Los Angeles Will Shut Off Water, Power To Those Caught Violating COVID-19 Orders

Mayor Eric Garcetti said the measure will focus on residents known to have “repeatedly engaged in such behavior.”

8/7/2020 12:42:00 AM

Mayor Eric Garcetti said the measure will focus on residents known to have “repeatedly engaged in such behavior.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti said the measure, aimed at curbing a recent coronavirus spike, will focus on residents known to have “repeatedly engaged in such beha...

At a Wednesdaynews conference, the mayor authorized the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to cut off utility service to properties whose occupants are caught violating COVID-19 health orders.He said the measure, set to take effect Friday, is targeted at those “determined to break the rules” and are known to have “repeatedly engaged in such behavior” rather than first-time offenders.

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“If the [Los Angeles Police Department] responds and verifies that a large gathering is occurring at a property, and we see these properties reoffending time and time again, they will provide notice and initiate the process to request that [the Department of Water and Power] shut off service within the next 48 hours,” Garcetti said.

“By turning off that power, shutting down that water, we feel we can close these places down,” he added. Read more: HuffPost »

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as they should. how do you justify that we're not supposed to do normal things due to the fear of spreading the virus, yet thousands can protest together every night (with no social distancing precautions enforced) and that's okay? Absolutely negligent. Reconciliation, clarification and education would be needed

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Los Angeles Mayor Says City May Shut Off Water, Power At Houses Hosting Large PartiesMayor Eric Garcetti announced on Wednesday that he is authorizing the city to suspend water and electricity service to properties hosting large parties, which have drawn scrutiny in recent weeks. Aka Airbnb is in trouuuuble Good that is perfect whoa.

Los Angeles Will Shut Off Water And Power To Houses Throwing Large Parties, Mayor SaysLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that the city will cut off water and power to houses or businesses that repeatedly hold large gatherings by rachsandl rachsandl But protests are ok. rachsandl And will redirect the water and power to a new autonomous zone... rachsandl Kaī marathiī kūu kūnyua maaī?........kana kuona thitima

Los Angeles can cut off power and water at properties hosting parties during the pandemicLA authorities can soon request to shut off water and power from homes and businesses that host large gatherings. The order is meant to deter repeat offenders from hosting parties or events as California continues to lead the country in coronavirus cases. That's freedom. 😬😬😬 Initial jobless claims declined to 1,186,000 down 249,000 and well below consensus of 1.42 million. Continuing Jobless Claims declined to 16,107,000 down 844,000! Pandemic Unemployment Assistance swooned to 655,707 from 908,800. We. Are. Going. To. Win

After deadly mansion party, Los Angeles County issues 'legally binding' ban on gatheringsAfter deadly mansion party in Los Angeles, the county’s public health department says it 'has issued a legally binding health officer order' that bans gatherings, including parties, during the coronavirus pandemic. Omg😥😥😥😥 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Avoid evil gatherings and take the Sacraments of your own Church.

The ultimate Los Angeles restaurant delivery and takeout guideA complete guide to dining in Los Angeles from L.A. Times Food. Los Angeles is boring. They got maybe 10 decent restaurants and they hide them behind fake green walls. It looks like third world city with 40 thousand homeless. No parking and you have to use valet. Most good places are private clubs-gulf clubs and or movie star clubs like Soho.

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