Roger Stone Insists God Gave Trump 'Courage' To Pardon Him; Not A Chance, Say Critics

4/24/2022 9:43:00 AM

And God wants Mitt Romney out of the Senate, Stone insists God very specifically told him.

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney

And God wants Mitt Romney out of the Senate, Stone insists God very specifically told him.

And God wants Mitt Romney out of the Senate, Stone insists God very specifically told him.

By .Hudson, 10, and Emerson, 7..resign, calling him a"disgrace" after leaked audio from January 10, 2021 showed that he believed the then-president should resign following the U.

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I just had a chat with God about an hour ago over a couple beers and he said Stone is living up to his name. God said Stone must be stoned out of his mind! That or he's a liar and he's going to hell. I hear it's hot down there this time of the year. Hydrate Rog! He is hallucinating. He needs medical attention.

Pure comedy 😂😂😂 Well that’s funny because I just read in the Bible that Jesus claims that he doesn’t know anyone named Roger Stone. (Book of Matthew) What drug is Roger Stone using? The radical right just keeps getting nuttier by the day. Please, leave God out this. 😂😂🤣 Pssst! Roger, that's not God. Needs to be institutionalized!

Oh that sounds believable

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News flash, God only speaks to us through the Scriptures. Here is an emoji which accurately represents Roger Stone 😈 Stone is a mental case! And he's not nuts? Roger needs to be hospitalized. Why do media outlets publish this nonsense. Does he look sane to you? Oh Rog, how many times do we have to tell you Trump IS NOT God!

Republican politicians and pundits are stark raving mad. There is 2 BILLION dollars to grab That voice he's hearing is not God.

What is longtime Trump ally Roger Stone doing in Utah?At a campaign rally for a Utah congressional candidate that carried an air of religious revival, a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump told the crowd that the battle over the future of the United States isn't between Republicans and Democrats. Roger Stone preaching to his Utah followers: rank & file Mormons. greaser 🫵😆 Cult

If God wanted Mitt out of the senate, couldn't it just smite him or something? I’ve never associated God having a relationship with Roger Stone. It just reminded me that God reaches out to the worst, immoral, unethical sinners. But Stones God is the devil. Silly man… I find it incredibly difficult to believe God can stand Roger Stone.

I keep telling you folks….they have made up their own religion Which God? Another White guy claiming God is on his side,..who would have predicted that? So flubbing cliché. That’s what happens after 3000 years of pretending God is a White guy. republicansarecrazy no Word about Greene, or anyone else Is Stone stoned?

Trump ally Roger Stone demands 'RINO' McCarthy resign after leaked audioThe right-wing strategist called the GOP House minority leader a 'disgrace' after the audio showed that he said Trump should resign following the Capitol riot. 😉 I hate being the voice of reason here, BUT Roger the Marvel villain doesn't get to 'demand' anything. He's SUPPOSED to be sitting in prison and would be if it weren't for an illigitimate 'pardon'. Why is the news still covering this fraud?

I pray for the day that Stone et al stop lying that God talks personally to them. What is it with the bat crap crazy eyes of all these characters. 来自世界各地的救援义工都希望看到自己国家的语言出现在法治基金新中国联邦的擎天柱上 Really? Are you sure it was God? God told stone he is F$$ked for eternity And you publish this trash? News giving a voice to crazies is 100% the problem.

God told me she wants Mitt in the Senate… I'd be more impressed if God had a conversation with Stone while Stone was in prison. The conversation might start with God telling Stone 'Rog, I told you this would happen if you kept this crap up back in 2000'. I think God would tell him to shut the 'F' up. He prays in the Temple of Trump

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Stupid Mitt Romney is a loser . I suspect a large number of American Christians thing Trump is the second coming. Stone must have been just talking to Trump. Maybe he is using his claim as a defence ploy when he goes to court. Why do people continue to use God said tactics advance their own personal cause. This needs to stop.

I don't know why God never tells ME stuff. truestory Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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God is gonna God. He’s a weirdo. But I don’t like Romney that much either. Hi-fives American-politics obsessed Jesus. 'Danger Will Robinson' He meant Trump. Trump now insists his underlings use that title since “President” has been taken. Don't let Trump hear you suggest there is someone (e.g. God) superior to him. He'll go fucking apeshit.

Romney has already acknowleged that he's no longer electable due to his subserviance to the Democratic Party. He'll finish this term and be done. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mental state is a shared trait amongst MAGATS. Roger Stone is hallucinating 🤣 just looking at him makes me here are my naked photos

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By .Hudson, 10, and Emerson, 7..resign, calling him a"disgrace" after leaked audio from January 10, 2021 showed that he believed the then-president should resign following the U.