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The coat that first lady Melania Trump wore in a photo her husband tweeted to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary has fashioned into quite a Twitter controversy.

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Melanie is a known coat-troller. Medias & the left still don’t get it. There was a lesson to learn but you’re helping Trump again. What an embarrassment to see medias & influencers trying to turn this non news into a drama. It’s impossible to trust such a crap. This can’t come from a healthy brain, it’s so dumb.

Even if its NOT....after the 'I don't care ' coat....her staff is incredibly tone dead. This might very well not be the towers but it's too close for comfort....staff needs to tell her Here's an idea for the Huffpost editors. Show random pictures of Trump and his family than just put a banner over it: TRUMP BAD! TRUMP FAMILY BAD! EVERYTHING TRUMP DOES BAD! Then readers can fill in whatever they dislike on that day.

The only thing ridiculous in this photo is them! Brilliant 👍 Haters wanna hate..... Stupidity reaches a new level. That’s all you can come up with 😂😂 Trump2020 How can the Trumps say they Will Never Forget, when Trump can’t even remember that Barron is his son, too? Or is he? I'll take 'I'm just jealous' for 200 Alex

HuffPost is now a part of OathThat must be one hell of a transcript! Really . !? So was Ted Bundy

Omg who cares what that wacko wears They’ve both nuts! Get the hell out. Very apparent after a tweet like this — you guys are “small people”. Grow up. Why cover the ravings of schizophrenics? Maybe they ran out of black thread! I bet it's made in China!! Trolls, smh They are tacky, graceless people: TalibanTrump & the ThirdLady.

Really people?! Pls use your Twitter power for something better than this This is beyond stupid you people are really trying. The I don’t care jacket was legit. The flap and button on the back of a coat now stop Liberals when everything is going so well they bitch about a coat!

HuffPost is now a part of OathIn theory, putting a price tag on healthcare is an ethically questionable thing. That's why most vaccines were developed and offered for free in the early years of the 20th century. Markets drive up the costs, and you may have noticed, healthcare costs have soared ever since they passed Trickle Down Economics! She’s got that right. Healthcare is not a marketable commodity, uninformed consumer under duress, double agency, outcome a change in human well-being etc. This is not news, Robert Evans “Strained Mercy” proved that in the late 70’s

I'm not a Melania fan but this is unfair criticism, it's just a coat I'm a Melania fan but this is unfair criticism. It's just a coat IKR We Will Never Forget That Trump’s Response To 9-11 Was To Brag He Now Had The Tallest Building In Manhattan I will grant the White House that complaining about the first 'lady's' clothes -- when she chooses to wear any -- is foolish. What does bear additional scrutiny, however, is the fact that she likely lied on her immigration paperwork? What does the White House say about that?

Islamics were clapping and dancing on 911, never forget that. Even I think this is nitpicking. Why? Why is this even in text?! I can’t stand Trump and this is the most asinine article I think I’ve ever seen. I am surprised she didn’t wear the I don’t Care one Jfc 🤦🏻‍♀️

HuffPost is now a part of OathRemember when the United States did this? 🤨 Money repairs everything,but sin will only be judged by the Divine Power.

It’s a weird wardrobe choice to wear. Also why wear a coat as it’s late summer? Again why isn’t her staff looking out for her? Not a fan of either. This is something that’s ridiculous to be upset about At least she didn’t wear the ‘I don’t care do you’ one 🤦‍♂️ Ok seriously people?!?! This is the dumbest thing Ive read. Its 9/11. The people who hate the Trumps are really grasping at straws here. Like all of us commemorate 9/11, shes just wearing a jacket.

Why wear a coat on 90degree weather if you weren’t making a statement. You people underestimate the mrs. Turning their backs doesn't show empathy. Bad picture idea. Well isnt that special I don't get it? This is not as obvious as her idc jacket and I really dont understand why ur reporting on this. Do u believe this is a message? Do u know something we don't about the stiching? Bec if not wtf kind of shit is this

No outfit can be this crazy so I suspect HuffPost is now competing with the humorous Onion

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

Wow is this really an issue The Media has nothing to report except what our First Lady is wearing....... and just that but the stitching on the coat 🤦🏼‍♂️ where have all the real reporters gone Why give this non controversy attention of HuffPost. This is stupid, it's a friggin coat with stitching. The leftwing, Dems, MSM, (or as 'they' prefer 2 call themselves, 'critics') have unrelentingly ATTACKED Melania & her children from DAY ONE. These leftwing so-called 'critics' R nothing more than hateful, desperate, disgusting, unhinged ppl still unaccepting of Hillary's loss.

Can’t stand the Trumps. But this is ridiculous. People stick to the real issues. Oh, ffs, aren’t there much more pressing issues to get all lathered up about? Enough sputtering outrage over silly fashion “scandals.” People are really reaching with this one. It's embarrassing. And the TDS, Leftist nut squad has officially gone insane. And you can be sure Huff, MSNBC, CNN and CBS will join in and push this nonsense. And you talk about Alex Jones being a conspiracy theorist. Wow. Just wow.

What’s pathetic is he had to insert a picture of himself for a 9/11 remembrance......narcissist to the core Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't hear about the prez or his family for 1 damn day? Is it ALWAYS about branding?

HuffPost is now a part of OathToughen up buttercup. Therapy is shit. Therapy is as redundant as colleges and universities that do courses with no job vacancies for said course at the end of it. You wanna fix it then fix society.

That's so silly...The jacket looked amazing. Why do folks worry about things that don't matter? I'd worry more about the guy to her right. Nothing else matters, forget what someone is wearing...think of only the amazing people who lost thier lives and help afterwards. Surprised she didn't wear her 'I don't care, do you?' coat cause that's her attitude towards all the evil her sugar daddy husband does.

True Melania derangement syndrome Huh? What? Eh? You people are desperate. You are tweeting out your own report just to keep fueling the fire. Lol your fear is showing Huff Po. Can’t wait for the second trump term. wow... come on. this is why that moron is gonna win again, cuz of stupid crap like this. this isn't news. stop the fake outrage.

There wasnt a “twitter controversy” if i had to hear about it from yall

HuffPost is now a part of Oath❤️❤️❤️❤️ He's done more for the victims that realDonaldTrump has... Awesome

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