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Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is stumping for President Donald Trump once again in yet another fawning video.

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Now do you wonder why his daughter has nothing to do with him. Dementia or just a personality problem Tells what kind of a disgraceful human beingVoightreally is! Idiot It’s senility coupled with Trump must have something on him. ah, the youth vote Another reason he’s to be avoided. Uh-oh...Be Worst 🏅 medals may have to go into overload!

I can see why his daughter doesn’t want anything to do with him. They used to give Oscars to anyone like John Voight POTUS how believable!?!? Such method acting. You can almost feel the SINcerity! I wonder (POTUS (?)) who wrote the script and who (flotus (?)) did the stage management? Surely he doesn't ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT GUFF!

I sometimes wonder why my eyes-nose-and ears are not functioning properly. or are they? YES THEY ARE.

HuffPost is now a part of OathCan't be. Aren't cockatoos supposed to be intelligent? 🎼 TROLL , BABY TROLL 🎸 Funny and appropriate 😂

Trump is clearly guilty of impeachable offenses and abuse of power. We can’t wait until 2020. Impeach and rid all of this oligarch. If trump defecated in the middle of 5th Avenue his base would fight over the pile to put under their pillow at night. crystal_cofield Stumping and fawning... why do you make them sound like dirty words?

Send gramps back to the home. He forgot his meds. Poor Jon. Not Paul Sarone!!! Smh. Senility is so horrible. Why are you surprised? Another self-entitled, old, white guy trying to hang onto past 'glory'

HuffPost is now a part of OathShe doesn’t have bad taste! Barbara who?

🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 Another great actor falling from grace and respect 😔 I still don’t understand or see how trump is the greatest president ever ? What has he done that makes him so great ? Clinton is the one who got the market on the upswing, Obama gave this country health care for everyone. trump is putting millions in danger by ending Obama care.

Pray for his soul 🙏🏼 JonVoight your Trump is costing us taxpayers a lot of our hardworking income. I think the next big Trump bill should be sent directly to you. Who. Cares. This is what you’re posting? Why do you keep giving exposure to thede ignorant old, rich, white men. I'm all for free speech, its your prerogative if you want to use it to spew ignorance and hate. But its so much better if you dont.

Lol. Just report the news HuffPost. Not your disdain. Leaving the commentary out of the reports help build back trust and respect

HuffPost is now a part of OathWhy? Just no... Why?

The crazy people are at it again 😡 ImpeachTrump No wonder his daughter cut ties. Good, there are a few celebrities that aren’t stupid. No one ever said he was sane. jonvoight is void. Yes, he’s an ignoramus, but I’m mostly embarrassed for jonvoight Ewww! I’m guessing everyone on here bashing the president is living in the worst conditions of their lifetime right. You have been crippled by the Trump economy and you can barely make ends meet. Stop repeating what you hear on the news and reflect on the quality of your own life.

He did bite Kramer!

HuffPost is now a part of Oathd LenKasper So much for being a BIRDIE 😆

Again the midnight cowboy living in a fantasy land. There were Hollywood celebrities literally pissing themselves to stump for Obama and you say the one guy bold enough to go against the grain is 'fawning'? How anyone could possibly say that Donald Trump, our ConmanInChief, is 'stronger and wiser' is beyond my comprehension.

Unlike the fawning media for and during the 8 years of the Obama administration? idiot Senility isn't pretty. He must of attended Epstein parties with Trump. Maybe there’s a new cabinet position yet to be filled Jon who...?

HuffPost is now a part of OathHave you noticed the cost of health care and education? And this is news, we live in a world we're we all have to have what others want, we have to have a new car every year new phone, new clothes etc... Today we have been taught to live in debt. Of course we won't have funds to retire.. realDonaldTrump - make america grate again...

Boy That’s going to drive the Nut cases in Hollywood even crazier than they already are . Wrong. Great actor and human being... ‘Fawning’ guys don’t even pretend to be ‘journalists’ anymore, do you. Who cares Wow! Cause no Hollywood actors are ever political on the other side. Jon is not brave, he’s just piling on the fanatical pro-Trump celeb bandwagon.

He really has morphed into Mickey Donovan. And he wonders why his daughter wants nothing to do with him! He’s allowed to support whoever the hell he wants to. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 He hasn't been right since that traumatic canoe trip . . . .

HuffPost is now a part of OathJust don't pretend to be flesh - why should a vegetarian want to eat something that looks and tastes like flesh? If you have to make it taste like meat, look like meat, and feel like meat, you are really craving meat. agreed - 'toona' is a hard pass for me. I have been vegetarian for 25 yrs. I have learned to live with out it.

Another of the many silent hollywood conservatives with stones. Guess he's too old for the new form of Hollywood Blacklisting--Ironically, comically by progressives. He’s awesome! Puzzling and weird. Dementia can lay low anyone. Yup. Trump has the stupid angry white man vote locked up. ImpeachTrumpNow Yeah, whatevs. I like him as an actor, but as a person? Not so much.

He is not at all relevant All the pedophilles in here sure hate trump. Good for him That's a career booster! Remember Charleton Heston?

One of probably many reasons his daughter has zero time for his bullshit! 😏👎🏽👎👎🏿👎🏾👎🏼 And everyone thought Angie Jolie was the crazy one. Who is John voight? Who? John who Eww Dementia supporting dementia. from one abuser to another The old buzzard has lost it.... Angelina, go get your daddy...

He’s in desperate need of media attention & a movie role How about praising your grandchildren? It was a great video 👍🏻 Jon Voight is an asshole, ever wonder why his own kids won’t talk to him? If he’s comparing Trump to Mother Theresa he either has a serious thinking disorder or has gone, full blown senile. Greatest since Lincoln, that’s sheer stupidity. Begs the question, what does he owe Trump?

Fawning videos did not occur during the last administration. So John Voight gets slammed for supporting President Trump, but it’s perfectly acceptable for Robert DeNiro, Ted Danson, John Legend, Scarlett Johansson and hundreds more in Hollywood to stump for President Obama? What happened to respect of opinion?

He used to be famous, must be auditioning for a future role on Fox 'News'. I will be never watch anything he's acting in ever. Is he doing it as his Anaconda character with that impeccable dime store Scarface accent? Just wow. I wonder how many parties he’s been to at Epstein’s house 🤔

You seem to have dementia, Voight.😠 Really?!, Jon Voight! Where have you been these past 3 years? he looks half dead already Has-been actor ranting nonsense to help shut down democracy. Fixed it. Guess he has practiced this for years 🤡 One opinion NotMyPresident Who cares! a total jerk for sure

All the trump supporters look like vampires Been 50 years since “Midnight Cowboy”. So if he was 30 then, he’d be 80 now. Boycotting “Ray Donovan”. Angelina, your job! For the love of God, get working! Changed partners from Ratso to Fatso! Who is he? Mickey Donovan a logical supporter I used to like Jon voight. Now I hate him.

Jon Voight as real-life Jim Phelps, traitor/conspirator... Maybe he’s visited that island of Epstein’s? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s called “Auditioning”. 🤪 Apparently he has very low standards for what constitutes 'greatest'. Gross AND I THOUGHT HE WAS SMART ! Makes it kind of obvious why Angelina can't stand him The number of people employing that old adage 'get while the getting's good' He has the right to stump for whoever he wants.

White old men syndrome I suspect!! Oh no he will not be doing any more movies now The media will hate him for sure

Sick. Yeah, we’ll....🥴🥴 I seriously don't think he is of sound kidding around! Incredible that he’s spent most of his life around diverse, creative, and tolerant people and hasn’t learned a damned thing from it. John Void Is Voight relative? He needs to keep in the public eye somehow he’s done as an actor.

Ray Donovans' dad now a Trump supporter 😂😂 ....any diagnosis yet.....

Just another old white with as much dementia as president. GOP is anti-LGBQT and Voight famous for working as gay prostitute. Maybe he is still doing this job for Trump Who cares Idiot No wonder his daughter has nothing to do with him. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Trump could not function as president of the Dahlia Unit of the Garden Club.....

Well done JohnVoight . Thanks too I saw video of you cleaning damp chairs for GoldStarFamilies at the spectacular 4thofjuly2019 KAG2020 Oh, God. Who?

jon voight, do you like stumping for a man who rapes 13yr old girls, a man who himself admitted on tape that he has no problem grabbing women by the pussy, a man who had two affairs while bebest melania was about to give birth to their child, if so, go ahead Who? He runs the US like a company. And that he does well. A company with profits, that is the American way in my opinion.

File this in “truth is stranger than fiction”. This is THE John Voight who played the evil nemesis of Jack Bauer as an oligarch trying to establish a global oligarchy in which rich became MOST powerful and controlled the world. HuffPost stumps for the Democratic Party so....... Excellent: Some folk have a spine.

The poster boy for substance abuse. Perfect. Who? Hoping for a position as Secretary of Labor? Asking for a friend and you are helping him spread it. Who cares about that racist?

Delusional is not the right word. Greatest so called Presidents do not name call, tweet serious bull shit, and love Putin over our own intelligent services. Not happening Jon. 🤢🤑 You keep up the good work Jon! When you know what's right, it has to be your passion! You don't buckle for others you stand strong! jonvoight Proud of you!

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