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Man Accused of Burning Louisiana Churches Is Charged With Hate Crimes

A Louisiana man accused of setting fire to 3 churches this past spring has been charged with federal hate crimes


A Louisiana man accused of setting fire to 3 churches this past spring has been charged with federal hate crime s

Holden Matthews, 21, was charged in a six-count federal indictment after three Louisiana churches burned this spring.

In an indictment that was returned this month but first unsealed on Wednesday, the Justice Department accused the man, Holden Matthews, of intentional damage to religious property — which the government classifies as a hate crime — and using fire to commit a felony.

, had already been charged with hate crimes by a local prosecutor, and the federal indictment came as little surprise. But federal prosecutors used the six-count indictment to suggest their theory of a motive for the fires: “the religious character” of the properties where they were set. They did not elaborate.

Although federal prosecutors accused Mr. Matthews only of having a religion-linked motive for the fires, the Rev. Gerald Toussaint, the pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas, said he believed race had played at least some role.

A lawyer for Mr. Matthews, Quincy Cawthorne, declined to comment on Wednesday.

In the affidavit, a state investigator also wrote that officials had connected a beige truck that belonged to Mr. Matthews’s father, a longtime deputy in the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, to one that had been seen near the churches when the fires were set.

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He was sucked into the left wing rabbit hole. Sources say he watched a number of gaywonk videos on voxdotcom before the incidents. This IS a hate crime. But it’s also domestic terrorism. That man should be charged for both. His father taught him I wonder who he voted for in 2016? It is regrettable that our government doesn't do more to protect LGBTQ citizens from HATE CRIMES by inflicting more STRINGENT PUNISHMENT in order to deter such conduct.

'The law cannot persuade where it cannot punish.' - Thomas Fuller, M.D. Good! Is he a Terrorist or Not. Home grown Terror. We should be honest & not fool ourselves Plot twist. The churches hired him on Smollett’s advice. But Jussie Smollett still walks free after perpetuating a fake one? How is that justice?

Once again, AOC proves to be right again. Why is he not being charged as a Domestic Terrorist.. Oh of course, he's a white man, they can't possibly be terrorists...

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This is bullshit. The dude burned down BLACK churches. Hist motive was clear and trumps justice department wants to erase that reality to create a false narrative of an notion that somehow its “christians” that are being preyed on. 🙄 He hates churches? I would start arresting parents and neighbors..... We need Less democracy and freedom in the world....... Military style = Punish up to down

Thank God this man is in Louisiana or they will fry him! Because if he was in California they would let him go, give him money, and make him part of a sanctuary state! Louisiana fried this individual This is terrorism, not a hate crime.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath5 years for 3 counts of arson of a house of worship..... That seems low to me. Where are your articles about all the black people who have set fire to black churches recently? It should have been domestic terrorism

Suspect in multiple church fires charged with federal hate crimesLouisiana man accused of intentionally setting fires at three historically black churches has been charged with a federal hate crime , authorities say. Give him life in prison Holden Matthews should spend three life in prison sentences for this horrible crime.

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