Lara Trump Urges Border Residents To 'Get Guns And Be Ready' For Migrants

'Maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their own hands,' she said on Fox News.

6/14/2021 9:34:00 AM

'Maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their own hands,' she said on Fox News.

'Maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their own hands,' she said on Fox News.

.Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, said “these people” ― meaning the migrants ― shouldn’t have started their journey in the first place.“It’s bad for Americans, it’s bad for the migrants,” she said. “It is bad all around.”The comments causedher name to trend

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This is such crap! Of course - leave it to the media! How many dems told BLM and Antifa to keep burning down AMERICAN cities and 'get more aggressive and violent in the streets of AMERICA!' Give me a break man. I'm neither Republican or Democrat and can smell the hypocrisy!! Token wife says what ? She should be careful not to implicate herself in a murder!

Those people are so pathetic! Get her out of here! GOP has broaden from the party of insurrection to the party of vigilantism. They should all be in prison soon. maybe we need to do the same when these clowns poke their heads up from the septic system This is no different from what her father in law did in January 6th. She'll also throw everyone under the bus once they're rounded up by law enforcement agents and indicted for the mass shooting at the border!🙄

Racist says what.? Defending your property and your family against drug smugglers and cartel is different than migrants. How would one know when their property is being trespassed? Someone trespassing on your land isn’t justification for shooting at them. Unless those laws are different? Awww daddy’s racist seditionist little girl 💩

Mike Lindell slams Fox News and Newsmax 'cowards' during Frank rally: 'Shame on you''This is disgusting what they've done to our country,' the MyPillow CEO said of Fox News. Who cares? Why is Newsweek trying to promote Pillow Mike? No story here!!! What? EatingTheirOwn GQP

Don’t give her air time Anyone else remember the Republican opinion of those who couldn’t believe Trump won on the up and up. There was no call for violent overthrow then. Short or convenient memories. I have come to really hate republican leadership in general. No morals, no convictions, no ideas. Outright advocating murder of the weak and downtrodden. She wants racists to mow down human beings, just because they’re looking for peace. She’s ugly inside and out.

What a piece of trash, I guess you have to be to have sex with Eric. Another Trump telling people to kill other people. Complete disregard for life, liberty and law and order. How is this not incitement? Everyone part of and affiliated with the Trump family has a violent streak. They have no sense of humanity in life’s big picture.

She should first on the list! Another vigilante mind at work. We don't have enough suffering to work through as a country trying to recover from the recent lawless years in the past administration? What I don’t understand people is if no one gave these Trumps limelight then they would just disappear. Everyone has a right to say what ever but we don’t have to listen.

Fox News' Chris Wallace confronts Mike Pompeo on Trump admin not being tough on RussiaWallace asked Pompeo why his State Department failed to condemn the Alexei Navalny poisoning and why Russia was able to complete 90 percent Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Mike Pompeo knows trump has his emails and text messages… Mike Wallace Pompeo will never be president.

And when you're rich plus crazy you always have a defence. She’s pretty,pretty STUPID I take it back Eric’s wife is just as ignorant as Eric ? I thought Republicans were proLife? ProViolenceRepublicans AntiChristianRepublicans Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me ... The people on the border already have guns. It is illegal to shoot people. It's also not in their best interest. You will not solve the problem without very deep and systematic reforms.

The residents are not the problem. The former family & the party of 'family' values definitely are. incarcerate MAGA liars ... exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS and ALL who support them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Competence is essential in 2022!!! Hey, I got a gun for ya, right here. These grifters love playing to the lowest denominator

OMG, another trump inciting violence! Like we haven’t had enough gun violence and deaths!

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The federal government is NOT living up to its obligations, period. Is this not an incitement to Insurrection? Wow ! And here we thought only Trump was ready for the Proud Boys to back him up. Perhaps the ones coming from Europe? Wish these folks would stop trying to incite a war!! What do they have to gain from an all-out war in the US!!! Don't really think that's what they really want to happen!! Don't think the Civil War was much fun for most people!!!

Death row & jails will be busy then.. Another DFO tactic. You subliminally send out message people pick up on it & act. Then DFO isn't guilty. He didn't tell them what to do.Lara T is reading from the DFO playbook. 1/6 crew never thought of consequences & soon found out DFO didn't have their backs like they thought.

Isn't this the same as telling fire in a crowded theater? An armed mob is not free speech, it's murder.

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Privileged Karen on steroid thanks to Foxnews the sewage of the swamp. MAGAIsOver GQPDomesticTerrorists FoxNewsGARBAGE Isn't this like an attempted murder? I know this family wants to stay relevant but this is very dangerous!!! ...*cringe*..... Sounds like a call to kill. She married eric! Enough said!

Another Trump inciting violence…. That’s what they do Now wait just a minute! You need to ask your staff: Are we a World Class news agency! Or are we a cheap grocery store rag! (Think Enquirer!) I'm completely serious. And I'm going to call you on it every time. Let Faux Noose keep this trash! 🔥😖🔥 Don't worry, she's speaking from experience...

Keep spreading the BS Huffpost. You guys are no better than CNN

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And when they all go to jail, who will bail them out? Her? trying too keep her spot over there at fox, in a year Lori will be off TV and back to stealing from charities Did she read that in the book he sometimes holds for publicity shots? LaraLeaTrump IQ 80. max. hope you gop dont have life insurance, some folks shoot back

Unfortunately the Biden 'Open Border' policy is causing the Americans that are being victimized by the Illegals, to feel that the Feds are failing to enforce the law, & are being left to fend for themselves! Should have done that when the first Trump crept into the States America, is rallying people to shoot others not a criminal offense there? 🤔GunReformNow

She and other right wingers, after encouraging gun violence, deny any responsibility, culpability, accountability after gun killings. Lara Trump and others of her ilk are as responsible very bit as much as if they pulled the trigger. Why is she not sitting in jail? I am so sick of this family telling these dimwit morons who worship them to take up their guns & fight. Didn’t they have enough with the Capitol? Oh wait their flunky rep congress protected them. This is dangerous. Someone is going to die.

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So very comfortable being a spoiled and rich, irresponsible Karen. Such women are among the least admirable humans on the planet. From failed businesses, scams galore, incompetent administrators, cronyism, constitution deniers, perpetual liars we wind up at vigilantism. Anyone surprised by the depths this family will plumb?....

Did Caitlynn Jenner and Lara have the same cosmetic surgeon? Caitlynn does look a bit softer. That is incitement. Why are Trumps allowed to get away with these sort of remarks? FOX is the true enemy of the American people. why is it cool to openly threaten people here? it's weird So she is saying just shot them? Is this a call for murder? I mean here Dad in Law also said on january 6th: you have to be strong and fight ....

Trying to keep the Trump Cult alive by inciting VIOLENCE & HATE Financial GAIN only for the 1% They Let the CULT do their dirty job! washingtonpost CREWcrew Politico Vox AP The crazy LaraLeaTrump...