Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada Caucuses

This marks the latest test — and the first caucus since the mess in Iowa — for Democratic presidential hopefuls.

2/23/2020 3:45:00 AM

Biden took the stage in Nevada to thank supporters. 'Ya'll did it for me,' he said, despite the fact that he trailed Sanders with less than 4% of results in. 'Now we're on to South Carolina and we're going to take this back.' NevadaCaucus

This marks the latest test — and the first caucus since the mess in Iowa — for Democratic presidential hopefuls.

after attacking former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg at the Democratic debate on Wednesday. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former Vice President Joe Biden, who have both struggled to find footing in the primary contests so far, are also on the ballot in Nevada. Bloomberg is not.

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The call to caucus is at 3 p.m. ET. Read more: HuffPost »

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With the 2020 presidential election days away, CNN's John King examines the state of the race in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin -- three key states for both Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Bernie will not beat trump none of these candidates will we are screwed either way You can vote Socialism in, but you must have violent revolution to get rid of it. They will shoot you down in the streets before they will give up power. 'Those who would give up their freedoms for security shall have neither.'

I hate trump but I’ll vote for him if it means America doesn’t become socialist. Pls guys don’t make me do that Is Bernie growing a beak in preparation of mashing worms and spitting them into the open mouths of his supporters? No college debt for your $150K philosophy degree - gulp! Free house, food and clothes - gulp! Stay in the nest and let government take care of you - gulp gulp gulp!

Free stuff for everyone Yess! The millionaire socialist takes another and the Huffington post is square in his corner! BernieSanders gave us four years of Trump, so I guess he’s set out to give us four more. Undermining American democracy. Wait - is he still allowing his Democrat rivals to run against him? Why doesn’t he arrest Bernie for saying this? Yea, that’s why. It’s baloney!

A lot of trolls on this thread. Trashing Bernie won’t help your cause, Americans are voting for him. Anyway, It’s not over yet. The only cheaters that have been proven are Russians helping Trump in 2016. Trump is their “guy” they love him. This Vermonter from New York isn't a democrat he's an independent stealing the party for his own purpose. A wolf is sheep's clothing being a conscientious objector but wanting to be Commander in Chief.

MegPiePi Bernie will destroy the democrats chance. 100 to 1 Trump has read the Constitution and you have read the Communist Manifesto....multiple times. Russian interference!!! Please keep in mind, when reading these comments, that 25-35% are from bots. Good luck to Bernie. Sure, Bernie. It will be cheaper to pay your student loan than pay high taxes forever... Socialism, a putrid idea that has never worked... but, then again, you will be able to socialize with your friends at the soup kitchen lines!

Молодец Сандерс. Он поймал золотую рыбку неводом в Неваде. Это так сказочно. Americans are sick & tired of Communist as well! Stalin of Soviet Unions butchered over 20 millions to bring what Sen. Sanders is promising us to being! Stalin failed and so will Sanders. Because Americans are not going to trade their freedom for a piece of bread.

So hoax 3.0 coming soon! I love trilogies! Where is ewarren’s quote? Nice try Mr Sanders, the real issue is, President Trump will win by a landslide in 2020. Enjoy your short time as a Democratic candidate. WhosFibbing And to those who are sick of both Russian assets? Can’t wait for trump to debate him live on prime time tv. And listen to sanders make the case he can do better jobs with the economy because trump is mean.

Really? BernieSanders is accusing someone of not reading the constitution? That’s funny right there. He's so woke. He's woke af. BernieWon Bernie2020 as an American citizen I love our president, and capitalism... do not speak for me BernieSanders That’s what he needs to do. Stop talking about the “Democratic establishment”.

Is that what the Russians told you to say Bern? 🤔 The problem here is most of the people voting for comrade Bernie, is they have no idea what the word socialism means. If they think that school debt is going to be paid off, think again, they’ll be working off digging ditches! Lies, all lies. Here is the real truth bomb:

Not a supporter of Bernie,but he is right on this one. Did bernie have to say 'sick and tired'? Unlike PeteButtigieg , who made an ass of himself in his 'concession speech' and whom I think might still be pontificating as we speak. Bernie is the only one trying to undermind American democracy. Hey, keep in mind that that president is still for DEMOCRACY. Unlike you cute little socialist/ Communist self. How long before you go from take this free stuff to “now I’ll take your decisions from you.” No thanks I’ll take Democracy guy over you.

Mr. Muppet! What a joke! Boo.BernieKnew LOL. Sanders is a dream opponent election2020 Oh does the Constitution mention that the United States should have a socialist government I never knew that thank you for pointing that out. As a Biden supporter I’m not going to down play Sanders win. Of course he’s enjoying his win,as he should, however, the one issue I have right now is, in his speech he referenced his wife as, the next First Lady. Maybe premature? More primaries ahead yet.

Funny nothing Bernie says or promises has anything to do with the US constitution. He is a straight up marxist who wants to take over education, healthcare and business. He will destroy this country in short order if ever given the chance. 🤔🤡 Make reading the constitution great again! How can one protect a country from domestic and foreign foes if one has not read the constitution.

Bernie is a SOCIALIST! What are HIS plans for our constitution? Less freedom? More tyranny? No! Says, Commie Sanders. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS WHACK JOB. Putin keeps winning. I am trying so hard to like him but somehow still can’t. And this from a man who thinks the Constitution gives the Executive Branch the power to intervene in climate issues. I'm in hell. -VJ

Of all the places in the world, comrade Sanders chose Russia for his honeymoon. Sanders will not do well in the South. He is completely too liberal to be President. So you read the Constitution and basically said to all Americans it's garbage 💙 Bernie: 1. Release your medical records; 2. Identify at least one piece Of significant legislation you have shepherded through Congress;-and 3 stop relying on national polls when the electoral matters.flashinapan polarizng ineffectualtodate ewarren amyklobuchar

good if he s the democratic candidate. america will never vote a communist to the white house. NEVER EVER. realDonaldTrump will easily win with this one as Democraric candidate. That’s a long list of promises he can’t keep that Sanders made in his NV speech. He also took dead aim at us. ‘Shh. Don’t tell them cause they’ll get mad, but we’re going to win in Texas’ So did you mean to say ‘we welcome support from all Democrats and Independents?’

Your own Democrats in the media are predicting a 49 state Trump landslide. LOL! I cannot wait for the competing rallies between Bernie and Trump. LeafsForever Bernie will be a wonderful choice! He makes Trump look like a wimp. Everybody been taking their 'shots' you 'news outlets' just pick which bullet you WANNA talk about

Klobuchar took to the stage to speak to “the people in the middle.” NevadaCaucus So sad. ALL HAIL THE BOOMER KING I guess he has gone 100% bat s**t crazy. NO YOU WONT. YOU ARE A LIAR, YOU GOTTA GO. Weird bravado there your jets bud. I wish Biden could have the financial help that Sander's wife gives Sander's, it would help a great deal!!

Does he think he won? Not even close. Sleepy Joe is done. Trump 2020. Cut and run Joe. Just what we need in a president when things aren't going well. Pack up his toys and go home. JoeBiden is a quitter 'Now we're on to South Carolina and we're going to take this back.' Again? 🤔 Why does he remind me of Pollyanna?.

Did what exactly? Joe talking out of his head again. Islamic State fighters bombedyesterday the US 'Bagram' military base with 3 'Grad' missiles . ZumaReturns I love Biden. I just wish all his votes weren't divided over three or four others. If you know you're not going to win out, get out. Splitting votes leaving us with Bernie.

He's no Obama. Hiding in his shadow whilst basking in Obama's glory. Clearly Biden has dementia. “Y’all” Drop out sleepey joe. That's just strange.

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesThis marks the latest test — and the first caucus since the mess in Iowa — for Democratic presidential hopefuls. End Republican corruption! Any results yet from Iowa. Would love to know who won?

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesAs results start rolling in for Nevada, Bernie Sanders is gearing up to speak at a rally in El Paso, Texas. Follow live updates for the NevadaCaucus here. ➡️ America is trying to do the Bernie's campaign what the British did to Corbyn's. The main obstacle they face is that it's incredibly ridiculous to call Bernie an anti-Semite. So they will flog the 'socialist' bogeyman with all they have got. We're going to flip Texas! Charge the defibrillators !!!

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesDNC chair Tom Perez says participation at the Nevada caucuses is on 'pace to set a record,' though he said it wasn't clear what the official numbers were yet. NevadaCaucus People stood in line in North Las Vegas despite pouring rain! Are we sure they are Democrats?

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesSome ties at precinct locations were broken today by using a deck of cards. These are the guidelines from Nevada Democrats on how to solve a tiebreaker using a game of chance. ♣️ NevadaCaucus Imagine picking your nominee by choosing a card. What an embarrassment NVCaucus Un f-ing believable. Like a banana republic. This is how we’re supposed to bring down trump? Good god he’s going to get 4 more years. This is embarrassing.

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesDonald Trump has weighed in on the caucuses on Twitter: 'Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!' NevadaCaucus Many people who voted for trump have decided Bernie is the real deal who has their back - many trump voters know debtor don has betrayed working Americans Pol Trump so wants Bernie Pol

Read Live Updates From The 2020 Nevada CaucusesKlobuchar spoke at a rally in Minnesota as results began to roll in. She outlined plans to campaign in Arkansas, Oklahoma and South Carolina in the coming days. NevadaCaucus Lacks gravitas. Not a true contender. Just drop out so we can unite the clans!!! Wasted effort.