Neil Gorsuch Reportedly Refuses To Wear Mask In Court, Forcing Others To Call In

A bad look for a justice who claims to champion civility in politics.

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1/18/2022 10:00:00 PM

A bad look for a justice who claims to champion civility in politics.

A bad look for a justice who claims to champion civility in politics.

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It's not a stolen seat you kooks. Their is no law that requires him to wear a mask. She is triple vaccinated. Isn't that suppose to prevent covid. Since vaccines prevent diseases Unjustifiable A person with that much defiantness should never be a judge. So he's really saying his rights are more important than any other Justice's rights, what, he's a rebel Justice, he's rude, he shows no courtesy to anyone else, sounds like a republican not a Supreme Court Justice

usa_seattle Why isn't he the one calling in? That creep should be the one having to work remotely Coward Hopefully he will catch covid Come on neil. Its not particularly pleasant to look at! Just cover it with a mask. If your mommy said you are really handsome, well mommies are prejudiced. You want to really freak people out get one of those halloween trump masks. Then there will be 8 robes working from home.

Supreme Court Justices are not Politicians, make a note of it.

Neil Gorsuch defied a request from Chief Justice John Roberts to wear a mask out of respect for Sonia Sotomayor, a report saysGorsuch's refusal to wear a mask led Sotomayor, who has diabetes, to attend oral arguments virtually. The justices are all vaccinated and boosted. Every workplace has THAT guy. You would think Alito or Thomas are jerkier, but Gorsuch is the jerkiest.

He shouldn't even BE a justice. That should have been Merrick Garland's seat. Momma didn’t teach him MANNERS & neither did Law School. Uncivility rather! Not if you understand a government shouldn't be forcing anything of a free society. Much less using nanoparticles and new technologies on people. Stolen seat

A judge playing to his base? That’s weird… dick A really bad look. No collegial courtesy here. (Very Trumpy) Yeah the federalist society groomed a real winner Can’t stand to look at him

Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanesThe Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a request to block a federal mask mandate for air travel. The emergency application was filed by a father on behalf of himself and his 4-year-old autistic son, both of whom claim to be medically incapable of wearing masks for extended periods.Their request was filed to Justice Neil Gorsuch , who handles emergency applications arising in several Western states, and he referred the matter to the full court. The... Bull. My Autistic son is quite obsessive about keeping his mask on.

They are all cut from the same cloth. The supercilious actions of the white elite. You reap what you sow, but maybe those who hold powerful positions forget that. Maybe they need a good dose of.... For the health and safety of others (the other chief justices and staff), he should be required to WORK FROM HOME

A line has to be drawn, thank you Justice Gorsuch for showing leadership when it is sorely lacking from our government. Why does he even get an option!? He should be the one that has to call in. Just another country club GOP He legit believes employers should be allowed to kill their workers. Of course he’s doing this.

A minion and disciple of the revolting former tRump era...🤦‍♂️ What else would one possibly expect? 'Hey your co-worker is especially vulnerable to covid, would you mind wearing a mask?' 'Yes I would mind, I don't care about her health condition, I'm not wearing it.' Who does that? A selfish a-hole, that who does that.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Marks MLK Day With Anti-Vaxxer ‘Segregation’ WhineGOP congresswoman was previously forced to apologize for comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust.

Is anyone surprised? This guy voted against the Biden federal vaccine and test for large privates. Let's go Darwin What civility? Fascist Civility? Shrieking media: explain yourself! Gorsuch: no. Removing her from her designated workspace because of Gorsuch’ non-compliance is NOT the answer!

Two people reportedly die in Lancaster County fireA neighbor reportedly called firefighters after seeing flames shooting out of windows.

Are cloth masks effective against omicron variant of COVID?The rapid surge of COVID-19 transmission due to the omicron variant has put an increased focus on the type of masks people are wearing. Well they certainly do not prevent pregnancy as I have learned the hard way Don’t know, don’t care! Don’t wear one and I love love love when people try and come at me when I’m in a store or somewhere where these mask-holes think I give a F about their opinion! 😂 Then why isn't No Mask Murphy wearing one?

Does Your Mask Fog Up Your Glasses? These Products Can HelpAdhesive nose wires and even dish soap can help prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. CC: omar_quraishi PSA… if your glasses are fogging up, your mask is useless against a virus if your glasses are fogging up that means your mask is leaky and what you need is a better mask, not dish soap to camouflage the problem.