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Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration’s most outspoken advocate of emergency virus measures, faces a torrent of false claims that he is mobilizing to undermine the president.

3/29/2020 6:40:00 PM

The torrent of falsehoods aimed at discrediting Dr. Anthony Fauci is another example of how some far-right supporters of President Trump regularly vilify those whom they see as opposing him

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration’s most outspoken advocate of emergency virus measures, faces a torrent of false claims that he is mobilizing to undermine the president.

The Trump administration has previously shown a distaste for relying on scientific expertise, such as when dealing with climate change. But misinformation campaigns during a pandemic carry a unique danger because they may sow distrust in public health officials when accurate information and advice are crucial, said Whitney Phillips, an assistant professor at Syracuse University who teaches digital ethics.

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“What this case will show is that conspiracy theories can kill,” she said.The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases did not respond to a request for comment on the misinformation being directed at Dr. Fauci, who has said he plans to keep working to contain the coronavirus.

“When you’re dealing with the White House, sometimes you have to say things one, two, three, four times, and then it happens,” Dr. Fauci saidin an interviewwith Science magazine this past week. “So, I’m going to keep pushing.”The online campaign is an abrupt shift for Dr. Fauci, an immunologist who has led the institute since 1984. He has long been

seen as credibleby a large section of the public and journalists, advising every president since Ronald Reagan and encouraging action against the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.In recent weeks, much of the online discussion of Dr. Fauci was benign or positive. Zignal Labs, a media analysis company, studied 1.7 million mentions of Dr. Fauci across the web and TV broadcasts from Feb. 27 to Friday and found that through mid-March, he was mainly praised and his comments were straightforwardly reported. Right-wing figures quoted Dr. Fauci approvingly or lauded him for his comments on shutting down travel to and from China, Zignal Labs said.

In the White House briefings on the coronavirus, he often spoke plainly of the severity of the situation, becoming something of a folk hero to some on the left. Then Dr. Fauci, who had been a steady presence at Mr. Trump’s side during the briefings, did not appear at the one on March 18.

A hashtag asking “Where is Dr. Fauci?” began trending on Twitter. Several Facebook fan groups dedicated to praising his medical record called for his return. The first accounts tweeting #FauciFraud also appeared, though their volume of posts was small, according to the Times analysis.

Two days later, Dr. Fauci put his head in his hand at the White House briefing after Mr. Trump’s remark on the “Deep State Department.” His gesture — some called it a face palm — caught the attention of Mr. Trump’s supporters online, who saw it as an insult to the president.

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Anti-Fauci posts spiked, according to Zignal Labs. Much of the increase was prompted by a March 21 article in The American Thinker, a conservative blog, which published the seven-year-old email that Dr. Fauci had written to an aide of Mrs. Clinton.In the email, Dr. Fauci praised Mrs. Clinton for her stamina during the 2013 Benghazi hearings. The American Thinker falsely claimed that the email was evidence that he was part of a secret group who opposed Mr. Trump.

That same day, Mr. Fitton of Judicial Watch posted a tweet linking to a different blog post that showed Dr. Fauci’s email on Mrs. Clinton. In the tweet, Mr. Fitton included a video of himself crossing his arms and saying, “Isn’t that interesting.” It was retweeted more than 1,500 times.

In an interview, Mr. Fitton said, “Dr. Fauci is doing a great job.” He added that Dr. Fauci “wrote very political statements to Hillary Clinton that were odd for an appointee of his nature to send.”The conspiracy theory was soon shared thousands of times across Facebook and Twitter. It was also taken up by messaging groups on WhatsApp and Facebook

run by QAnon, the anonymous group that claims to be privy to government secrets. On YouTube, far-right personalities began spouting that Dr. Fauci was a fraud.By Tuesday, the online and television mentions of Dr. Fauci had declined but had become consistently negative, Zignal Labs said.

One anti-Fauci tweet last Sunday read: “Dr. Fauci is in love w/ crooked @HillaryClinton. More reasons not to trust him.”Facebook said it proactively removed misinformation related to the coronavirus. YouTube said that it did not recommend the conspiracy-theory videos on Dr. Fauci to viewers and that it promotes credible virus information. Twitter said it remained “focused on taking down content that can lead to harm.”

Ms. Phillips, the Syracuse assistant professor, said the campaign was part of a long-term conspiracy theory propagated by Mr. Trump’s followers.“Fauci has just been particularly prominent,” she said. “But any public health official who gets cast in a conspiratorial narrative is going to be subject to those same kinds of suspicions, the same kinds of doubt.”

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That has not stopped Dr. Fauci from appearing on the internet. On Thursday, he joined a 30-minute Instagram Live discussion about the coronavirushosted by the National Basketball Association star Stephen Curry.In the session, Dr. Fauci, with a miniature basketball hoop behind him, conveyed the same message that he had said for weeks about the outbreak.

“This is serious business,” he said. “We are not overreacting.”Ben Decker contributed reporting.Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions Read more: The New York Times »

CM2160342416 It's almost as if these Trump supporters are Medieval in temperament and intellect. Or, alternatively (& I realize an unpopular thought), there is more to be revealed about Dr. Fauci.....I wouldn't be surprised if he also participated in my heinous rape, torture,&murder. Tried to transmit AIDS to me. Nope, not making this up.

Amazing. I guess the only important thing is to try to bring down the one guy that can really help us and leave us with the remaining incompetent team... supportfauci I am frightened for the USA. It has been left too late to act and people will die needlessly. Governments, Canada and the UK included, need to stop measures being controlled locally. Leaders need to have the balls to say 'this is what's going to happen, and you're all doing it'.

The real heroes are being pushed aside so trump can have all spot light. Low life pervert Hmmm... More you know... China quit your lying. He's praying for his soul and all the souls he kills shilling for Trump. And Cuomo Leave this great Doctor alone They are just going to pray the Covid-19 away. They don't need science 🤦

M Take his voice media MuteTrump Trump is the most successful president I had ever seen.good job!川建国同志加油✊🏻 USA Virus Truth and science don't matter in US now Nope, Dr Fauci was trying not to laugh at Impeached for Life Deranged Donald comments and it was widely noted George W. Bush, congratulated Dr. Fauci for his research on AIDS and for the advancement of science. I believe that the 41th president of the United States was a much better Commander in Chief and a better judge of character than 45th.

Interesting to see the post Trump NYT. I imagine it will be something more like The Enquirer or People Magazine. You trash that you read while you're waiting in line at the grocery store. But trash for sure. It's just simply amazing what has happened to the NYT. Hang in there Doc! The New York Times and CNN have become irrelevant & are now majestic sources of fake news!

Are you really surprised? Makes me wonder who's going to be president next year. Go away Next time, the doctor needs to flip the bird. 'Conspiracy? Hell no, I just want him to quit saying stupid stuff!' Stop Biya regime to violate the constitution by imposing Biya son as President Cameroon not a monarchy.

Only honest person on the briefings. Surprised he has lasted so long. What the, New York Times is really saying is, this is all about the losing streak of their wanna be cOMMADER & cHIEF. This whole thing is a direct result of the Bush/Nixon/Ford clan that this pathetic little witch stems from! kairyssdal When you go to school for 30 years (MD, PHD, Fellowships, constant training) everyone disappoints you.

Trump has been vilifying people and the other country who oppose him and will not change his evil heart in the future. Lefty trash news. He could just be thinking. Some people do that. It's a thinking thing, you wouldn't understand it... The pump is ass in the white house number 45 thinks he's the f****** smartest son of a b**** out there he just shows how ignorant he is when he belittles scientific doctors that actually know what they're talking about

Trump is Jim Jones 2.0 add the racism and white supremacy factors and there you have the dangerous case of 45 I have heard of people like him, but for him to be the President.. it’s been 3 years of the twilight zone.. Evict45 Nov 3, 2020 That’s dumb people for you! Biased media, right attacks Dr.Fauci, left attacks Dr.Birx.

Dr. Fauci is one of the few creditable people in this administration. DumpLyingTrump Can we all be on the same side for 2 months then we can go back to bickering 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Like your disgusting and biased publication? DontTrustTheNYTimes MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople LiberalismIsAMentalDisease Boy, this is really a stupid text from the failing NY times. They can certainly make stuff up. What falsehoods? Notice how the NYT never backs up their stupid claims?

I believe Dr. Fauci. I would shake my head too. He is protecting the public from Trump misinformation. Those of you blaming the media need to open your eyes & see the light. The problem is tRump! He’s incompetent & a complete failure. Worst president ever! He's the ONLY person that I listen to, that I believe!

Well the media certainly hasn't helped! Y'all love to jump all over any appearance of conflict within this admin. Making sure that it's so publicly repeated, debated, & speculated about that 45 has to respond. NYT CNN MSNBC y'all play a role too. SethAbramson Good job, Fox Because they are members of a cult. What is the point of articles like this anymore? His supporters live in an alternate reality—this will always happen.

Garbage for a former newspaper You newspaper won't sale a single day without mentioning President Trump. This is getting too ridiculous and shameful. Russia at workin the USA. The World stands behind Fauci!!! FAKEASS PROPAGANDA NEWS OUTLET = EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews FakeNewsMedia All the more reason to get rid of the Trump in November. Vote for Biden and Dump The Trump in November.

MAGAs should collectively Jonestown themselves with bootleg malaria drugs to own the libs We want to hear from Dr Fauci, realDonaldTrump Is 'Far-right' another word for Confederate? TrumpIsAnIdiot WhiteSupremacy MitchMcConnell Stop.period. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a good person and he is honest. He fulfills his calling with integrity. The truth always prevails. Those afraid of the truth are the dishonest among us. Fear not, Dr. Fauci. We stand with you.

If anyone is villifying the Trump team - which includes Dr. Fauci - it is biased, politicizing left wing media. I don't think I have to mention the name. Vicious Ad Hominem Attacks against ANYONE who disagrees with Trump is not only the Trump Supporters MOD, it is also the stock and Trade of their leader, Trump.

Don't you think the smart people reading this cant figure out is it YOU through this tweet, that is perpetuating the conspiracy theory. If the far right and Republicans continue sweet talking the President, many more Americans a gonna be dead,because he doesn't care about humans but only businesses, this virus doesn't know whether you are Republican or Democrat,Mr T open your eyes b4 late

The conspiracy was from democrats not republicans. Democrats started rumours they the don’t get along. Shame on them. Democrats want economy togo down and infection rates to go up The only person that is consistently pushing for a better response is targeted by the MAGA pirates. C'mon, get real and help all Americans to stay or get healthy. Get PPE and more to the hospitals now!

Vaccine Religion They would rather believe a moron who rules what he perceives is fake. They have crossed over to their personal twilight zone. People think the news orgs are doing a terrible job: He is just giving himself the virus. OkayMockingbird TomFitton mitchellvii BrandonBeckham_ foxandfriends MariaBartiromo LouDobbs newtgingrich kayleighmcenany seanhannity kilmeade JudgeJeanine trish_regan IngrahamAngle TuckerCarlson JackPosobiec JesseBWatters RickSantorum FoxNews It’s FOX and all the other clowns.

STOP. This man tried to help us. Just because he disagreed with lying Trump, you want to ruin his career and take him down Where is your moral compass God you guys really suck more than anyone has ever sucked before FakeNews We oppose Dr. Fauci because he dithered in supporting the use of Chloroquine after it was successfully utilized in SK & France to treat the WuhanVirus. We oppose him because he’s a fear monger & a fool. 200,000 deaths will not occur here. Period.

Nah, actually you can go back in time and read up on his patent holding profiteering while working at the CDC. One might think it’s unethical to hold patents for viruses and vaccines while working there, but apparently it’s a common thing. I’ve seen left and right attack Fauci. Including a Mayor DeBlasio repeatedly ignore his advice and encourage Nrw Yorkers to continue on with their daily life without fear of the virus. This should not be political.

Fauci EQUALS MEDICAL TYRANNY. Mr ATTEMPT Vaccine BIG PHARMA TYRANNY. NewYorkTimes, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS CIA Controlled. MKULTA IS OPEN SOURCE. NewYorkTimes, ARE ENEMY COMBATANTS AND MUST BE TREATED AS ONE. FakeNews. ENEMY TO THE People. Yep, the stupid things that comes out of Trump’s mouth makes you ferllike your head is going to “explode”...

'falsehood' again... calling a Lie a 'falsehood' is a pathetic sort of intellectual distancing. You mean like the other Dr. is being vilified by the left wing PRESS? Wait... I meant MSM. Irrelevant WaPo and NYT, all you do is keep digging your own graves. Fauxci is a fear monger. Trump is not. It really is that simple. The media are fearmongering hos with nothing better to do than crash the economy through lies, fake stats, panic & chaos. Take a hike.

SethAbramson All I can say is thank god for Anthony Fauci, medical professionals of all kinds and scientists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In the field we call it 'externalization of blame' WTF. This is intolerable. SethAbramson I saw this paranoid, conspiracy mindset in the far-right over 50 yrs ago. But the GOP refused to empower this group. Since the '80s, this group/mindset has been empowered for votes, until it took over.

Please closed miami airport COVID-19: The Trump Vitus CharlesSelfJr They are NOT 'opposing him' they are 'standing for truth' German_badgirl ENOUGH said!!! 👇 Fauci doesn't oppose Trump. Nor does Trump oppose him. Prove this allegation wrong! TDS article German_badgirl Everything that Facci said is coming true.I hate to say it This is going to be lasting well into the summer before it heads down until the next wave it’s not good news.

And what about the mainstream media - MSNBC CNN treatment of BernieSanders and his progressive platform ? How is this any different? The only thing more dangerous than COVID-19 is Donald Trump and his supporters. To use this tragic global situation that is killing thousands of people to spin conspiracy theories and vilify science and reason is as unbelievable as the impact of this virus itself.

The Democrat party is not an opposition party to Trump & Republicans, they have a very symbiotic relationship with them cuz they work for the same billionaires. The dem party is in firm opposition to workers. Not the Oligarchs,Not the Republicans,Not Trump. But to workers. At least 8 women have accused Joe Biden of sexual misconduct--up to and including sexual ASSAULT. (Trump would have a field day with Tara Reade.) The NY Times are silent about all this because they don't care about women.

AmericaLovesDrFauci The far right FoxNews Trump Republicans are the true enemies of America. The left is doing the same with Dr. BIRX 🙄 New York Times: according to sources. a number of sources are reporting. a official who asked to remain anonymous. Sources are confirming. etc. who is the conspiracy theorist again?

Oh good the only truth Sayer in the administration. And the 'No Nothings' are lighting touches & getting pitchforks. We all in for trouble. The truth is an anathema to the Far Right. Lets Democrat mafia which includes Far left evils and its media was reporting and running an impeachment circus while the President was banning flights and working hard for Americans. What did the NYT call him? A racist? We know where the NYT stands. 😂

Pfffff that’s not true! Can_ada In a real cult it isn’t enough just to blindly adore the dear leader - one must also go rabid dog against his adversaries - be they real or imagined. Anyone the dear leader names as enemy is literally hunted by these fanatics..THIS is CHAOS how sad is it that even one of the world’s leading infectious disease experts who only wants to help in this crisis is being attacked because he is not willing to let the President spread misinformation

It is the left and the media attacking. Don't play this kind word/mind games. Premature. Wir hatten Staufenberg etc Far right? Hahahahahaha And who is he working for? TRUMP Hahahahahahah Idiots The Trumpsexual cult is a simple minded, thin skinned cult that is about to go down in history as a very misguided group of fools.

Just disgusting. thankGod4fauci Warum steht keiner auf, zeigt dem Idioten die Stirn? SethAbramson It's an army of minions that don't think for themselves. SethAbramson Love the pay walls 🙄 SethAbramson MAGA is a disease for which there is no known cure. Kind of like Susan_Hennessey and maggieNYT and CNN are falsely accusing places like CityOfNOLA mayorcantrell Look in the mirror

FACT : Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia CLOSED their borders with China ( except goods ) en of JANUARY. You and EUROPE refused to do so. And YOU US media, YOU have become toxic for people's mental and emotional well being, and YOU have ignited a full blown PANDEMONIUM. YOU As each day passes, it only becomes more and more evident that NYGovCuomo is the hero this broken country desperately needs!

SethAbramson It’s not only that they perceive these people as a threat to Dump, but also that Trumpers hate science, evidence, facts, and truth. When is the NYTimes going to realize that MAGAts are here for the hate and cruelty? It’s what they love; it’s who they are. REPORT that. It's called constructive criticism, intellectual deliberation, and openness to all possible ideas. Which is something Leftwing Fakenews sites like the NewYorkTimes avoid like Vampires avoid sunlight.

Oh and I just see the left trying to drive a wedge between Fauci and Trump. How naive of me. 🙄 Unfortunately Dr Fauci's apocalyptic attitude has become toxic for people's mental and emotional well being, but he does not give a DAMN in this aspect, does it ? And NO, I do not like trump one bit, because I hate people who directly or not, do not give a damn on animals.

SethAbramson When all this is said and done, and this monster is out of office, his followers will forever have the stink of trump on them. They will either have to crawl back in their holes, or be ridiculed out of society. OUR BEST SEEM TO ALWAYS PASS THE TEST , TO ALWAYS STAND ABOVE THE FILTH SOMERONE NASTY LYING MOUTH SPILT

This picture shows you what I think of Trump supporters There is nothing science about Dr. Fauci reports. Have you noticed he never used Numbers or Data when he speaks Only opinion. 🐒 Trump should Threw him out of the White House. He told us to wash our hands, then he kept repeating that every time. ok we did that, what’s next?🐒

Lol. I’ve learned not to believe the N.Y. times. FakeNews Faucet is not a virus expert. It's a water outlet. NY defense is torn up by c19 aided by the faucet leaking. Only trump gets benefits from faucet leakings for a nonsensed defense of the country. We do social distancing well with the world with 130K cases while next one is ~97K.

As the fake news DNCmedia accuses the right of vilifying anyone who opposes Trump they feverishly vilify anyone who doesn't. twitter, it's easy to find a lot of spam accounts in the comments to this post. Take a look and eliminate them please. Nobody and I’m speaking for everyone is vilifying Dr. Fauci. You are using your platform to attemp to make this a thing. Please stop.

“Falsehoods” That’s called a “cult”. Yeah people he says Hydroxychloriquine won’t work even though every patient says it works. He’s saying something that can help your family member stay alive he’s against. Why? Your family member is dying in the moment and he doesn’t care about the moment. There are reasons why the public trust in the media polls in single digits. This is one of those reasons.

Another news piece seeking to divide, not unite. The NYT needs to visit its archives, and view the role of the paper during WWII. I want to know what hospitals want homemade masks. I want to know about the latest research. I want to know how I can help. I don't want hate. Ferret those people out and show their faces...names and addresses along with phone numbers. Let them face the music

Please, I am begging you, call it a LIE. Falsehood implies elements of truth or unintentional behavior. They are unequivocal lies. Crazy right wing conservatives would rather believe the crap and lies trump is dishing us than believing our countries leading expert on pandemics. Crazy is crazy, suckers are suckers, conspiracists are conspiracists, these are his core supporters.

It’s a fucking cult. They are evil. They don’t care that we’re all dying!!!! We’re all getting sick and so many are dying, everywhere. Oh my God, he’s not going to do anything to help. We’re dying !!!! Let all these boneheads gather in a room elbow to elbow with Raheem Kassani. I’d definitely support a wall to keep them in...

Just another display of stupidity, typical of the MAGA. President Trump greatest President ever HARDEST working President ever truly loves America Demo's want to Demolish America This guy is our saviour the corporate news media is the enemy if the people. vile liars and propagandists. You call Americans far right supporters. Your Paper and web site are filled with false news. The people no longer trust the media because of the NY times and others constantly lying to the people.

Ignorance is strength I Only have one question: why the big Pharmaceutical companies which they make billions every year in the US or Europe doesn't want to be involved with the vaccine development? I know that the money is number one for them, so why the governments doesn't apply some pressure!! He's the 41th most cited researcher, how is that even possible?

President Trump today at 5pm for Coronavirus update. This includes the best Drs and experts on viruses 🦠For those of you that can think for yourself and don’t like censorship, they’re plenty other channels to watch. This is not North Korea!!!!! FreedomOfSpeech Of course, I'm waiting for; 'The torrent of falsehoods aimed at discrediting Dr Deborah Birx is another example of how some far-left haters of President Trump regularly vilify those whom they see as supporting him.' Still waiting.......

He’s humble and competent. The public trusts him. Trump is going to keep killing Americans because he wants the country back to work tomorrow so the economy will sore and his followers will believe every word out of his toxic mouth. This virus has claimed every age group, race, religion and political beliefs.

You clowns, are just too much! Not fit, for lining bird cages! Dotard trump has infected the mind of many americans who follow him no matter how stupid he's like a cult, if trump said to jump off a bridge they will do it...that is why white supremacy has grown since dotard trump entered office.

The ever-silly NYT You just can't help yourselves🙄 I'm hoping you find a cure for your confirmation bias soon What did Trump do January 31? What did Dr Fauci say about Trump's travel ban from China? At the same time, Media was calling Trump's actions 'xenophobic & racist'? The New York times is just another example of a rag.

Fauci SHOULD NOT BE on the podium with these idiots! Donnie is living proof that someone can enjoy mental illness. But you are using the same chloroquine as trials a_fly_guy Agreed. Except MSM played the card the other way. No one even considered he had an itchy forehead.

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American expert says coronavirus deaths in US could top 100,000Dr Anthony Fauci, speaking on CNN's “State of the Union” on Sunday, said as the federal government weighs withdrawing guidelines on social distancing in areas that have not been as hard-hit by the outbreak at the end of the nationwide 15-day effort.

Stock market crash: Expert investing recs amid 64% coronavirus sell-off - Business Insider'The worst bear market of our lifetime': A Wall Street investment chief who predicted the recession warns stocks may fall 64% before the dust settles — and lays out 3 trades set to profit from the coronavirus crash A random guy named Bill did it before it was cool.

CDC Expert Sees New York Coronavirus Crisis As Preview As Trump Aims To Ease RestrictionsNew York's mounting toll is a 'warning to other areas about what may happen or what may already be starting to happen,' said the CDC's Anne Schuchat.

Batter Up! Trump Reportedly Consulted With Ex-Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez About COVID-19It's part of Trump's coronavirus outreach to apparently everyone but health experts. Well I know I sure feel better now. 🙄 Maybe a PSA?

Coronavirus symptoms: A list and when to seek helpCNN asked some of the United States' leading medical experts about the symptoms of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 as well as when and how to act upon that information. CNN distributes more fake news per capita than any other news organization in the world. This is a virus that started in China, was made worse by China and China's actions have resulted in a worse global spread. ChinaVirus Please ask Jake to stop picking his nose and flinging in the air. The world saw him on TV. cornoravirusuk