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A University of Florida student who was accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student was released from jail after a judge deemed he was a “high-achieving student.”

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Disgusting decision Soooooo we have another Bret Kavanaugh on our hands.....thanks judge.....FOR NOTHING! Which college is he in? Def need to attend his graduation so I can boo him off the stage As if Ted Bundy wasn't warning enough, look what he graduated to doing in Florida after a judge felt the same way years ago. How stupid is that judge? What the hell's wrong in Florida?

Lnonblonde WTF?! And he's a lovely sexual predator too! This story has quite a Brett Kavenaugh-esque feel, right? Where is MeToo? Oops! They only attack black men Huh. Wonder what that judge’s background is. Perhaps...and this is just a guess...entitled white man heyyguido Out on bond, still facing charges.

FirstThem Well! I hope if he returns to that same school, some people did something 👏 so are you saying that if i got a 4.0 i can go ahead and commit murder because i got a few people in mind

HuffPost is now a part of OathDictatorship.....this is beyond sad. doyourjobNOAA Coward. Alabama NotMyPresident

Overweight Zac Efron Another whacko judge. If he were Black or Latino he would still be in prison . Not a single person in here has read this article JeremiahOcana22 Little_smith_19 He's a high achieving student so he can't be a sex offender?! Wtf ?! We have one in the White House for crying out loud! 😡 Just flippin ridiculous!

So in other words he’s so smart he should have known better? Meat cleaver could be the answer since the judge turned out to be the idiot in the room! Do any of you idiots screaming about this even realize he has not even been to trial yet? This is an allegation at this point. Releasing accused on bail is the norm. This is a clickbait outrage post. Only way these outlets get any traffic any more.

For real? sexabuse Ahh the stupidity of FL The new get out of jail card, used to be “Came from a good family” - if the judge didn’t release him then Trump probably would

HuffPost is now a part of OathHAHAHA hohoho heheheh, good stuff there Cattist!

He was released on his own recognizance - with a GPS monitor. Bail was lowered. This is not a dismissal of the charges. The bail was lowered and he was released with restrictions before he has to appear again in court to face these charges . Not unusual. Clearly the commenters can't read the article. He is released on bail with $125000 bond. He is still facing the charges and awaiting trial.

Judges' name? heyyguido That Judge is scum. Let’s be honest. If this kid was black, he would be behind bars and kicked out of school. America is full of double standards. Discrimination lives on. Feel bad for the victim too. Not her fault the judge is as asshole. SRKpePHD Wtf Ian Milaski = Brock Turner redux

liangweihan4 Lnonblonde Kind of reminds me of the Kavanaugh/Ford attempted rape incident.

HuffPost is now a part of OathGeez man what a nub He can't win! If it finally ends the war, then fkn bring them over. Just make sure they can’t get access to the cockpit of the plane. 😳😳😳

Wtf Any context that was left out? The majority of your readers are just HEADLINE READERS and don't bother to click and read!! Yeah they're stupid but you know this!! The fact that you omit the fact that he was RELEASED ON BAIL makes you fakenews Look at the anger your headlines cause below: This is rape culture in action. Someone needs to let these old male judges know TimesUp

SMH! heyyguido Do some reporting, damn it. namethejudge heyyguido This judge’s rationale for the release encapsulates everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system and society in general. So he was accused by another student and was released by judge till his court date. He is not guilty till court have it's decision.

heyyguido The lynch mob is strong today. Anybody notice the word 'accused' in there? No? What an disgusting piece of crap (both the release and the judge.) So sad for the young woman who now has been victimized twice because some pathetic excuse for a judge. Maybe if her GPA had been a tenth of a point or so higher...

HuffPost is now a part of OathDumpTrump2020 After 10 yrs I finally had honey bees return this yr Neighbor farmer died 15 yrs ago Since then his son left ground as nature area I watched helpless as bees died off ea yr till none they are just starting to come back imagine all of USA waiting for them to come back It's like Republicans worship the eye of Sauron.

heyyguido Interesting, it’s almost as if learning how to read a textbook, and write a paper exuses you from raping a woman and causing lifetime trauma. ::murders someone:: Haha! You know what child? You have good grades. Case is dismissed. Patriarchy patriarching Dear Lord, if reincarnation is real...please let me come back as a white man 🙏🏽🙏🏻 Amen

Give me a break. Must have been a male judge. Did he participate in a Me Too minute in his matriculation? AndrewPollackFL So, average achievers go to jail? The judge should be thrown out. Things like this really make me think these judges see these boy-men and it’s like looking in a mirror. They’ve got to cut these pricks some slack because they engaged in the same exact behavior when they were in college. Can’t punish when they don’t believe it’s wrong.

No!! And some people don't understand why women don't report sexual attacks. This is why. All signs point to him being a repeat offender. I mean, his last girlfriend obviously hated him because look how crooked she did eyebrows.

HuffPost is now a part of OathYes it is something to be taken seriously. 🤭 Holy 💩

Awesome, I graduated with honors so I should be able to at least get away with what, 2-3 rapes according to this judgement? 'High achieving' rapist let off .... hummmm sounds like a recipe for a serial killer.... White boys from good white families, with good white grades, get to rape and destroy good white girls, according to good white judges in our good white land of the freeky.

Anybody see “Me Too,” lately? Judges should literally have to wear blindfolds from now on What happened to our laws, throw is ass in jail Where's MeToo? 🙄 EquoAmicus Let me guess the Judge was a Republican. Great! He can tutor fellow inmates for their GEDs. This country is so fucked.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

I don’t recall ever learning about the “high-achieving” affirmative defense for a criminal offense, but perhaps I have missed something? Judge should be removed Let out because he was a “high achieving student”? To hell with that - lock him up for DOUBLE time, because as a high achieving student he should have the capacity to comprehend consent and what he’s done. And IN SPITE of that, he’s committed rape anyway.

The actual crime was bad enough, but he literally looks like a psychopath. 'Florida Man - the Early Years' We need to send the judge to jail So, This Guy Is Guilty Sexual Assault Yet He’s A High Achiever and The Judge Thinks He Can’t Do The Timed Then Why Did He Committed This Crime and Now He’s Being Favored By The Law Though He’s Guilty?! What’s Up?

judge should be put in jail *with a penis WTH! I have no other words!

Wonder if the judge would let this 'high achieving student' hang out alone with any female family member. I'm so sick of this crap. Judge step down, you're worthless. WTF? 😡🤒🤮 I’m sorry, WHAT?!? I am so completely utterly gottdamn sick of seeing judges do this. It's almost as if there was some kind of rape culture existent in the US 🙄🤬

It’s Florida though. They take good care of their rapist whites. Non story... ___lor__ High achieving Rapist, so they're calling white privilege high achieving now, got it corruptcourts Sounds about white!

Rich privileged white dude is he? Huffpost The headline should have read Wrong is Right when your white (The power of white privilege) wins again. a Trump judge no doubt What’s High Achieving Got To Do With Sexual Assault; There’s Something Else Going On Here and This Judge Is Bought and Paid For!!! The SoInSo Is Guilty Of Sexual Assault and It’s Quite Clear He Can’t Do The Timed and... Amen?

This here is PROOF that the System of Democracy and Entitlement to have a JUST and FAIR Government is indeed Broken and CORRUPT on BOTH sides!! There’s still going to be a trial. He probably just had an exam or something. The world if trump 🙁 Welcome to the NEW America. Gross

Ted Bundy was a high achiever too You know he is going to be the next nominee for US Supreme Court Justice by POTUS. What a sad country we have become made by the leadership that is suppose to protect its citizens. I hate living in a man's world. What the F__K is going on with the Florida justice system and sexual assault! Everyone is getting a sweet deal. Very sad

Forevershante4 Oh! Lord Wow you get good grades and still have time to sexually assault people your free to go WTF The judge is the new “Florida Man”. Sexual assault is either a crime or it's not. Why are people with a dubious moral conscience and subjective interpretation of the law allowed to be judges?

Future Supreme court justice for all the winnings, Alex. WP🤮🤢

LavndrMenace HuffPost is on record opposing money bail, and this story is about bail, not whether the student is convicted or imprisoned for his alleged crimes. (Defendant was released until trial without bail, but he has to wear an ankle monitor.) Bull. Shit. White supremacy 101 Jeffrey Epstein had wonderful accomplishments and a great record of donations.

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 'High achieving' is just White Suptemacist code language for 'white privilege'. This is a disgrace. Brock 'the rowboat rapist' Turner all over again. Another white boy being excused for his attempted rape , not expelled from the university that he also attacked a fellow student at, all because he’s Brock Turner, I mean “high achieving” IanMilaski UF Florida MeToo

How much did mommy and daddy pay this judge?

Again the same BS! Tomorrow he can kill somebody but once he is a nice white high achieving psycho student he is given a pass Oh well, that’s ok then. Wtf... 😡😡😡😡😡. Oh well good he is an achiever . Freaking dishonest judge. Huh? Judges who release the fks are probably guilty of shit like this in their past cough*Kavanaugh*cough

So now he's free to do it again! For our 'delight' roboh_ 🙄 ... so good grades make rape okay? We deserve a planet-ending meteor strike at this point. Now rethinking vacation...

These racist judges know if they lock up white men, there would be no breadwinners at home to financially support a family. They'd rather let these demons run amuck and terrorize their communities. White women need to load up and bust back. Seriously, removethejudge 'I'm white and i say so.' Another shining example of the absolute shitshow that has become our nation.

Classy FL 😳 Florida FFS Sounds like a Trump judge to me......sad Name and shame this judge. Really, who wants to live on this earth anymore? So pathetic! I can’t even...........

Does the judge think this guy needs to finish his degree so he can get a good job to pay for all of the sexual harassment suits in his future? yikes PHO-king BS Yeah, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. 😐 He has the complexion for protection💁🏼‍♂️ metoo And he is white. mark7130 I just realized this also happened in the imaginary 'state' of florida, a place with no laws, & no real rules. Fuck women, poor people & people of color should be florida's new slogan.

TaranaBurke MeTooMVMT TIMESUPNOW metoo believesurvivors TimesUp cnnbrk TheRoot bluelivesmtr JamilahLemieux GatorsFB UF

Bullshit. High achieving and no moral compass fueled by alcohol. A great combo. Such disrespect for the victim. Re-victimizing the victim. How utterly atrocious of the judge. I just can’t. WTF? He’s majoring in White Male Privilege. Wow...another slap to the women in this case. So sad😩 Wtf for one moment I thought I was reading an article from Mexico.

The whole point in bail is that the defendant has not had the chance to tell their side yet. We haven’t heard it either. HuffPost stirring up their agenda. The defendant is wearing an ankle monitor and only able to go to classes & no contact. Innocent until proven guilty Sounds about white. Have we still not learned the lesson from the Stanford rapist? This is infuriating.

Women clearly do not matter to the justice system

I take it, this judge has never heard for Brock Turner or Lavinia Woodward? And Caucasian ok let me guess... the judge is an old white man ... am i right? Maybe the judge is also a rapist 😡 Sounds about white. My daughter goes to UF and this is soo disgusting again another example of privilege I wonder what type of Attorney might represent this young white male and help in the fight to protect his white privilege? FirstThem Any ideas?

Wth is this madness?!? That’s so disgusting. I don’t understand people who are all about “the law of the land” except for those who look like them. Here we go again

This ridiculous as if someone who is high achieving student wouldn't commit sexual assault crime. Qwhite interesting. Nice. See kids... get good grades! So criminals are rewarded and no Justice for victims? That's why people are buying guns. A white boy at that?! He probably had affulenza too I think this is a bad decision, but it should perhaps be made clear in the headline that (as far as I can understand) he has been freed pending the trial rather than let off the charge. This may still result in jail time.

Awwwww i know blacks get the exact same treatment by judges🙄 Hey, y'all he was just released until the trial.

Where is the meetoo movement on this? Oh. OK. Not. Wasn’t Ted Bundy considered a high-achiever? Craziness !! And this why fathers seek their own justice. Such BS MattMurph24 Future GOP judge. Once again if you have a zipper you get off easy. Poor boy has a double major and is an RA so from society’s vantage point he is worth more? No he is a bum. He has demonstrated his lack of morals so any grad program or company know what they are getting. A bum.

MattMurph24 Ted Bundy was in law school. WTF? The judge needs to go 😡

Pattern here? Ridiculous! That judge should be removed! It’s a trump trump world. Seriously - what is up w/ this “high-achieving” shit? So do serial killers 🤔 If you’re achieving a 4.00 GPA, come to Florida where you can hump anyone without that person’s consent, compliments of this judge. No! That judge should be removed from the bench immediately!!!

can you impeach a judge? Recall that judge pronto.

Can’t help to think maybe these judges themselves had committed these acts when they were in college. And I think Ted Bundy was very high IQ, maybe he should've tried to go to court with this judge. Sex offenders should be crucified and left to rot I guess the judge thinks this “high achiever” may sit on SCOTUS one day...

Does this mean rape is legal? I'm confused. Is he merely accused or actually convicted? If it is the former, he is innocent until proven guilty, even if he’s white! MeToo Okay so again...there’s no crimingwhilewhite WhitePrivilege Let’s hope her dad isn’t buying this bullshirt. Say what now? What does it matter if he is a 'high-achieving student' or not? The only thing that matters is 'Did he commit the offense in question?'

Who are his parents?

we need the judge’s name, Huffpost When did a high achieving student become innocent of sexual assault, that judge needs to refresh himself of rape laws!! What does that have to do with this this. Now do illegal aliens. The judge was probably one of those good evangelicals too And what was the victim? Of no value? A low or medium achiever? The judge should also be sent to prison. Ted Bundy was a high achiever too.

The judge forgot to mention that the perpetrator is 'high-achieving white student', therefore, he is not a criminal even after raping. Amerikkkan justice. Bout sick of this shit

White priviledge strikes again Whatever. This is white privilege. The ‘judge’ needs to be challenged. A 'high-achieving student' who has now been released to commit new sex crimes. Glad women are respected in our society and criminal enforcement of sexual assault is taken seriously. Way to go there judge! 👍 Trump appointment?

Further supporting the fact that women victims do not matter. W H A T !!!! High-achieving at what Sexual assault? What have we learned (should’ve long time ago)? - judges can be morons too.. Not again? A Trump Judge. We didn’t need his picture, we already had a general gist of what he looked like...

Florida being Florida...again. That’s so unfair! Sick And white High achiever has nothing to do with it, he has committed a crime, period!!! More than more it seems like the judges/courts are supporting rape and stating it is not a crime. “High Achieving” or white kid? Sounds about white

RemoveTheJudge sad Bias Law is above all n irrespective of any abiding is the protocol. It's not a very satisfying argument. Imho it's my personal opinion. This really that BS! 🤬 The judge should be thrown in jail along with the perpetrator. ARGH!!!!!!! Got it. So, rape not a crime as long as you're getting good grades.

White privilege So was Ted Bundy Really . !?

That must be one hell of a transcript!

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