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Julianne Hough wants everyone to know: Her NHL husband, Brooks Laich, may enjoy sucking on her toes, but she doesn’t like it herself.

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Nobody cares and why is it even being addressed on a public forum... decorum! Too much information...gross This is news? Hello! This is personal stuff . Do we need to know this ? My God, what has happened to her?!!!!!? Bad wife person. Advertizes bad vibes about her bread and butter.=dumb juliannehough TMI

😂😂😂 TF?

HuffPost is now a part of OathShe could have always said no, she chose not to. Why not just leave and refuse the roll?

Seriously, the general public does not need to kniw this or care to. Really? And how does she like to take it? Tea I mean or coffee? EEEEHHHHUUUU!!!! I did not NEED to know that!!! Bye girl! Keep this to your bedroom! HuffPost I have to yet again question your decision to make something as unimportant as this “news”

Who cares? Really? I did NOT need to know any of this. TMI Bro who doesn't? Gross. No one cares. Only women should do the sucking! 😏

HuffPost is now a part of Oathjonbridges66 danielrbridges jocelyngrainger today is NationalMiddleChildDay. I demand you notice me! As an ONLY child, & an ONLY grandchild on both sides of the family, I can say with confidence that I missed out on NOTHING! If one set of grandparents failed to buy me enough, the other set stepped it up. To those of you with siblings...from The Princely Only Child...a salute: FINALLY A DAY I CAN GET BEHIND

You know just because someone CAN say something doesn’t mean they SHOULD. Twitter is a conduit for too much damn information sometimes. SIGH Why do we need to know this.🙄 I would like to sue HuffPost for wasting my time... Hes just expressing a kind of love that may be a good thing in the long haul of a relationship, something..different

And I care because? This is so important to know! Then she shouldn't suck her toes. Problem solved. With everything else going on in the world today, who cares? Why are you publishing this nonsense? Why would we want to know that They don't call you guys 'real news' for no reason! Good job, Hufflepuff!

HuffPost is now a part of OathWell I can die happy now having heard this important news. You're better than this, . Hard hitting journalism

Slow news day? Who cares I needed to know, geez Slow news day? This is not news. TMI. Omg enough 😤🤢🤢 Who cares Really Who cares!! TMI?

HuffPost is now a part of Oath😂😂😂😂 Merica mercuryretrograde whitegirls woke PositiveVibesOnly positiveenergy

Foot fetish big deal. Feet were important. No feet, get eaten by cheetah. So people sometimes like to assure themselves that their mates feet are worthy of breeding with their owner. Dear juliannehough: This is simply too much information! I could’ve gone my whole entire life without ever knowing this.

I understand her concern. Look what happens when he blows her toes. The planet is dying lol Who cares?! Huff Post has the B-Squad on today I’ll get more sleep knowing this information! 😂😂😂 um what.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

HardHittingJournalism Gross .......…. TMI! Why is this news?!? Julianne Hough: So?!!! And I care?

HuffPost is now a part of OathJust talk to PEOPLE. Not black people or latino people, or any other color. Just PEOPLE. If somebody can't do that, they have a problem.

TMI.... Why? Please consider us on a need to know basis. We don’t need to know. Why do I care? Why does anyone care? That’s private! Keep it that way, please. Julianne, please stop talking. Cant stand her Who cares?! ...yea that’s an unfollow from me dog

Who cares She should thank him cause she’s actually a celebrity because she married him it sure wasn’t from your career Good to know This is what stupid sounds like! Now without thinking of this Private things between a husband and wife he will be belittled by his teammates and this paper thought it was cute to report! Wow! Great journalism I guess who paid your education is happy

Who gives a damn?

Boy you guys sure have cutting edge breaking news!!! Me right now. Who needs to know this crap? TMI Noted. Thanks What? and why are we sharing this? News. Tmi

Who needs to know this? Why is this news? Why the hell would someone share this information? This is personal. Please do not share. I know a portly guy who’d be a hard co-sign on this article- Too much information. Well that's understandable. I think it would her even a flexible person's back to suck on their own toes.

This poor bastard. First she tries to make him look like a dick for presuming she’s straight (despite her keeping her sexuality a secret from him) and now she’s publicly shaming his sex moves. T M I Literally every post makes me want to unfollow them. Today is that day. Also nobody cares what’s going on people’s marriage, they’ll divorce soon anyway.

Hi! Is this The Onion?

And we need to know this why? Anything for attention. That’s sad - really sad 😢 We don’t need to know this about them. Hough clearly is a confused woman and she recently also told her husband she was bisexual. Somethings need to stay personal. I really didn’t need to know this. Does anyone gives a f$$&&? There are real news out there to report!!

NowI can sleepat night😝 Yall quick to say ew... but half yall eating booty out there lol Mmmmm😋

Slow news day at huffpo eh? Been there 🙃🦶🏻 Gross Way to much info I really don’t care 184 on the list of Things I Could Never Know and Be Totally Cool For It. Some people have no shame.. I think I'll unfollow now. This article just qualified Huffpo as a 'time waster' Thanks for letting us know.

Stop already..... keep it in YOUR bedroom! Thanks Julianne, I can sleep easy tonight now. Did someone get paid to report this 🤔 We needed to know this why? I don't give a fuck Seriously This is something anyone really wants to know?😱🤪 Really. And the world needs to know this? Because? You and your husband are who?

Why would she want everyone to know that? TMI

dude! all that gorgeous real estate and you zero in on the toes? what the puck is wrong with you? Why is this newsworthy She is a great dancer but I wish she would just keep quiet. People who like toes and feet always end up sexually obsessed, with socks. I’ll just let that soak in. fuck. i had to read this while eating lunch notnews

Way to much FYI keep that privet😳 File this under information I don’t need Too much information, yuck! We don’t need to know this That's nasty

It hurts her neck too much. And they taste funny. Man this guy is an NHL'er just pull the plug on this high maintenance woman already. You don't have to put up with this nonscence. And the reason we want to know this is? 🙄🤢🤑 Please hire some real journalists that report truthfully and accurately about what we actually care about...

You’re losing your audience with this bull crap. Adios. Does he swallow? THIS is what you’ve been reduced to reporting about?! but did we need to know? Thank God for the clarification. Now I can go on with my day.

This is none of OUR business. It should remain PRIVATE. Trying to come up with an interesting story TMI But why do we have to know about it? Too much information

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