Norwegian Cruise Cancels Trip After 4 Days Of Travel, Leaving Passengers Bored At Sea

The cruise line said the Norwegian Gem would return to New York 'shortly,' after “COVID-related circumstances” capsized its 10-day travel plans.

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1/17/2022 2:09:00 AM

The cruise line said the Norwegian Gem would return to New York 'shortly,' after “COVID-related circumstances” capsized its 10-day travel plans.

The cruise line said the Norwegian Gem would return to New York 'shortly,' after “COVID-related circumstances” capsized its 10-day travel plans.

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Should be called the Norwegian Germ...

Passengers stuck at sea after Norwegian cancels Caribbean cruise mid voyage due to Covid-19Norwegian Cruise Line canceled its Caribbean trip mid voyage due to Covid-19, leaving travelers stuck at sea until the ship returns to New York. The total proof that vaccines propagate the virus! And vaccine mandates are useless. People must wake up from the lies and propaganda spread by dictatorial governments! Resistance ! 😡😡😡 Cruise ships should be banned from us ports, we have something called covid BarbaraFreethy It's hard to think of a worse place to vacation in a pandemic. I love cruising, but the risks are just too high.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Cancels Caribbean Trip Mid-Voyage Over COVIDThe passengers have been told they will be heading back to New York due to COVID-19 . Fantastic This was as predictable as the sun rising every morning. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

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