Donald Trump, Capitol Riot, Jim Jordan

Donald Trump, Capitol Riot

Jim Jordan Struggles To Answer House Panel's Questions About Jan. 6 Trump Calls

The Ohio Republican said he did not speak to Trump during the attack. He had previously said he did.

10/21/2021 4:14:00 AM

The Ohio Republican said he did not speak to Trump during the attack. He had previously said he did.

The Ohio Republican said he did not speak to Trump during the attack. He had previously said he did.

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I am surprised he didn’t want to talk about the steel dossier, and Hillary Clinton. That’s his go to pivot. Yes he also said he knew nothing of boys being sexually assaulted at the university this guy belongs in jail RustyMillerXAP When you have a history of lying for self protection, you don't immediately notice when you slip into perjury

Hmmm I smell a liar The truth evades him. We know that this man knows not the truth. The Phone Records will tell us. Just like he didn’t talk to wrestlers about the coach sexually abusing them. Not hard to identify those whose lips are moving are also LYING. Subpoena his phone records Republicans are not afraid to lie.

Are you saying Gym would lie to cover his ass? Hard to believe

GOP Rep. Explains Why Republican Colleagues ‘Go Limp’ On TrumpIllinois Republican Adam Kinzinger named the fear that drives other Republicans in Congress to remain silent about the former president. Nobody should fear incompetence, stupidity and mean spirited people! They had 4 yrs to do something. Not like this happened in a vacuum. Not like they didn’t read Trump’s vile tweets. His hate rallies. Lies. Conspiracy theories. Twisting every which way to justify his behavior. Should never have gotten this far. Shame on all of you. RepKinzinger Just words. He could support the Voting Rights Act, and help ensure that people who would vote against the MJT’s of the world have their voice heard, but he isn’t willing to take that step . He hates trump, but he loves being a Republican more.

is this still a thing? america handed trillion dollars worth of military good to the taliban, million of UNVAXED ppl are illegally entering the country without covid questions or shots, and inflation is at a 13 yr record high. FOCUS, huffpost. I just actually laughed out loud Did you know about the abuse, Jim?

He frequently can't recall things that happen in front of him. I call him a liar. Gym Jordan said he did talk to Trump multiple times on 1/6, but later said he didn’t talk to him — but we all heard him brag he did. He admitted he did🙄

Analysis: Republican candidates can ignore Trump -- but he won't go awayOne Republican is trying his hand at lifting the curse that Donald Trump has inflicted on his party in America's suburbs -- by just pretending he doesn't exist. StCollinson Trump Trump Trump Are you guys obsessed or what😂 StCollinson All the people that sent money for the wall at the southern border, did you ask what happened to the money! Steve Bannon and Trump pocketed about 80 percent and do you know Trump pardoned him for it! Did you get any of that money back? StCollinson No one's ignoring them not even you

I smell a liar. So Gym is a liar? Shocker. 😳🙄 Release his phone records.

Trump Under OathFormer President Trump answered questions under oath as part of a deposition. A civil lawsuit was filed by protesters who say they were assaulted by Trump’s security staff outside Trump Tower in 2015. Glenn Kirschner joins to break down the legal implications for Donald Trump . Doesn't mean he is going to tell the truth, even under oath. He and his cronies know how to lie or evade questions under oath. Like I said, 'Shitshow!' trump prolly constpate4d

Jordan Klepper Relentlessly Trolls Trump Fans At ‘Totally Normal’ MAGA Rally'Not a cult at all,' the 'Daily Show' correspondent sarcastically declared at the bizarre event. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Randy_Jones32 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ horrible MAGA!

Short on options, Trump pushes a new idea: a do-over election.MaddowBlog: The fact that fmr. President Trump refuses to abandon his conspiracy theories is not surprising. What's notable, however, is how he's following through on the Big Lie. MaddowBlog A minority in this country is getting the attention,because they are time for the MAJORITY ,to raise hell!Be Loud And Proud,Stand Up For Our Democracy! MaddowBlog I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't so dangerous. MaddowBlog This article is THE BIG LIE!

Cheney, Thompson condemn Trump lawsuit against 1/6 panel: 'An attempt to delay, obstruct''Precedent and law are on our side,' Cheney said in the statement. The white house is not privately owned ... if the files from the W. house are requested, then the ex-president does not have the right to refuse...Trump... because the White House is not privately owned by the Trump Organization ... the White House is not privately owned