Jake Paul Rages Over Pete Davidson's Dissing Of Him In Fight Broadcast

The YouTuber boxer said the 'SNL' comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.

4/22/2021 2:31:00 PM

The YouTuber boxer said the 'SNL' comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.

The YouTuber boxer said the 'SNL' comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.

(Watch the video below.)Saturday Night Live” star served as a commentator on the Triller Fight Club pay-per-view over the weekend, and mocked Paul, calling him “a piece of shit” and saying how low the sport of boxing had sunk.Paul, who won the bout with a technical knockout in the first round, fought back at Davidson on the “

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Impaulsive” podcastthis week. He declared that Davidson won’t be invited back.“Fuck that guy,” Paul said. “He won’t ever be a part of those ever again. He fucked this shit up, bro.”Paul said he resented the drama he believes was generated by Davidson because “it brings him more clout.”

“The shit he said is like shit you can’t take back,” Paul griped. Read more: HuffPost »

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Paul is accused of sexual assault. Let’s ask him about that If you ever need to wonder if life is fair, just remember that Jake Paul and his brother exist and are multi-millionaires. Now if life was fair they should be in Tent City sucking dick for a Happy Meal. Everything Pete said was true and was the most entertaining part of the whole debacle. What an embarrassing fight.

Article ended at 'Here are Pete Davidson's greatest hits of the night: then, nothing Huffpost, maybe your recent mass firing of staff has left you with some skill deficits in your work pool. I'm sure the guy who jokes about his dad dying in 9/11 is really crying hard about this (this is sarcasm) Who cares? Is this worthy of reporting on? NO!!!

🤣🤣 Lol do you know pete Davidson you asked him to do this and you expected something different. Its literally what he does for a living smh 🤦 You got roasted by one of the best, get over yourself La-de-damn-da and boo-freaking-hoo Who can hate Pete? He just looks like a fun guy lol

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I am sure he is truly heartbroken by this. Who wouldn't want to be associated with one of the worst scams in sporting history?

Jake Paul Has Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Two Women After Filming Videos Together“I saw what kind of person he was behind the scenes.” If you hang out with a guy who is a clear douche from the outside in order to get clout or for your career don't be surprised if he does douchey things... The haircut and pubic beard alone announces “I’m an asshole.”

Jake Paul Resurfaces Dana White 'Million Dollar Bet' Clip, Says He OwesJake Paul resurfacing the Dana White 'bet' clip doesn't do him any favors in collecting. White is not a man of his word. Donate the money to charity Dana. He never bet anyone!!! He only said he would bet while talking in conversation. You ppl arw nuts!

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Jake Paul Blasts Daniel Cormier, 'I'll Beat the F*** Out of Your Fat Ass''I swear to god, I'll beat the f**k out of Daniel Cormier,' Jake Paul said. Lord where is the mute button Just want to thank the Lord for Salvation and deliverance I hope JP gets his ass beat.