Obama Steps Out As Nation Confronts Confluence Of Crises

Aides said Obama will call for turning the protests over Floyd’s death into policy change.

6/4/2020 12:28:00 AM

Aides said Obama will call for turning the protests over Floyd’s death into policy change.

Aides said Obama will call for turning the protests over Floyd’s death into policy change.

in Minneapolis.Aides said Obama will call for turning the protests over Floyd’s death into policy change and will urge specific reforms to ensure safer policing and increased trust between communities and law enforcement.“We’re in a political season, but our country is also at an inflection point,” said Valerie Jarrett, a longtime friend and adviser to Obama. “President Obama is not going to shy away from that dialogue simply because he’s not in office anymore.”

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Obama was already beginning to emerge from political hibernation to endorse Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential bid when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the U.S., killing more than 100,000 people, and the economy began to crater. The crises scrambled the Biden campaign’s plans for how to begin deploying Obama as their chief surrogate ahead of the November election, but also gave the former president a clear opening to start publicly arguing what he has signaled to friends and associates privately for the past three years: that he does not believe Trump is up for the job.

Addressing graduates of historically black colleges and universities last month, Obama said the pandemic had “fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.” And in a nationally televised broadcast celebrating graduating high school seniors, Obama said many “so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs,” do only what’s convenient and feels good.

Floyd’s death, however, has drawn a more visceral and personal reaction from the nation’s first black president. Floyd, a black man, died after a white police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air.

In a lengthy written statement last week, Obama said that while he understood that millions of Americans were eager to “just get back to normal” when the pandemic abates, it shouldn’t be forgotten that normal life for people of color in the U.S. involves being treated differently on account of their race.

“This shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America. It can’t be ‘normal,’” Obama wrote.Tensions across the country have escalated further in the days since the former president’s statement. His town hall on Wednesday will mark his first in-person comments since law enforcement officers

aggressively cleared peaceful protestersfrom a park outside the White House so Trump could walk across for a photo opportunity at a nearby church.Trump has cheered harsh crackdowns on the protests, some of which have turned violent, and threatened to deploy active-duty military to the states if local officials could not get the demonstrations under control. He appeared to be backing down from that position this week, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday that he

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did not believe such action was warranted.Biden’s campaign welcomed Obama stepping forward during this moment.“President Obama’s voice is a reminder that we used to have a president who sought to bridge our divides, and we can have one again if we elect Joe Biden,” said TJ Ducklo, a campaign spokesman.

Obama grappled with police brutality against minorities as president, including in Ferguson, Missouri, where clashes broke out after the death of Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old. After Brown’s death, Obama’s Justice Department moved to enact broad policing reforms, though most were halted under the Trump administration.

Biden, who served as Obama’s vice president, called this week for restoring some of the previous administration’s actions in the wake of Floyd’s death and the killing of other black Americans. Biden also called for Congress to take immediate steps, including outlawing chokeholds.

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Will he address David Dorn, as well? No one is allowed to kill someone just because. We already have laws against murder. Obama has no place calling for policy change. He's not President anymore. Obama can't call for anything he needs to take his hatred and move on 8 years to address this issue Obama is no longer in office sooooo.

This is what a President does. ❤️ ..obama is the most corrupt president in history. Only corrupt people listen to him. So.... does this mean obama is back in office or...... what BringObamaBack Obama had his chance for 8 years and he did nothing for the African American communities! He spent eight years in office and has just now figured this out.

Since studies show that the police use more force and kill more whites than blacks, the only 'policy change' that comes to mind is legalizing black crime and make blacks off limits to the police. For eight years Obama had the opportunity to act on his initial platform of change for America, but he failed miserably. He chose the wrong path of identity politics and divided our nation more. And now he continues to fan the flames of racial divide. Some things never change.

Jump on the bandwagon - useless for 8 years but now there’s going to be the change. Didn’t do anything for Chicago either. Barry millionaire president has no relevance to the racial tensions in ths country as the super callous fragile racist sexist nazi odious potus has on the novel covid19 crisis. Where were you BarackObama during your 8 years? Instead you sowed seeds of divisiness and discord, did nothing for the black communities BlackLivesMatter

These liberals don't want the potential this movement has to flourish. They want to throw us scraps so we'll go home. GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH. AND HE SPOKE FROM HIS HEART UNLIKE BUNKER BOY WHO CANT READ What else free this country could offer to the protesters as we are already bankrupt without having the additional burden?

Obama please GO AWAY! Just think if he would’ve done something when he was the president, it might of mattered.... Why didn't he make any policy changes when he was president for 8 years Ha! The clown was President for 8 yrs and did nothing! Trump has done more for the black community in 3.5 yrs than a Obama has ever done in his life. Name one thing Obama has done for the black community? He’s a great divider. Everything was/is political with this clown.

Thank you I doubt you'll hear Mr. Obama talking about retired police chief David Dorn dying at the hands of looters. Does he care at all? Is it because it not part of his agenda? You move mountains he inspired me to: mrfixit JaneVoter BarackObamas Advice On Protesting & Action After George Floyd's Death Includes 1 Big Step

He’s not President, he can’t do 💩 ITS OK TO BE WHITE 'Will call' Translation: More words. Black police officers kill Black people at the same rate as White police officers. Several papers have looked at police bias since the Michael Brown shooting at Ferguson. Police may kill too many people, but the bias isn't racial apparently.

Obamagate What a bunch of Bull Crap. He was president for 8 years, why didn't he do more for the black community when he was the most powerful person in the world? If you listen to JoeBiden he basically admitted that he & BarackObama made the country worse He’s a moron. He’s not the leader of America. He needs to be the Ex President and not the current President.

Excellent BarackObama usually turned a blind eye to the killing of cops If only he was president What's the policy change? We must 'cleanse' the world of Whitey? Not sure how that'd pan out, with his being half WHITE. ahh yes let's hear from the old Israeli puppet and war criminal Is this what he waited for? It’s almost as if it was specially planned just for him and his agenda.

How will he do that? He's not President nor does he hold a public office... is this a shadow presidency? Does that mean he did set up Trump? None of this makes sense. I'm living in a dual universe 🤦🏼‍♀️ Imagine being so fucking bad at the presidency that the former president has to come in and do your job for you. Standing outside of a church for 30seconds ain't it.

Can he run again? Like.. bringobamaback BarackObama When You Do Please Remind Workers That 40 Million Of Us Are Already At Home All We Have To Do Is Stay There Until Change Happens! BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydProtests He kinda late on that game ain't he? Let's get ObamaIsMyPresident trending. ObamaTownHall

Here’s obama lying dividing ass making things worse HE'S NOT THE POTUS ANYMORE! HELLOGEORGE Obama needs to go away now. He had 8 years in office to do that. Instead Blacks got symbolism and words, and worst of all he talked against reparations for AmericanDOS. Thank you for your leadership in a crisis President Obama!

Evil shadow president. This has been known for years. Obama created Antifa Waiting for the Trump 'Rebutal' Tweet. He had his chance!! screw his address🤔 HA HA HA, like his words mean anything😅😂😂🖕 Biden's new slogan: 'If you ain't looting, you ain't a democrat'. I voted for him. Regret it. I'm not a Trump fan either. Now go on and worship your Messiah.

The Food Stamp guy. He was excellent in the town hall - pointing out the centrality of 19k municipalities throughout the US. The work of changing policing is there. I'm listening to Obama's speech and it is beyond awful, lacking passion and humanity. We saw his white/politician side speaking, not the black human side, hardly even mentioning George Floyd. Obama is a cold fish. The 'hood is probably reacting with their mouth's open in shock.

Finally someone is showing some leadership. If only he had been in a position to create some of that policy change during the last decade.... Obama is Antifa. The policies he created led to violent riots during his administration while Trump was a private citizen. Trump was elected to crack down on Obama-inspired leftist violence.

Really? I would have thought the best time for him to do that would have been somewhere between 2008 and 2017. 🤷‍♂️ obama is the most corrupt president in history. Only corrupt people listen to him. This is what a real potus sounds like. Take notes realDonaldTrump. Oh, nevermind, you don't do that. Remember?

The problem is all the lies he and others tell. That sounds foreboding.

Biden, Obama take steps to fill glaring leadership vacuumOver the last 24 hours, Barack Obama and Joe Biden practically took turns trying to fill the nation's leadership vacuum. MaddowBlog what the fuck? is that it? fuck these guys MaddowBlog NYGovCuomo 2020 MaddowBlog Haha too funny he ain’t president no more.

Key Steps To Assess When (And If) To Bring Employees Back To The OfficeNow that states are re-opening, critical questions must be effectively addressed as to if, when and how employees should be brought back to the office. please notice the twitter handle on the sign..... also the person sharing the post on instagram who supports and promotes this If you looted you should get 4 months of grounding when things open If rioting goes unquestioned in the same context, why are we keeping this charade up? Just let it go already. You lack credibility when you ask these questions.

U.S. ambassador to Germany Grenell steps downU.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, a close political ally of President Donald Trump, has resigned after little more than two years in the job, an embassy spokesman said on Tuesday. Bangladesh confirms 1st coronavirus death in Rohingya refugee camps DNI too He wasn't an ambassador as he wasn't diplomatic and his host country hated him.

Barack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd’s DeathBarack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd's Death! (via JustJared) JustJared You had 8 years and did nothing. NOTHING. Shut up, pretender. JustJared JustJared He was president for 8 years. Now he wants to bring change.

Obama to discuss George Floyd death and policing in virtual town hall WednesdayFormer President Barack Obama plans to address in a virtual town hall Wednesday night the death of George Floyd, stressing the importance of 'ensuring that this moment becomes one for real change' and that the protests around the country lead to new policies, according to an Obama aide. Please remove “Former” from the headline. These moments didn’t qualify I suppose Will he also take questions on Obamagate? Please do your job.

Live: Obama hosts 'reimagining policing' town hall in wake of George Floyd's deathFormer President Barack Obama will host a virtual town hall on Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET to address police violence amid nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd. I'm No rapper😊 but I can still tell ya my way...'Stay Home' plz💖 Subscribe likeit👍 ❣PLEASE share! THX New Video! TogetherAtHome stayhome Corona_Virus riots Repost replay sharethelove facebook Coming soon to all Platforms! followasista👑 I wonder if anyone will ask him, why he didn't do anything in the 8 years he was in office? Just a thought The best President of USA, colour of skin did not matter to him