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India Prepares to Block Naturalization for Muslims

A bill establishing a religious test for immigration to India is expected to pass Parliament, a major step for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist agenda.


India 's Parliament opened debate on a bill that would establish a religious test for migrants’ eligibility to become citizens, solidifying Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist agenda

A bill establishing a religious test for immigration to India is expected to pass Parliament, a major step for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist agenda.

When asked if he was trying to turn India into a Hindu nation, he laughed. “India has

The legislation is expected to pass Parliament’s lower house, the Lok Sabha, quickly, and protests are already breaking out.

The leaders of the opposition Indian National Congress party are trying to paint the bill as a danger to India’s democracy. After India won its independence, its founding leaders, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru among them, made a clear decision: Even though the country was 80 percent Hindu, it would not be an officially Hindu nation. Minorities, especially Muslims, would be treated equally.

After clearing the lower house, the bill will move to the upper house, the Rajya Sabha, the equivalent of a senate. Mr. Modi seems to have enough allies there that most analysts predict the citizenship bill will soon become law.

Earlier this year, Mr. Modi’s government tried to push similar citizenship legislation. The bill sailed through the lower house but stalled after many politicians in Assam said they did not like the religious dimension the B.J.P. was injecting — or the possibility that a large number of Hindu Bengalis would be made citizens and would be able to legally acquire land in Assam.

The citizenship bill is a piece of the campaign to identify and deport Muslims who have been living in India for years, critics of the bill say. It lays out a path to Indian citizenship for migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan if they can prove they have been in India for at least five years and ascribe to the specified religions.

Article 25 of the Indian Constitution says, “All persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.” Given that, many opponents of the bill say the citizenship legislation is patently unconstitutional. But the Hindu nationalists have an answer for that, as well.

The Indian government is already racing to build an enormous network of prisons to house thousands of migrants. If immigration law is applied selectively, Hindu migrants who are swept up in raids may be released and allowed to apply for citizenship, while Muslim migrants could instead be sent to detention camps, opponents say.

“How can I be anti-Muslim? My staff in Mumbai is Muslim,” he said.

Read more: The New York Times

The click bait headline is a classic case of media spin doctoring. There has been no change to the naturalization process for illegal Muslims. A correct title would be 'India steps towards making naturalization easier for refugees at risk upon repatriation' The irony here is. India is still accepting refugees from all other religions. Except Muslims. While the US has a fixed amount which was further halved by Trump. And they mostly accept Christians as opposed to Muslims. 2019 - Christians accounted for 79% of refugees.

Don't spread misinformation. INDIA DID NOT BAN MUSLIMS OR DIDN'T BAN CITIZENSHIP TO MUSLIMS OF FOREIGN NATIONS only fast track procedure of granting citizenship to those religiously percuted refugees who came from three ISLAMIC nations i.e Pakistan Bangladesh & Afghanistan It's a religious test for asylum claims. You're going to have to retract this soon

IndiaRejectsCAB This Bill is for religious minorities who are persecuted in our 3 neighbour countries for following their religion. What's the problem? KoshyG We indian don't care about what New York times says? We know what is good for our country and we are doing that proudly. NandanTelang Endia moving fast towards its end!!!

More lies from the NYT. Muslims are still welcome to apply for Indian citizenship. Religious minorities of 3 countries are being offered preferential citizenship because of their persecution in home countires. Get it straight prestitutes. AzamJamil53 Altaf bhai is keeping his fingures crossed. If the bill go thorough he may have to change his religion to get Nationality.

NYTimes wrote in 2014 that Muslims are persecuted in India. Why does NYTimes want Muslims to become Indian citizens then

India police use water cannon to disperse women's rights activistsDemonstrators in India protested against ongoing violence against women and were dispersed by police with water cannon. The activists took to the streets after a 23-year-old rape victim was set on fire while on her way to testify against the men who attacked her. God will make this Right ,Trust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fear the Religion Police in any country.

'Giving shelter to persecuted minorities in neighboring theocratic states' becomes 'Religious test for migrants'. Good time to remember that NY Times is famous for writing flattering pieces on Saudi Royal family. Historical wrongs will be corrected. The oppressed Hindus, sikhs, Buddhists will be given a home.

Har har mahadev Any non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens or even persecuted in Muslims countries, so why Muslims trying to immigrate to India complain? If Muslim countries are so superior, why Muslims leave? Muslims should learn reciprocal first. davemcclure This is a fake and misleading title. What the bill says is that it will fast track the migrants facing religious persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh!

What a load a crap, typical NY Times Not really, try harder This is irresponsible reporting. It’s giving a path to citizenship for severely depleting persecuted minorities in Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan living as refugees in India -includes Hindus,Christians,Sikhs, Buddhists etc. It’s to help minorities you bigot.

AzamJamil53 Can he stoop ever lower next time? Yes he can !! CABBill is a slap on the face of US along with Pakistan and Bangladesh. With CABBill India has just highlighted the hindu & minority persucation by both Islamabad and Dhaka and World at larges silent approval for it. Shame on US and champions of Human Rights.

Vodafone is running out of options in IndiaThe telecom giant’s local unit is straining under $14 bln of debt. New Delhi has added to the burden, charging billions in contested levies, while red tape holds up its tower sale. Without fresh capital or debt relief for Vodafone Idea, India is heading towards a duopoly.

RanaAyyub It is absolutely necessary. You also know. All the terror attacks have taken place on our planet. IslamicZihadiTerrorists are behind all.Due to some islamic Zihadi when my country was battered. Then some Hindus. Sikh. Jain Christian. Lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan... This is a pure example of Islamophobia. Shame on Modi and his government for such despicable actions.

AzamJamil53 “What is the world community going to do? Is it going to appease a market of 1.2 billion, or is it going to stand up for justice and humanity”. —Prime Minister Imran Khan AzamJamil53 This will give way to Muslim Majority States for a pre partition right of self determination.... A slap to nehru and those who made india an independent secular state. Even gandhi would be against this

Get ready with your article for uniform civil code, it's coming soon This propaganda by jihadis supported by Middle East oil is nauseating. India is surrounded by Islamic countries where Hindu minorities are systematically wiped out. Why the hell would you think india is a Timbuktu land for random islamists from other countries?

The correct topic for debate is - why are Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and SIkhs persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan? This bill provides relief to these persecuted minorities in these countries. This time 1000’s will die standing in queue, many 70 and 80year olds will stress about producing paper work, many who cannot read and write will be gouged 1000’s of Rupees by babu’s on the pretext of preparing paper work, Fight this draconian law united as Indians.

A 'born in India', IIT, IIM graduate Muslim, working for Infosys, whose parents migrated from Bangladesh in 1980 will be put in a camp. While a criminal Hindu who migrated from Bangladesh 5 years ago to avoid arrest — will be welcomed with Indian citizenship. Possible? CABill

NBA roundup: Lakers blast BlazersAnthony Davis delivered 39 points, nine rebounds and three blocked shots as the ... NBA & NFL is dominated by African Americans from poverty stricken backgrounds, sports was a way out of dire poverty & life of crime USA

RanaAyyub Bika hua press,bike hue saste log Racist Much? Life for muslims is getting tougher and tougher to deal with! Although this was sort of expected by PM modi, it's still very scary. What bothers me is what people like aamir_khan & iamsrk feel like. They are the icons of the country, at least they could help!!

an intelligent nation there are 1000 examples around the world that Islam and its doctrine is harmful India is no more Secular and Democracy IndiaRejectsCAB IndiaAgainstCAB The irony is that biggest cheerleaders for this blatant human right violation are Immigrants Indians who oppose religion based immigration in USA. Hypocrites “The Overlooked Undocumented Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil

Modi is called as butcher of Gujrat where he killed thousands of Muslim and not convicted but roaming freely. Shame! Now Muslims will be thrown out of the country and world is silent. Shame on RSS/BJP which are terrorist organisations killed millions of Muslims and currently PM modi is RSS/BJP There’s NOT going to be any debate. Just a charade. Entire country is reaping with Islamophobia similar to pre-holocaust Germany. BJP is simply carrying out the utmost base wishes of the educated and informed upper caste Indian Hindu and uninformed and partially educated others

CABBill CitizenshipAmendmentBill CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 is- 1. Not unconstitutional 2. Indian Muslims won't be affected 3. Bill brought so that Hindus from Pak & Afghanistan don't become extinct. 4. Will not fail as sold news handle says so. North-East has been exempted

More French protests see roads blocked, trains disrupted and scuffles in ParisTruckers blocked roads in about 10 regions around France on Saturday to protest ... Hard times. A great book, take a look.

Jinnah found a jewel in Shah and blessed him to make India a fundamentalist state. NY times has no better job than to build a propaganda against Modi, twist and leave out facts which are important. If the present government was anti Muslim, they wouldn’t even bother making a law and help Muslim women who suffered from the acts of Triple Talaq.

This is where it gets little bit complicated so try to keep up. 😌 Polly_Boiko DrAyeshaRay Be united fight against CAB. CABसंविधानविरोधीहै CABBill narendramodi a dictator is rising in India, another Palestine is in making, world is silent on Kashmiris are locked down, why is UN_HRC sleeping? Is this new york times or Arabian times ? Why NYT has Islamic symbol of crescent moon as it's logo ?

Didn’t they try something like this in Germany in the 30s. How did that turn out? 🤔 When Disgraceful Hindutava politicians run the country this sort of shit is inevitable Interesting that people are always fleeing muslim countries Can you blame them

Gas explosion kills at least seven in apartment block in SlovakiaThe death toll from a gas explosion which shook an apartment block in the easter... Condole Look it's still standing. [Ecc 9:11 NKJV] 11 I returned and saw under the sun that--The race [is] not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor bread to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.

Dancing crowds protest in Madrid while climate leaders meetHundreds of people blocked one of Madrid's most emblematic streets on Satur... That would be great if it rained suddenly I take their cause as seriously as they apparently do. Crowds for less than 20 people? 🤣🤣

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