Judge Temporarily Blocks Release Of Tell-All Book By Trump's Niece

Mary Trump's book was set to hit bookstores in July.

7/1/2020 5:49:00 AM

Mary Trump's book was set to hit bookstores in July.

Mary Trump's book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,' was set to hit bookstores in July.

A tell-all book byPresident Donald Trump’s niece cannot be published until a judge decides the merits of claims by the president’s brother that its publication would violate a pact among family members, a judge said Tuesday.New York state Supreme Court Judge Hal B. Greenwald in Poughkeepsie, New York, issued an order requiring the niece, Mary Trump, and her publisher to explain why they should not be blocked from publishing the book: “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” A hearing was set for July 10.

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The book, scheduled to be published in July, was written by Mary Trump, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the president’s elder brother, who died in 1981. An online description of it says it reveals “a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse.”

The judge said no portion of the book can be distributed before he decides the validity of Robert Trump’s claims. Robert Trump argues Mary Trump must comply with a written agreement among family members that such a book cannot be published without permission from other family members.

Mary Trump’s lawyer, Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, promised an immediate appeal.“The trial court’s temporary restraining order is only temporary but it still is a prior restraint on core political speech that flatly violates the First Amendment,” Boutrous said.

“This book, which addresses matters of great public concern and importance about a sitting president in election year, should not be suppressed even for one day,” Boutrous said in a statement.Adam Rothberg, a Simon & Schuster spokesperson, said the publisher was disappointed but looks forward “to prevailing in this case based on well-established precedents regarding prior restraint.”

Charles Harder, an attorney for Robert Trump, said his client was “very pleased.”He said in a statement that the actions by Mary Trump and her publisher were “truly reprehensible.”“We look forward to vigorously litigating this case, and will seek the maximum remedies available by law for the enormous damages,” he said. “Short of corrective action to immediately cease their egregious conduct, we will pursue this case to the very end.”

In court papers, Robert Trump maintained Mary Trump was part of a settlement nearly two decades ago that included a confidentiality clause explicitly saying they would not “publish any account concerning the litigation or their relationship,” unless they all agreed, the court papers said.

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Why do courts give so much cover to Trump. If she lies or slanders him there are remedies. It’s clearly not national security. I call bullshit. Should be a big seller😍😍 A ploy to sell more books. This family knows how to manipulate the media and the public. You don't need the book, get interviews on TV and tell what's important to know. It's called free speech and they can't stop you. Reveal how corrupt this guy is. Save America but not on Fox, they are corrupt also.

Blocked by American's exemplary justice system. GO MARY. LOVE IT I bet she telling about all the ugly skeletons in the closet. Freedom of Speech, huh? What kind of family institute's non disclosure agreements amongst its members? Answer a disgusting one. I'm guessing Mary has a story to tell about how her uncle cheater his family out of their inheritance!

Sounds like censorship to me and one wonders why robert trump is doing all this? Bout to correspond with Judge Hal B. Greenwald lol Is court open ? Chicken Trump ! Could always post a little online as a free teaser. Is there a Trump who DOESN’T telegraph nefariousness, corruption, and guilt? “Don’t forget, Mary. We all agreed never to talk about this stuff.” Real stand-up folks. I’m so glad 30-40% of our citizens identify with and admire that brand of craven amorality.

gut this fish Send a message to repressive and elitists leaders by charging Trump with CrimesAgainstHumanity Time for the accidental free release online... China will publish it. And get the bums tax returns out in the open PRE-ORDERED! No one cares Judge paid off by gop Republicans Trump, more likely Ever felt like you've been tangled up by Donald Trump? I'm from Maryland too and it's kinda crazy having de ja vue when you hear your name called but the trial and tribulations is the other way. I saying I see drama coming from the White House 1st. Incoming in another thing.

I no longer have faith in any of trump’s federal judges. If he didn’t appoint them then he has them beholden to him. Either way sucks! Oh I want to read this! Just publish it! It will be a huge hit worldwide & will pay for legal fees when Don sues! At least the truth would be out! So, when is an employee of the publishing company going to leak the entire book online? Tonite? Tomorrow?

What are they so afraid of. The first amendment will prevail. If it doesn't.......well..... Good luck! Publish it in Canada . We’ll ship you some copies !! Release it Gee, wonder who had a hand in that!? It must be bad(awesome) 😁 Just in Joe can't tie his shoes anymore. Leak it somehow Banning books now? A family saga so awful no one can speak of it? Toxic secrets? How intriguing. As if there aren't more families than the Trump clan who have family problems.

Who’s paying the judge? Boy there must be some good shit in there Leak it in Europe! First amendment is correct, please publish the book, I’m buying. I bet Donald was a bed wetter. Well, why not? So far Trump has managed to destroy the basic fabric of our democracy, and now it's censorship of the press. Just leak the book Mary!

That won't prevent him from losing the GE nor can the judge blocks it TrumpTraitor Election2020 NovemberIsComing Projected sales just went up FAKE NEWS book SMH... 😳 I'm starting to believe this man can literally get away with anything. He's a tyrant and yet he keeps getting passes. This will be a real doozy. I can't wait!

She can leak the pdf version of it... Ignore the judge's orders like trumpers do and publish it anyway. Pretty sure this is a distraction.... she’s a Trump. I will eat my words, but this family is some kind of cover up..effed up. Hope I’m wrong That book will be released Judge just stand aside and let the woman speak.

how the actual fuck is this legal? Release it anyway It meeds to be leaked. She can just do interviews and share parts of it. Must contain 'classified' information on what a douchebag Trump is... Just leak it Pretty sure that YourAnonCentral can make this happen

Judge temporarily blocks publication of tell-all book by President Trump's nieceA New York judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked the publication of an unflattering tell-all book written by President Trump's niece that Simon & Schuster is set to publish in July. Drop that dirty judge’s name Ok is it just me or does he look like the Beaver HEY, I ALREADY PAID FOR MINE, I BETTER GET IT !!!

New York judge temporarily blocks release of tell-all by Trump's nieceNew York state judge temporarily blocks release of a book by the niece of President Trump, which paints an unflattering portrait of her uncle and the family's history. free speech? FREE SPEECH! It's apparent that this judge hasn't heard of it.

New York Judge Blocks Publication of Trump Tell-All Until a July HearingA judge temporarily blocked publication of a tell-all by President Trump’s niece, pending a hearing on whether it broke a confidentiality agreement So it is TRUE... that's what I see. Otherwise, he'd be suing for slander or libel. 🗣Leak the book! you mean a new york judge was probably paid or threatened by an outside source who has connection wit trump or russia.. or both. so he blocked it. Anything trump does is corrupt. Have we not learned that yet?

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Judge Temporarily Halts Release of Book by Donald Trump's NieceDonald Trump's niece is temporarily barred from releasing her upcoming book 'Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man' BretBaier Little B........ BretBaier ThE wOrLd'S mOsT dAnGeRoUs MaN BretBaier She must be adopted. And liberal.

NY judge temporarily prevents Trump's niece from publishing tell-all bookwhyTF are all of these judges protecting trump’s lies and secrets😒ImpeachBarrNOW This will only increase demand for the book when it is eventually published! Charles Harder, who represents Robert Trump, told News his client was very pleased with Tuesday's ruling.