In Wisconsin, 2 Huge Races Stand Between G.O.P. and Near-Total Power

8/15/2022 5:30:00 PM

The governor’s race this fall, along with a pivotal State Supreme Court contest next spring, will decide whether Republicans can solidify their grip on the swing state and remake its voting laws.

Republicans have been aggressive in their attempts to seize a partisan edge in Wisconsin. Two pivotal elections are likely to decide if they can solidify their grip and remake the state’s voting laws ahead of the 2024 presidential race.

The governor’s race this fall, along with a pivotal State Supreme Court contest next spring, will decide whether Republicans can solidify their grip on the swing state and remake its voting laws.

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Michels calls Mr.Biden and Mr."Secluded beaches, secret waterfalls, and lush tropical jungles, it's a majestic place—and with its rugged terrain, it's even more untouched than many national parks.Evers “two peas in a pod.I urge Texans in these regions to remain weather-aware and follow the direction of local authorities to ensure their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.” “Donald Trump was a successful businessman, Donald Trump was tough,” Mr.This is no easy feat, and you need to obtain a pass from the state ahead of time, but the long trip is well worth it.Michels said in the radio interview.The complaint also states that neither Zhen nor a second masseuse have massage therapist licenses in the state of Oregon, although Zhen is reportedly licensed in California.

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State Senator Kathy Bernier, a rare Republican state legislator in Wisconsin who has publicly declared that Mr.Trump fairly lost the state’s 2020 election, said in an interview last week that during Mr.Situated in the Red River Gorge area, this park is jam-packed with activities, and according to Jami Dale travel blog Celiac Travel Pack, this state park is a worthy rival for its national counterpart.Michels’s primary campaign, he had displayed an ignorance about the administration of Wisconsin elections that reflected his lack of government experience.“Mr.According to the Kentucky Tourism website, this arch was formed over millions of years and is 75 feet long and 65 feet high.Michels is a fish out of water,” said Ms.

Bernier, who announced her retirement in January after calling for Republican investigations into the 2020 election to end."There are also multiple hikes to sandstone arches and waterfalls," Dale tells Best Life , adding that you can go rock climbing, kayaking, or try ziplining over the Red River Gorge.“When I ran for the Assembly, I, too, had some ideas that weren’t workable, but good ideas.He needs some advice and training in all sorts of issues.READ THIS NEXT:.” Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election is one of several in coming months that will effectively determine which party controls the high courts in Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio.But nowhere are the stakes as high as in Wisconsin, given how close its court came to supporting Mr.

Trump’s attempt to subvert the 2020 election.“The State Supreme Court race in Wisconsin next year is crucial to maintaining a free and fair election system in Wisconsin, and also imperative for maintaining a representative democracy in our national elections,” said Jake Faleschini, the legal director for state courts at the Alliance for Justice Action Fund, a liberal organization that focuses on state court elections.Image Voter turnout on Tuesday was noted on the blackboard in a one-room schoolhouse polling location in Merrimac, Wis.Credit..

.Jamie Kelter Davis for The New York Times While Mr.Evers has presented himself as a human guardrail against a Republican takeover of the state’s election system, the Supreme Court election in April will affect the state’s voting laws for years.Two liberal candidates, Janet Protasiewicz, a Milwaukee County judge, and Everett Mitchell, a county judge in Madison, have already begun their campaigns.Former Justice Dan Kelly, a conservative appointed by Gov.

Scott Walker who lost re-election in 2020, is considering running again but has yet to announce a bid.The candidates will all run together in a single nonpartisan primary in February, with the top two advancing to a general election in April.“If the more conservative candidate wins, you will have a court that looks a lot like the court now at its most conservative,” said Rick Esenberg, the president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, the conservative legal organization that brought the case that led to the court’s ruling prohibiting drop boxes.“If you had a legal progressive win that seat, then obviously there would be significant ramifications there, with the court moving to the left.” Wisconsin Democrats are already envisioning, if they win the election in April and take a 4-to-3 majority, a political transformation of the state.

“In terms of the ability to change Wisconsin in two years, this could be an utterly different state,” said Kelda Roys, a Democratic state senator from Madison.“That is our real opportunity to not just stop the bad stuff from happening, but actually restore real democracy and accountability to Wisconsin, things like abortion rights and fair elections where your candidate might actually win.” Advertisement.

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“Remake voting laws” code for Jim Crow—limiting voting to those most likely to vote R. But they haven’t studied history. Universal suffrage is an alternative to monarchy and other forms of dictatorship, forms that exclude the many and always lead to violence. It started with Walker, ALEC and the Kochs and now democracy itself is on the line after a decade of extreme gerrymandering and GOP subversion of governmental checks and balances in this pivotal swing state.

GlennKesslerWP We are “seizing the edge” in every race and when we win Democrats , POTUS , DOJPH , FBI will be punished severely . Impeachment starts in February 2023 …grab the popcorn .

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Oregon State House candidate sues massage parlor after alleged gropingAnthony Medina previously reported the alleged incident to police, but prosecutors have not taken action. FOX13

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The state level is the 'front line' for attacks on democracy, says authorDavid Pepper: 'If you look closely the front line of the attack on democracy and core rights is at the state house of the fundamental issues is that Americans don't get involved in state politics.' I'm hopeful that's going to change. Climate change =green energy =💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰👇👇👇👇👇 Why is no one talking about how the conservative states are making homelessness a felony? It comes with a prison sentence, fine, and a loss of voting rights forever. Making 'undesirables' in these places unable to ever vote for change again. It's absolutely unconscionable.