 nothing to worry about from the a hole in the Whitehouse. They not only walked, they galloped and doubled down into the anti vaccine campaign. Who wants to tell them? The question is, will they double down, primary reasonable candidates and make 2022 a contest, or will they join Manchina and be “moderate?”

Why do we give oxygen to this 🤡 And we care why?