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Hong Kong, Civil Unrest

Mob Beats Antigovernment Protesters in Hong Kong

The beating happened the same evening that officers in riot gear dispersed protesters from outside the Chinese liaison office.


Masked men, dressed in white and wielding sticks, assaulted antigovernment protesters in a train station late Sunday night in northwestern Hong Kong

The beating happened the same evening that officers in riot gear dispersed protesters from outside the Chinese liaison office.

The unrest spiraled out of a march that called for an independent investigation into

Protesters then occupied major roads and heckled police officers stationed outside government buildings. “Recover Hong Kong; it’s the time for revolution,” some chanted.

That same evening, at the Yuen Long train station, an unknown group of masked men in white attacked protesters and civilians, said Jerming Zhang, a 16-year-old student and first-aid volunteer who was at the station.

In a statement on Sunday night, the Hong Kong government condemned protesters who it said had “blatantly challenged the national sovereignty by maliciously besieging and storming” Beijing’s liaison office. It promised to “deal with these acts in a serious manner in accordance with the law.”

The developments on Sunday were the latest chapter in the city’s

“I hope that the police can take reasonable actions tonight,” Roy Kwong, a lawmaker who has been a driving force behind the protests, told reporters at the front lines early Sunday evening. “Otherwise, I fear that the anger of the people will erupt.”

Read more: The New York Times

Aka sent from China The crazy rioting kids should be deported to China. This is getting out of hand. After seeing this, I think Lam should proceed with her bill. Aw, it's just Hong Kong antifa keeping the anti-communists down, right NYT Chinese Communist Party is a dirtiest government in the world. So socialism bad? Communism bad? capitalism is so great either. why havent there been any evolution in our structure the beginning are the guide for our future where are the “abrupt left then a long right” til we reach the solution of more . If that doesnt work tryagain

I warned y'all this was coming ! thats not hong kong Well done, can't wait to see the decline of the HK economy. It's far beyond a protest of the anti-extradition bill and has become chaos. Whatever, it's their choice, of course they should pay. Hong Kong is dead! Now many shops in shopping malls of that area is closed early and let ppl home quick, no one know whats going to happen, last night during the most terrible hour, police force just not appearing not until the white shirt ppl gone

No mention about that thuggery in Chinese media - all they’re whining about is how the protesters dared to put graffiti on the liaison office building The communist China is threatenning freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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Masked men, dressed in black and wielding sticks, assaulted HK Police....... Sounds like an attempt to intimidate HongKong citizens. My full support to HongKong citizens Y’all should follow me I promise to follow back please...... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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