Razer's N95 debacle is a reminder to double check COVID claims

1/13/2022 12:30:00 PM

Don't take face mask claims at face value.

The Razer mask is a lesson in sniffing out misleading COVID marketing

Don't take face mask claims at face value.

problematic masks since the beginning of the pandemic, when 3D printed masks — that didn't actually have great designs — became all the rage. You might also recall that early in the pandemic especially, when masks and quality PPE were scarce, warnings about fake N95s and KN95s were everywhere. Now, two years into the pandemic, we still don't know how to peel apart the marketing speak, and even well-known hardware brands have no issues trying to dupe us to make money.

Tweet may have been deletedAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, the Omicron variant surge has led to increased anxiety among the public about how best to protect ourselves. That means bad actors seeking to cash in may sell faulty products, and could lead to consumers buying products that they might not have otherwise.

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