John McAfee, Antivirus Software Creator, Found Dead In Spanish Prison Cell

McAfee was set to be extradited from Spain to the U.S. to face tax evasion charges.

6/23/2021 10:48:00 PM

BREAKING: John McAfee, the antivirus software tycoon, has reportedly been found dead in a Barcelona jail cell as he awaited extradition to the U.S.

McAfee was set to be extradited from Spain to the U.S. to face tax evasion charges.

John McAfee, the pioneer antivirus software creator, was found dead in a prison cell in Barcelona, multiple outlets have reported. Read more: HuffPost »

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Hmmmm How does he know Hillary? Confirm with dna! What is going on with his hair? bethbourdon Really “software tycoon” is what your going with ? Wow, that's crazy Wiredu_ What the f**k!!! How the hell did that happen? Check his right arm!! $WHACKD Did he have a virus? Holy smoke. The IRS has international reach? Goooood googly moogly.

Well that's unfortunate. Back then, one of the leading Antivirus software McAfee is an addon today on security w/ Cable Internet to an addon with freeware. John McAfee had lost his touch after success and gotten in trouble. Lead the way for more options in 00s. He'll be missed.

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He wrongly calculated. Has he been keeping up with US news? 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN DireWagesOfSin 성경은 하나님의 계시로 여러 기록자들에 의해 분명히 기록된 하나님의 말씀입니다 McAfeeDidntKillHimself Guy took his Anti-virus fortune, moved to Belize, built a jungle lab compound for the scientist he hired to make bath salts, 'employed' all the poor local women for 'hole in the hammock' scat sex, and killed his neighbor... Not the most stable genius.

Committed the tax infraction at the wrong time. That's all. Look at us today. Only the small people pay... allcurledup Welp Why did he do it? All he had to do was hire this lawyer we all know to walk scot-free. Maybe he wanted it to be... It is sad his story. The IRS and corruption in government is the root of the problem

What tha'.... This stuff runs deep. Guy was a suspect in an old murder, a total sleazeball, fugitive of justice and overall a weirdo. Sad end to a super intelligent, talented man. Peter Norton better have an alibi!

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Did Barr visit him the night before? Well, that's a bummer! “Antivirus” is a tricky word to use in a headline these days. Wiredu_ pkwesi77 slow slow..... 😱 . . . guilty? Or not willing to deal w/ life challenges? Don't know much about this story. Suicide? JohnMcAfee 😬 Damn, sadly this is not a surprise.

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