Jimmy Kimmel Rips Apart Kayleigh McEnany's Latest Head-Spinning Defense Of Trump

“You’re a willfully ignorant woman,' the comedian fired back at the White House press secretary.

5/27/2020 1:02:00 PM

“You’re a willfully ignorant woman,' the comedian fired back at the White House press secretary.

“You’re a willfully ignorant woman,' the comedian fired back at the White House press secretary.

from the basement,” she replied. “It is a bit peculiar though that in his basement right next to his wife he’s not wearing a mask but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distanced, so I think that there was a discrepancy there.”Kimmel wasn’t buying it.

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“No you don’t, you don’t think that,” the comedian fired back.“You’re a willfully ignorant woman,” he added.Kimmel and McEnanyafter the late-night host mocked Trump’s claim about taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure for the coronavirus.

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199vogel Comic book quality journalism. To all the ignorant people out there - understand that Kayleigh McEnany is a Harvard Law graduate. Jimmy Kimmel is.. not. Also, hydroxychloroquine appears to work - check this out: This White House snd it’s press secretaries play dirty and nasty. With a bad hair coloring job.

Willfully ignorant woman. Just the way Trump's base likes them. ❤️🤣 He is no comedian. Comedians are funny. Now we know how she got press sec job: blond; attractive; no qualifications; looks like the daughter. 😂😂😂😂 Blonde bimbo of trump. All disgusting. He “ripped her apart” in his monologue? That means nothing. It’s like saying a boxer really beat up his punching bag which can’t punch back.

some are confusing Kimmel and Fallon. A few years ago, she called Trump a racist and now defends him. She also votes by mail, 10 yrs He is a sexist You defend Kimmel? Wow. A blatant liar, acts like a baby when called out on his lies, has gives a less than half hearted apology. Who is the hardest working person in show business? The applause sign person working for jimmykimmel and all the other late night talk shows.

Biden follows the rule of law and is mocked by gop, trump doesnt follow state law when visiting for plant or the rules of ford company and is seen as a hero whats a fucked up lie this is. If you follow laws good if you dont your bad and trump is as bad as they come. The irony with conservatives is that, while they whine to no end about paying for a social safety net, they have no issue with reducing somebody else’s freedom to cover the cost of their own emotional inability to handle cognitive dissonance.

The glaring omission from the endless list of pundits is not some unique insight into trump or those who defend him but the fact that around half the country still supports him. So if you wanna know why, look no further than abusers and those who enable them. He’s 1 of them. EQ Oh Jimmy Kimmel Blackface

Isn't he busy doing blackface? Number4 PressSec And she is a liar!! Remember when she promised not to lie to the journalists at her first press briefing? I think she forgot!!!!! Don't say anything nasty to Jimmy or he'll cry until your mama beats u for being a 'bully'. Hiraeth37857409 There's money in being willfully ignorant, jimmykimmel ! Without that skill, Kayleigh would be an unemployed chambermaid right now.

Agree ! Blackface dumb talk Kimmel? Kimmel is spot on. She is just the lastest nimrod to further the stupidity in defense of this fool jimmykimmel JimmyKimmelLive PressSec Not just willfully ignorant but morally bankrupt misogyny “WILLFULLY IGNORANT WOMAN” ...I’m sure a fact check would say yes, it’s a fact. Imagine having to be a public pit bull for Trump stupid comments, trying to defend him.

Wow I didn’t know Harvard awarded degrees if people were ignorant. And Jimmy Kimmel is willfully ignorant a$&! Go get her Jimmy. She's a former Fox news hack that thinks she can fast talk her way around seasoned reporters who should finally start calling out this administration. Time to take him down. If jimmykimmel is your moral authority, you need life lessons. 🤡

Keep that dress. Pretty face?! Shouldn't your headline be: comedian makes offensive and sexist remarks toward an accomplished woman Money and Profits are not more Important than Obedience to God, Self Respect, Dignity, Morality, Integrity, and Character Development. I Hope Kaleigh finds another Job. I really believe she's a nice Lady and she deserves so much more in Life than Disrespecting herself for Money

I feel sorry for her Jimmy. But I guess Trump was Right when he said all Women are Prostitutes and Whores for Money and Fame on the Video with Billy Bush. I told her to find another job just like I told Sarah Huckabee. Lying to cover up and Defend Trump is a Miserable Life. Which on has a Harvard law degree? jimmykimmel or PressSec ? I forget.

What a sexist comment. Cancel him. Cancel him Like , love, this. Way to go Jimmy , now Mayor of Dildo Newfoundland, Canada. Go get em Jimmy. Kimmel is a willfully unfunny democrat/leftist dressed up as a comedian...who isn't funny. He just doesn't like getting thrashed by a girl. Some day the cute little blog called Huffington somethingorother will try their hand at journalism rather than propaganda.

Didn’t jimmy kimmel host a show where he had big tittie women in the audience called juggies? And then at the end of every show he had them jump on trampolines? jimmykimmel is a willfully ignorant racist who wore blackface and spoke ignorantly when dressed up as Karl Malone. She enjoys it Her parents must be so proud.

I didn't know that a clown can so serious! To paraphrase Dan Aykroyd: Kayleigh, you ignorant slut. The same day they cancel jimmyfallon for an old 'Blackface' sketch, the media elevates jimmykimmel and ignores his old 'Blackface' sketch. EnemyOfThePeople That’s FUNNY! Jimmy Kimmel calling ANYONE willfully ignorant! LOL!!!!!

I heart Kimmel The Cathedral is pissed about PressSec making them look like fools. Very good development. I hope she continues to slay these monsters. Joe said you ain’t black The jimmykimmel skit has been brought up multiple times over the years but it was constantly ignored. I wonder what failed in the Twitter algorithm that allowed this to become news?

😂😂😂😂😂says the guy who makes a living spouting out bull... I change the channel when she's on. She is the worse! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. damn, he really hates women PressSec, you were appointed 4/7/20. In less than 2 months, you have totally debased yourself. Why? For what? The truth is is ignorant to the left. What a time to be alive .

I’d love to see jimmykimmel debate PressSec She’d slap the taste out of his activist mouth That means she’s doing a great job. Kimmel is a black face wearing racist who has a history of demeaning women. Literally nobody cares what a washed up senior citizen comedian thinks. I don't know the last time I've even watched anything with this guy in it. HuffPost is boomer central now

Have never seen this guy How is this news? National Enquirer, any one? JMLCNYC Jimmy has no credibility. He’s another blackface comedian. He says, as he envisions her jumping up and down on a trampoline in skimpy shorts and a tee-shirt. Not willfully ignorant, grossly desperate for attention. He’s a willfully ignorant has been bad comedian who did everything so-called “stars” would get canceled for today.

Hope u have know daughters u talk shit like that about a great women stop being a hater get a job in china u might do better Talk about a misogynist. If she held press conferences while bouncing on a trampoline, I’d bet he’d reconsider jimmykimmel is a clown She’s just an internet troll I think he was being generous!

Jimmy Kimmel if u talk like that about women what do u do to your wife u need a day job with the dogs wait dogs are to good for u Doesn't he normally do this with a beer while watching women on trampolines? Хорошая новость Sexist. But the Left are professionals when it comes to hypocrisy. TrashTalkShow

I think he is funny and it's true ... She is a twit. The money she used for her education is tossed down the stream of lies and lies n more lies ... How sad. What a waste Harvard law was. Wait ! She used to be against Trump ... Traitor. Lol Kimmel is a non funny person triggered by one whom owns him and most of the cronies that call themselves journos. Just another high paid Karen

KayleighMcEnany WillfullyIgnorantWoman What do you think cries more jimmykimmel or PressSec ? The real zinger is when he calls her a woman. Jimmy is ignorant and arrogant 👏👏👏 Maybe she can jump up and down on a trampoline..he likes that. I’m wondering why “woman” was needed at the end of the statement, a woefully, ignorant person would have sufficed, but the fact that he put “woman” on the end, like it was a bigger blow is what ticked me off.

All i thought reading this was...He's a comedian? Like...does he call himself that,or should we? Confused as i can't remember him ever being funny. She fits right in to this batch of uneducated stupid lemmings- I hope and pray they reap the harvest of their bitterness and go right on over that cliff with him! Hope he is paid in full. Someone please blow some virus at him ! PLEASE!!🙏🙏

Yes she is-:))👍👍 From a willfully dishonest man. Where's the comedy? I hear resentment, but not comedy. Why does anybody care what Kimmel has to say? Quit giving this tool air to breath. She’s a willfully ignorant “woman.” And he, the man, is going to put her in her place, right? Yo jimmykimmel, she’s not gonna put her hand in your pocket like you had other women do. But if she were to do it, you would’ve become an eunuch.

jimmykimmel JimmyKimmelLive is just butthurt PressSec kayleighmcenany hands the press their own behinds on a silver platter from the lectern daily. jimmykimmel is peanut butter and jealous of PressSec because she’s everything he’s not. BlackFaceKimmel jimmykimmelisover Jimmy is clown tv. Kayleigh..will be known always as the lying blonde bimbo..she’s ruined her reputation..who will hire her now except Fox Entertainment..

He’s very brave in a monologue- idiot I think he's a moron and she's a smart cookie..so...there.. She's worse than that. She's a lying corrupt witch. You mean he fired back because he felt intimidated? Kimmel is irrelevant like the Huff and Puff Post. Where are all the misogyny posts? Despite the fact that Kayleigh McEnany is a willful participant in Trump's campaign of spite & lies, I have some pity for her. Because, just like those before her, she will eventually be discarded & become a target for his anger. He demands loyalty, but doesn't give it.

Comedian? Ummm no That's a polite way of describing this piece of shit who has sold her soul to be the new mouthpiece for the Ministry of Lies. jimmykimmel you meant she’s a strong woman Trump tramp😼 Kayleigh is a dismissive, idiotic puppet of Trump s. She is annoying and talks down to everyone. Just where did she get her supposed expertise From the same place Trump gets his. Nowhere!!

Did he cry? Suck upon your own hypocrisy, jimmykimmel: Jimmy is a comedian? When I see her lying face, channel changes immediately! No more lies VoteBlue2020 TheBloodsOnTrumpsHands Biden supporters And I agree This isn't comedy Jimmy reveals one of the Right Wing Snowflake tell-alls: willful ignorance Don’t you just hate it when someone attacks a person because of their sex.

We don’t care what you think Jimmy Hey jimmykimmel tell us about your buddy that got arrested at one of your houses. You know, the one that worked for Epstein. I’m glad Trump won. It finally opened my eyes to see how Hollywood is full of race bating, social justice warrior hacks there is. Same thing with the mainstream media.

What a sexist remark. Since we're talking about willfull ignorance, remember that time Jimmy Kimmel wore black face making fun of the way some black men speak... 👇👇👇 jimmykimmel sounds like a bitch to me Hello Jim Crow Jimmy Who cares what he says? No one... She’s the latest accomplice in the trump crime spree.

Bagdad Barbie...Is there anything with these people that isn't shady? Lol why jimmykimmel because she doesn’t agree with you on everything? Clown boy why don’t you find another lie to spread on your show. 'comedian'. Yes, he is about as much of a comedian as Hanna Gadsby is these days. A leftist propagandist under the guise of 'comedian'. He isn't funny and in fact he is simply an asshole these days.

A mediocre late night comedian has harsh words for a member of the Trump administration. Truly groundbreaking stuff. Yawn. I think he’s projecting. 'comedian' Jimmy Kimmel 😂 The funniest thing about this sad person is that just looks funny and that actually triggers a laugh. Jimmy kimmel is a comedian, a joke , and no one cares what he thinks.

What does it say about a person who is willing to sell their dignity and morals to protect a disgusting vile corrupt scumbag. She has no value as a human being. She is lost to the world and is worthless. Lefists hate strong women like PressSec who tell the truth and love mindless psychos who threaten the president like kathygriffin . jimmykimmel has no problem with griffin, think about that.

Yesssss Degenerate democRat. 👎🏼 Yea, PressSec is the problem and not jimmykimmel There’s a lot of willful ignorance in those two pictures. Shouldn't he be doing a black face skit? Kayla McEnemy All paid comedy circuses played on tragic mankind daily soapy massages? Mahesh Bhatt Kirticorp Has he apologized for wearing blackface lately?

Jimmy Fallon, Caught in Blackface Controversy, Previously Urged All White People to Speak out Against Racism'The Tonight Show' host impersonated fellow comedian Chris Rock in blackface for an SNL sketch in 2000. We don’t care about comedians in blackface! Stop the cops in Minnesota from standing on our necks till we die of suffocation I haven't watched this guy since he playfully tousled Donald Trump's comb-over. I think it's time for a new late-night host or simply retire the program altogether. Wait? A comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live in 2000? Give it a goddam rest, this concerns me more.

A timeline of every Jimmy Fallon scandal.People on Twitter were outraged after photos of the late-night show host in blackface surfaced online, resulting in the viral hashtag JimmyFallonIsOverParty. Maybe stop doing this kind of stuff. Are you becoming The National Enquirer? A complete dufus. He also votes Republican in the quiet. Can’t read once I saw the Instagram post by Cannon showing a false photo supposing to be HRC in blackface. Not discussed in article but this is how subtlety is used to subliminally influence and suggest.

Jimmy Fallon apologizes for wearing blackface in resurfaced 'SNL' clip playing Chris RockJimmy Fallon tweeted about this 2000 'Saturday Night Live' clip in which he impersonated comedian Chris Rock Does he want to be forgiven and keep his career? Cool. Can we forgive Roseanne now and give her back her show too? Ahhhh Weak people, giving apologies they don't mean just to make Outrage people happy, what a shame The Karl Malone shit!!?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes For Resurfaced Blackface 2000 ‘SNL’ SkitJimmy Fallon apologized on Tuesday after a Saturday Night Live skit that aired 20 years ago resurfaced featuring him appearing in blackface to impersonate former SNL castmate Chris Rock. The video … How about jimmykimmel ? He did it too This is so ridiculously stupid. Why can’t a black guy be able to impersonate a white character and vice versa? Groveling Corporate comedian and top notch bootlick

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes For Wearing Blackface In ‘Saturday Night Live’ Clip From 2000The “Tonight Show” host said that darkening his face to impersonate Chris Rock was a “terrible decision.” No it wasn't. I’ll save you time, it’s from the year 2000.

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for Blackface Sketch on 'SNL' in 2000It took 20 years, but Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of Chris Rock on 'Saturday Night Live' has come back to bite him. What They almost gave Robert Downey Jr an Oscar. Sheesh! What a dope....be a man!