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Online Hate Targeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Comes From Small Number Of Users, New Report Says

The platform Bot Sentinel analyzed over 114,000 tweets related to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for its new report.

10/26/2021 9:58:00 PM

The platform Bot Sentinel analyzed over 114,000 tweets related to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for its new report.

The platform Bot Sentinel analyzed over 114,000 tweets related to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for its new report.

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Why only 114,000? There are millions of tweets about her. The tourist trip to NY in Sep alone had tens of thousands of tweets. What about the 'bot' accounts acting as their propaganda machines and spewing hate against anyone who doesn't fit their agenda, including RoyalFamily? ledbettercarly Really great article! Great job! 👍

Hey Accts that tweet hateful harassment against H&M are: sukiweeks AllexmarieHoll1 CindyWh44947239 Neevana_is_Black MoaningSparkle. These accts should also be suspended for violating Twitter rules against online smear campaigns. Ironic their settings are all now set to private. This smear campaign started in the UK with the tabloid press, that’s where you should be looking. Follow the money and I bet it leads to them.

ledbettercarly This is your article, please Turn off the comments stop hate for profit StopFundingHate Hope their next project is to analyse the amount of hate thrown at the Royal Family, Royal Reporters or simply people who dare to have an opinion. Here's one lovely example. I know MM supporters don't see it as hate but kindness. Strange.

‼ I hope Cbozuy will also investigate these hateful and bullying accounts from Sussexsquad that have no boundaries even for children!! Also investigate if the sussexsquad is real or fake...... rt No racist or sexist tweets from what I have read over the years rather calling out the Sussex’s for their lies & inconsistencies towards the royal family which appear to be motivated by jealousy

the Sussex couple have left the racist extremist Social Networking system. unfortunately many teenagers are not so fortunate. they kill each other. because Twitter and Facebook are simply irresponsible.

Princess Diana Would Be 'Thrilled' About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's New Life, Expert Says'She would be doing cartwheels.' Diana would be very proud of Harry 🥰🥰 She would most likely be devastated to see her two sons torn apart.

TwitterSupport Facebook grows rich with hatred. they have made billions of dollars with hate. the majority racist extremist group the far right, white supremacy. in fact very few Twitter accounts are informative. We know BuzzFeed owns you now but this level of being conned is shameful ariannahuff - Do Better. 👋🏼 to NBC

It’s actually hysterical that every time things don’t go their way - lose standing/relevance they always come out w something again saying poor ME. the 'gray men' Diana talked about... those whose job it is to shape the monarchy a certain way, and the PR/attorneys they hire -- how are they involved? Tanisha_Ev

Tanisha_Ev I love and admire them for leaving their Royal duties. Aaaand most of the comments on the articles webpage are hateful. Just turn the comments off. No need to allow the very hate you investigate to sit directly below the report. We got the information we needed we don't need the hate. It’s obscene the abuse MeghanMarkle has been subjected to on Twitter. And Twitter has not done enough to deal with these accounts that violate their terms daily!

Twitter Data Has Revealed A Coordinated Campaign Of Hate Against Meghan MarkleA concentrated set of users drive 70% of the hate content targeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a new analysis found. Gotta work hard distracting everyone from the paedophile they hope to protect. PrinceAndrew criminal ruth_wishart Interesting. Wonder who is co-ordinating the hate campaign against the people of Scotland and its First Minister? ruth_wishart Yeah daily express and daily mail

ledbettercarly Thank you ledbettercarly for your article. StopHateforProfit MeghanMarkle BrookLyn1825 SholaMos1 Great read How many related to The Firm? anna_itsonlyme Thanks ledbettercarly Is it really too much for all you negative zealots to just let people live? Life is so short. You hardly have time to understand yourself let alone know someone else well enough to place judgement. You have no brain if you do this.

MeghanMarkle ProtectMeghanMarkle ProtectBlackWomen Key…

2020 Had The Most Reported Hate Crimes Since 2001: FBI DataReports of hate crimes against Asians increased 76% amid the pandemic, according to data from the FBI's latest Hate Crime Statistics report. thanks maybe black people should stop being racist to asian people. Most of those crimes were committed by Democrats.

I wish the behind the accounts could be unveiled. 300 tweets a day is unbelievable! stophateforprofit BInvestigates novaramedia Amplifying hate Was Piers Morgan amongst those 114,000 tweets? The Truth, boomerang's coming for all this fake accounts. angelalevin1 CamillaTominey Now let's talk about this. The obsession is going too far.

Why would you dedicate your entire online profile to hating a woman you have never met? SussexPrincess Imagine making hundreds of tweets a day about someone you hate. Kate middleton and Prince William need to come collect their deranged fans Imagine sending out 300 tweets a day about someone you claim to hate.

Who funded this? Their piss poor PR team😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

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Oh bullshit. People are REACTING to their taunts, lies and traitorous behavior 'Leave us alone....but please buy our books, watch our exclusive interviews, and such...fancy a wank?'

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